Obsessive New Manager Watch: Lloyd McClendon to the Mariners? (Only Other Open Job)

mariners logoThe Seattle Mariners might be set to name Detroit Tigers hitting coach, and former Pirates manager, Lloyd McClendon as their next manager.

I say might, because it depends on what report you believe. The Puget Sound Business Journal – reputable enough, apparently, that many others are running with their scoop – reports that the Mariners will name McClendon, one of the finalists for the job, as their new manager. Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times, however, reports that McClendon has told him that he hasn’t heard anything from the Mariners yet.

I guess we’ll see how this plays out.

Should the Mariners opt for McClendon, though, the Cubs will suddenly be in an advantageous position with respect their job, insofar as it will be the last open managerial position, and none of their candidates will have been taken by the Mariners (who were known to be interested in Rick Renteria, at least).

The Cubs, of course, are still waiting for resolution on the Torey Lovullo-induced slap fight with the Red Sox before deciding on a manager. It would be too simplistic to say that it’s down to Lovullo and Renteria, even if the latter is widely viewed as the favorite to land the Cubs’ gig. A decision is ultimately expected before next Monday’s start of the GM Meetings.

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118 responses to “Obsessive New Manager Watch: Lloyd McClendon to the Mariners? (Only Other Open Job)”

  1. macpete22

    If the Mariners go and hire Renteria…What would the Cubs do? Seems they won’t get the interview with Luvollo(?) And haven’t heard much on the other candidates lately

    1. macpete22

      Irrelevant…Heyman confirmed McClendon got the job

  2. mdavis

    interesting to see if commish office gets involved with the Lovullo situation. i doubt it, but we’ll see. at least we know now that there isnt a chance of the cubs losing out on any of their candidates.

  3. Blublud

    Lovullo better be the guy. If not, then I don’t understand what the FO is doing. There is not one legitimate manager on our list right now that I like. Lovullo has to be the guy. The Cubs should just tamper and hire him anyway. I can’t see the league stopping it and if the Cubs do get fined or punished, I can’t see it being for much.

  4. Ivy Walls

    If Boston wanted to be BIG Johnsons or Big Henry or now Big Lucchino, they would have granted permission quietly with a caveat that the 2011 agreement still stands if the Cubs hire Lovullo, but he was stupid and wanted to show the world he was a small Johnson.

    Now the only urgency is to get the coaching staffs set and integrate on field and off field strategies. This will work out before Thurs though.

    What the Cubs should do is actually give up a low A ball player who is going nowhere and get on with it and show up the RedSox and Henry’s or Rickheads

  5. Rufus

    WSCR reporting that Renteria has been hired. Working out contract terms. Official announcement coming later tonight or tomorrow morning.

    1. MichiganGoat

      Link please

    2. cms0101

      I’m not seeing or hearing anything related to Renteria. Who reported it on WSCR?

      1. MichiganGoat

        Not seeing it on the website or mentioned anywhere else

        1. DarthHater

          OMG! Then it’s got to be true!!

          1. MichiganGoat


            1. DarthHater

              Also, Nightengale hasn’t tweeted it, which is further evidence of its veracity!

              1. hansman

                We need Assman to weigh in

      2. ssckelley

        I heard it on a scoreboard update about 3 hours ago, but they said the manager would be named by the end of the week and it was most LIKELY Renteria.

        1. MichiganGoat

          Well “by the end of the week” has been the expectation for a while now.

          1. cms0101

            I finally heard the report he’s referencing. They make a very vague comment about a hypothetical press conference happening in the next week with Renteria looking like the favorite. Very vague, very speculative. They’re not definitively reporting he’s been signed. He just appears to be the favorite.

    3. toby

      I’m not either and I’m pretty much skeptical after someone on Twitter was reporting that the Cubs were close to signing Jose Veras citing “sources” and blocked me when I pressed him by pointing out that there was no credible sources: National or Local reporting the story. Kid had an “inside source”, but could not divulge how the “inside source” was connected to the Cubs.

