Obsessive New Manager Watch: Eric Wedge Interviewed? Mystery Candidates? Renteria Looking Around?

eric wedge mustacheThe search continues …

  • The Cubs have interviewed former manager Eric Wedge for their open position, according to Peter Gammons, speaking this morning on Mully and Hanley. I’ll dig into Wedge a bit more if there’s some confirmation out there, but, for now, I think he’s not the kind of guy that gets folks too excited … but he’s not a bad candidate. Despite being just 45, Wedge has a great deal of managerial experience, having managed seven mixed years in Cleveland in the 2000s (remember, there’s a lot of front office overlap between the Indians in that time period and the Red Sox, Padres, and Diamondbacks, from whence the Cubs’ front office largely came). He also managed three down years for the Mariners, include 2013. He didn’t have much of a roster over that time period, and he declined to return for 2014, although he was reportedly asked to stay on. Wedge is perhaps best known around these parts as the manager who said silly things about sabermetrics, but, if he’s being considered by this front office, I’m going to assume he didn’t quite mean his remarks like they sounded. (Indeed, he probably simply meant that, sometimes, players get a little too into their own head at the plate because of the things organizations ask them to do, as a result of sabermetric analysis.)
  • Wedge, it’s worth noting, was actually interviewed by the Cubs for their open managerial spot before the 2011 season (the job went to Mike Quade). It’s also worth noting that it’s OK if the Cubs want Wedge solely for his badass mustache.
  • Gordon Wittenmyer reports that the Cubs’ managerial search list is seven deep, with only Manny Acta, A.J. Hinch, Rick Renteria, Dave Martinez, and Torey Lovullo as the known names. That means, yes, two mystery candidates (one of which is probably Wedge, given the above Gammons report). Wittenmyer says those two do not include Mike Maddux, Sandy Alomar, Don Mattingly, Jim Leyland, or Jose Oquendo. Patrick Mooney adds that the list also doesn’t include Tony Pena, Jason Varitek, DeMarlo Hale, Dave Magadan, or Chip Hale.
  • UPDATE as I type: sure enough, Wittenmyer confirms that Wedge is the sixth candidate, and the Cubs have spoken with him. A formal interview is forthcoming as soon as next week.
  • Speaking of Mattingly, despite all of the chill of the past week, he’s reportedly returning to the Dodgers next year. What an uncomfortable situation. Good thing the team is successful and expensive.
  • The Cubs are officially now not the only team talking to Rick Renteria, a reported favorite for the Cubs gig: yesterday, the Padres’ bench coach met with the Mariners about their open managerial position. If the Mariners decide to act quickly and make an offer to Renteria, the Cubs may be in a bit of a sticky situation as they (reportedly) wait to make a decision until after they’ve had a chance to talk to Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo. The Mariners, for their part, are also reportedly considering the guy the Cubs don’t seem to be ready to consider, Brad Ausmus.
  • Jesse Rogers hears from many folks that A.J. Hinch should not be the guy for the Cubs’ gig.
  • Folks sure are trying to push the Ozzie Guillen thing. Despite no indications whatsoever from the Cubs that they would actually consider bringing Guillen – and all that accompanies him – into the fold, the Tribune reports that Guillen would gladly return to baseball as a coach … but only with the Cubs. Guillen says there would be no worries about the manager looking over his shoulder, since Guillen already has his money, and would come back to coach only if that’s actually what he wanted to do. Speaking as a person who is charged with writing about the Cubs every day, I say, hell yeah, bring Ozzie on! But speaking as a fan of the organization and the team, and thinking about what’s best going forward, I’m not sure Guillen, in any capacity, is a good fit.
  • The Nationals are set to hire Matt Williams for their open job, per Ken Rosenthal. Unless he was a mystery candidate, Williams wasn’t in the mix for the Cubs, so there’s only a positive impact here.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

199 responses to “Obsessive New Manager Watch: Eric Wedge Interviewed? Mystery Candidates? Renteria Looking Around?”

  1. Leo L

    no matter how you put it, or who I am, except for maybe ozzie himself, never would l want that gut managing the cubs. Listening to his post game would literaly kill me slowly

  2. Jono

    I love imagening Ozzie getting the job. Cubs daydream land is a wonderful place

  3. Ryan

    When did Ron Swanson manage the Mariners?

    1. Aaron

      Damn, beat me to this one… Nicely done!

