Torey LovulloIt was widely expected upon the conclusion of the Boston Red Sox’s playoff run, but today it’s finally being reported as a thing that will happen: Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo will interview this week for the Cubs’ managerial vacancy, per Ken Rosenthal.

Lovullo, 48, has been mentioned in connection with the Cubs’ gig for weeks now, but the doggoned Red Sox success streak kept him out of the picture (rude!). He’s become famous round these and other parts for a FanGraphs interview that makes him look like the kind of sabermetric darling manager this front office would theoretically gravitate to (and makes me swoon), but we should all be cautious before putting too much stock in a single, short interview in which Lovullo was responding to questions about advanced statistics for a web site that carries the banner of advanced statistics.

If the interview happens – at least one report out of Boston says no actual request for permission to interview has come yet – Lovullo will join Rick Renteria, A.J. Hinch, Manny Acta, Brad Ausmus, Dave Martinez, and Eric Wedge as dudes who’ve interviewed for the job vacated by Dale Sveum shortly after the season ended. Ausmus has since been hired by the Tigers, and Manny Acta’s candidacy has been called into question. The other four theoretically remain in the mix, though Renteria is described by all corners as the favorite.

Lovullo’s presence could change that, but we’ll have to see when we get there.

  • Steve M

    Jim Bowden said this morning that Torey Lovullo is interviewing today at Wrigley.

    • Brett

      On the radio?

  • Chris


  • Cub Fan Dan

    Love the fangraphs interview. Hope he can bring Butterfield along if he is hired.

    • Eric

      I sort of had it in the back of my head that we could score a double-win here if he brings Butterfield along as Bench Coach.

  • Brian Peters

    If he said, you’d think he’d tweet it, too. No tweets.

  • cub2014

    Payroll Increase coming to the Cubs
    this offseason (somewhere between
    25-35mil) according to sources inside
    the Cubs organization.

    • Professor Snarks

      Is this referencing John from Cubs Den? Is the source really inside the organization? I’d love to get a long-term piece, maybe two, but am a bit skeptical at this point. This comes after Theo was quoted as saying they wouldn’t be going big in free agency. Maybe trades?

      • cub2014

        ya cubs den, could be just a rumor.
        But it goes along with my line of thinking
        so I am all in.

      • ClevelandCubsFan

        Define “big.” Safe to say we won’t be handing out 3 figure M deals. Outside of that, no big deals means whatever you want it to mean and so means nothing. These statements are more about being honest, mitigating expectations (no big surprises if we don’t land anyone, pleasant surprises if we do), and keeping everyone guessing.

        In short… don’t do what Theo hopes other front offices do: read too much into it.

    • Caryatid62

      Not true-the quote implies that there’s 25-35 mil to spend, including raises already budgeted. And given that they’re already almost 20 mil below last year’s opening day payroll, there isn’t going to be much increase in overall payroll at all. Just another year in which winning at the major league level is not a priority.

  • TheRiot2

    Brett : Who cares if it’s the radio today or Theo & Co. Either way the fact Lovullo is in town means he’s slated for an interview today or tomorrow with the Cubs brass. I hope he can get the necessary coaching staff in play for 2014. Varitek would make a great bench coach and catching instructor,just saying.

    • Brett

      What do you mean who cares? I was just curious where the info came from. It’s kind of my job.

      • Brian Peters

        Tell it on the mountain, Brett!

  • papabear

    From everything i have read and Heard – Lovullo is the guy the cubs have wanted for the gig after Girardi. Ausmus being choice 3 and now he is with Detroit. Teams are setting there coaching staffs so cubs best get in a hurry to get this hire done.

    • The Dude Abides

      They still have plenty of time I think they hired Sveum on November 18 and that worked out fine and this site was jacked about it and loved the coaching staff he put together. As implied, exhaustive searches take time.

  • Ben

    The only good explanation for dragging the process out so long, other than incompetence, is that Lovullo is their man.

    • Kirbs414

      Or the fact that they had an interest in Luvollo and wanted to cover all bases before they made a decision. Renteria or someone still could be the favorite but they just want to make sure with Luvollo before pulling the trigger.

  • TheRiot2

    cub2014: That added payroll if true will be needed to put fannies back in the seats How they spend it will be the question.At least an oufielder and relief pitching with a starter like Jimenez
    who figures to be cheaper than a guy like Nolasco.