      1. TWC

        Please tell me it was the Chicago Cubs Talk kid…

        1. MichiganGoat

          Ha forgot all about that kid… Ha his last post was June 8 and he promised his website would be as successful as BN.

        2. toby

          His Twitter handle was “Covering the Bases”

          1. MichiganGoat

            Dude he’s twelve years old (according to his description (which is a stupid thing for a child to do)), haha you were blocked by a middle school kid.

            1. toby

              My pride is so hurt by being blocked by him. He knew that he was doing some BS reporting and had a temper tantrum by being called out by said BS. The best part was that he deleted the back and forth, I asked him where it went which he replied that he didn’t know then said it was unprofessional to keep the back and forth on Twitter. I pointed out that it is unprofessional to lie which is when he blocked me. For those, who will say that it was a 12 year old kid, I will say that if you are going to “report” Cub news and want to be taken seriously then you should know the basics of News Reporting.

              1. MichiganGoat

                I’m just busting your balls for getting blocked by a 12 year old. ;)

                1. DarthHater

                  Balls busted by a goat. Ouch.

                2. toby

                  My balls were busted about 5 relationships ago.

        3. college_of_coaches


          1. TWC


            1. MichiganGoat

              So what do you think about Sammy Sosa?

  6. Dustin S

    By just a bit I would prefer Lovullo over Renteria, but Lovullo isn’t exactly LaRussa. It’s unfortunate that there is this precedent now of the Cubs apparently needing to give compensation to talk with someone like Lovullo. Giving up DeJesus for essentially nothing and then being nickel and dimed for compensation for this type of interview with a guy who’s not in a “top” coach category, for which this would be a huge promotion, sure feels like the Cubs getting shafted.

    1. cms0101

      I don’t know why everyone is so up in arms about Lovullo. I don’t think I’ve seen anything official out there that says the Cubs are required to provide compensation just to talk to the guy. It feels like we’ve taken a general note about the Red Sox holding them to their agreement and not allowing the Cubs to poach from them and expanded it on it a great deal without any facts. If the Red Sox are blocking a guy from getting an interview for a promotion, shame on them. But they’re within their right to do so.

      1. DarthHater

        “If the Red Sox are blocking a guy from getting an interview for a promotion, shame on them. But they’re within their right to do so.”

        That’s pretty much what others have been saying, so it seems you’re just about as up in arms as the rest of us. (Except Brett, of course, who’s really having an embarrassing hissy fit) ;-)

  7. Die hard

    Does it really matter? C’mon man! Theo is the mgr in fact and anyone else is window dressing but we know who’s behind those curtains

    1. mjhurdle

      im sad because it is becoming increasingly apparent that you are losing your touch with the entertainingly crazy posts.

      1. MichiganGoat

        Yeah he’s not satirical genius he once was

        1. hansman

          No, he’s the same exact poster as he always has been.

          Welcome to reality. It’s been awhile.

      2. DarthHater


    2. DarthHater

      If you mean that Theo is in charge of baseball operations, that is true and, no doubt, explains why his title is President of Baseball Operations. If you mean that Theo performs the functions in the manager’s job description than you are just very ignorant.

  8. Die hard

    If the Cubs hired an experienced MAJOR league mgr I would think otherwise …this is ridiculous and the drama queen is putting us to sleep with these Dramamine delay antics..

    1. MichiganGoat

      Dude your skills are diminishing

  9. Turn Two

    Why are so many saying renteria is their favorite choice among the candidates we are considering. Note: I’m not criticizing the opinion, i just know nothing about him and would like to understand why he is so relatively popular.

    1. Patrick W.

      90% of it stems from the reported likelihood that he will be the choice. It’s a way to get on the bandwagon early and seem prescient. 10% of it is from the people who have done a little bit of research.

      I don’t know enough about it to have an opinion.

