brad ausmusWe might never know why things played out like they did, but, today, according to multiple reports, Padres special assistant Brad Ausmus is interviewing for the open Chicago Cubs managerial position.

Initially an off-the-wall suggestion by Peter Gammons, and then a casually discarded possibility by “sources,” Ausmus is now a legitimate candidate for the Cubs’ position, and could be among the last to be interviewed (together with Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo, as soon as the Cubs seek and receive permission to interview him). The Cubs are planning to have the position filled by the start of the GM Meetings (November 11).

Here’s what I wrote about Ausmus’s candidacy earlier this week, and it still holds true:

So what do we make of the way things have played out with respect to Ausmus? He was an under-the-radar candidate, and then quickly dismissed as a legitimate possibility. Then interest in him picked up from other teams, and his name started to pop up again. And now he’s being mentioned as a maybe possibility for the Cubs. The most logical explanation is that Ausmus has a fan or two in the front office, but didn’t quite have enough support to be brought in initially as a candidate. As a wave of interviews proceeded and – I’m speculating – nobody knocked it out of the park, those pushing for Ausmus started have their voice(s) heard a little more clearly. From there, we’ll see what happens. I don’t think it makes Ausmus a kind of fallback candidate. Instead, I think we’re just seeing the front office take a very, very measured and thorough approach to this hiring decision after the last go-around ended after just two years.

Give the guy an interview, and see if he can dazzle, right? What’s the harm?

Ausmus, 44, is an up-and-comer whose only managerial experience is with Team Israel this year in the WBC qualifying tournament. Hiring him after Dale Sveum was let go would be something of a risk, but it would also be an opportunity to potentially nab the right young guy before the rest of the baseball world latches on (of course, he’s already interviewed with the Nationals and Tigers (and the Red Sox a couple years ago), so it’s not quite a secret). As for his chops, he was a catcher in the big leagues for almost two decades before joining the Padres’ front office as a Special Assistant in late 2010. That would be the same San Diego front office that featured Jed Hoyer, Jason McLeod, and other familiar faces.

We’ll see what’s said when the interviews are through, but try to remember: the new thing isn’t always the best thing just because it’s new. Ausmus’s credentials will have to be evaluated alongside the other candidates, and there’s a paper argument to be made that he’s A.J. Hinch without the managerial experience. Does that make him better or worse? I doubt we’re in a position to know.

A hat tip to Julie DiCaro, who was first to note Ausmus’s presence in Chicago today.

  • DarthHater

    How old is that photo of Ausmus? He doesn’t look 44.

    • DarthHater

      Here’s an apparently more up-to-date pic:

      • Boogens

        ‘fess up, Darth – you carry that around in your wallet, right?

        • DarthHater


  • ScottPilgrim

    Listen closely….that is the sound of David Kaplan creaming his khakis.

  • Blackout

    “there’s a paper argument to be made that he’s A.J. Hinch without the managerial experience.”


  • Jim

    Does he speak Spanish?

    • mak

      No, but I’m guessing they want him for his Hebrew speaking abilities. Someone has to get through to… joke worked a lot better when Marquis/Feldman/Fuld/Grabow were on the team.

      • DarthHater

        I hear there’s supposed to be some mystical, coded prophecy in the kabbalah about the Cubs winning the WS and the messiah…

        • http://deepcenterfield.blogspot.com Jason Powers

          The date translated to 3000![img]http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/original/0/268/1116981-year3000o_brien.jpg[/img]

          • DarthHater

            Well, I understand Google is working on a cure for death, so maybe we’ll be here to see it…

            • http://deepcenterfield.blogspot.com Jason Powers

              A cure for death! Somehow it will be created after I’ve been toetagged. And the Cubs will win the WS just a tick behind that!

            • Stevie B

              That just made me LOL, and I don’t do that….

      • Harry Ramirez

        He can’t speak hebrew….but I can, so you know, I’m available in case they sign Jacoby Ellsbury.

