Obsessive New Manager Watch: Second Interviews Could Be Coming Soon

rick renteria padresThe World Series is upon us, which means that we won’t be learning – at least not officially – of the Cubs’ new manager for another week or so, at least. MLB frowns on major announcements during the World Series, and it’s a long, impactful frown. That doesn’t mean the search process won’t continue, however.

To that end, Dave Kaplan reports that the Cubs could conduct second interviews over the next week or so, which might give us an idea of which candidates remain seriously in the mix at this point. The Cubs still haven’t had a chance to speak to Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo yet, however, so it’s unclear how far along the Cubs would take the process with any other particular candidate until Lovullo is available for a conversation.

And to that point, Kaplan says the Cubs haven’t actually made a decision yet on whether they want to speak with Lovullo. That runs counter to previous reports that indicated that the Cubs were simply waiting out the Red Sox’s playoff run to interview the well respected bench coach.

Kaplan’s piece is worth a read, as he speaks with a former AL GM (current NL scout), who evaluated each of the known candidates. The short version is similar to what Kaplan’s position has been all along: A.J. Hinch is a nonstarter, Rick Renteria and Dave Martinez are solid options, and Brad Ausmus is the most intriguing option. Note, however, that Ausmus has largely been dismissed as a serious candidate by others.

We’ll have to keep on listening this week to see if any candidate make a return trip to Chicago (or, in Renteria’s case, if the Cubs make a return trip out West. A report in the Tribune has at least one Cubs official doing just that this week).

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

63 responses to “Obsessive New Manager Watch: Second Interviews Could Be Coming Soon”

  1. Mdavis

    Martinez is still my favorite. Hope he gets another look.

  2. Edwin

    Is there any chance the Cubs could hire an actor who looks like Joe Girardi to manage the Cubs for a couple seasons?

    1. Wilbur

      Joe Pesci (sp?)

      1. William

        Hahaha! That would be interesting with all the F bombs directed at umpires and the media.

      2. TheRiot2

        Ah my cousin Vinny guy.No doubt he could handle the “yutes” as they arrive on the big league scene.

    2. Jono

      Vinnie Jones, aka, Big Chris?

  3. Blackhawks1963

    Brett, can you validate or refute the Rick Renteria has been scheduled for a second interview? THAT is the story of the day if it is true.


  4. Brian Peters

    This article consumed, and I’m ready for another, Brett. Snap to it because I’m on the verge of a friggin’ breakdown. I hope whoever wins the WS does so in quick order.

    1. Cyranojoe

      There is no “I hope whoever wins the WS does so in quick order.” There is only “I hope the Red Sox win the WS in quick order.” There is no other option.

  5. Brian Peters

    For the record, I want it to be Renteria.

    1. Blackhawks1963

      Looks like you shall get your wish. I like Renteria too. My dummy opinion is that Renteria will be the hire unless Torey Lovullo absolutely overwhelms in his interview with TheoJed once the World Series is over.

  6. Frank

    I’m surprised they haven’t interviewed Dusty Baker. (without a straight face)

  7. Voice of Reason

    reports say Ausmus is the front runner for Leyland’s job.


    1. Blackhawks1963

      You know what is very interesting? That there is seemingly NO OVERLAP in the candidates being interviewed for the jobs in Cincy (already hired), Washington, Detroit, Seattle and Chicago. That is goofy on some level. I get it that all 5 of these teams are at very different stages of development / success, but still….

      1. Funn Dave

        Keep in mind that the Cubs are particularly interested in Latino candidates, so that narrows it down some.

    2. mjhurdle

      for no verifiable reason, i feel like Ausmus is going to be a really good manager.
      I would not have minded him with the Cubs, but i trust the Front Office had good reasons to think he wasn’t a good fit.

  8. Voice of Reason

    Out of all the bums we’re interviewing it looks like Renteria is the bum I like the best.

    He’s a Theo/Jed guy, too.

    1. Blackhawks1963

      Not sure why he is a bum in your eyes? Every manager has to start somewhere. Renteria has a great resume and is very well respected. He seems to have the intelligence, baseball acumen and years in the game to suggest he is ready for a big league manager job. He’s managed in the minors, is bilingual, has a track record of demanding accountability and is a statistically oriented thinker. I like all of that.