    2. Edwin

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

    3. On The Farm

      Looks like the club house shouldn’t have any shortage of bacon or hand crafted wood furniture if they hire Wedge

    4. Myles


  4. CubFan Paul

    With the right coaching staff I’d accept Ozzie as the manager. It’s not like he’ll be batting clean-up.

  5. josh ruiter

    Dave Martinez, Jose Oquendo, Torey Lovullo, or Rick Renteria. Those four and no more. Give them all a clean slate interview and take the best option.

  6. Mark Kanges

    Please…no Eric Wedge. I don’t know who would be suitable. Maybe Jim Riggleman, now that there’s a new regime in place.

  7. CubsFaninMS

    Maybe I’m ill-informed, but I’m not understanding the appeal of Ozzie Guillen. You can say he “has fire”, but that same argument can be made for Carlos Zombrano, Milton Bradley, and John Rocker. There’s the “fire” that is the winning attitude and then there’s carelessness, people with a total lack of disregard for respect, and people who can’t control their emotions. IMO, if you want our organization to remain classy, you leave those types out. Mark Prior had fire. Kerry Wood had fire. Max Scherzer has fire. Despite the differing outcomes of each of those, they all maintain a level of respect for the game, its players and the multiple cultures surrounding it.

    1. CubFan Paul

      “Carlos Zombrano, Milton Bradley, and John Rocker”

      Interesting choices.

    2. Jono

      It’s fun to imagen. Actually getting the job in real life? Of course not. But daydream land? He’s my guy

    3. Cyranojoe

      It’s mostly because he says interesting things that reporters would have to be crazy not to write about. And right now, he’s mostly saying interesting things about coaching/managing the Cubs.

  8. Blackhawks1963

    The Cubs will hire Renteria or Lovullo is my guess. With Renteria the pick unless Lovullo blows TheoJed away in the interview that he hasn’t even had yet because of the playoffs. The Cubs are passing time in interviewing Eric Wedge…nothing more.

    1. CubsFaninMS

      My thoughts exactly! I’m a little partial to Renteria. Then again, it’s very difficult for us fans to gauge each managerial candidate when one of the attributes that are focus upon is “working well with prospects/young players”. Although it is obviously the right move to make for our front office, the candidates involved can’t be judged based on their won/loss record. We have limited information to go on. Although this may not be Theo’s most important managerial decision during his tenure with the Cubs, it is certainly essential that he gets it right and the most important one to date.

  9. mdavis

    maybe i read it wrong, and i admit i didnt click the link, but i thought this was saying ozzie would be a coach…not the manager. aka third base coach, bench coach, whatever. i wouldnt be all that opposed with that, maybe. could be good to have that personality around a starlin, baez, etc. but maybe im just nuts. which is possible.

    1. Voice of Reason

      You might be nuts, but Ozzie IS NUTS!

      There is no way the Cubs will hire that crazy man.

      I can’t believe the Sun Times even wrote a piece about it.

    2. Cyranojoe

      There’s actually a lot I like about Ozzie, but I suspect I’ve missed a great deal of the crazy/offensive. In any case, in his quote, he was asked whether he’d like to return to coaching, and he said only if it’s for the Cubs — because he still lives in Chicago. When it comes to managing, he’d like everybody to keep an open mind toward him. So he’d go anywhere, I think, to manage, but to coach he’d only do it in Chicago, and he knows the White Sox won’t take him back (and vice versa, I suspect).

  10. Edwin

    Guillen seemed to do a pretty good job of handling pitchers for the White Sox, although they have a good pitching coach as well, so maybe not all of the credit goes to Ozzie. Still, Ozzie wasn’t a terrible, at least in regards to that one thing.

    I just don’t like the way that Ozzie turned into a side show, and the way he constantly came across as a guy that had no class. I like a manager who has spent a lot of time training at the Milford School.

    1. Cyranojoe

      Ozzie’s been quoted as saying that he does what he does with the press in order to keep their attention on him instead of his players. It’s not a bad idea — let him become the story, and let his players deal with their issues away from the media.

      1. Edwin

        That’s one way to interpret it, I guess. I don’t buy it, though.

  11. Edwin

    Call me crazy, but I want to believe that in this mixed up a world, a man capable of growing such a fine mustache can make a difference. It obviously worked with Carlos Villanueva. I belive that Wedge, like modern day Sampson, will be the manager to lead the Cubs to victory.

    1. chrisfchi

      Mustaches win championships. See coach Q.