    • Spoda17

      No, Israeli… and some Buddha… and possibly the clicking language used in The Gods Must Be Crazy… that’s what I heard anyway…

      • mak

        Yes, the Israeli and Buddha languages are very difficult to master. Could come in handy. Even better if he knows how to speak Mexican or Muslim.

        • DarthHater


        • Spoda17

          I know they are not languages… that’s kinda the joke…

  • Eric

    I don’t see how you pick him over Luvullo…

    • Dan Foote

      After reading the earlier link to an interview of Lovullo, I don’t see anyone being a better candidate. Then again, there could be a reason I don’t make these types of decisions…….(besides not having the $$ or the brains to be in that position).

      • Dan Foote

        Sorry, Luvollo. See there goes the (lack of) brains part again………

        • J.L.

          You got it right the first time. :)

    • D-Rock

      Agreed. We need more Red Sox winners to come aboard.

  • JoyceDaddy

    Great perspective on Ausmus Brett, thanks!! Since firing Sveum (which I agree was the right decision) I really don’t see any one candidate really stepping in front of the bunch, and I think that says a lot about this FO and how well they’re doing with the process. No idea who I would consider to be the favorite right now among the options available. Personally I don’t like the “safer” choices i.e. guys with a good resume on paper but rather younger up-and-comers who could be the next big thing. So I guess you could say I’m more “interested” in people like Ausmus, Martinez, Renteria because of a lack of managerial experience and the potential of the unknown. But then again, I hated the hiring of Sveum and was never a fan of his. Go Cubs, Go Brett, Go BleacherNation.

  • http://deepcenterfield.blogspot.com Jason Powers

    I think Brad Ausmus is potentially a better fit than AJ Hinch.

    Hinch is more FO analyst, minor league director material, based on his background. He got a shot at managing, and well, he missed. He went back to what he does best, and well, no one else has jumped on him. You give him another shot in Chicago, and he fails to do it, Theo and Jed will be lambasted for the 2nd miss.

    Ausmus has the playing credentials and freshness to work.

    Ausmus is not that far removed from playing (2010), which I think can help in relating to the up and coming guys. He fits for:
    1) Dartmouth, Ivy League
    2) Catcher – very good defensive game caller
    3) Phil Garner, jesting – “I have to keep him playing, because if he starts managing, he’ll be better than me.”
    4) He’ll come relatively cheap? (1-2M)
    5) Aside from Davey Martinez, and Joe Girardi, we aren’t that wowed on the others so far…until Luvollo is next up on the Cubs Wheel for Manager!

    So, we will see.

    • YourResidentJag

      Except in reading both Brett and John Arguello, they’d tell you that if you put both candidates profiles in a hat for the interviewers, and didn’t tell them their names, the interviewers wouldn’t know the difference.

      • http://deepcenterfield.blogspot.com Jason Powers

        True enough.

        Except one was a very pedestrian catcher. The other, a highly respected one.

        There is no WOW candidate. Pick one you can have beers with, or can argue with intelligently, and move on. If we don’t improve 3-4 positions, plus the BP, and find a no. 1 SP that will stay for 4 years, we aren’t gonna do much no matter who you put in the dugout.

        Great MGR – +3/4
        Good Manager – +1/2
        Avg Mgr – Push
        Shit Mgr – -2/-4 games

        So we are aiming for Avg/Good with a Ceiling of Great…with the right roster to cultivate.

        • YourResidentJag

          f we don’t improve 3-4 positions, plus the BP, and find a no. 1 SP that will stay for 4 years, we aren’t gonna do much no matter who you put in the dugout.

          Well, I think that’s part of John and Brett’s point, here.

          • http://deepcenterfield.blogspot.com Jason Powers

            So we’ve interviewed 6-7 candidates
            Ausmus, Martinez, Acta, Hinch, Renteria…

            I’ve never been against that point. I assume they want the MGR to be to be in on team construction and players he feels work – those FAs that could make for a tolerable .500 team.

