police concert wrigleyThe Cardinals evened the World Series last night with a 4-2 win. The Red Sox had taken a 2-1 lead in the game in the bottom of the 6th (yes, Michael Wacha was once again great … grumble), only to give up three with some sloppy play in the top of the 7th.

  • Wrigley Field is the second best ballpark/stadium/arena for a rock concert, per Rolling Stone. That placement puts the Friendly Confines a spot ahead of Fenway Park, and behind only Madison Square Garden (meaning Wrigley is the best ballpark for a concert). The Cubs started hosting concerts at their ballpark in 2005, and, since then (particularly in the last few years), it’s become a popular summer sideshow (in the good sense). Starting next year, thanks to the new night game ordinance, the Cubs will be permitted to host up to four concerts at Wrigley Field (up from three), which should only improve its standing as a badass musical venue.
  • Jorge Soler returned to Arizona Fall League action yesterday, and, presumably having heard everyone overreacting to his slow AFL start, promptly went 3-4. That performance raised his batting average by some 60 points, and brought his line up to .282/.282/.359. Not good, obviously, but not terrifying. And it’s still just 39 at bats. Soler had missed time while dealing with a residency issue, and maybe a couple days away was good for him. Or maybe it was meaningless, and this is just one game.
  • For his part, Soler told MLB.com he’s still not feeling quite 100% (he said 110%, but you know, science) as he recovers from the stress fracture in his leg. More to the point, he says he just doesn’t quite feel like he’s got his strength back in his legs after missing so much time (where he couldn’t do much with his legs). He’ll get there.
  • Dallas Beeler started that game for the Solar Sox, throwing four innings and giving up two earned runs on four hits (no walks). He struck out two. Beeler was followed up by two innings from Matt Loosen (1 ER, 2 H, 0 BB, 3 K) and an inning from Lendy Castillo (0 ER, 0 H, 2 BB, 1 K).
  • Jesse Rogers reports that Kris Bryant and Albert Almora have made the AFL All-Star team (duh), and they’ll play in the game on November 2. The league is about halfway complete at this point.
  • A video tour of the Cubs’ new Spring Training facilities? Sure thing.
  • 40 years ago today, the Cubs set about a rebuild, starting with the trade of Fergie Jenkins for Bill Madlock. Ron Santo, Billy Williams, Randy Hundley, Glenn Beckert, and others followed over the course of the next year. The Cubs didn’t have another winning season for 11 years (but, hey, it was the legendary 1984 team!). Let’s hope the current rebuild is slightly more rapid.
  • Awakeape

    It is just good to have soler get some ab’s. Next season once he hits AA will be a true test and barometer of where he is at development wise.

  • CubFan Paul

    Samardzija should take Soler (& any other youngin’) under his wing this offseason, so that they can climb that Arizona mountain together every day (probably with Dempster still).

    That’ll build up Soler’s leg strength.

  • Spoda17

    I am reserving all opinions on Soler until he has a lot more ABs next year.

    I hurt my shoulder and had to stop lifting for two weeks… took me more than two weeks back to get back to the weight I was lifting before the injury… I could just imagine how long it takes to get into “athlete” shape after missing significant time and breaking a bone…

    • Napercal

      No reason to worry about Soler’s recovery. Much better to rehab from a broken bone than joint or ligament damage. I’ve been there.

  • ssckelley

    The Cubs wanted to rebuild in the 70s, and it was probably the right decision, but they made some real bad moves. The initial trade of Fergie Jenkins was not that bad, they got 2 up and coming players in Bill Madlock and Vic Harris. But they turned around and flipped 25 year old Madlock to the Giants for an aging Bobby Murcer. They flipped Ron Santo for Steve Stone, who they allowed to walk via free agency and he ended up winning the Cy Young with the Orioles. They got Manny Trillo out of an aging Billy Williams but they turned around and traded Trillo to the Phillies for a pile of crap.

    The Cubs would have been fine back then had they stuck to the rebuilding plan. Hopefully this FO does not cave into the fan pressures of winning now and a need to sell tickets.

    • auggie55

      Back in the 70s the “plan” was to trade any player who asked for a raise. Madlock won 2 NL Batting titles and asked for a raise. He got traded. Bruce Sutter, after his salary jumped from $225K in 79 to $700K in 80 was traded after the 1980 season to the Cards for Durham and Ken Reitz. Sutter helped the Cards win the WS in 82 and went on to the HOF. Durham had a couple good years, but made that big error in game 5 of the NLCS. Then he became a cokehead and was done with baseball. The Wrigleys were all about dumping big salaries on the eve of FA, not about winning.

  • ETS

    Literally laughed out loud at the “you know, science”. Thanks for that Brett.

  • itzscott

    Here’s an idea I’ll toss out….

    Why doesn’t the city buy Wrigley from the Ricketts to convert into an outdoor concert venue in the summer and host a couple of outdoor Blackhawk games in the winter.

    The Ricketts then turn around and use the funds from the sale to build a new stadium outside the city.

    Everyone wins…. all the battles and maneuvering end.

    • Eric

      They are not leaving Wrigley – let it go…….

    • Chicago4life

      Quit with the move Wrigley talk, it will never happen! Also, why would you? Wrigley is like a temple for baseball.

    • roz

      The city would be crucified (and rightfully so) for spending that much money on an outdoor concert venue/hockey rink without having some other activity for it that will generate a ton of revenue. Seeing as how the only thing that would really do that is either another football team (which won’t happen) or a baseball team (which is already there), this is never going to happen.

  • JB88

    Even though Soler isn’t playing at the same stratospheric-level Bryant and Almora currently are, he still has a nine-game hitting streak in the AFL (stat courtesy of BP). If he isn’t playing well and is still feeling the effects of the injury, heaven help the rest of baseball when he is healthy and starts seeing the ball …

  • cavemencubbie

    Good! Let Ricketts and company spin Wrigley off into an Entertainment Business and let the Roof Toppers get free music. Then sell the Cubs to someone who will build a new venue and really wants to win, (and make some coin) not just sit in a stadium remembering how good (day games with 6000 in attendance) it was when he was young.

    I’m 76 years old, cut classes at Lane to see my Cubs play and no longer believes he will see a WS at Wrigley. I remember when a beer was 25 cents, the Trib was a dime and a bleacher seat was 75 cents, assuming you couldn’t sneak in. Those days are gone forever, thanks to our wonderful Federal Reserve, and so should Wrigley. Back to my Mescal to drown my sorrows.

    • roz

      Here’s to a lot of snow this winter so you can walk uphill both ways in it!

    • Frankfort Dave

      And get off of my lawn too!

    • cubmig

      …..get back in the cave.

  • Joey Jo Jo Junior

    Was that a Good Day New York/The Soup rerefence in there?

  • Nate Dawg

    Castillo not nominated for gold glove. Booooo!

    • #1lahairfan

      At least Barney and Rizzo are.

  • Aaron

    Just finished watching a video tour of the new new Chicago Cubs spring training facility. Top of the line facilities with new and modern training, weight and rehab facilities.

    It’s going to be an experience for players to go from something so nice in spring training to the sub-standard player facilities at Wrigley Field. Some how that just doesn’t make sense.

  • Funn Dave

    Hate to say I told ya so….

    • Funn Dave

      Actually, let’s do it TPB style. I hate to say atodaso, but…atodaso. I f**ing adodaso.

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