Jon Lester pitched very well last night, which isn’t entirely surprising, given that he’s a good pitcher. But was he a little too good last night?

Do you see anything suspicious in this video? Some folks do:

Hardball Talk has a write-up on the whispers, which includes a couple of pictures that may or may not show some odd substance inside Lester’s glove.

Here’s what I’ll say: I don’t know why Lester goes to the upper part of his glove so strangely in the video, and I don’t know what the substance is (or isn’t) in the pictures. But, in today’s age of high definition television, social media, and sports obsession, I can’t fathom that someone would be so stupid as to so obviously cheat in the World freaking Series. Sure, the upside is an enhanced performance on the highest stage, but the downside is infamy forever. And the chances of being caught are relatively high.

What are we left with? Probably a scuff mark on Lester’s glove, coupled with some hand motion that happens to hit the scuff mark (maybe that’s why it’s scuffed in the first place). And we’re also left with a Cardinals fan base that now has something to gripe about.

So at least there’s that.

  • Patrick W.

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  • JustStop

    A message to all: please don’t group all Cardinals fans into the “Best Fans in Baseball” group. Like all fans (and people in general), we’re not defined by one description or stereotype. I roll my eyes at those who act like that. The vast majority isn’t like that.

    Also, regarding the game last night I would guess that Cardinals fans pretty much all thought that we played poorly. That’s the general impression I’ve gotten so far today. But hey, it’s only 11:30. As for the cheating claims, let them check all the pitchers from now on – I don’t see how that’s offensive to anyone.

    • DarthHater

      There’s always one reasonable guy in every crowd. ::smh::

  • OCCubFan

    According to Jeff Passan ” The only explanation for what happened in Game 1 of the World Series was that imposters took the field at Fenway Park in Cardinals regalia.”–red-sox-rout-cardinals-in-game-1-of-world-series-032230773.html Thus, the Cardinals didn’t really lose last night. (end sarcasm)

    • DarthHater

      If they were imposters, then he shouldn’t be whining about the Beltran injury, since it must have been an imposter-Beltran who got hurt.

      • Internet Random


  • Tommy

    omg, the Cardinals lost! Someone MUST HAVE cheated!

  • Big Joe

    I sure wish my Cubs were playing right now. I wish they were consistent winners.
    Maybe, if I were watching the Cubs play in the World Series right now, I’d have less time to read the posts in this forum that bash a successful organization.

    I’m not a Cubs fan that hates the Cardinals. Nor, do I hate the White Sox. I spend ZERO time keeping up with either of the teams that I’m “supposed to hate”. I sure wish more Cubs fans did.

    The Cardinal fan base is proud. They can be arrogant, at times. Guess what? Winning breads arrogance. If/when the Cubs put together anything CLOSE to the success that the Cardinals have enjoyed, I am SURE that there will be many Cubs fans that will forget how much they hated Cardinal fans, and behave exactly like they perceive them now: classless, arrogant bastards, that were born to be hated.

    People hate winners. Correction….losers hate winners. Always have. Always will.

    I’ve always been a Cardinals agnostic. I could care less how they do in the World Series this year. I’m not watching. Why? The Cubs aren’t in it.

    Go Cubs.

    • mjhurdle

      “People hate winners. Correction….losers hate winners. Always have. Always will.”

      i hate that cop-out. Most people dont hate the Cardinals because they win. I would hate them even if they sucked as badly as the Astros.
      I hate the Lions in the NFL, and that is surely not because they are winning.

      If you look at the comments, the ire is directed at the actions and words of the Cardinal players/managers/fans, not at the fact that the Cardinals win.
      you can argue that winning organizations get more media attention, so more of the whining/complaining/hypocrisy is more evident. But the issue is still the whining/complaining/hypocrisy, and not the winning.

    • Internet Random

      “I could care less how they do in the World Series this year.”

      Same here. I want them to lose.

      As for American Idol, I could *not* care less who wins, because I don’t care any at all. I don’t watch that show.