      1. King Jeff

        ….and Da Coach, and Phil Jackson, I think we are on to something here.

        1. chrisfchi

          Thanks Jeff too lazy to add them as well

      2. Jono

        Best BN comment ever?

        Maybe behind “I believe in baseball”

    2. Ken

      by cracky

    3. On The Farm

      With as good as Boston was this year, I am wondering if it is just a facial hair thing. This explains why I was so poor at baseball in high school.

  12. auggie55

    To those who think the Cubs should hire Guillen: there is no way the Cubs will even consider Guillen, so just turn the page and forget about that happening. Do you think that for one second Tom Ricketts is going to allow someone to be hired who talked about all the rats that lived at Wrigley? And how much he hated Wrigley? Or how much he admired Fidel Castro? Guillen is a PR disaster just waiting to happen. All teams recognize this after he got fire by the Marlins. He’ll never manage again.

    1. ETS

      Guillen loves Castro so maybe he can figure out his swing going forward?

      1. CubsFaninMS

        The other Castro is so old that he may not be able to swing one of those 8″-long wooden fan bats.

        1. hansman

          Fidel is going to have a terrible range at SS. Hard to move much when you’re dead.

      2. Jim L

        I didn’t realize Ozzie was a hitting guru, tell me whose swing he fixed with the White Sox or Marlins?

    2. Frank

      Maybe he was talking about Starlin Castro and he thought first name was Fidel.

  13. since52

    deja vu all over again. Can’t get the guy we REALLY want, so let’s try revolving door #2, including the guy with the mustache and recent stroke. Then we can say we REALLY wanted him all along for his:

    a) fire/spark
    b) bi lingualability
    d) player development as our team loses another 175 games.

    Hire McKay for godsake!

    1. Blackhawks1963

      Why is it deja vu all over again? What’s wrong with Renteria? He’s a highly respected coach who has managed successfully in the minor leagues. He’s number savvy, intelligent, and well-respected. But it’s deja vu all over again?!? Please.

      Dave McKay has never been a candidate to be manager anywhere. He’s a lifetime coach who has been perfectly fine with that role. He’s also in his early 60′s. Not an option, but his own doing as well.

      1. since52

        What’s wrong with Renteria? The same thing that was “wrong” with Sandburg. According to our genius FO, that is. As for McKay never being a candidate-so what? If the criteria is “player development” at the ML level (nonsensical in every sense of the word), McKay is the only one of the “candidates” with tangible evidence of that kind.

        As for his age, well that’s just silly. He may be in better shape than our SS.

        On second thought, let’s just keep pursuing the same hiring/firing policies we have for decades and expect different results. God bless our sabermetrics one and all!

  14. Ken

    Brett, you screwed up. That’s Nick Offerman in a Mariners jersey

    1. macpete22

      Beat me to this one

  15. Eric

    I don’t think Wedge is a fit.

    1. OlderStyle

      I’d recommend a rubber mallet.

  16. King Jeff

    That’s a pretty alarming indictment of AJ HInch. If he doesn’t communicate well with his players, I wonder what the attraction is.

  17. D-Rock

    Is he bilingual? Doesn’t look like it!

    1. Edwin

      How can you tell if someone is bilingual just by looking at them?

      1. DarthHater

        Reposting in correct reply spot:

      2. D-Rock

        Obviously I am only going off of superficial reasoning but, Wedge looks like he is from the sticks of Louisiana or Mississippi where they ONLY speak English. Aren’t all of the other candidates of the Latino/Hispanic ethnicity?

        1. CubsFaninMS

          Correct. That is superficial reasoning.

  18. DarthHater

    “I’ll dig into Wedge a bit more…”

    Sounds uncomfortable.

    1. Edwin

      And I said rectum, damn near killed him!

      1. mr.mac

        It’s obvious he can only speak American!!!

        1. D-Rock

          Exactly! Do you think Ron Swanson can speak Spanish? Or Ron Burgandy? I don’t think so!

          1. On The Farm

            Actually Ron Burgandy specifically told Baxter in the first movie that he doesn’t speak Spanish, so this has been confirmed.

            1. Mrs. Howell

              Hysterical. Useless trivia like that sticks in my head too…instead of the important stuff!