            Energy, passion, knowledge of the game, history, economic/sabermetrics, and someone you want to talk to aside from the game, not because you agree on much, but because they are interesting. A guy that is a leader because you respect him, but also because he’s deeper than just a 3-2 count.

            • YourResidentJag

              If you’ve never been against point, then why are you arguing with me or for that matter with Brett’s premise?

  • http://waittilnextyear.net Nate Corbitt

    Is there any chance Henry Blanco would be available?

    • YourResidentJag

      Good question. And I think eventually Juan Nieves, Red Sox pitching coach.

    • Rcleven

      Actually he’s a free agent.
      So yes he’s available.

  • itzscott

    No “Rock Star” type manager out there to be had.

    Nobody really knows any of these guys that’ve been interviewed so far. My guess is since they brought in some of the previous guys from last time and some new guys and are still dragging warm bodies in….. none of them really stood out because they probably all played it safe by giving the same stock answers…..

    “I wanna be Cub manager because it’s a great organization, I admire the Ricketts family tremendously and I know that I have what it takes to finally bring a championship to the north side and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

    • X the Cubs Fan

      Ozzie probably thinks he’s a rockstar.

  • JBarnes

    Suppose to be a smart guy…seems to be highly thought of among people in baseball…former catcher…he’s my choice at this point since M. Maddux is no longer a possibility.

  • Fastball

    I wouldn’t consider him an AJ Hinch. AJ Hinch couldn’t carry Ausmus bat bag.
    Hinch got an interview and he is not a contender and probably got the interview because his boys wanted to play nice with him for some reason. Thanks but No Thanks. I personally think it’s down to Ausmus and Martinez. And I would still be leaning to toward Martinez. Actually I would be falling toward Martinez. I do like catchers though. I was hoping for someone who is a proven winner as a manager. Go steal Francona from the Tribe. Make Madden an offer he can’t refuse. Sometimes I wonder why the FO plays this the way the have thus far. Get your list of guys on a napkin, ask for permission to interview and get the best of the best in here. This propensity for guys with no winning experience as a manager just bewilders me. Pay the damned money and get the best person for the job. We are going to end up with Quade-Sveum-??? all roled into one. A guy who doesn’t know how to run a training camp or never has. A guy who has never picked the right coachs for his staff and a guy who will end up being the bitch boy for Theo and Jed. They will end up telling him what to do and how to do it the entire way. The players will know it and then your right back to firing this newbie on October 1st or whatever day the season ends on. I have never had a problem with the direction of this FO as relates to building the organziation back up to respectability status. But these guys need to have a different look at who the field general needs to be. They came right out and said “We Know What We Need” Hmmm are you guys sure about that? A multi-lingual guy? Is that the dominat hiring influencer? God I hope not. I have people working for me in every region of the world. I can understand all of them just fine and they all know what I’m saying all the time. Proven Leadership Skills, Go have lunch with Madden and as him about 100 questions and take copious notes. Find out what he considers to make him successful. Use that as your benchmark for interviewing and selection. Lastly, just because you know how to run the business side of the organization doesn’t make you a shit hot interviewer or selector of management talent. Probably the one thing you have done the least of in your career. Get Help and Get it Right This Time.

    • JBarnes

      Nice post…completely agree with you on the going after ANY manager. I mean maybe they have had those kind of talks with other teams and it just doesn’t get out but if they aren’t then I think they’re really missing out on that angle. Would love to have a guy like Maddon and although they have a good team I’d guess he would like a chance to manage a team like the Cubs.

    • http://deepcenterfield.blogspot.com Jason Powers

      Surprisingly good advice. “Go have lunch with Madden and as him about 100 questions and take copious notes. Find out what he considers to make him successful.”

      Sometimes people don’t want to admit they are better at being sought than doing the seeking.

    • Funn Dave


  • Fastball

    There are always people available. They may not have their resume posted but they are available. You have the job with the right $$ on it and they will listen. I have never looked for a job in my life. But I have had several. This is borderline ridiculous. Recruit the guy you want. So you missed on Girardi and now they are bottom feeding. I would go after every top notch manager in the game. My back channel friends would be making contact with everyone I was interested in.

