emperor seligI’ll be in and out today, so you’re on alert for limited commenting/Tweeting/etc. There should be relatively normal posting coverage, however.

  • The Red Sox tied the World Series up last night, thanks largely to a three-run homer by Jonny Gomes. The 4-2 win gave the Red Sox their second win in the series, and Game Five comes tonight at 6:30pm CT. Jon Lester – and his mystery goo – takes on Adam Wainwright.
  • David Ortiz is now 8 for 11 in the World Series (with four walks), and one of those three outs was the would-be grand slam that Carlos Beltran robbed in Game One. Unbelievable numbers.
  • At no point during his commissionership has Bud Selig indicated a desire to harmonize the designated hitter rule among the two leagues. Indeed, I believe I’ve read on more than one occasion that, if the DH was ever coming to the NL, it wouldn’t be on Selig’s watch. Well, in any event, Selig is retiring soon, so it won’t come during his time in office. But Selig now sounds a little softer when asked about changing up the DH rule – it’s essentially now a, “well, you never say never.” That said, Selig indicates that nothing is cooking right now on the DH thing. Bear in mind: the players will never permit the DH rule to leave the AL (it pays for another lucrative roster spot), and the owners probably aren’t going to push to add the DH in the NL (again, because it’s an added expense for them). Change is likely going to have to come from AL teams doing some serious grousing, and a handful of NL teams accepting that the lack of a DH is incredibly unfair for a number of reasons.
  • A local interview with “certified southerner” Justin Grimm, who pitched quite well for the Cubs out of the bullpen after he was acquired in the Matt Garza deal. A question remains on whether Grimm is a future reliever or starter, but he indicated that he has more of an “attacking” mindset as a reliever, since you’re out there to get just a few outs. If his third pitch doesn’t come along over the next year or so, he may be a permanent fixture in the bullpen (which isn’t a bad thing, as he could be a very good one).
  • BN’er Oswego Chris – he of the fantastic book on the realties of the Cubs’ century-plus of losing – has a special offer for BN’ers, only. Check it out over at the Message Board.


  • Blackhawks1963

    David Ortiz continues to punch his ticket to Cooperstown. He is a force of nature offensively, and ironically has been one of the most underrated offensive players in the game for a long time despite playing in Boston and already having been a big part of 2 World Series Championship teams. He is the definition of a professional hitter and a big time clutch performer. Sure there are things about the guy that can rub the wrong way, but there is no denying his greatness as a hitter. And to think he was acquired as an after thought from the Minnesota Twins over a decade ago by Theo.

  • Coldneck

    Hopefully GW Bush’s first resolution as commissioner will be to institute the DH in the NL. Mike Olt and Big Dan Vogelbach are getting excited.

    • Jamie

      …and the wealth of “casual fans” will love the 12-11 games. Plenty more offense with every team in both leagues then having players (who have one-dimensional talent…that only of hitting) filling a roster spot. Hate to think of the day when some of the strategy is taken away by instituting DH in the NL. Even Ortiz (as great a clutch hitter as he is) is comical to watch on defense.

    • CubFan Paul

      Mike Olt is a plus defender.

      • Jamie

        not arguing that, Paul, am just saying, in general, that I prefer the strategy related to NL play, maneuvering through/around the pitcher’s spot in the lineup and my disdain for guys taking up roster spots that can only hit (slow as molasses and can’t field a position).

      • Coldneck

        Yes, I’m aware. But he doesn’t have a roster spot unless there’s a DH with Kris Bryant in the fold.

        • hansman

          Even with the DH, if they are both capable of hitting in the bigs, the worse defender would get moved to the OF.

          • MichaelD

            Exactly. Or if 3B stays as weak across the league as it currently is, you could trade one for a quality return.

        • CubFan Paul

          “But he doesn’t have a roster spot unless there’s a DH with Kris Bryant in the fold”

          Are you aware that Olt is ML-Ready and Bryant is still a minor leaguer which hasn’t seen AA yet?

