leg_lamp awardWe all knew that Chicago Cubs pitching prospect C.J. Edwards had a great year. He came to the Cubs midseason in the Matt Garza trade, in the midst of a dominant year at Low-A. On arrival, he was immediately promoted to High-A, where his dominance was documented by Cubs fans on a game-by-game, nay, a strikeout-by-strikeout basis.

But best of the best? I don’t know that I saw that coming.

That’s the word today from MiLB.com, which has named Edwards its Pitcher of the Year for 2013. Edwards, as you may or may not know, comes complete with a great backstory, about which you can read in the MiLB.com piece announcing the award.

Edwards’ final line on the year, between Low-A and High-A: 1.86 ERA, 1.006 WHIP, 1 HR, 116.1 IP, 41 BB, 155 K. Utter dominance.

As for his future, scouts remain mixed on whether Edwards is a high-upside, high-impact reliever (primarily because of his lean frame – although he’s well over 6′ tall, he isn’t even 160lbs), a mid-rotation starter, or a front-of-the-rotation type.

His jump to AA next year, to start the year or perhaps midseason, might tell us what kind of future he has. In any case, adding this major award to his trophy case is another of many signals that he’s got a bright future.

  • mjhurdle

    Bob Lobel ‏@boblobel 12m
    Beltran taken to mass general. in pain

    huge blow to the Cardinals if Beltran is going to miss games.
    Though with their luck, they will call up some career minor leaguer with a .215 avg and he will go 14-18 and become the Series MVP

  • TSB

    If the cry baby Cardinals lose this game, they can always blame the umpires for changing their call, that the right field wall is too low, and the weather is too cold…

  • Brains

    Really shows the importance of having a key veteran in the middle of the lineup, doesn’t it? p)

  • http://thewflag.wordpress.com Andy

    So CJ Edwards is the exact opposite of Dan Vogelbach?

  • Jeff

    The look on Mike Matheny’s face: Priceless!!!

  • YourResidentJag

    Well, according to multiple reports out of Detroit, Brad Ausmus will interview to be next manager.

  • FastBall

    Maybe Vogelbach and Edwards need to start going out to eat together everyday. The kid will gain weight when he reaches puberty.

    • ssckelley

      I don’t know about that. If Edwards gets to pick the places to eat then Vogelbach may end up more out of shape. Edwards is from South Carolina that article posted yesterday had them ranked 5th out of the most obese states. Edwards could probably eat lard straight out of the can and still not gain a pound.

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