red sex championshipI’d like to think I’d’ve written up some plaudits for the Boston Red Sox even if it wasn’t the St. Louis Cardinals they beat last night to win the World Series. We’ll never know, though, because that’s who they did beat.

The Red Sox won 6-1 last night, taking the series 4-2 from the Cardinals. From the first run scored last night, there was no waiting for the other shoe to drop. There was only waiting for the final out, and the opportunity to celebrate another championship. How quickly attitudes changed in Boston.

The title marked the Red Sox’s third over a ten-year stretch that was preceded by some 85 years of relative futility. That window started with Theo Epstein’s appointment as GM, and continued through his departure via many of the players his regime helped to accumulate. Sometimes you don’t have to dig very deeply for the Cubs connection, and, although the organizations were in a different place when Epstein took over, and the rules for building an organization were different, too, we can all dream on what a ten-year stretch like this would look like on the North Side of Chicago.

  • Chad

    How soon can they get Lovullo in for the interview?

    • Professor Snarks

      As soon as his hangover is done.

  • cubzfan23

    A long with that comes free agency and the hopes go after some impact players. I am one who belives castro and rizzo will get back to their old selfs.

    • Chad

      I think Castro will bounce back, but I’m not sure Rizzo will improve much. I think he is what he is to a certain extent. I think his average will bounce a bit higher just do to luck, but not up to .300.

      • Professor Snarks

        If Riz becomes a little more aggressive, earlier in counts, he has a chance to be a consistent .270/.280 hitter with around 30 hr’s. If the “B&B” boys pan out, we’ll have a good middle of the order.

        • MightyBear

          I agree with this.

        • Brains

          I think this is right – especially if he has some lineup protection so that he sees some pitches. Unfortunately I think they’ve designated Rizzo to be our sacrificial cow. Brought up with promise, carcass abandoned after it was stripped of prime rib.

      • JB88

        A normalized BABIP for Rizzo alone will jack his average up significantly. I think far too many people are putting far too much stock in a single bad year in his second year in the majors.

        • Chad

          All I said is I don’t think Rizzo will become a .300 hitter, which I don’t care if he does or not as long as he hits 30 bombs. That’s his job. If he gets to .270 that’s fine, but in reality BA doesn’t matter all that much, so I don’t really care. I like Rizzo and didn’t think due to his peripherals that he had that bad of a year, so that is why I don’t think he’ll improve very much outside of his BABIP, which is not a knock on Rizzo.

          • Cubbie Blues

            You understand how you were misconstrued right? You talk about him not improving, he is what he is and then talk about his AVG. It all made it sound like you were connecting everything to his AVG. That’s why two people quickly brought up his BABIP. I almost did before, but didn’t want to get into another BABIP discussion.

            • Chad

              Yes, but I said I think his average will bounce back a bit due to luck (definition of BABIP) but not to .300 like most expect. I used average as an example because that is really where his numbers dipped. Most other useful statistics were just fine, but yes I get why it may have been misconstrued and why I explained.

          • Satch Dobrey

            The Cubs brass seriously need to work on Rizzo’s batting stance. Get that bat up and he might be able to hit .300. I have never seen another hitter with that kind of stance. Its horrible. He has to lift the bat from his waist before he can attack and, since that cuts down on his split second timing on whether or not to swing, he consequently swings at a lot of bad pitches. If his bat was already up (like every other hitter in the game) he would be able to stop his swing on bad balls and attack good pitches with more consistency.

            • ETS

              Is this for real?

            • Cubbie Blues

              You do realize they changed his stance *to* this during the off-season last year right?

              • CubFan Paul


              • Satch Dobrey

                No, why would they do that? Have you ever seen a batter more not ready to hit?

  • Die hard

    Red Sox won because of mgr who didn’t do anything but look pretty and let kids have fun– don’t need micromanager like Sveum

  • Stinky Pete

    Well, I rooted for the Dodgers, then the Red Sox. Ugh. Time for a metaphoric shower and wash this nasty baseball season away. Brighter days ahead…

    • Edwin

      I rooted for the A’s and Pirates. And then the Tigers and Dodgers. And then the Meteor.

  • Rich

    Baseball over – that is sad..

    tomorrow is NOV
    then Thanksgiving
    Happy New Year
    then a month away from pitchers and catchers reporting!

    ( plus a few things in between )
    new manager
    winter meetings
    Cubs convention..

  • http://BN Sacko

    Prioritize signing Shark by getting a good bat behind Rizzo, Tanaka, and a good righty in the outfield.

    • Chad

      I would bet a lot of money that Shark does not sign an extension with the cubs this winter. I think the FO is not thrilled about that and would like to sign him. However, I think if he is not willing to sign the deal they are offering then they will wait until he gets another year under his belt to see if he is worth the money he wants. If they get a could trade offer in the mean time I can easily see him being shipped.

  • cubzforlife

    Shark reminds me of Zambrano. Beats the crappy teams and struggles with the good ones. I know there’s exceptions. I have more confidence in Wood or even Jackson in a big game setting. I agree with the idea of watching him another year before Any extensions are discussed. And if he wants ace money let someone else pay him.

    • CubFan Paul

      “Shark …Beats the crappy teams and struggles with the good ones”

      This is not true.

  • Jono

    I’m starting to really hope they don’t extend samardzija but rather trade him. They don’t need to spend big money on middle or back end rotation guys. They can fill those roles with either cheap, short contract free agent pitchers (like they’ve done successfully for the last two years) and or with young guys from their system. I’d rather they use that money to get bandaid offense to hold positions until the top prospects start coming up or even save that money to use when they can get front rotation arms (even if they trade for one, they might want to extend him)

  • JM

    Just keep developing the core…

  • kielovher

    I’m happy Dempster gets a ring. Good on ya, mate.

  • Jon

    So now that the Red Sox have won the WS can we PLEASE retire the “Boston Strong” thing? Seriously, it’s stupid and trivializes the tragedy to begin with.

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