    • Patrick W.

      You do know that managers are under contract and you don’t get to woo them away from their current team, right? That it’s not the manager’s choice to go interview with another team, it’s the other team’s choice?

      You are suggesting they “recruit” the guy they want and you suggest the way they do that is offering enough money to entice them. Patently ridiculous.What do you propose the Cubs be willing to give the Tribe or the Rays in order for those two managers you want to go to the Cubs?

  • terenceman

    Chris Young’s option has been declined by the A’s. Wouldn’t mind bringing him to the midwest as a platoon bat. He hit 14 HR in 434 PAs in 2012.

    • Professor Snarks

      Would he platoon? Or start? That’s a real bad OBP to carry.

      • YourResidentJag

        Yeah. Meh.

    • Blackout

      I was looking more at their other option declinee, Kurt Suzuki. If Navarro leaves for greener pastures, Suzuki could be the back-up to Castillo.

      • Professor Snarks

        Cubs would want a lefty backup, no?

        • Blackout

          Thats like saying, if in some whacked out crazy world, Yadi Molina became available the Cubs would have no interest because they need a lefty behind the plate.

          If a guy can catch it, block it, throw it, hit it, why knock it because he hits from the right side. I would like to think, Wellington, someday will be an everyday catcher, hitting against righties and lefties with a few days off throughout the season. If Suzuki would/could come in to back- up and mentor Wellington, why not. Why do most position need to be a platoon?

          Sabermetrics= Addictive Drug

          • King Jeff

            Taking something out of context and blowing it out of proportion to make an outlandish statement = Internet’s most addictive drug.

            • Blackout

              What did I say that was wrong? Snark is correct, the Cubs most likely would want a lefty back-up, but I’m asking, why? Why is that so crucial?

              • King Jeff

                That passing on Kurt Suzuki in favor of a left handed hitting backup is the same as refusing to sign Yadier Molina because he doesn’t hit left handed. I’m not sure what prompted you to throw that out there, because I believe I agree with your general opinion on the matter.

                I like Suzuki and think he would be a good fit if he came at the right price. There are so few lefty hitting catchers, that limiting themselves to choosing from that pool alone is a ridiculous handcuff. I think catcher, more than any other position is more about what they bring defensively and with pitcher management, and from what I know, Suzuki is top notch in both categories.

                • Blackout


                  Your second paragragh is better states my point. Thank you.

                • http://deepcenterfield.blogspot.com Jason Powers

                  Kurt Suzuki
                  LHP Starter: .251/.307/.375
                  RHP Starter: .253/.310/.275

                  In 2013:
                  LHP: .228 .285 .335
                  RHP: .246 .309 .344

                  In short, he’s not any worse, besides being off in 2013.
                  Maybe a 1.5M-2M per year guy.

          • TWC

            I think it’s cute — and telling — that you consider balancing lefty-righty matchups “sabermetrics”.

  • Jon

    I don’t want to sound too gay, but Ausmus is a handsome looking dude.

    • DarthHater

      That was just the right amount of gay, Jon. 😛

      And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Ausmus in a Viagra commercial at some point…

      • Boogens

        That’s really funny!!! Really, I’m LMAO.

      • CubsFaninMS

        I was thinking he could be on a Gillette commercial. Ha!

        • DarthHater

          He could use a shave, for sure.

          • davidalanu

            Haven’t we been down the permastubble road before?

    • Stinky Pete

      I said it many times about DJD, I don’t think you have to be gay to appreciate what a fine looking man he is.

  • http://deepcenterfield.blogspot.com Jason Powers

    Tanaka: The $125million dollar pitcher!

    Billingsley, Beckett

    Lots of cash in that rotation.

    Dodgers will break 250M in payroll?

    • Professor Snarks

      And rumor has it they are big on David Price, too.

      • praying the cubs get ready to win

        Maybe they want AJAX

        • Professor Snarks

          AJAX the cleaning solution? Or did you mean E-Jax?