      Hiring a “name” manager in Dusty Baker and Lou “I Slept in the Dugout for 3 1/2 Years” kinda sorta sucked.

      1. SalukiHawk

        I agree…the truth is none of us know anything about who is best. We hired Dusty and Lou, because fans were clamoring for “big name” managers. And there was some success there. But look at Matheney. Even Cardinals fans questioned the move, and he seems as good at getting the most out of his guys as anyone in baseball. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and if Ausmus isn’t in the equation, than I would say Renertia is my choice as well. I don’t want Acta, unless it’s to be a bench coach.

      2. frank

        Don Baylor was a big name guy at the time too.

  9. Lyle Ernst

    My favorite is Martinez. He is young, full of energy, and Latin-American. With most of the better prospects being Latin-American, I feel it is very important to have a qualified Latin American manager.

    1. Cyranojoe

      I like those characteristics. None of them are required to make a good manager, but I feel positive about the idea of having such a person in our dugout. Actually, being Latin-American or at least *steeped* in both the language and the *culture* of our Latin-American players is awfully close to required, or it should be, in my mind.

      1. sans

        Why is there such an emphasis on the Latin-American aspect? Are you insinuating that Latin American players are poor communicators? That they only respond to fellow Latin Americans? It seems as though American Managers – Washington, Matheny, Farrell, Mattingly, etc – have done just fine with Latin-American players. Who are all of these prospects – players who may or may not make an impact on the Cubs’ major league roster – whom the Cubs should cater to, by investing the managerial-hire? If these prospects are in such need of a Latin-American influence, shouldn’t we hire Latin American managers throughout the minor leagues? Why not simply hire a translator, if a language barriers exists?

        Can’t we simply hire the best person for the job, regardless of ethnicity? On next seasons’ roster, who’s in such dire need of Latin-American influence?

        1. Funn Dave

          I think a Latin American influence could be beneficial in communication, relating to players, and decreasing culture shock. With that said, I don’t think it should be as much of a priority as Cyranojoe is suggesting. But since I can’t really say there are any non-Latino managers that are heads and shoulders above the rest….

          1. sans

            Personally, I like Sandy Alomar, Jr. The point is, we shouldn’t put such an emphasis on ethnicity – it never makes a true difference. Meanwhile Sandy Alomar, Jr. might be put-off at the “token” aspect of his courting.

            The Illinois-Shaka Smart saga is an educational example. African-American alumni of the University emphasized race – the hiring of an African-American coach – as a top priority. Shaka Smart hears this and is completely turned-off at the aspect of being “token” or singled-out for his race. Why would he be interested in such a circumstance? Now if the alumni would have simply kept quiet, the coaching search would have centralized around actual coaching-ability – something that would have drawn Illinois to Smart in the first place.

        2. Cyranojoe

          A valid question. First: Ethnicity isn’t important. Familiarity is. Helps facilitate communication. Next: Absolutely they should hire Latin-American familiar coaches for the minor leagues. Tres: Best person for the job will probably be one who can communicate with, understand, and *manage* folks across all cultures and languages. There’s no dire need, but if the manager can speak to Castro in his native tongue, I’d bet it’d help, if only a little. Maybe it’s the kind of thing that falls on the wrong side of the “hustle and heart and will-to-win” argument, which makes me feel icky, but as someone with degrees in varying forms of communications, I can’t help but feel that communication is one of the most important spectrum of skills a manager/leader can have, and knowing their team/employees’ language and culture sure seems to help in that regard.

          And finally, translators suck. It’s a dragging interference, slows down communication, and separates someone from everyone else terribly, in most circumstances. I think a better alternative to translators is to get a really rigorous and high quality language program, one that teaches Spanish and English (emphasis on the latter) to everybody on the team. More expensive, but it’s a drop in the bucket for the team. Question is whether you could really get the players to do it. It’s a lot of work, learning a new language.

          1. Cyranojoe

            *players and coaches! I shouldn’t imply only players would resist such a program. :)

            Better than a bunting tournament… and I love the bunting tournament…

          2. sans

            Aren’t things like “familiarity” and “communication” varied on an individual basis. Isn’t it prejudice to paint an entire ethnicity as vulnerable to such traits?

            What evidence is out there that suggests that Latin American players are so “culture shocked”, or that they play better with a Latin American manager?