      1. MichiganGoat

        And 89% of that 90% is Blackhawks ;)

        1. cubmig


        2. MichiganGoat

          Make that 89.9%

  10. Jon

    The reality is the Cubs were caught with their pants down, and shocked when Joe Girardi turned down their overatures, hence why this process has been so weird

    1. Spoda17

      How can you say they were caught with their pants down..? that makes no sense. Employers go after candidates and sometimes they turn them down. If we do not go for Girardi Theo is criticized for not going after him… now that Girardi stayed with the Yankees… we criticize him for failing to get him… do you think that the Mariners had a better process than the Cubs… we didn’t even talk to McClendon… and I actually liked him when he played for the Cubs, but would not want him as a manager…

  11. Chicagoguy8219

    “The reality is the Cubs were caught with their pants down, and shocked when Joe Girardi turned down their overatures, hence why this process has been so weird”


    1. Turn Two

      I disagree with much of the negativity that gets thrown out here as bait. But lets not just discount it all as meaningless. I think a legitimate point was made here. I am fairly certain if girardis contract hadnt come up this year, sveum would still be our manager. And we do seem lost now, because noone else fits very well.

      1. Mike F

        I don’t think that is correct. Theo has no reason to lie about that and bluntly there is little to show that Theo was enthusiastic about JG in the first place. Not that agree with the decision frankly, but it is pretty certain that Theo fired Dale for something that had been occurring or wasn’t occurring irregardless of JG.

      2. Spoda17

        I could not disagree more. Theo is not stupid. He doesn’t throw all of his chips in on a pair of deuces…. Joe was available, he made it known he wanted him. There is actually nothing wrong, or stupid with that attempt. Joe stayed in NY, good for him. Now we move on. This is not a circus, this is Theo vetting the process. This actually is not that foreign.

        1. Mike F

          i agree except, I don’t think he necessarily wanted JG. Clearly ownership did, but not sure he did. But your larger point he isn’t stupid, JG decided to stay, and in fact Theo didn’t get caught with his pants down completely agree with.

      3. DocPeterWimsey

        On what do you base that certainty? Inertia is a very powerful force: and the fact that Girardi was already with the Yankees meant that it was most probable that he was going to stay there. Theo & Jed knew that. Thus, they dismissed Sveum for other reasons.

        1. Mike F

          Yeah I don’t get it either, why all the suspicion they would have kept him. Theo was clear, something made the decision as early as mid-season and certainly he had conveyed this to Dale several weeks before the season ended. He has no reason to dissemble.

          1. Turn Two

            I never said all eggs were in basket on girardi. Just that, in my opinion, that firing came at us right at the last minute. I think the chance to get girardi this year may have led us to fire him a year earlier than expected. Not that it was the only option he had. Though i do think the pool available right now is less than amazing.

            1. Hansman

              I think girardis availability was a factor. Like dumping your girlfriend tht doesn’t seem to be working out because you met an available attractive librarian that seems a little nerdy and quiet enough to be an absolute freak.

              1. Cubbie Blues


            2. Spoda17

              Dale’s firing did not come at the last minute. Dale even said he was nervous about his position. Dale was not the right guy; not that hard to figure out. It wasn’t about wins, it was about leadership and communication.

              1. Turn Two

                There was no inkling they were going to let him go up to as late as two weeks before it happened and yes i remember the first interview where someone bright up even the idea of being let go to dale and he was shocked. Only time he talked about being nervous was that last week of interviews.

                1. Spoda17

                  So are you saying they should not have let him go?

                  1. Turn Two

                    never said anything close to that, not real sure where you even pulled that . I think e are debating whether girardis contract being up led has to during dale a year early.

                    You strike me as trying to debate something you want to debate without actually listening to the other person your responding to

                2. mjhurdle

                  Spoda17′s point is a valid one. Because, if you were trying to prove that the Cubs fired Sveum to get Girardi, you would have to eliminate the fact that the Cubs fired Sveum because they didn’t want him back.

                  If the Cubs fired Sveum because they didn’t like the job he was doing, then the Girardi thing is just a coincidence, that they tried to take advantage of.
                  If the Cubs were happy with Sveum enough to let him manage at least one more year, but still jettisoned him, then *maybe* the idea that the did it all for Girardi would have more credence.

