eric wedge mustacheThe World Series could be over by tonight, which could accelerate all open managerial searches for a number of reasons (a simplistic one: say the Tigers and Cubs are waiting on Torey Lovullo, and maybe the Mariners want Rick Renteria, but he’s waiting on the Cubs and Tigers, and so forth).

  • Remember when Brad Ausmus was a vogue dark horse candidate for the Cubs’ gig, and then wasn’t mentioned at all, and then was pretty much mentioned only by Dave Kaplan? Well, Patrick Mooney is picking up the torch, and reporting that multiple sources say the Cubs have indeed discussed Ausmus as a possible candidate internally. Currently a special assistant in the Padres’ front office, Ausmus has already been interviewed by the Nationals and the Tigers this year for their openings, and is clearly viewed around baseball as an up-and-coming future manager. The Cubs are not yet believed to have interviewed, or requested to interview, Ausmus for their opening.
  • So what do we make of the way things have played out with respect to Ausmus? He was an under-the-radar candidate, and then quickly dismissed as a legitimate possibility. Then interest in him picked up from other teams, and his name started to pop up again. And now he’s being mentioned as a maybe possibility for the Cubs. The most logical explanation is that Ausmus has a fan or two in the front office, but didn’t quite have enough support to be brought in initially as a candidate. As a wave of interviews proceeded and – I’m speculating – nobody knocked it out of the park, those pushing for Ausmus started have their voice(s) heard a little more clearly. From there, we’ll see what happens. I don’t think it makes Ausmus a kind of fallback candidate. Instead, I think we’re just seeing the front office take a very, very measured and thorough approach to this hiring decision after the last go-around ended after just two years.
  • The other candidate with whom the Cubs haven’t yet met is Torey Lovullo, the bench coach on the verge of a championship with the Red Sox. It can’t have been easy for him to constantly deal with questions about a job (or jobs) for which he can’t yet interview while he’s trying to do his current job at the very highest level. But, as he’s been asked those questions, he’s had nothing but complimentary things to say about the Cubs and their current front office (much of which comes from Boston, where their time overlapped slightly with Lovullo’s). Lovullo is expected to be interviewed by the Cubs shortly after the World Series ends, so that could come later this week.
  • Eric Wedge was yesterday’s interviewee, and he’s something more of a known quantity than the Ausmus/Lovullo/Renteria types that otherwise seem to lead the pack, although there’s no word just yet on how his interview went. Wedge left his job managing the Seattle Mariners after this season, despite management’s desire to bring him back. According to Wedge, the decision was not contract related, but instead was tied to a difference of opinion on the organizational philosophy the Mariners had adopted (from an outside perspective, I would describe that philosophy as: try a million different possible ideas, from signing six DHs to moving the walls in, to trading away successful pitchers, to yo-yo’ing prospects … ). Wedge would have preferred a more consistent, long-term, stick-with-the-vision-even-though-it-might-suck-for-a-bit approach. If nothing else, that certainly seems appropriate for the future of the Cubs.
  • macpete22

    I’m jumping on the Ausmus bandwagon.

  • Blackhawks1963

    I’m baffled by this Brad Ausmus talk. It has been “rumored” the Cubs are interested in talking with him, but NOTHING has been reported about an actual interview. Which is unlike the case with Eric Wedge, Davey Martinez, Rick Renteria, AJ Hinch, Manny Acta.

    So I’m kinda sorta concluding that talk of Ausmus is just that…talk. We would have heard about an actual interview happening or being scheduled just like we have heard things on the other 5 names. PLUS, it’s getting late in the game given that the World Series will be over within a day or two…meaning teams can officially hire somebody again. And keep in mind that Theo said the ideal is to have a manager already in place before the November 11th baseball meetings.

    My guess is that Ausmus ends up in Detroit if he ends up anywhere. It sure looks like Renteria is still the guy for the Cubs.

    • Randy

      bigger surprises have happened. Remember the one candidate the nobody is aware of at this point.