      • http://deepcenterfield.blogspot.com Jason Powers

        So Price and you got a $120 million SP rotation per year.

    • Brains

      In the end no one will remember payroll, they’ll just remember that the Dodgers had a great team and we had a horrible team. If the team can afford it within revenues, they gotta pay it. If they don’t, it’s bad baseball.

  • Die hard

    Rather have Bobby Valentine

    • King Jeff

      Of course you would.

  • TSB

    Q: If sabermetrics is the answer to all things baseball (if not in life to some people) why do we need an experienced manager at all? Just find a statistics PHD, feed him data and he can use cold hard numbers to determine the starting rotation, batting order, etc. Why we could see the Cubs winning the WS for the next hundred years!

    • DarthHater

      Q: If a question is phrased in a biased way that suggests only one possible answer and is premised on a straw man position that nobody actually believes, why does it merit an answer?

      • TSB

        A: and why would someone comment on something they consider unworthy unless they are in love with their own written voice?

        • DarthHater

          You answered your own question. Well played.

    • EQ76

      Agreed TSB. However, most on this site live and die with metrics. I personally find value in all the stats and try not to dismiss the good old stats.. Metric it up all you want but a dude hits .320 with 35 HR’s and 115 RBI and I don’t need to see advanced stats to show me that guy can hit.

      • Professor Snarks

        Ain’t that the TRUTH….

      • TSB

        The trouble with those that believe in the inflated value of sabermetrics is that they forget the one statistic that determines if a team will go to the post season is the “anti-sabermetric” stat, i.e., wins and loses. A winning team will probably have good new-age stats; but a team with good new-age stats won’t necessarily be a winner.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

          “but a team with good new-age stats won’t necessarily be a winner.”

          If you can find an example of this, let me know. I’d like to take a look at it.

          • Kyle

            2013 Anaheim Angels

            • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

              At first glance I have a hard time calling the Angel’s pitching stats, new age or otherwise, good. A team ERA+ of 89 is nothing to get excited about under any school of thought.

              Still poking through their stats, though. They did underperform their pythagorean by three wins.

              • Kyle

                The Angels did finish with a 13th in the AL in pitching fWAR, but they were 6th in batting fWAR and their total fWAR (36.7) was pretty similar to teams such as the Pirates (39.4).

                • YourResidentJag

                  Well, I guess this proves the MLB Tonight were right about the Angels offense…well sorta.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          All sabermetric statistics are (directly or indirectly) about how strongly different outcomes correlate with winning. When the sabermetric crowd disses things like stolen bases, sacrifice bunts or intentional walks, it’s because doing these things frequently does not correlate with winning.

          • Kyle

            That’s true, but I think it also misses the social explanation for some of the behavior of the people who advocate sabermetricism.

            Statheads tend to diss things that aren’t necessarily bad, but are the areas of most contention between them and less informed fans. Sacrifice bunts are a great example. The actual, cutting-edge sabermetric information on sac bunts is that they are pretty neutral. Especially in this offensive environment, you could probably goose out a decent number of non-pitcher PAs where they’d be a slight positive.

            But the non-stathead crowd thinks they are absolutely amazing, which obviously isn’t true, so it’s become quite the battleground and you see stathead fans *constantly* diss sac bunts as if they were the only thing that matters in a manager search.

            Over in the AL where there’s no pitchers to mess with the numbers, the number of successful sacrifice hits ranged from 19 at the lowest to 46 at the highest.

            Using my handy dandy 2013 expected run matrix, the worst sac bunt is the one that comes with no outs and a runner on first. It changes the expected run outcome of the inning from about 0.83 to 0.64. (Now, this ignores all kinds of important factors, some in the bunt’s favor and some against it. First, many sac bunt attempts fail and the batter is either retired without runner advance or the batter continues his at-bat with more strikes on him. But second, many sac bunts are not fielded correctly by the defense and result in the batter reaching base. And third, the mere possibility of the sac bunt forces the defense to play suboptimally and will lead to slightly more hits in at-bats where the sac bunt is not in evidence. Correctly factoring in for all these variables and others is pretty tricky stuff).