                  Personally, i would be shocked if the front office was dumb enough to fire someone they liked simply to go after someone they never even knew if they would have an opportunity to talk to. that.
                  that would be as dumb as divorcing your wife who you love on the off-chance that kate upton wanted to date you.

                  1. Turn Two

                    A lot of people are reading want they want to debate notwhat I’m saying. For the 7th time in this thread, i think girardi’s position was A factor not THE factor.

                    1. MichiganGoat

                      Your exact words were:
                      “I am fairly certain if girardis contract hadnt come up this year, sveum would still be our manager.”
                      How does that not say that you believe Girardi was just “A factor” in your own words you are saying that he was “THE factor” or is it because you said “fairly certain”?
                      By your own words you are saying Sveum would still be the manager if Girardi wasn’t available- what are we missing here? To you Girardi was “THE factor.”

                    2. MichiganGoat

                      Your stance has changed over the course of this conversation from being about Girardi solely to being about Sveum’s shortcomings + Girardi.

                    3. Turn Two

                      He was the factor in sveum being fitted this year instead of next. Once they decided he wasnt the long term answer, they looked at who was available and said to just cut bait with dale now instead of finishing his contract add they always planned to.

                    4. MichiganGoat

                      Turn Two your kind of changing your arguement with every post. So now your saying Sveum was seriously being considered to be fired but the FO didn’t decide to pull the trigger until Girardi was available? Because Girardi was never really available until he said no to the Yankees and if that’s your belief then you must think this FO is full of lunatics. And that’s okay.

                    5. mjhurdle

                      “Once they decided he wasnt the long term answer, they looked at who was available and said to just cut bait ”
                      I think the more likely explanation is…once they realized he wasn’t the long-term answer, they cut bait, then looked at who was available.

                    6. hansman

                      Isn’t it “whom was available”?

                3. Mike F

                  Too much of a reach. First, Dale may have claimed to be surprised, and I frankly was in his corner, but Theo refused to say he was safe. At that point it was clear, they had some sort of issue. The issue was not JG was available. There were clear signs he never was really. More importantly there has never been a remote sign in Theoi’s past that he and JG were compatible. JG is not one who wants micro-management. I think it is far to big a reach to assume there is some JG/unprepared theory behind this, just isn’t the case. Right, wrong or indifferent, it was about Dale Sveum we should all be able to accept that.

                4. fortyonenorth

                  “There was no inkling they were going to let him go up to as late as two weeks before it happened…”

                  I don’t think this is accurate. Perhaps there was little public inkling but, based on what’s been reported, Dale’s performance was being questioned at the All-Star break and perhaps as early as the beginning of the season.

            3. DocPeterWimsey

              Wait, how was it not going to come to us at “the last minute”? We were not going to be privy to these decisions. All that this means is that the fact that they were considering firing Sveum was not leaked.

              The “it was last minute therefore it must have been about Girardi” premise makes no sense, either. Everybody knew about Girardi’s situation coming up to the end of the season: it was a matter of general discussion because it involved the Yankees. So, if they had decided to fire Sveum and go after Girardi, then that decision would have been made long before we learned about it.

              1. Turn Two

                I think we are missing that i think it was a factor, not the reason for firing dale. I think it was a factor in the decision. As the season write down and the team had a few skirmishes and they looked they decided he wasnt their long term answer, they probable debated firing him this year or giving him that final year. At this point they may have seen a top notch candidate available this season in girardi and decided to fire dale now and seE what pandas.

                1. DarthHater

                  I always suspected pandas were involved somehow.

                  1. Turn Two

                    I deserve that, my phone likes to auto correct everything.

              2. DarthHater


                1. Mike F

                  LOL, i’m hiding in the closet for fear of the alien invasion. Isn’t their an alien everywhere?

  12. Soda Popinski


    1. Soda Popinski

      Apparently I can no longer hit reply. Let my comments fall where they may; out of place, out of line.

  13. ssckelley

    Bob Brenly!!!

