cardinals win world series[Brett: The World Series begins today, so it’s only appropriate for Myles to look back on how his postseason predictions played out. Unfortunately, they were too accurate for comfort.]

Back in early September, before the playoffs started, I submitted my own detailed predictions for the postseason here on Bleacher Nation.

If you’re super lazy and don’t want to go back and read, let me sum it up for you: I was right as hell.

Well, sort of.

As we look back, most of my picks were right on the money. The details in how they got there were a little sketchy. ¬†There were some misses on who won what in what division and what wild card got in along with other ticky tacky things. (Ok, so I was way wrong on the Yankees and what Prince Fielder would do this postseason.) But what’s mostly important is that I correctly chose the 2013 ALCS and NLCS teams, along with their respective champions.

I’m feeling pretty good.

Not only did I get to have the satisfaction of being right, however, I also had the pleasure of taking home some winnings from a good friend of mine who had a lot riding on the Dodgers. Double win for ole Myles.

But I need to apologize to Cubs nation. I received a lot of flack for my Cardinals pick throughout the playoffs. And rightly so. Yes, I’ve actually been¬†cheering the Cardinals this postseason. It’s made me feel icky. Like that feeling you get when … well … when you cheer for the Cardinals in the playoffs as a Cubs fan. There’s nothing else like it. It’s the worst. I feel like I need to give my winnings to Theo and Jed to help with next year’s free agent signings. I won’t. But it’s still a good thought that I’ll keep close to my heart.

I’m sorry, Cubs nation. I really am. But the Cardinals and the brand of baseball that they’re playing right now is really good. Yes, they’re annoying. No, they don’t have awesome beards. Yes, they are literally the worst thing in baseball. But they’re freaking good. So here we are …

I’m going to let this one ride, folks. Boston loves to take walks. But Cardinals hate to dish them out. Boston has struggled with runners in scoring position (unless your name is Victorino or Ortiz with the bases loaded). The Cardinals are pretty good with runners in scoring position, especially with Beltran playing how he is and what with getting Allen Craig back. These things favor the stupid Red Birds and their stupid way of being “classy.” Just make sure you don’t scream into your glove after a strikeout, Jake Peavy! You’ll get a scolding from Yadier and Mr. Wainwright!

This is so wrong. But with Jay Culter out and the Bulls not starting until next Tuesday, I’m left cheering for a team I despise because they’re the best team and I selfishly love winning.

I really am sorry. Go Cubs Go?

[Brett: Stone this man.]

  • jh03

    Apparently Cubs fans don’t understand humor. This article gave me a good laugh. Well done, Myles.

    These comments scream a Cubs version of the Best Fans St. Louis twitter handle. C’mon people.

    • Myles

      Thanks, sir!

    • Jono

      Those comments (and pictures) are supposed to be humorous, too. The Cubs and Cardinals are rivals, so there is justifiably an anti-Cardinals sentiment among Cubs fans. But the extent to which these comments were written are also meant to be humorous.

      • Jono

        ok, going back and reading more comments since the last time I was here (maybe a couple hours ago), the humorous part may have faded away

        That escalated quickly

        • jh03

          Yeah, I could tell which comments were jokes and which ones weren’t lol.

          • Jono

            yea, I should’ve read the whole thing before making that reply. But how the page was set up, your comment was the first and only one posted because it started the second page. But, oh well. Live and learn.

      • Myles

        Totally agree. And I think we can all tell playful vs. malicious. I’m all for poking fun at me for this. It’s all taken in good fun. But it seems that some people have taken their “fandom” to a whole different level, which is also fine. But it’s not for me. I don’t need to prove to people what team I love. But yes, please do poo-poo me for my pick, hell I deserve it. Just don’t cross the line into tactlessness. This is a humble opinion.

        • dumbledoresacubsfan


          Myles, one of my very best friends is a Cardinals fan and seeing him wear World Series champs clothing kills me sometimes. But I don’t hate him because of it.

          If someone had asked me, “Hey, you, 2,000 bucks says the Cardinals don’t make the World Series.” I would have taken him up on that bet–because it was near obvious they would.

          • Jono

            you need better friends, bro

            • dumbledoresacubsfan


              Other than the fact he’s a Cards fan, he’s a great guy. His family treats me as though I’m their second son.

        • Jono

          Consider this a poo-poo (I couldn’t help but LOL when typing this)

          • Myles

            Ha, fair!

  • cavemencubbie

    “If you are a Cub fan cheering for the Cardinals, then you aren’t a Cub fan.” is there any sabermetric proof in this statement? :)