BOOM: It’s Rick Renteria

boom goes the dynamiteAnd there you have it.

According to multiple – like, dozens – reports this evening, the Chicago Cubs will tomorrow introduce former San Diego Padres bench coach Rick Renteria as the newest manager of the team.

Renteria, 51, succeeds Dale Sveum, who was named manager just two years ago. He’ll inherit a young, developing team, and an extremely solid farm system that should start bearing fruit shortly. The focus in this search was player development, a particular strong suit for Renteria. I am very excited to see how his era begins.

The official announcement and press conference are expected tomorrow, at which time there should be a great deal more to discuss.

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259 responses to “BOOM: It’s Rick Renteria”

  1. socalicubsfan


  2. rudymeolismullet

    Does anyone really care? Where is the pitching?

    1. TWC

      No. No one cares. There have been thousands of comments by visitors to this site in the month since Sveum was fired about the manager search, but no one cares. You douche.

    2. CGruegs45


  3. Jason Powers

    Yeah! Now to the FA market.

    Obsessively watching for contracts. ;)

    Good posts as always.

    1. koyiehillsucks2

      Should be exciting to see if they sign someone recovering from his 2nd tommy john surgery, shoulder surgery or acl tear.

  4. The Dude

    Underwhelmed by the hire on name value alone, but good luck, Rick! Now time to upgrade the rotation, bullpen, and outfield.

    1. The Dude

      However, it’s nice to see they didn’t chase Luvollo because I couldn’t handle that entire conversation dominating the comments… this is gonna be a positive offseason!

      1. conysdad

        I could not agree more with that. No drama!

  5. rudymeolismullet

    Watching WGN news…..”Cubs expected to hire Rick Renteria. Not a big name, but bilingual”. Says enough…yes?

  6. MichiganGoat

    What will Blackhawks predict next over and over and over… place your bets.

    1. ssckelley

      Cubs coming in 2nd for Tanaka.

      1. cubes

        Which would be good as they would be allowed into talk with him… I think you are thinking of the #4… cubs come in 4th in tanaka bids. fixed.

  7. Jon

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Ricks nephew, Edgar Renteria brought in as a base coach

    1. Eric

      Wouldn’t be a bad hitting coach. Dude could swing the lumber.

    2. Tony_S

      I liked Edgar Renteria a lot as a player…

      (We’re being funny about the name thing though, right? As in, one’s of Mexican descent and one was born in, I believe, Colombia?)

  8. North Side Irish

    Peter Gammons ‏@pgammo 6m
    @pgammo Renteria’s ability to develop young Latin players like Baez, Castro, Almora, Soler a key to the Cubs future. WBC Mexico resume? Huge

  9. TSB

    And please, let’s stop with this “he can relate to the Latino players because he can speak Spanish” talk. not only is it condescending, but it is as ridiculous as saying “Sveum will be a good manager because he can relate to the English speaking players because he knows American English.” Also, Rentaria comes from a Mexican background, which doesn’t exactly mean that all other Latino countrymen are his brothers. The attitude of many persons from Spanish speaking countries other than Mexico can be summed up by the statement of one of my Cuban staff persons: “hablo espanol; tu hablas mexicano!” “I speak Spanish; you speak Mexican! (sneer)

    1. Andrew

      I don’t think the message was ever that he can “relate” to them because he’s Latino, but rather communication is easier between two people when they are fluent in the same language. Bilinguality never seemed like a prerequisite for the job but rather a positive attribute.

      1. YourResidentJag

        And that pretty much says it all.

    2. cubmig

      TSB you have a point. I’ll give that—namely that not all spanish-speaking feel country/culture/dialect conneected. BUT……I can tell you this: When in a situation like the one spanish-speaking players find themselves in (baseball culture) the connecting link is Spanish I am sure that when the banter between them goes on in the dugout or the clubhouse, those guys don’t think about place of origin. They’re just happy they can talk and communicate without tripping over struggling with English words. That’s the way it’s going to be (imho) with Renteria. The access and the directness of communication won’t be a barrier to cite anymore. So……..while what you point out has merit, your Cuban staff person’s comment is coming from another kind of mindset —–which has more to do with an ethnic neighborhood enclave mentality. I’ll end with this: Renteria brings a plus. It remains to be seen if he will prove if the difference he adds will translate into managerial effectiveness among the latino players.