          …Olt continues to get no love

  • http://comicsandcardsupplies.com cms0101

    The owners will use the NL DH issue as a sweetener in the next CBA negotiations, maybe even in exchange for an international draft. It only makes sense with the perpetual interleague play going with the balanced leagues and schedules. The DH is coming to the NL eventually. Just a matter of time.

  • Blake

    There is something very disturbing about Bud Selig’s face in that photoshopped picture.

    • Blackhawks1963

      Bud Selig is precariously close to taking a dirt nap. Cut him a break. I’d like to see Condeelza Rice be the next Commissioner.

      • Jim L

        Why her? How about someone with a connection to the game?

  • Curt

    I know eventually the dh is coming to the nl but I can always hope that it dosent leave the game alone it’s not broken, and yes I know the players won’t let the dh go away bc of the money but hey baseball survived lots of years without it and it should the al tht ditches the dh but that’s not going to happen but one can always hope.

  • JB88

    If the Cubs make the WS in my lifetime, I want the DH to be in effect. Sure, there is a slight advantage when the NL plays in its home park, but with the advent of interleague games and mass FA, it isn’t that much of an advantage because AL pitchers aren’t necessarily an automatic out. And, let’s face it, NL pitchers for the most part still stink at hitting.

    You can throw out arguments about strategy and enjoying when a double switch works, but, at the end of the day, I just want to see the Cubs win a WS and I like the odds much better if they have a DH on their team facing an AL team who also has a DH. Plenty of baseball traditions have fallen or become eroded in my lifetime. I’m okay with the NL having a DH being the next one to change.

  • David

    The real question is: would the Cubs have hit Travis Wood as the DH this year?

    • baldtaxguy

      He didn’t.

  • notcubbiewubbie

    yea the dh is UNFAIR!!!! to the fans; it creates incredibly long boring american league baseball.also takes 75% of the strategy out of the game.just keep cheapening pro sports!!!!!

    • http://vdcinc.biz 70’scub

      Agree, butt it gives large market a competitive advantage. Yankees always have dual first baseman/4th outfield options that hammer the ball that they can also DH.

  • waffle

    I can see why they would want it but it would make for worse baseball. Viva la difference!

  • Jono

    I’m coming around on the DH primarily because of the world series and interleague play. The AL team has one extra starting-caliber hitter than the NL team. They always have the advantage

    A few names I think make sense for commish are Reinsdorf, Torre and LaRussa

    • Jono

      oh, and Ozzie Guillen

    • cubfanincardinalland

      I disagree. This World Series has really shown how ridiculous it is to have a team play by a certain set of rules for the majority of a season, and then as they get to the championship and their most important games of the year, they play by different rules.
      So here you have Boston with one of their best players, who hit either cleanup or 5th for the whole season with an .842 OPS, not being able to play in the most important games of the year.
      It would be like the Heat getting to the NBA finals, and telling them that between Lebron and Wade, only one of them is allowed to shoot in the game. It is unique to baseball, and really quite idiotic.

      • Jono

        But the cards don’t even have that extra big bat. The AL team has one more starting caliber bat than the NL team. Whether the AL team has to bench a starting bat or the NL has to start a bench bat, the advantage goes to the AL team

      • Jono

        There is no advatnage for the NL team by having less talent

  • ncsujuri


    I’m saddened not to see in the bullets something about how the team that ‘always does everything right, plays the right way’ yada yada yada loses the game on guy getting picked off of first down by 2 with Beltran at the plate down by 2. It was AWESOME!!!! How the heck was Wong not just standing on first!!!

    • DarthHater

      He plays the Wong Way.

  • SH
    • DarthHater

      Wow. Just wow.

      • TWC

        It’s so very, very awful.

    • MichiganGoat

      That is an excellent and quite entertaining… although I’m sure if you scan through twitter you could find any teams fans saying horribly racist and stupid stuff regularly.

      • MichiganGoat

        btw the entertaining part is to see just how the Cardinal Fans fail at almost everything, the racist comments from the “Best Fans” is disgusting on so many levels that retweeting them for other to see is a slippery slope but at least the world can see just how awful the Cardinal fan base can be.