            My guess is that Castro would respond well to any good coach, regardless of ethnicity.

  10. Eric

    Lovullo intrigues me. I’m hoping they give him a long look. Renteria strikes me as too laid back.

  11. Brian Peters

    Lyle, Martinez is only two years younger than Renteria.

    @Brett: every time you write about the managerial search, you post Renteria’s pic. Do you know something we don’t (I mean even more than what we know?). Lol

    1. Cyranojoe

      Heh, that’s a fair point about the image selection. It also almost implies a bias in favor of Renteria, but I suspect Brett has been using that pic as the lead only since he’s started to be advertised as the favorite much more than the others. Tough call, though. Might be time to mix it up?

      1. ssckelley

        I still want to know if he has teeth or if he is sticking his tongue out at us.

        1. Cyranojoe


        2. Brian Peters

          Bahahahahahahaha!!!! Blow your screen up and you’ll see nothing but tongue.

          1. Brian Peters

            Actually, I see both teeth and tongue on second look, like he’s in the middle of saying something while getting his pic taken.

  12. Brian Peters

    It’s funny….as a manager in Chicago, you have to be able to handle the media and not get all bent. Too many times there have been hotheads who ranted and raved (Lee Elia, Lou Piniella) their way through post-game press conferences. Not a pleasant sight. Side note: how do we know how laid back Renteria is or isn’t???

    1. Mdavis

      because most people here have had coffee and a scone with him.

      ok fine, im kidding.

      1. Brian Peters

        Lol. Who eats scones?!?!?

  13. toby

    According to Cubs Den, the Cubs will not move forward with Dave Martinez. It will probably be either Renteria or Lovullo.

    1. Blackhawks1963

      It sure in the heck seems like Rick Renteria is the finalist, with the remaining wildcard being Torey Lovullo. Davey Martinez, AJ Hinch and Manny Acta all appear to be out.

      So now we wait until the World Series is over and for Lovullo to hop a plane to Chicago I guess.

    2. Funn Dave

      Dang–Martinez was one of my favorites, along with Renteria. I don’t know enough about Lovullo, though.

  14. Brian Peters

    I take what Cubs Den says with a grain of pepper. I don’t that guy is too bright.

  15. Die hard

    As I reported earlier two St Louis coaches to be interviewed after WS

    1. Jon

      Thanks, KapMan

    2. Brian Peters

      What two St. Louis coaches would those be?

      1. Die hard

        Oquendo and first base coach

  16. Terry

    I thought Theo said his pick would be a bold move.Renteria is the safest most boring pick, a bold pick would be Martinez or Ausmus.

    1. ssckelley

      Did he say this before or after Girardi was resigned by the Yankees?

    2. Blackhawks1963

      Why would Davey Martinez be a “bold move”?!? How is he any more or less bold versus Rick Renteria? Good grief.

      Renteria has a deeper resume than Martinez…he’s managed in the minors too.

      1. Funn Dave

        You answered your own question. If Martinez’s resume is not as deep as Renteria’s, then Theo has less to point to re: why he made his decision. Choosing a candidate with a long, manager-y resume to manage is definitively less bold than choosing a lesser known manager who’s more of a wildcard.

  17. Die hard

    Ozzie to the tigers is too logical and so won’t happen and this means he’s available

    1. ClevelandCubsFan

      “Too logical” is not a thing. If it were a thing, it would not mean the thing so described was impossible.

      1. DocPeterWimsey

        Well, one could argue that a tautology is “too logical”….

  18. Dan

    Awww poor Myles his cardinals lost I bet he’s crying eating a pint of blue bunny ice cream lol for all the REAL TRUE cubs fans how bout them sox

    1. mjhurdle

      substitute ‘best fans in baseball’ for the ‘real true cub fans’ and you would sound exactly like a Cards fan. not really an impression i would want to be giving off…

  19. Dan

    I sounded NOTHING like a cards fan dumb ass I said how bout them sox and was talking shit to Myles for rooting for the cardinals how does that sound like I’m a cards fan? I’m a cubs fan rooting for the sox to kick our arch rivals ass which they did tonight u obviously mis read my message

  20. YourResidentJag

    Rick Renteria just finished his interview with the Mariners per Mark Gonzalez.

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