          2. JB88

            I’d hire Ron Swanson in a second. Can you imagine the post-game interviews after Castro botched a grounder? Or an [fill-in-the-blank] Cub didn’t run out a grounder? Ozzie would have nothing on Ron Swanson. He’d have all the Cubs cobbling together their own bats in no time ;)

            1. Jono

              he’d probably be eating steak during his interviews

  19. Edwin

    If you could have any fictional character manager the Cubs, who would it be, and why?

    1. Myles

      This is an amazing question. I hope a lot of people answer.

      1. Edwin

        Feel free to turn it into one of your bits, you’re fairly clever. A list of the top 50 fictional Cubs managers, with descriptions why for each won, could be a decent way to kill some offseason time.

        1. Myles

          I might have to. Thanks!

          1. Cyranojoe

            Great idea!

    2. King Jeff

      Okay, Morris Buttermaker on line 1, Lou Brown is in the office waiting for an interview.

    3. Edwin

      My first choice is Atticus Finch. Quiet leader, the kind that can inspire greatness in others. A constant father figure for the youth movement the Cubs are going through.

    4. On The Farm

      Arodys Vizcaino

      1. Edwin

        I chuckled.

        1. On The Farm

          Wasn’t sure if anyone would get it

      2. DarthHater

        I see what you did there.

    5. CubsFanMike

      Zorro….BI-lingual and a beast with a sword. Maybe that translates into a bat and he helps Rizzo and Castro figure it out.

    6. DarthHater


      1. CubsFaninMS

        Quaker Oat Squares!!!!

    7. ssckelley


      1. DarthHater

        No, we already tried Sveum.

        1. D-Rock

          Nice! Sweum does look a lot like Charlie!

          1. ssckelley

            I see no resemblance.


            Charlie Brown:

        2. JM

          You scare me a little, that’s why I normally don’t reply to your posts, but you’re killing me today.

    8. ssckelley

      This guy would have been great with the prospects:


    9. Edwin

      2nd choice: Philip Marlowe. Gives the Cubs an edge, a toughness the team is lacking.

    10. Edwin

      3rd choice: Captain Ahab. Pretty obvious why.

    11. On The Farm


      1. DarthHater

        Yoda thinks it’s a good strategy to go into hiding for 18 years while the next generation develops. Yep, he should fit right in!

    12. ssckelley

      This guy could fix Castro and Rizzo’s swing:


    13. On The Farm

      Gandalf, but not the Gray, I would want Gandalf the White (I am racist like that)

    14. DarthHater


      1. Edwin


    15. dumbledoresacubsfan

      Ender Wiggin

      1. Edwin

        I’m pumped for that movie, I just started reading the book last week.

        1. JB88

          That book is fantastic. Speaker for the Dead is a little more intellectual than Ender’s Game and Xenocide is probably the next best after Ender’s Game. But Ender’s Game is so good. I’ve been literally waiting decades for them to make that book into a movie. Now, all the film industry needs to do is make Robotech into a three-part movie (or more) and my childhood film wishes will have been fulfilled.

          1. On The Farm

            I was going to read those books, but I noticed he has about 20 “Ender’s” books so can someone please explain the order of the books to read (the main ones) because I am afraid to look at something and have a plot point ruined and wikipedia wasn’t all that helpful.

            1. JB88

              The main trilogy is: Ender’s Game, Speaker for the Dead, and Xenocide. Everything else is a branch off of those books.

              1. On The Farm

                Thanks, that’s what I thought, but the tree on wikipedia shows Ender in Exile between #1 and #2 and Children of the Mind after #3, wasn’t sure how much of a must read they were.

                1. JB88

                  I haven’t read Ender in Exile and I read Children of the Mind but I don’t remember it being as memorable as the first three. Because of the way the books are set out (I won’t give away details), there is about a 1000 year gap in “real time” between Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead, so I suspect that Ender in Exile is sort of covering the interlude between those books. I don’t think it is necessary to understand the stories of the first three.

                2. Cyranojoe

                  Stick with Ender’s Game and skip the rest. The first is fantastic, the rest are average at best. Not to mention that the kind of person Orson Scott Card has turned out to be makes me a sad panda.

        2. dumbledoresacubsfan

          I’m really hoping the movie is good. A little nervous about old Disney channel kid Moises Arias as Bonzo…

          I actually just started reading the book two nights ago, but I’m nearly finished. It sucks you right in, man. Crazy good.