      1. Soda Popinski

        This is exactly right, cubmig. I’ve been studying Spanish for the last 6 years. I’ve got a BA in Spanish, lived in Peru and Mexico, and have traveled all over South America. Really, all Spanish speakers- no matter where they’re from- can speak to one another without a hitch. To give a good comparison, from one Spanish-speaking country to another, it’s like American English, Canadian English, British English, Australian English, etc. etc. The differences are with slang, accents, and a few different verb forms. To suggest that a Cuban can’t speak with a Mexican because he speaks “Mexican” is absurd.

        1. TSB

          The comment by my Cuban staff person was meant as a put-down of Mexicans, not as a comment on understandability. Many in the Latino world look down on the Mexicans.

          1. Soda Popinski

            Good people get along with good people. It’s like this all over the world. It really boils down to your definition of many. If by “many” you mean “a few thick headed Latinos,” then you’re probably right. However, if by “many” you mean “a majority… or even a significant number,” this just isn’t true. I can hardly imagine culture being a problem with Latino’s from different countries in a clubhouse.

          2. Can't think of a cool name

            To TSB

            First, pull on shoulders to remove head from rear. Second provide any source that states many in the Latino world look down on Mexicans. Here’s a hint: your Cuban friend is not a source.

            1. DarthHater

              “First, pull on shoulders to remove head from rear.”

              That doesn’t work. You need to have somebody else pull on your shoulders. :-P

            2. TSB

              Cant think of etc:.Too bad you have a head in your rear end; and it’s not the one on a guy’s neck.

    3. Nate Dawg

      I’d be willing to bet Castro/Castillo/Lake etc. understand “Mexican” better than English.

    4. DB

      In high school, a dean told me he could relate to Latinos because he spent time in Mexico. I laughed in his face.

    5. CubsFaninMS

      If you were from New York City and I were from Louisiana (which I am), we would certainly be able to identify with each other a little better if we were playing in Venezuela and would welcome a coach from Saskatchewan. If we were to meet in Chicago, though, we’d notice our dialects of English are clearly different and we most likely live totally different lifestyles. It’s not condescending and, IMO, it’s a touch “hyper sensitive” to throw this concern out there. Americans are decidedly ethnocentric but so are other cultures. The fact that American fans acknowledge that there is a need for a bilingual coach shows a basic understanding of the needs of the Cubs organization. You’re comment is basically saying “Oh, but that’s not enough, you simpleton.” Just my thoughts.

  10. MichiganGoat

    Oh and poor die hard, his 100 predictions all failed. At least he Kevin Bacon’d Renteria to Bud Black. I’m sure he’ll take credit for this hire.

  11. Diamondrock

    The more I’ve learned about Renteria the more I’ve come to believe he’s a good choice. I don’t think we can underestimate the importance of his experience with Latin America (and his ability to speak Spanish). I’ve worked in a country in a language that’s not my first, and no matter how good you get it can be really frustrating. The ability to talk to guys like Baez, Castro, and Soler in their own language (and culture) is a big deal.

    1. Benjamin

      Baez was born in Puerto Rico but grew up in the US. Castro is Dominican, Soler is Cuban, and Renteria is Mexican American so “culture” isn’t really a factor here. That said, his being fluent in Spanish is definitely an asset.

  12. DocPeterWimsey

    Just as long as Renteria doesn’t bat speedy Low OBP guys at the top of the order because “they make things happen,” or sit good hitters for not being “well-rounded baseball players,” or bunt with middle-of-the-order guys, I probably won’t have any issues with him. I’ll probably dread it every time he goes out to bring in a reliever, but that’s just because all Cubs’ relievers fill me with dread.

  13. Joey

    Happy with the hire and am looking forward to what Rick does but I agree with the TSB’s post.

    I’d take Renteria over a retread like Wedge, Acta, or Hinch, any-day.

  14. justinjabs

    Gordo says three year deal with two more options at the end of it.