            But anyway, I digress. Even if we assume that *every* sac bunt was of the worst kind imaginable (runner on first, no out) and that they were all done by average hitters with average hitters on deck (when in reality bunts are probably happening in more bunt-friendly situations than that), then the difference of 27 sac bunts multiplied by 0.19 runs lost per attempt leads us to a maximum difference between the buntiest of managers and the least bunty of managers at 5 runs per year, or roughly half a win.

            Hardly worth the obsessive scrutiny it receives.

            • DocPeterWimsey

              Robot no like sacrifice bunts.

            • Brains

              kyle your detailed mind is wasted on us losers. solve some of the worlds problems with that mind, on here argue with some shut ins, and talk about some beer.

              • Brains

                i don’t think half of the people who post here have ever been to a cubs game, do you think you’ll persuade them with reason?

                • Jason Powers

                  Persuade with beer pizza and strippers.

              • Kyle

                I don’t drink beer or know anything about it.

                • http://deepcenterfield.blogspot.com Jason Powers

                  But pizza and strippers…;)

                  Once satiated and satisfied of their lustful urges, one can ply more readily the minds of the unbelieving. Or at least, they complain less for the duration to install said master plan.

                  ITS ALIVE! ALIVE!

                  • Mike F

                    The beer at Wrigley is too watered down, but strippers is quite a novel approach, attendance would be better with that.

                    I would say this about Wrigley, no modern park will have the closeness to the action. The more you go, the more you see the beauty.

                    The issue though to me is one of modernity or fan friendliness. If you add in the fickle fate of weather and wind, not to mention neighborhood, I’m just not convinced it all adds up. But it is undeniably a wild ride the more you go.

                    • http://deepcenterfield.blogspot.com Jason Powers

                      Can you imagine the 7th inning stripper pole dance in centerfield bleachers! Must throw dollar bills at the girl, and if she catches them in her “strike zone,” you get to “go yard” if you know what I mean.

                      We could have a Lady Gaga dress up day. The best one has to sing Take Me Out to The Ballgame while Carlos Zambrano throws lefty to her in the batter’s box.

                      Have outrun a Chicago Cop day on scooters on the warning track. Winner gets an old squad car without hub caps and the radar gun…

                      Fix an election day. Whoever votes the most times for a Daley on the handed out ballots stuff in Old Style Beer can in the game, gets to kiss Morganna at 2B! (Sandberg participates…on Phillies visits.)

                      I got a million promos that would make Bill Veeck laugh.

            • YourResidentJag

              You need to explain this to Brian Kenney. :)

      • hansman

        “Metric it up all you want but a dude hits .320 with 35 HR’s and 115 RBI and I don’t need to see advanced stats to show me that guy can hit.”

        Well no shit Sherlock? (Being snarky, not attacking)

        Guys who are putting up those kinds of numbers are good hitters, sure. They had a good season. But you are also putting up a strawman argument.

        Now, trying to take any one of those stats individually (or RBIs at all, ever) and compare two players and who is better is a fool’s errand. You can take 2 players who hit .320 with 35 HR’s and 115 RBIs and still have a different value each of them brings. It won’t be much but what in the hell else are sports blogs for? Dissecting the differing value between two players that are fairly similar.

    • cubs2003

      Sabermetrics is not the answer to all things baseball. That should be obvious. There was a time when teams could get a leg up by using these stats, but that time is over. Every team in baseball is aware of them at this point. An advantage has to come from having better stats than everyone else or other areas(player development, scouting, money, etc.). I think this is what the FO is trying to do.

      • jt

        Sabermetrics when applied with discretion, as per Kyle above, is a great investment.

      • Kyle

        That’s also a very important point. There was a good Fangraphs article with some smart GM quotes a year or two ago about this. Pretty much every team is saber-savvy to the point where it’s become not really an advantage at all. It’s just incorporated into the cost of running a team.