          1. JB88

            I kid you not, I’ve probably read that book 20 times since I first came across it in seventh grade. Put aside some of Orson Scott Card’s political/social stances, he can really write Sci-Fi and Fantasy. If you like Ender’s Game, you should consider reading the Alvin Maker series as well. Oh, and Pastwatch is another one like Ender’s Game that once you start reading, you won’t be able to put it down.

            1. dumbledoresacubsfan

              I have so many books that are on the shelf waiting to be read, and I just keep adding to it. Definitely going to have to look into those. I’m also looking to get copies of the Bartemeus Triology–I’ve heard nothing but good things about that as well.

              How’d you like the rest of the Ender’s Trilogy? I’m going to try to move on to those sometime soon, too.

              1. JB88

                I really, liked the third one, Xenocide, but you need to read the second one, Speaker for the Dead, to have the proper context. I think I’d appreciate Speaker for the Dead more as an adult, but both Speaker and Xenocide are a lot slower moving than Ender’s Game.

                1. TWC

                  I read Speaker years before I read any of the others, oddly. Think I picked it up at a garage sale. I’ve only read Xenocide and Ender’s Game, but I do have Children of the Mind on my bookshelf waiting for me to remember it’s there.

                  I read and enjoyed Seventh Son in junior high, but have never re-read it or any of the others in that series.

            2. TWC

              “Put aside some of Orson Scott Card’s political/social stances…”

              That’s really, really hard to do. Nevertheless, he’s written some great books.

              1. JB88

                I know. It is insanely hard for me to put it aside. I’ve loved OSC’s books since I was like 12 years old and have been reading them for decades. Hearing him say those things (even with me knowing he’s Mormon) was like Santa Claus saying he was a Cardinals fan. I can’t hate on Santa so I just have to act ignorant to the fact that I know he said those things.

              2. Patrick W.

                It’s the reason my wife (who loved the book) and I (who loves movies) won’t go see it.

      2. On The Farm

        Can’t believe you didn’t go with Dumbledore there

        1. Edwin

          I just don’t see him as a good fit. He seems to have a habbit of putting young players into positions way above their ability, while offering very little guideance.

          1. dumbledoresacubsfan


            Dumbledore would be crazy attached to the Prospects and make them figure everything out on their own with really subtle hints that would make them go insane.

            If anyone would have any kind of success as a Manager, I’d probably have to go with Viktor Krum, as long as he’s not influenced by Igor Karkaroff.

            1. On The Farm

              Yeah, Dumbledore would make our three best prospects walk around a forest for a year trying to figure out how to hit. But once they figure it out we can defeat the evil Cardinals!

              1. dumbledoresacubsfan

                I’m pretty sure the Cardinal Empire is fueled through the use of Horcruxes, anyway. Maybe we do need Dumbledore….

                No, but really, though. I’m pretty sure the Cardinals have a vat hidden in the undergrounds of St. Louis full of a black liquid that they just dump their players in–and out they come HOFers.

                1. On The Farm

                  How else do you explain 7 WAR player (Fangraphs) Matt Carpenter?

                2. Edwin

                  Maybe inside Busch Stadium is a secret pathway to the River Styx.

                  1. On The Farm

                    Ah so its some Greek mythology demi god business going on..

    16. Tony_S

      Easy, Mr Burns, with Smithers as bench coach

      “You, Strawberry, hit a home run!”

      “Alright, Skip.”

    17. Edwin

      Daniel Plainview. Gotta love the competativeness.

    18. hansman


      1. On The Farm

        GOOGLE KNOWS ALL. A perfect fit.

    19. DarthHater


      1. ssckelley

        lmao, good one!

      2. DarthHater

        Not that I think God is a fictional character, of course. ::cough! cough!::

        1. Jason Powers

          Knock! Knock!


          1. Jason Powers


    20. Edwin

      Omar Little. He knows everything there is to know about the game.

    21. RD

      I Love what Billy Heywood did with the 94 Twins…

      1. Edwin

        Lose to Mariners and have Danny from The West Wing become his new dad?

    22. Jono

      El Guapo.

      “In a way, all of us has an El Guapo to face. For some, shyness might be their El Guapo. For others, a lack of education might be their El Guapo. For us, El Guapo is a big, dangerous man who wants to kill us. But as sure as my name is Lucky Day, the people of Santa Poco can conquer their own personal El Guapo, who also happens to be *the actual* El Guapo! ”

      Kind of random, but it just popped in my head

      1. Edwin

        Very nice, I had a good chuckle.