  14. Fastball

    Count me in the 10% that doesn’t want Renteria. I want Martinez. Not a Renteria supporter. My second is Ozzie. I hold out hope they hire someone nobody has even gotten wind of.

    1. Soda Popinski

      I’m on the Renteria band wagon. He seems to have had a good impact wherever he’s been. Players like him. Managers like him. He’s spent most of his career developing young players. And, I think the bilingual bit is way undersold. I’ve lived in Mexico and Peru and I consider myself fluent in Spanish, but I know that the nuances of conversation can be lost pretty easily in translation (think of the nuances involved in baseball). With guys like Soler and Baez and Jimenez and Torres coming up, I think this will be extremely important. Count me in.

      1. Soda Popinski

        I know Ozzie is bilingual, too… Not sure about Martinez. He certainly has the last name.

    2. Bob


  15. Blackhawks1963

    Allow me to predict that Rick Renteria will be named the new Cub manager.

    1. Hansman

      If I said no, would that stop you?

  16. Mike F

    you are allowed, and it is clear that he is the name that most think is likely. Was he your original prediction, I honestly can’t remember? For the record, I think he’s the best choice. bright guy and has some experience. I don’t know if he is tough enough and am concened as to why DD and Detroit didn’t go hard after him, but given the choices he’s a safe pick with limited downside.

    1. Blackhawks1963

      I had to look up the word prescient. I’ve been identified as aspiring to be this. To be clear, I believe Renteria will be manager. I’ll be back in the morning with announcement / update Of my position. But I’m fully prepared to repeat the prediction that Renteria is the hire.

      1. MichiganGoat

        JOY and I look forward to the next thing you wil repeat EVERY FLIPPIN DAY 20 TIMES A DAY thank you for continuing to have only one thing to say over and over and over again. MUTHA FLIPPIN JOY!

      2. ssckelley

        We are so honored and privileged to have you in our presence. Can I get your autograph?

  17. Joycedaddy

    Call me crazy, but what if Lovullo wasn’t the hold up? Could it be because of anything else besides that? Maybe Renteria has reasons, maybe Martinez does, maybe Theo has a trick up his sleeve? Who knows, but the process has been uneventful and I’m at the point where lets select Renteria and figure out the rest.

  18. Die hard

    Dragging this out is sure to make Renteria feel wanted

    1. DarthHater

      And imagine how all this is making Ozzie feel.

      1. Die hard

        He walked away last week knowing better off than becoming part of this circus

        1. Funn Dave

          Well he’s already a shoo-in, right? I mean, aren’t all the interviews just a formality, to make Ozzie less appealing to other teams? They don’t even have to announce it, really. He’s pretty much the Cubs’ manager. He’s probably showing Castro and Rizzo how to up their averages by .100 each for next season as we speak.

          Or at least how to make some headlines.

        2. MichiganGoat

          BUD BLACK!

      2. Mike F

        this whole thread just got pretty funny and ironic…. LOL.

    2. Funn Dave

      Ha no doubt.

  19. Cubz99

    Is it possible for the Cubs to get somebody outside of the Red Sox or Padres organization?

  20. Funn Dave

    So I haven’t read through the comments yet, but I assume someone has pointed out the irony that the Tigers opted to go with an outside hire (a potential Cubs candidate no less) and one of the few remaining teams picked their hitting coach as their new manager?

    I guess it’s not really irony, but it seems like something worth noting, especially if the Mariners do well.

    1. DocPeterWimsey

      You are correct, that is not irony. Indeed, there is no word that unites the two as they don’t have anything in common. If the Mariners do well with McClendon, then there is no general lesson to be drawn. The Tigers must see some potential in Ausmus, but they also have the luxury of a team that is going to win just as long as he is not so stupid as to (say) use a bunch of “plus” (or even average) fielders over the current roster because “fielding wins games.”

      1. Funn Dave

        McClendon. McClendon is the word that unites the two.

      2. Patrick W.

        You aren’t suggesting the Tigers NOT play their plus (sized) Fielder, are you?