    1. EB

      If there are indeed two options, that tells me that the front office currently doesn’t think he is the guy to take them all the way, and he will have to prove that he is. If he does prove it, they’ll execute the options.

      1. Pat

        Or it could just mean that Ricketts wants the manager and front office contracts expiring at the same time. While I doubt he expects to be bringing someone else in three years from now, it makes sense to time them together. Plus, how many guaranteed years are you going to give a first time manager?

      2. Hansman

        What? A three year deal is pretty standard. Not to many bench coaches get 5-year contracts to manage.

  15. Part of the Core

    Welcome to Chicago, Rick. You’ll love it here.

  16. Benjamin Roethig

    He has one job: develop the young players (most of who are from latin America) that might make this a contending club my 2017. Essentially Renteria is like a Quadruple-A manager. He might not be the guy we need to win a series, but he’s the guy we need to get the players ready for that. If he doesn’t do that, he’ll probably take Theo and Hoyer with him when he leaves.

    1. Patrick G

      I think 2017 is a little far fetched no? I think they will be somewhat relevant by 2015 and if not by 2017, he may not be here for that time

  17. cubs82

    Great hire.

  18. Patrick G

    Now on the the GM and winter meetings! Enjoy the fact that even the offseason can be as entertaining, maybe even more entertainin recently, than actually watching the Cubs. Can’t wait

  19. Cheryl

    Thank goodness it’s done.Hope he does well.

  20. YourResidentJag

    Solid hire.

  21. ssckelley

    I am not a fan of this hire at all. It makes me sick when one of the important reasons for this hire is because he is bilingual. That should not even come close to being one of the criteria to be a manager of a baseball team.

    But what the hell do I know, the only manager hire I would have gotten excited about would have been Girardi. I am glad it is finally over.

    1. roz

      “That should not even come close to being one of the criteria to be a manager of a baseball team.”

      And why is that? The Cubs (and everyone in baseball) have extensive Latin-American based operations and a large number of spanish speaking prospects. How is being able to directly connect to important prospects not a great quality in a manager?

      1. ssckelley

        We are talking about professional baseball players here not a team playing in the Dominican.

        1. roz

          What’s you’re point? There are Spanish speaking players everywhere in the system, I fail to see how the man that’s going to be responsible for helping their continued development being able to directly speak with them is a bad thing, or even an afterthought.

          1. ssckelley

            I would rather see these players get developed in the minor leagues but we are not discussing a manager for the minors here.

            1. roz

              Development clearly doesn’t end once players get to the majors.

              1. ssckelley

                So tell me more about Renteria’s developing abilities.

                1. roz

                  Wait, so are now arguing that Renteria doesn’t have development abilities? He managed in the minors for eight years which is fairly significant. More than that I can’t really speak competently about, but I imagine Theo and Jed are satisfied with his development abilities if they decided to hire him.

                  1. ssckelley

                    No, what I am saying is I care more about his developing abilities than I do about what languages he speaks.

                    1. TWC

                      Why are you assuming the Cubs think any differently?

                    2. ssckelley

                      I sure hope not. The FO should have their head examined if a big reason why they hired this guy was because he is bilingual.

                    3. wasssup


    2. JB88

      You don’t know that.

  22. since52

    Yes, yes, si si…buena suerte Rick…Ricardo? Who’s for a bilingual press conference at the official announcement? Perhaps we’ll get to hear about ” player development, getting back to fundamentals, taking the extra base” and other multi cultural coach speak.

    I for one will not miss the spring training bunting contest.

    1. Kramden

      …. And which Cub manager since the College of Coaches hasn’t uttered those very things at their intro press conference?

      I’d be willing to bet that each of us on this blog will be able to mouth almost word for word what Renteria’s going to be saying.

      Cubs great organization – check!
      Epstein laying the groundwork for a young, exciting, talented team – check!
      Looking forward to helping these prospects become major leaguers – check!
      Look forward to working with Chris Bosio – Check!
      Uses advanced metrics but sometimes have to go with gut instinct – Check!
      Envisions the Cubs as an aggressive team that takes the extra base and is sound both defensively and fundamentally – Check!
      Has worked well w/Rizzo in SD and looks forward to helping him get to the next level – Check!
      Starlin Castro needs to go back to doing the things that made him an All-Star – Check!
      Loves the level of talent on the pitching staff – Check!
      Feels there’s no reason why the Cubs can’t compete for the post season next year -Check!
      Will be asked a question and respond by saying he’ll look into that -Check!