    • Funn Dave

      Just because they haven’t interviewed him doesn’t mean they won’t. If you read the article, Brett suggests a scenario for why they haven’t interviewed him yet that seems pretty plausible to me. I would definitely not write him off just because he hasn’t been interviewed. The other interviews weren’t exactly announced all at the same time–far from it, in fact–so there’s no reason to think they won’t schedule any more. In fact, I’d be disappointed if the Cubs dismissed any candidates simply because they didn’t take part in the first round of interviews.

  • jayrig5

    FWIW, I asked Dave Cameron on Twitter if he thought Wedge was at least a competent manager, and his response was “No.”

    So I’m not too excited about that prospect.

    • Brett

      Good person to ask, too. That’s a legitimate and serious strike.

      • On The Farm

        Just curious as to why Dave Cameron is a good person to ask?

        • Edwin

          Dave is a Mariners fan, so he probably has a lot of experience following Eric Wedge on a day-to-day basis.

        • Patrick W.

          I genuinely like what Dave Cameron has to say, but he completely overreacted to Wedge’s comments on Ackley and just let that bias bubble up through all of his reporting on the Mariners and Wedge in general.

          I had this short exchange with Larry Stone on Twitter the day of Wedge’s announcement:

          Larry Stone ‏@StoneLarry 27 Sep

          This Wedge departure is one weird situation. Not Mike Hargrove quitting in mid-season weird, but in the ballpark.

          Patrick Winters ‏@BaseNarcissist 27 Sep

          @StoneLarry how likely that Wedge ever manages in MLB again? Seems not very…

          Larry Stone ‏@StoneLarry 27 Sep

          @BaseNarcissist I think he’ll manage again. He was hottest candidate out there 3 yrs ago. Teams will excuse M’s situation, because it’s M’s

          • YourResidentJag

            Didn’t Rob Neyer also live out in the Pacific NW? I wonder if he follows the M’s and what he thinks of Wedge?

          • Norm

            He may have overreacted to that, but there is one thing Wedge did this year that should raise a red flag for the Cubs.

            In late September, LONG out of the race. 10th inning, bases loaded, Mike Zunino up.
            Seems like a situation you want your top prospect to be in, yes?
            Wedge decides to bring in Endy Chavez as a pinch hitter.

            So, doesn’t seem like Wedge was too concerned about getting Zunino that big at bat, but more concerned with getting a W in a season that was long over.
            And that’s not even considering the fact that Wedge thought Endy Chavez was such a better option.

            • Patrick W.

              Don’t let my devils advocate posts make you think I support Eric Wedge. I saw a LOT of baseball he managed and and I didn’t like a lot of it.

              His line-up construction was at times head scratching. It’s hard to pick a best line-up when you have to decide where to bat your DH, your DH, your 1B, your 1B and your DH every night, but still …

              I remember that game, and Zunino looked kind of gassed on his final two at bats, but he did catch the next day.

          • Jon

            I don’t see how Cameron overreacted to Wedge’s comments. It’s isn’t like Wedge made a comment in passing about Sabremetrics, he took an extended amount of time to trash on it, and then added in the “haven’t played the game” to boot. It was pretty calculated and stupid.

      • Edwin
    • Jon

      I think Theo/Jed could bend on philosophy a bit(i.e Girardi) if there were other qualities that the manager had.

      But aside for the sabre rant, player development sucked under Wedge. He doesn’t really have a single appealing quality.

      • DarthHater

        “He doesn’t really have a single appealing quality.”

        Actually, he has a good name for making jokes. So there’s that.

        • ssckelley

          Good point, I now have a new favorite (since Girardi) for Cubs manager.

  • Aaron

    Brad Ausmus or Dave Martinez are my top 2 choices to become the Cubs next manager. 3 year deal for $4.5 million.

  • Chris


    Who’s your current horse in the managerial race?

    • Brett

      Well, my usual answer is to defer to the search (because they’ve got WAY more information than I do, and they know what they want … generally, they have my trust, so I want who they want). And I’d rip anyone who put TOO much stock in a single, short interview … but, man, that FanGraphs interview with Lovullo … I liked his answers a lot.

      • On The Farm

        Lovullo is starting to grow on me too. Also it could add just one more connection to try and nab Ellsbury..