  • Brian Peters

    Whoa, whoa, whoa….y’all are getting ahead of yourselves. One of the first “qualities” outlined by Theo et al is that the chosen one–or someone on his staff–is Bilingual. Pretty sure Lovullo can’t speak Spanish fluently. Varitek? Same thing.

  • Kevin

    Maybe Lovullo as manager and Martinez as assistant manager?

  • Assman22

    Cubs top 3 initially: Girardi, Lovullo, Renteria…Ausmus was brought in just in case Lovullo chose not to interview…Lovullo in town and Ausmus in Detroit because of it…it’ll likely be Lovullo or Renteria…not far from where they planned initially…

  • Bill

    I like Lovullo for manager over Renteria.

  • Die hard

    How many wins in major leagues as manager among all candidates combined?

    • Eric

      Still more than Don Kessinger!

    • DarthHater

      How many ML wins did Sandberg have before Philadelphia made him manager? And yet, you didn’t seem to think that was a problem, did you?

      • Brian Peters

        THANK YOU, Darth!! The same folks who wanted Ryno are the same people who criticized Ricketts’ idea of filling the seats with Girardi. I don’t see Sandberg succeeding as a manager. Just.don’

        • toby

          The whole Sandberg situation always bothered me, not because of Sandberg being looked over, but because some Chicago media built up the Sandberg managerial mythos. The built up helped fuel the desire for Sandberg to become the manager in the fan’s eyes which we have seen the fallout because fans are still complaining about Sandberg not becoming the manager. What compounded the situation was that Sandberg, himself, felt and believed he was entitled to the job because of his work in the minors. I have always felt that I’m glad that Sandberg had not become the manager, not because of his sense of entitlement, but that I know how Cub fans are when it comes to the manager. I’d rather keep the good memories of Sandberg playing and not the bad memories of Sandberg managing.

        • MichiganGoat

          That Philly team is full of old bad contracts, if they are smart they try to trade Cliff Lee but they are in a bad position going forward and no manager can fix that roster.

          • Pat

            Not even Dick Tidrow?

  • Kramden

    Gotta be Lovullo’s job to lose at this point.

    Renteria’s probably putting the needles in the Lovullo voodoo doll as I type.

  • Brian Myers

    I loved the FanGraphs interview, thanks for sharing that.

    He certainly seems like the kind of guy that should be offered a contract. He walks the walk that Theo and company believe in. To use “Moneyball” as an example, once you start using the players you have to their appropriate usage and potential, you can be successful with a lower payroll and less “conventional” talent. That’s certainly the Cubs over the next couple years.

    • jt


  • Steve Ontiveros’ Mustache
  • Steve Ontiveros’ Mustache


    • DarthHater


  • Die hard

    Sandberg was mgr of year in minors and managed well there several years and how many combined minor league manager wins do candidates have?

    • DarthHater


      • Jason Powers

        Don’t mention that…I got in trouble for my mixed MET-A-PHORS. Windows of opportunity, goal posts, et. al.

    • MichiganGoat

      Geez how could we ever know, I don’t know WE COULD look up that THAT FARKING INFORMATION BEFORE WE VOMIT STUPID ON THE SITE…

      Here is Rentetia’s coaching history
      he’s had more coaching experience than Sandberg… sooo YEAH RESEARCH.

      • Justin

        Ahh thank you Goat

    • MichiganGoat

      More mutha-flipping research this time Torey Lovullo
      and again you see a manager that equals your stupid ass “Sandberg Test”

      Seriously people think and do research before you spew garbage.

      • Jason Powers

        Mutha-flipping…hmmm…I sense that wasn’t the word on your tongue.

      • Brains

        time for one of those craft beers, goat

  • josh ruiter

    Lovullo would be a darling. Why is no one looking at Oquendo?

    • Assman22

      Seen more as a yes man than a full on leader…damn good fundamentals/assistant coach though…Joey Cora in the same boat…

      • Eric

        How is Martinez viewed by the FO?

  • cubmig

    I posted before that the FO brass have their man in mind and that the search process was just turning over stones to make sure there wasn’t anyone “better”. I still think that. I’ll go one step further today: I think the guy in their mind (imho) is Renteria and Lovullo represents the last hope for finding somebody “better”.