      What’d I miss?

      1. Patrick W.

        You missed the part where he actually says each of those things so you can check them off.

      2. DarthHater

        F*ck those f*ckin’ fans who come out here and say they’re Cub fans that are supposed to be behind you, rippin’ every f*ckin’ thing you do. – Check!

        they can kiss my f*ckin’ ass right downtown and PRINT IT. – Check!

        They’re really, really behind you around here…my f*ckin’ ass. – Check!

        The motherf*ckers don’t even work. That’s why they’re out at the f*ckin’ game. They oughta go out and get a f*ckin’ job and find out what it’s like to go out and earn a f*ckin’ living. Eighty-five percent of the f*ckin’ world is working. The other fifteen percent come out here. A f*ckin’ playground for the cocks*ckers. – Check!

        It’s unbelievable. It really is. It’s a disheartening f*ckin’ situation that we’re in right now. – Check!

        1. YourResidentJag

          Wow, I never knew the leader of the Imperial Forces used so much foul language. Funny, I don’t recall this in any of the Star Wars movies. The things you learn on Brett’s website.

  23. Kramden

    So glad to see Epstein maintain his (and the Cubs) dignity by not groveling to the Red Sox and basically telling them to go fuck themselves. Now they’re the ones who have to deal with Lovullo and an employee who may not be all that happy right now. Becoming a major league manager is one of the most exclusive jobs in the world since there are relatively so few and openings are even fewer. The Red Sox effectively used Lovullo as a pawn at his expense.

    Renteria’s got a dream job since there was no hype attached to his name, he doesn’t have a tough act to follow and hence there are no expectations for him to succeed.

    Good Luck Pal…. Let’s hope lightning strikes.

    1. forlines

      I certainly agree with the first paragraph. Glad the Red Sox beat the Cardinals, but they can go screw themselves. Hope Lovullo scoots ASAP.

      The 2nd part is a little iffy. While he doesn’t have the ‘hype’ attached to his name, i’m sure there are still lofty expectations placed on him. In fact, I have no doubt. Dale Sveum didn’t have the name recognition, but the expectations were surely still there. They will be there, no matter who Manages the Cubs until the ‘curse’ is broken.

  24. Joey

    Bruce Levine ‏@MLBBruceLevine
    Cubs pitching coach Chris Bosio also will return with a two year deal in hand .

  25. The Dude Abides

    So again, what’s his style sounds like most folks are on board with the hire so I imagine someone has a sense of what he’s like and what we should expect?

  26. Spoda17

    I know I am gunna get some flack… and I don’t necessary disagree with the hire, but too much is being made out of speaking “Spanish”… Spanish dialect is different all over the world… and what about the Koreans, the Japanese, the other nationalities we also have… Communication comes in many ways… leadership comes in many fashions… just because you are in charge, doesn’t mean you can lead…. just because you speak a language doesn’t mean you can communicate. Not that he can’t, he may be a great communicator and leader. But just because you are given a fishing pole, doesn’t mean you can fish.

    1. ssckelley

      Exactly! I would love to hear about Renteria’s baseball managing abilities, the languages he speaks is an after thought.

      1. Hansman

        I think the reason some folks are discussing it a lot is because that is all they really know about the guy and it’s easier to blab about than his actually history in baseball.

      2. Jim L

        Well maybe we can wait until Theo and Jed answer those questions instead of flying off the handle at what the media is speculating at this time before the press conference and the official word.

    2. Kramden

      No flack from me on that one….

      If the focus was on hiring a Latin manager who can relate to Latin players, it would’ve been so much easier to identify the best manager in the Mexican League and interview/hire that guy….

      Who would’ve been just as familiar to the rest of us as Renteria is.