        • MightyBear

          Great point.

      • ssckelley

        “Lovullo … I liked his answers a lot”

        Is all I read. 😀

        Everyone pass this along!

      • Chris

        I agree. That article was phenomenal. But Ausmus has also intrigued me ever since he was first mentioned as a possibility by Peter Gammons back when Sveum was canned.

        Regardless, in the end, I too want who they want.

      • Ben

        Waiting for Lovullo is the only sensible reason I can think of that these guys haven’t made a decision yet. I expect a press conference Monday.

  • Brian Peters

    Well, if they’ve waited all this time to interview Luvollo, they better damn well hire him. I realize the search back in 2011 went until November 17, but I don’t remember one person being handicapped to win the job like the media has Renteria this time around. The Cubs need to watch their asses for real because Renteria could go to Seattle, Luvollo to Detroit, and Theo could be left holding his man parts. #pullthetrigger #clusterf*^kwaiyingtohappen

    • mdavis

      this is just my humble opinion, but I don’t think any candidate that is up for multiple jobs will go to the Mariners first. I think they will wait to hear if they are out of the Cubs job and Tigers job first. just my two cents.

  • Luis


    I don’t want to throw another name out there, but what about Tony Pena. Bench Coach for Joe Girardi – 2003 AL Manager of the year – Won baseball classic with DR managing the team. Fits Latin American presence plus seems to be a great motivator.

    Your thoughts why he isn’t getting any love?

    • Jim

      I would guess you don’t hear anything about Tony Pena because he really has no past ties to the Front Office and no managerial experience. You got ties to 2 or 3 guys in San Diego, 1 in Boston, and Acta and Wedge with past managerial experience. I am guessing that it is between Renteria and Luvollo right now.

      • mdavis

        Pena was the Royals manager 2002-2005 and was AL manager of the year in ’03. and the DR manager. so he has some managerial experience…. but he doesn’t excite me as a possible candidate really so I’m ok with him not being involved.

  • Dan

    The only issue I have with Wedge at this point is from all over images and videos I’ve seen of him he is not rockin the mustache at all. My requirement is for him to always be sporting the mustache. On a more serious note, I like what I’ve heard about him even though I have been a big fan of Renteria and Martinez because of who they both worked with in the past.

    • frank

      Maybe Joel Quenneville can manage the Cubs too.

  • Blackhawks1963

    What we know….

    1. Cincinnati hired Price

    2. Washington reportedly will hire Williams

    3. Seattle is reported to be most intrigued by Chip Hale

    4. Detroit is holding its cards close to the vest, but they have definitely interviewed Ausmus who was also a Tiger for a couple of his playing years…and they have interviewed current coach and former manager McClendon who has received the gold seal of approval from Leyland upon his way out the retirement door

    5. Cubs have interviewed Acta, Hinch, Martinez, Renteria and Wedge…and there is speculation that they would like to talk with LuVollo once the World Series is over


    1. The Cubs have interest in Ausmus, but nothing on the interview front is happening at this late stage of the game

    2. The Cubs have ruled out Martinez, Hinch and Acta

    3. Renteria continues to be labeled the definite frontrunner by the media in town

  • cubsklm

    Please no re-treads.
    As I’ve said all along the new manager will be Torey Luvollo.

    • Blackhawks1963

      Rick Renteria is not a retread. He also has past minor league managerial experience and is bi-lingual in addition to being very well respected and numbers savvy, all criteria that Theo said were important. Lovullo is a wildcard…he doesn’t fit the stated criterion, but obviously there must be something to like if they want to interview him.

      Also, the LA TImes is reporting that we can add the Dodgers to the list of teams who will aggressively go after Tanaka. The bidding is going to get absolutely insane. The Yankees need Tanaka very desperately given that the bid doesn’t count against the luxury tax and given more importantly the state of their pitching staff. And now we add the Dodgers to the spending spree?!? Might take a $75 M bid !

      • On The Farm

        “Also, the LA TImes is reporting that we can add the Dodgers to the list of teams who will aggressively go after Tanaka. ”

        How was this just not assumed from the beginning?