    • Jono

      I’m now following that

  • cubfanincardinalland

    It is actually quite surreal watching the Cardinals play. Try and find a face in the crowd tonight other than a white one. Down right weird.
    I know a very successful black business owner, he and his wife went to the game on Saturday. Said their were four black people at the game, his wife and him, Bob Gibson and Lou Brock. He is funny, he said he felt like he was at a KKK rally, and he was the uninvited guest.

  • Ivy Walls

    I am told that the hang up for the NL are 4 small market teams in the NL who have partnered with 4 in the AL leaving the DH one vote short (Cinci is on the fence so it really is 5 in the NL), the small market teams are looking for some for of compensation.

  • ottoCub

    I’m patiently waiting for the day when reporters ask the commissioner how she or he feels about removing the DH from the American League? Why is the conversation always about adding it to the National League? If the goal is to make the two leagues evenly competitive during interleague play and the World Series, there’s two ways that can be done.

    • DarthHater

      See above: “Bear in mind: the players will never permit the DH rule to leave the AL (it pays for another lucrative roster spot)…”

      • ottoCub

        I know the argument about the roster spots, but how does it pay for another roster spot? Don’t both leagues have 25-man rosters? The Players Union could just as easily make the argument that not having the DH opens up another roster spot for a pitcher, or for a bench player who would otherwise be playing in the minor leagues.

        • Norm

          The DH is a more expensive roster spot than another pitcher or bench player.

          • ottoCub

            So, the reason MLB has the DH in the American League, and likely soon in the National League, is players’ greed. When it’s framed that way, the DH is even less attractive as an option.

          • Jono

            Hence why the AL always has the advantage in interleague / world series play. Instead of a bench player or middle reliever, the AL team has a starting quality bat. Either the NL starts a bench player or the AL has a starting bat coming off the bench as a pinch hitter. Either way, advantage goes to the AL

        • On The Farm

          But since the DH is a ‘starter” in the sense that he is in the lineup everyday, he gets paid better money than just another bench player. The fact is teams are going to carry as many pitchers as they need, so what it really comes down to is instead of having 5 bench guys (for example) you have 4 bench guys, and one guy that is paid purely for his hitting ability. Losing the DH would mean teams can go out and sign a bench player for league minimum or just over (like Sweeney last year).

    • On The Farm

      But with the CBA the players will never allow for the DH to be removed. It allows teams to carry one more hitter on their roster (so more money for players).

      Read starting in the middle of the 3rd bullet where Brett makes this point.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Also, the type of fan that dislikes the DH is sort of like the type of Tolkien fan that wants the movies to exactly replicate the books: i.e., a minority of “hardcores.” Most casual fans like the DH perfectly well: things like “double switches” don’t make them shiver with delight the way that a reference to Tom Bombadil does to a Tolkienista.

      At this point in baseball history, I think that the effect of abolishing the DH would be opposite of what many people think. That would move a lot of Papi’s to 1B, move a lot of 1B to LF or RF, and then move a lot of OFers to 2B or 3B.

      • Turn Two

        I disagree. DH lovers like offense, DH haters like strategy. I bet most people that watch baseball regularly would say there are aspects of both that they like.

  • No White Sux Background for Commish

    I hope no one that has any connection to the White Sox is ever commissioner

  • baldtaxguy

    Not sure whether this has been brought up here – as the pick off of Wong occurred to end Sunday’s game, McCarver actually yelled out “Noooo….”

    Now the homer-ism of Buck and McCarver for the Cards is generally not as fully revealed as it was by McCarver here (well…maybe it is). I don’t care how experienced he is as a broadcaster of baseball, but that was simply unprofessional for a nationally televised broadcast to here him wail for his team. Listen to Eddie O broadcast the Hawks game on NBC, especially during the Cup playoffs. That is a professional broadcaster, who also played the game and for the team that he is covering and can present the Blackhawks to a national audience unbiased and with critical commentary, what a hockey fan deserves.

    Baseball fans do not deserve McCarver. I know this is moot since this is McCarver’s last year and he goes out as if he is a national treasure, with him sobbing and wailing. But here is hoping that the Red Sox close it out Wednesday and stop this nonsense.

    • baldtaxguy

      “….to HEAR him wail….”