      2. Jono
  20. DarthHater


    1. Edwin

      You could just write who you want, the picture isn’t working, and it takes up a lot of comment space.

      1. ssckelley

        Darth crashed flickr….it was working until he posted the same pictures 3 times.

        1. DarthHater

          I only posted it twice. And it was an honest “reply” button mistake. :-P Anyway, this guy is not a manager candidate. He’s proof that you can tell if someone is bilingual by looking at him.

  21. Brian Peters

    What good can anyone spot in Wedge being the next Cubs manager?

    1. Edwin


    2. DarthHater

      Nobody will be upset when he has to be fired.

      1. YourResidentJag


  22. Jon

    Forget the sabre bashing thing , player development under Wedge in Seattle has been nothing to brag about. Most of their young prospects IMO ( like Ackley) have all underwhelmed in terms of expectations. I can see how he is a serious candidate

  23. itzscott

    Eric Wedge lost out to Mike Quade!!

    What more needs to be said???

    1. D-Rock


    2. Jason Powers

      Given the Quadster a taste of MLB managing.

  24. TommyK

    The nice thing about Wedge is he gives me something to hope for: any one but him. There is just too much evidence that he is not that good a manager. Let’s take a shot on someone who hasn’t proven they are not a good manager. He had some bad records with some pretty talented teams in Cleveland. He had a couple good years as well, but that team went into freefall his last couple years there. No thanks.

  25. Atl Cubbie

    I feel Tony Pena, Torey Lovullo, Jose Oquendo, and yes Jason Varitek are all good choice’s. You know Theo will interview Both Lovullo and Varitek before making a choice. This Bi-lingual stuff is for the birds if u are a good manager you will be able to communicate. I agree that is not Wedge in the picture.

  26. Eternal Pessimist

    I hope Ozzie Guillen manages again, but just somewhere else….he is soooo fun to hate!!

  27. D-Rock


    Man, if he came in wearing this stash, he would get the job before the interview started.

    1. ssckelley

      Eric Wedge is awesome on Shipping Wars


  28. Idaho Razorback

    I live 350 miles from Seatle but the Mariners are the “local” team here so we get all their games. Please believe me, we don’t want Wedge. Also, he declined to return to the Mariners due to health reasons. He suffered a mild stoke near the end of the season. That means it’s likely that he will have a major heart attack with the Cubs next year.

    1. Jason Powers

      He stated it was not health related. Organizational differences.

      And why would he interview in Chicago if health was the reason? That would not make any rational sense…

      (Maybe Seattle is dangerous to the health of managers….just like Chicago. So he can’t get enough of a bad team. So yes, a bit irrational, but for a ‘different reason.’)

  29. Blackhawks1963

    Looks like Washington is poised to hire Matt Williams as manager. Looks like Chip Hale is on the short list in Seattle. Detroit seems to be intrigued by a number of veteran candidates.

  30. FastBall

    I see no reason to not consider Ozzie Guillen. Brett’s post doesn’t state he would be the manager but a coach. I think Ozzie is an outspoken guy. But it is quite possible after his episode in Miami he has learned a lesson or two. He does punch a lot of the criteria on Theo and Jed’s check list. Could these guys get along? I think so. I personally think that they need to step away from their Boys Club hiring practice. Not everyone or every solution can or should come from the Redsox and Padres organization. I have no problem with the Redsox organization and the quality of the individuals. The Padres I am not sold on the results achieved by anyone in that organization. They have not achieved success to this point. I have always said the Cubs need a Leader of Men as the next manager. My personal feelings are they need a guy who is going to be out front carrying the Cubs Torch. He has to be experienced and proven in all areas of managing. So maybe Ozzie is the guy. I think it would be foolish on the part of this organizations leadership to not explore Ozzie Guillen. He calls a spade a spade on all sides of things. I can appreciate that. His show is often misinterpretted. I look at it as more like this is how Ozzie get out in front and deflects BS from his players as individuals and his team as a whole. If you keep his antics in perspective he is easier to understand.

    1. Eternal Pessimist

      “I think Ozzie is an outspoken guy.”

      You are confusing “outspoken” with “head case”


    2. baldtaxguy

      “If you keep his antics in perspective he is easier to understand.”

      I’ve never bought this crap about Ozzie bringing all of the attention to himself and therefore, he takes the pressure off of his players. This is nonsense. Ozzie loves Ozzie and all of the people that pay attention to Ozzie. I don’t disagree that BS and Ozzie are linked.

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