  • Griff

    I wanted Martinez but since that ship has sailed I now want Ausmus. I think Ausmus will end up being a great manager and we would regret not getting him. Former catcher, well educated, and familiar with th NL Central. Lovello would be my 2nd choice but there is something about Ausmus that intrigues me. All I know is let’s get it done soon so we can move on to free agent chatter.

  • AdamAE24

    Ron Swanson

    • Funn Dave

      Not available. Overqualified. Fictional.

    • hansman

      Nah, Ron Burgundy.

      • On The Farm

        With Champ Kind as our batting coach, Brian Fantana as the pitching coach, Brick Tamland as our third basecoach, and Baxter as the bench coach.

        • bbmoney

          I’m pretty sure Baxter speaks Spanish. So that should work.

  • Kev

    No mustache = no Chicago championship. Thus far, Wedge is actually the only viable candidate for the position.

    • On The Farm

      With all the mustache love going around this site I propose for the next blog-a-thon Brett start growing a stache (maybe starting with the First Cubs trade in June, Javier Baez’s impending call up in May or June, either way enough as long as he has enough time to grow actual facial hair, not an expert on how Brett is at growing that). Then he could shave at the end of the deadline. It would at least spice up the Vines he posts.

      • Brett

        Ha. I like it.

  • Turd Ferguson

    Why aren’t we talking to Tony LaRussa and Jim Leyland? Pisses me off. Lets hire a winner. Maybe call up Joe Torre and coax him out of retirement? How about Bobby Cox? Or how about we call Tampa and say we want to interview Joe Madden? We can give Madden a lot more money, plus why woudln’t he want to come to Chicago instead of being stuck in a baseball hell hole like Tampa Bay? Lets look for winners. Theo messed up on Joe Girardi and he failed on Ryne Sandberg, of which I’ll never forgive him. Or how about Mark Grace? Smartest guy in the game during his playing days and he has a passion for the Cubs. Or Greg Maddux? Why can’t we hire Greg Maddux? I’ll tell you why…because Theo’s ego won’t allow it.

    • mjhurdle

      wow…..just wow

      • Funn Dave


      • DarthHater

        Always wondered why Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson named their kid Turd. Now we know.

    • jh03


      • On The Farm

        No way give me Don Shula, the guy doesn’t even know what it’s like to lose.

        • Jono

          Why not call Yankees for Girardi?

          • Jono

            ^^^insert sarcasm font^^^

        • kscubfan

          John Maddon then at least we would have Maddon Baseball…that would rock.

      • ssckelley

        Why football? How about Phil Jackson? I am sure he could find a way to incorporate his triangle offense. Coach K perhaps? Actually Bobby Knight might be fun in the clubhouse, might need to bolt all the chairs down.

        • Hee Seop Chode

          Phil Jackson would read a ton, dig into an ipad to learn the stats, and end up being a good baseball manager. Or as he prefers, a Mentor of Men.

          • Tony_S

            Sadly, I think this is actually, literally, one of the best options I’ve heard so far.

        • kscubfan

          Actually meet Bobby Knight once as a Hawkeye fan I can honestly say he is a very intimidating man. Be pretty good at motivation.

    • On The Farm

      I am assuming this was a humorous post, and you sir have succeeded. Very funny stuff.

    • BWA

      LOL this isn’t even worth explaining why almost every single one of these points is wrong.

  • BigPappa

    Why aren’t the Cubs interested in interviewing Tony Pena? Or, do you think they were and he wasn’t interested in the job?

    • SenorGato

      My guess is that he hasn’t dropped a quote on OBP or sample size. That means he doesn’t know, understand, or care for them.

      I still think he would be my favorite choice.

      On Ausmus:

      It almost sounds like he was a candidate for bench coach, behind a more veteran hire at manager, but has picked up so much steam that they might have to interview him for manager. Maybe one of the many things that hasn’t gone the Cubs’ way?

  • Jono



    I’ve only seen his name in print, never actually hear anyone say it. I’m curious how it’s pronounced

    • mjhurdle

      it is pronounced ……’Fra_geel_ey’
      Must be Italian.