    If the brass can’t make up their collective mind after 7 interviews, caution will get the best of them and we will end up with them extending the search process. I like processing options, but there is a point where processing slides into one of diminishing returns. Is that a danger here?

    just my 2ยข

  • Die hard

    If you are satisfied that one of the candidates would make good mgr then speak up so you are on record — I say none of the above

    • Assman22

      Girardi and Lovullo I’d get behind…none of the rest impress me…not many solid candidates out there…kind of a dead spot time in the coaching era right now…

    • MichiganGoat


      • MichiganGoat

        See all this misinformed hogwash is forcing me to type angry and misspell words… too much bad bait being spewed freely on here. Research and valid thoughts are grossly absent around here lately.

    • Pat

      I am satisfied that at least two of the interviewees will make good managers. For a three year, six million dollar contract I will tell you which ones.

    • cubmig

      For the record, I have 2 favorites but they have no manager position experience. Dave Martinez and Hank Blanco. Hope that satisfies.

    • Eric

      I’m on record for Acta, Martinez, and Lovullo. My preference at this point is Lovullo until new/different info comes out that would convince me to favor someone else.

  • Hansman

    That picture remindsmeof Prior.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Really? Maybe I cannot see the resemblance without a cast on the right arm.

  • joe

    I was at wrigley yesterday for a tour for season tickets and the club house was off limits because of an interview that was going on.

    • cubfanbob

      Season ticket tour ?

      Current season ticket holders still have till 11/18 to renew. I am not even scheduled to look at new seats till 12/5.

      • joe

        This will be my first year, my number got called this year.

        • cubfanbob

          Right but you said you went on a season ticket tour. Were you allowed to purchase seats ?

          • joe


            • cubfanbob

              Gotcha ya that makes sense. Thanks Joe

        • kielovher

          My number got called this year as well. My tour is Sunday. How was the tour (even though you couldn’t get in the clubhouse)? Just curious, how long/what year did you put your name on the waitlist?

  • cavemencubbie

    To the best of my knowledge managers do not field ball, pitch ball or hit ball. They are hired to be thrown under the bus when the players are horse crap. Horse crap is what the Cubbies team will be next season, playing in a horse crap facility. We Cub ‘fans’ will have to be content, with having winning minor league team fantasies, while drinking our suds. That said, i still hope, like a religious zealot looking for the 2nd coming.

  • Blackhawks1963

    Seattle is apparently set to name Joey Cora manager. So that leaves the Cubs with no threat that Renteria gets snatched up while they decide in Lovullo.

  • Fastball

    I hope its Martinez. Cut the cord to all these Redsux and Pedros. They need different blood so they get a unbiased view of things or better said someone who isnt looking through the same beer goggles once they are 10 games below .500 end of April.

  • josh ruiter

    This will be my last bit regarding managerial candidates. Renteria fits the bill to a large extent. But he doesn’t seem to me to be the kind of guy who can get kids fired up. My other two options, and ones that I favor include Dave Martinez and Torrey Lovullo. I really really like the style of Farrel as a manager, and him speaking highly of Lovullo makes me want him to be our choice. He also seems to be a fiery kind of guy as well and a guy who can help maximize potential and ROI on players. Martinez, much like Lovullo has been under the tutelage of a great manager in Maddon. I also love the fact that Martinez openly expressed his unwavering desire to manage the Cubs, that means something to me. It’s not just a job to him, it’s THE job to him. Between the two of them, I like Lovullo’s approach a bit more, but Martinez track record and enthusiasm about the position more. Either one would make me happy.
    I would love Blanco as a bench coach, and if it is Lovullo, he could be the spanish speaking piece the FO was desiring. One last question, why in the sam hill has nary a ball club mentioned Jose Oquendo in a managerial search? He was top of the list for the Cardinals two years ago and turns out, though I hate them, they run one heck of a organization from developing and maximizing players, to strategy, they just always outplay their odds!! Not many teams are better on the field than on paper as consistently as the Cards and Oquendo has been there for most of it.

  • Bob

    Still waiting for them to interview Ozzie! He’s our guy!

  • Mike F

    Hinch is likely still in play, and that is not good news. Renteria in my view is no threat to ending a regime. He is low downside immediately and may not be all that sexy. Hinch on the other hand is idiot patrol material. If Hinch were hired an got off to a and start, it will threaten the FO and be a huge debacle. I was not a big Ausmus guy, but he was far superior to AJ Hinch. Hinch is the one guy that media will universally say I told you so and the second guessing would be absolutely right.