        I just skimmed your post…

  21. Werner


  22. Crazyhorse

    The Cubs and Redsox came to a mutal aggreement that the Cubs would not raid any personal for a period of three years.The Cubs Front office agreed to that stipulation. The Cubs at this point have made no formal request to interview Lovullo yet certain media outlets and some bloggers have tries to spin this episode into the bad Redsox ordeal.
    If the Cubs want tLovollu they simply need to Ask and then if the Cubs should hire Lovullo then certain compensation would be required if and when Lovullo is hired. Unlike last time , i doubt the Redsox will let Lovullo be interviewed until a formal request is made and certain compensation is aggreed prior to the Cubs naming Lovullo as the skipper.

    may not be fair , but it is what The Cubs front office Aggreed hence the reason for all the spin. The situation is laughable

  23. mjhurdle

    “The Cubs and Redsox came to a mutal aggreement that the Cubs would not raid any personal for a period of three years.”

    How do you know this? What is the exact wording of the agreement? how do you know it was for 3 years?

    Seems like the Cubs-Red Sox “mutual agreement” is now falling into the same area as the Cubs-Rooftops contract, where every random person seems to “know” exactly what the conditions are, despite never having actually seen the contract/agreement.

    1. Crazyhorse

      if the Cubs want to interview Lovullo then simply ask the Redsox. and this conversation would be over. The bigger question is Why the Cubs have not asked the Redsox Formally. Then the Redox would be forced to reply either a yes or no.
      And as for the rooftop connection, it is a poor attempt to shift blame and spin. Do the Cubs and rooftops have a contract and do the rooftops have any rights that they feel is being strong armed? If the rooftops sue the Cubs and city may lose. Yet it is the Cubs that want an absolute that no legal proceedings will occur prior to the Renovation – one can deduce that the Rickets family are not that overly confident that they might NOT win in a lawsuit.

      1. Patrick W.

        I think it’s perfectly reasonable to deduce the Cubs don’t want to start major renovation only to have a judge issue an order to cease while considering a lawsuit, leaving a bunch of undone work and unused materials sitting around.

        I think if they thought they would lose a lawsuit they 1) would have altered their renovation plans and 2) benn in heavy negotiations with the rooftop owners. In fact I think it’s more likely they are fairly certain they would win a lawsuit but are justifiably afraid they might spend about $50MM of the $500MM project only to have some judge say “hold everything while we work this out.”

        A lawsuit wouldn’t be settled quickly… likely it would take a few years… and so I think the Cubs are hoping that they can avoid a long delay by instituting this short one preemptively.

        1. Scotti

          Exactly, and the rooftops, bars and restaurants (Ald Tunneys owns Ann Sathers) all benefit by delay. The longer the delay, the longer they don’t have competition.

      2. cavemencubbie

        There is no such thing as an iron clad winning lawsuit. The Ricketts are right not to spend a dime on Wrigley until they know exactly what will happen. I don’t believe they did the ‘due diligence’ when they bought the team in the first place.

  24. Die hard

    Look for the Commish before he leaves to pardon Pete Rose as a way for apologizing for allowing the Sosa McGuire et al steroid road show and then into HOF where he belongs

  25. Jamie

    Is it just me, or am I alone in thinking that Renteria must be feeling like the red-headed stepchild…sloppy seconds…”erstwhile ran”. I understand Theo/Jed wanting to interview all of their potential candidates, but hasn’t this already shaped up to convey that Renteria is the back-up option?

    1. Die hard

      That was my point last night– another CF by OF

  26. Eric

    Hopefully the commish gets involved and squashes this. It’s a bit childish.

  27. Die hard

    Rose belongs in the HOF and only barrier is hypocrisy

    1. Cubbie Blues

      Left Field, Die hard. Die hard, Left Field.

    2. Eric

      I enjoy breakfast.

  28. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    Yeah, and we all think Die hard shouldn’t be here. We all can’t get what we want in life Die hard.

    1. Pete LaCock

      Personally, I like Die hard here. He makes me chuckle.

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