      • Jono

        You rascal

        • Tony_S

          Not a finger!!

    • On The Farm

      I say it the second way

    • Funn Dave

      I’ve always said love-ooh-low, but I’ve only seen it in print, too. Or maybe love-uh-low.

      • Tony_S

        Someone here said it was Love-YOU-low, as in “Love you lo-ng time.”

        I decided I thought that was legit and not just sarcastic, so it’s what I say in my head, although I have no real idea (but I bet we find out in the next 72 hrs…)

  • Die hard

    Cubs are waiting for Ozzie to decide if he would accept one year contract with club option is my best guess

    • Jono

      A man can dream. A man can dream.

      • DarthHater

        A man can hallucinate. A man can hallucinate.


    • mjhurdle

      if that is your best guess, then you are losing your touch.
      I expect more than that out of you.

      • DarthHater

        “I expect more than that out of you.”

        Speaking of losing touch… 😛

        • mjhurdle

          seriously though, im disappointed.
          I expected something along the lines of:
          “Cubs have an offer on the table to Condoleezza Rice, but she is waiting to hear if she is the next MLB commish before deciding.”

          • DarthHater

            Ahhh, okay. I obviously misunderstood what you meant by expecting “more.”

            • mjhurdle

              I expect the BS to be deep when it comes from DieHard, and i will hold him to that high standard he has set for himself :)

  • Voice of Reason

    Dig up Jimmy Dugan and throw him in the dugout.

    He’d show more life than Pinella did.

  • JoyceDaddy

    The more and more I hear about Wedge, the more I like him. But it could totally just be the mustache. I’m just spitballin’ here, but what about Ron Wotus of the Giants?

  • Bill

    What about Da coach

    • DarthHater


      • hansman

        That would be a stinky mess after a July day game.

  • Bill

    What about Thibs he could have his pitchers throw 250 pitches a start.

  • Blackhawks1963

    Ok, so there is this. I tweeted Dave Kaplan and asked him for the latest on Ausmus, and he replied back to me saying no talk of Ausmus in Cub camp.

    So I’m going to officially discount talk of Ausmus until I see tangible proof to the contrary that the Cubs want interview him. It’s getting very late in the game for there not to be an interview. Ausmus has been a free man to talk to for weeks as well.

    • Boogens

      Thanks for checking on this & sharing, BH. Have to say that I’m disappointed that he’s not being considered at all.

  • Joey

    Louvullo, Renteria, Martinez, or Ausmus for me. No thanks to Acta, Hinch, or Wedge

  • cubmig

    Off topic…………..just to say “Welcome Back Victorino!!!!!!!!!!!!” You came back with a BIG BANG! LOL.

  • The Dude

    3-0 Red Sox! Hopefully, they can bring this one home. I’ve grown to appreciate this team. Looks like they’re truly enjoying themselves out there. Fun, but not in an over the top way that Brian Wilson does acts.

    • The Dude

      Why did I write this like a telegram?

  • Hansman

    Wow. Tat was some awesome clutch clutching by the Clutchinals

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Well, to be fair, Adams hit the ball hard: just right at Gomes. Lackey simply wasted Freese, however.

      *tonight we’re gonna party like it’s twenty-zero-four*

  • cubmig

    Wacha just got “smacka. BoSox 4 – Best Baseball Fans’ deadbirds (whew!) – NADA.

  • cubmig

    Fuckin’ BoSox got-it-going. Hope they add more.

  • Kramden

    Completely enjoying watching a Cardinal meltdown for once in my life!

  • someday…2015?

    Boston can taste the champaign!

    • DarthHater

      Champagne. Champaign is a city in Illinois. 😉

      • someday…2015?

        Thank you. Where’s the edit button when you need it :)

        • DarthHater

          I can never forget that because I spent a summer in the 1980s taking classes at the U of I. Went to a reggae concert and the performer greeted the crowd, with proper French pronunciation, as “all you fine people of cham-pahn-yuh.”

          • Drew7


            • DarthHater


              • Drew7

                You know you had a Kenny Battle jersey.