  • Matt

    Well, the good news for the Cardinals is that they’re complaining about every loss like they were in 2011, when they won their last WS. I can’t think of a team in all of sports that has more conspiracies with every loss than the Cardinals though, it’s just obnoxious. I thought it would die down when LaRussa retired.

  • AMG

    Yeah, in this day in age no one would do something so obvious because they would get caught, (Bernie Madoff, Ryan Braun, Lance Armstrong). No never.

  • Big Joe

    I understand what you’re saying. I do, although, respectfully disagree.

    Like I said, if/when the Cubs put together the success that the Cards have, many in the Chicago fan base will act the same way that claim Cards fan do, now. It’s how people are wired.

    Winning breads arrogance.

    I doubt you’d hear all of the things you claim to hear from the Cardinals, if they were losing…or HAD BEEN LOSING, for a long, long time. Nobody listens to a loser. Nobody.

    Once (again, “if”) the Cubs begin winning, I would guess that a lot (if not, MOST) Cub fans, would turn a deaf ear to anything Cardinal related.

    Again, just my two cents.

    You want to shut up the Cards fans? Stop their players from whining/complaining?


    • Cyranojoe

      A lot of truth in this. I don’t agree 100%, but you make some very very apt points.

  • Edwin

    Didn’t the Cardinals complain that Kenny Rogers was using a substance during the 2006 World Series?

  • cking6178

    Somebody help me understand how “goo” or vaseline help a pitcher….

    • ncsujuri

      Any change to the baseball and its seams, whether its a scuff or goo or spit etc. will affect the way it moves when pitched, especially by players at the MLB who are so darn good in the first place. A curveball will be curvier, a cutter will be cuttier and a screwball will be screwier.

  • LER

    Last week’s Cardinal complaints against the Dodger players for being bush league hot dogs (while putting on victory dances at each base and upon scoring themselves) leads naturally to this week’s complaint that Lester was cheating because he could pitch effectively against the Cardinal batting order. This kind of sour grapes behavior doesn’t have to be the price of victory, and it probably doesn’t represent what my Cardinals fan friends believe. The bulk of the Twins fans never acted this way between 1987 and 1992.

  • forlines

    Those assholes can’t ever just plain lose can they? I’ve always hated the Denver Broncos more than any other team in professional sports, but the Cards are fighting for that spot…

  • Dan

    This isn’t the 1st time someone’s accused the Cardinals opponent in the World Series of cheating. Joe Buck in 2006 accused Detroit Tigers pitcher Kenny Rogers of “a foreign substance” on his throwing hand. He was so determined the umpires actually checked Kenny and of course they didn’t find anything.
    I’m not trying to whine or anything, and I think the Cardinals run a 1st class organization and they deserve to be in the World Series.

  • kit1811

    Most Cardinals fans realize that the team just didn’t bring it last night. Errors and missed opportunities, and frankly, Matheny should have kept his butt on the bench when the umps reversed that terrible call against the Sox. That was not a leadership move.

    Who in St. Louis or affiliated with the organization is accusing anyone of cheating? I mean, hate us if you want, but dude, have a reason. I haven’t heard a damned thing about anyone accusing the Sox of cheating and I’ve been reading post-mortems all morning. We deserved to lose, we know it, the Sox are an amazing team, we know that, too. They come in like gangbusters and I thought we’d be prepared for that, but we (they, actually; I don’t play) weren’t. We just have to dust our britches off and get back in there tonight.

    • cubmig

      This sure reads like an org guy……unless you don’t consider him as someone connected or “affiliated”.

      “Tyler Melling, a minor league pitcher in the Cardinals organization, took to Twitter last night to ask whether Jon Lester was adding a little foreign substance to the ball:”

      “Jon Lester using a little Vaseline inside the glove tonight?” ”

      — Tyler Melling (@TylerMelling) October 24, 2013 “

  • Turn Two

    Stay classy St.Louis

  • Rebuilding

    Fox had enhanced video last night that made it pretty clear Lester had a green, gooey substance on the inside of the glove. Then he kept going to it and obviously taking some off. As Pierzynski and Rollins said in the pregame – 99% of the pitchers do it and the 1% who don’t aren’t in the game anymore (paraphrased)

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