        • Jason Powers

          Once baseball people included an educated lot that knew the strengths of multi regression and could analyze and postulate on what mattered and didnt it became a much more analytic and well run venture. Once 100 of millions were on the line smart folks started asking better questions to explore better answers too.

          • YourResidentJag

            Now, if they could just formulate how to win once their teams get to the playoffs much more of an advantage would be gained.

            • http://deepcenterfield.blogspot.com Jason Powers

              Shit don’t work in playoffs.

              But these, to me, tend to work:
              1) A highly consistent starting ace. Because this guy is on point 75% of the time…even good/great hitters won’t get much off him.
              Just about every championship dynasty (2 WS in 5 years) has 1 or 2 ace pitchers.
              2) More risk taking. Unpredictability in situations. Everyone knows your standard ways, So, when called for, be more flexible.

              An example used against the Cubs…

              1929 A’s put RHP Howard Ehmke on the spot. He was a 35-year old slow ball sidewinder on the bump for game 1. Connie Mack had him scouting the Cubs for like a 2 weeks while his A’s wrapped up their title. Ehmke went around and saw those Cubs during their final days.

              Cubs were a fastball first-and-happy team. Filled with RH hitting. Only Jolly Charile Grimm hit lefty.

              So Mack doesn’t start Lefty Grove, only one of the most feared pitchers of his day. Or lefty Rube Walberg. Goes with Earnshaw and Ehmke twice apiece. Grove and Walberg throw out the pen multiple times to great effect. Game 4 is a catastrophe for the Cubs (10 runs in the 7th) and its all she wrote.

              Would any modern team put their ace – say Kershaw or Price – in the pen and start Ricky Nolasco in Game 1? You would if his particular stuff is conducive to getting the team you face, out. For 1929, this is quite a leap and a huge risk. (Connie Mack had only himself to answer to.)

              But, we got to get their first.

              • YourResidentJag

                Hey, if you can find a statistically consistent formula…you’d be snatched up by every baseball organization out there….at least until all of them figured it out. So, I’d say go with Boston. That John Henry’s gotta a lot money.

                • http://deepcenterfield.blogspot.com Jason Powers

                  Yeah, and he uses it, it seems.

  • Funn Dave

    Hmmm….I seem to remember saying that just because Ausmus hadn’t been interviewed didn’t mean he wouldn’t be interviewed….And Blackhawk was so convinced otherwise….

    I gotta get my itoldyaso’s in where I can, right?

  • Blackhawks1963

    None of us know how the interviews with anybody went. And none of us really know who of the group interviewed will be the manager of a highly successful team someday. I’ll say this again…talent always trumps the role of manager. Always. That said, my guess is this job is still destined to go to Rick Renteria. Which I’m fine with.

    • X the Cubs Fan

      Ausmus, Renteria, Martinez and Lovullo sound like the final four. I don’t have a problem with any of them but Martinez and Lovullo are my favorite of the four.

      • Boogens

        Not arguing but I haven’t read or heard anything from a reliable source that makes it sound like Martinez is considered a genuine candidate any longer. What have you heard that places him in the final four?

    • TWC

      “That said, my guess is this job is still destined to go to Rick Renteria. ”

      Hmmm… I get the feeling that you’ve mentioned this before.

    • Wingit

      Blackhawk – You need to fess up when you’re wrong. Weeks ago you said it was definitely Acta getting hired, then you said it isn’t Ausmus the other day because he hadn’t already been interviewed. Now you’re sure it’s Renteria. You never admit you’re wrong after stating your strong opinions. Make up your mind…

  • X the Cubs Fan

    Ausmus, Renteria, Martinez and Lovullo sound like the final four. I don’t have a problem with any of them but Martinez and Lovullo are my favorite of the four.

  • jim

    Carlos rodon!,,,,lose em all next year! Cubs must get!

  • chrisfchi

    Dave McKay joins Arizona coaching staff

  • toby

    Sad that Coach McKay is leaving for Arizona. I got to meet him this year at an Arizona/Cubs game even getting him to autograph my Cubs cap. He did an amazing job with Soriano who should thank him for turning around his defensive career. McKay is a big loss for the Cubs.