      1. mjhurdle

        well, Renteria DID coach the Mexican World baseball Classic team…

    3. Amie

      I’m sure you didn’t pick this up, but getting a spanish speaking manager is one thing that Miguel Cabrera mentioned as being helpful for the Tigers for their new manager. You may think that isn’t important, but for those of us who are English speaking we may not understand how someone who spanish as their first language would. The Tigers clearly ignored his suggestion, which tells me they didn’t understand either. Communication is key, no matter what your job is, and while it’s easy to say it’s the other guy’s responsibility to learn our language, that’s isn’t as easy as you think, and it’s really everyone’s responsibility if you want players to feel included.

  27. Joey

    Gammons reports that the Cubs never officially ask for permission to interview Lovullo and adds this nugget:

    Cherington approached Lovullo, who indicated that he wasn’t certain what he wanted at this point in time; he also did not know the Cubs’ intentions. Cherington and Lovullo worked out a three year deal at a sizable raise, and that was that

  28. Spoda17

    Hopefully Theo and Jed looked for communication and leadership skills were the most important and bilingual was a bonus.

  29. MikeW

    Who’s he developed?

    1. The Dude

      Fair question

    2. Cub Fan Dan

      Im not a Rick Renteria expert, but the Padres have done pretty good developing Everth Cabrera, Will Venable, & Jedd Gyorko off the top of my head.

  30. Jason

    I wonder who Rick will have on his coaching staff?

    1. ssckelley

      Well they got a coach who can speak English in Bosio. So Renteria needs to find someone who can speak Japanese, Chinese, perhaps an Italian so Rizzo can feel comfortable.

      1. roz

        Now you’re just being dumb.

      2. TWC

        You gonna troll on all season long about this Spanish thing, Kelley?

        1. ssckelley

          Probably, this bilingual thing has me fired up.

          1. TWC

            Dude, until Theo or Jed are on record as saying “Our #1 priority was finding a Spanish-speaking manager,” you might be better off letting it go.

            In a list of Renteria’s attributes, his ability to speak Spanish is unquestionably a net positive, right? I mean, he didn’t meet with the FO for a day’s worth of Spanish tests.

            1. Jimmy james

              Agreed, from everything we were hearing he was the leader all along…..they kicked the tires on a couple other candidates, picked their brains…..the bilingual part would probably only be a tiebreaker when candidates were viewed as equal. I’m interested to see who will be on his staff.

            2. JB88

              This. Nails my thought on people droning on about the bilingual thing.

            3. ssckelley

              I will let it go once people stop acting like this is a main reason why they hired him.

              1. TWC

                No one is. That’s all in your head.

              2. mjhurdle

                no one but you is acting like this was the main reason they hired him.
                It is important, but obviously it isn’t the main thing. Everyone else gets that…

                1. TWC

                  “no one but you is acting like this was the main reason they hired him.”

                  No fracking kidding.

                  Kelley is taking a page out of BluBlud’s Guide To Bleacher Nation Commenting and running with it.

                  1. ssckelley

                    In my defense I was debating with roz until U2 jumped in.

                    1. TWC

                      Ah, the old “I’m having a public debate with someone in private” excuse. Gotcha.

                    2. DocPeterWimsey

                      I’m picturing Bono leaning backwards in the classic “PASSIONATE POWER BELLOW” pose while the Edge stoops for that classic “I’m reaching deep for this chord” pose……

                    3. ssckelley

                      Yeah dammit, some privacy plz!

                2. ssckelley

                  Great, then stop arguing with me.

                  1. Hansman

                    Damnit, you need to stop arguing first!

              3. MichiganGoat

                Who is focusing on his being bilingual as the number one reason?

                1. mjhurdle

                  apparently, all of us.

                2. ssckelley

                  Diamondrock, roz, and even WGN.

                  1. TWC

                    Nope. Diamondrock said it was “important”. You disagree. Swell. But he never said it was the most important reason. Neither did Roz.

                    You’ve really gone off the BluBlud deep end here.

                    1. ssckelley

                      How so?

              4. D.G.Lang

                It seems like YOU are the one who won’t let it go.

                You remind me of someone I know very well who simply can’t resist saying something bad about everyone. This person looks for the slightest thing and keeps harping on it.

                Anytime, anywhere, any chance to criticize, insult or character assassinate a person and they’re off.

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