    • YourResidentJag


  • Mike F

    Losing McKay isn’t all that good, probably has something to say about the search, but could just be the indefinite nature of the thing. I think it has been on the surface, just on the surface meandering. They are holding this pretty close to the vest and everyone is guessing. They have yet to the first on the last candidate, if this is going to involve second interviews, and who knows if it will, the process will elongate into mid-November. At some point, Seattle, Washington and Detroit will all make choices soon. We’ll see just where that puts the Cubs. But there’s no use trying to guess who the real candidates are because obviously no one knows.

    • toby

      Cubs might end up wrapping up all the 2nd interviews before Lovullo’s first interview. If that’s the case, the Cubs should know, after Lovullo’s interview, who they want. Lovullo’s first interview might be more expansive than a normal first interview.

  • cavemencubbie

    I feel sorry for whoever becomes manager and I have no preferred candidates. I think he will be cannon fodder for the next two-three years just like Sveum.

    • Brains

      This seems to be the probable outcome. They’re going to hire another scapegoat to deflect the failings of the FO. Hopefully by 2018 we’ll have a team ready for a prime-time manager and a few third-tier free agent signings.

      • cavemencubbie

        Great Brains think alike! :)

    • jt

      you either believe in Rizzo, Castro, and Castillo or don’t.
      you either believe Schierholtz and Sweeney can handle the LHH side of OF platoons or don’t.
      A Valbuena/Barney could good defensive avg hitting platoon at 2nd. You either believe that or don’t.
      If you believe the above then they need a 3B, a LF’er and 2 RHH OF’ers. These four guys would have to be good with the glove and avg with the bat. I mean, they have to get a couple of hundred PA’s from guys such as Rajai Davis or Franklin Gutierrez; big deal!
      You either believe that the arms available for the 2014 Cubs are 500% better than those available for the 2013 team, or don’t.
      You either believe that Wood wont regress too much and that Samardzija and Jackson will get better.
      Now, if you believe the above then there is no room for the earth shattering dire “Woe is me”! The hotstove has yet to begin. There are changes to be made. Yeah, they probably don’t get that ace pitcher they need. But the foundation has not been this good heading into the off season for several years.
      You either believe; or not.

  • The Dude Abides

    I wonder if Rickett$ & Crane Kenney would have had Theo fire Sveum if they knew they weren’t getting Giraldi? Could have kept him another year and saved a little salary since he was under contract.

  • eaustin92

    The cubs should get Jose Oquendo for manager. He would be a damn good manager plus he has the hispanic background like the cubs are looking for. He is the perfect guy in my opinion

  • Rich H

    I have stayed out of the manager conversation because I feel like I have a dog in the fight. When you know one of the candidates your opinion gets a little biased.
    Think of that as a disclaimer if you want.

    The main thing that I have heard in general conversation is that Cubs are looking for a manager that can communicate the idea with Veterans about being team first (ie.. position changes, batting at places they are not use to hitting, playing platoon role to get the kids AB’s, things of this nature). With that in mind and the metrics mindset that is a requirement the number of actual candidates is very limited. If guys like Acta and Martinez do not fit the bill then maybe a guy like Ausmus might be a good fit.
    Another disclaimer Ausmus is not my guy.

  • Lance White

    Why would you join the Cubs when you could manage a world series contender… Great for Ausmus

    • TOOT

      Got news for you. Leyland was the only thing holding that ship upright. And he’s gone.

      • DarthHater

        You’re right. Tigers; success was entirely due to Leylabnd and had nothing to do with having players like Cabrera, Scherzer, Verlander, Fielder, Sanchez, Hunter, Benoit, Smyly, Fister, Martinez, Porcello, Infante, Peralta, and Avila. That team’s disaster area.

        • DarthHater

          *a* disaster area

  • Deacon

    Nice. Maybe they can wait a little longer and lose out on Hinch, too.

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