boom goes the dynamiteAnd there you have it.

According to multiple – like, dozens – reports this evening, the Chicago Cubs will tomorrow introduce former San Diego Padres bench coach Rick Renteria as the newest manager of the team.

Renteria, 51, succeeds Dale Sveum, who was named manager just two years ago. He’ll inherit a young, developing team, and an extremely solid farm system that should start bearing fruit shortly. The focus in this search was player development, a particular strong suit for Renteria. I am very excited to see how his era begins.

The official announcement and press conference are expected tomorrow, at which time there should be a great deal more to discuss.

  • Jim Beam

    I feel like Renteria from what I read/heard from others seems like a better coaching candidate then as a manager… I think he’ll be great for developing young players especially with the young Latin players but I’m not sure if he’s going to be the guy when we are consistent playoff competitors in 3-4 years.

    I just think he’s a better coach then manager. I would have rather had a Brad Ausmus as the manager and Renteria as the bench coach. I know renteria would never possibly be the bench coach for the cubs because it would a horizontal job movement but I just think my gut tells me Ausmus would be a great manager who could be a great leader, presence and intellectual mind as a manager

    • Mike

      To me Ausmus will always be the link between two people in baseball I hated the most – Oswalt and Phil Garner.

  • Popeye

    Rick Renteria has managed in the minor leagues. Brad Ausmus has never managed anything. I have a hard time seeing any logic in putting him above Renteria.

  • TampaCubsFan35

    RENT DON’T BUY: Drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the first round of the 1980 draft, Renteria played in the majors for parts of five seasons and has been a coach with the Padres for six more seasons. In that time, he was on only one winning team, the 90-72 Padres in 2010.
    During his playing career, in games that he actually participated in, Renteria’s teams went 72-112. He played for some truly awful teams, including the expansion Florida Marlins. Not that the current Cubs need any mentoring. They know how to lose.
    The Padres were 451-521 in his coaching tenure there. That’s a .463 winning percentage. That would be a major step up for the Cubs. The only problem here is that Renteria’s losing has been in small markets. Losing in Chicago is a different animal. (That animal is a Cub.)…..#JonGreenberg

    Seems like will be looking for a new coach in a few years…..uuuughhhh!!!!!

    • YourResidentJag

      That article–total smear campaign. What a piece of crap. Thanks Greenberg. Sullivan would have been proud.

    • bbmoney

      That article is pathetic. Guy hasn’t even started yet. Who freaking cares what his record was when he was a player. He hasn’t even been announced yet. What a load of crap. Greenberg should be embarrassed.

      • Brains

        Wow it’s as though Brains wrote this article. And like 500,000 other people who actually care about what happens to team, not the PR statements they read in advertisements. Present basement dwellers excluded, of course.

        • Brett

          Quite a hiatus you took, eh?

          • Jamie

            LOL…was wondering who’d be the first to chime in.

          • Brains

            lol, ok back on hiatus.

  • http://Permalink papad1945

    Plain and simple. “This sucks”

  • http://Permalink papad1945

    I can’t believe this was the best Theo could do. Trade Theo back to Boston for There GM..

    • Jamie

      Good grief! Give Theo and Renteria both a chance. Last I checked, Casey Stengel and John McGraw weren’t available for an interview. Anyone who thought that the Cubs would be champions by 2014 was smoking crack. Anyone who thinks now that they’ll be champions by 2015 is smoking crack. I suggest we all give them a chance and see how the train progresses. Patience. Breathe. Be objective and observe the progress. There are multiple reasons why Theo et. al. are in their positions, and you and I are pushing a keyboard.

      • J.L.

        Well said.

  • Spoda17

    Jon Greenberg is such a tool… he sounds like a whinny 12-yearold

  • Fishin Phil

    If it’s all the same to you folks, I think I’ll give Renteria a chance before calling this a dismal failure.

    • Brains

      I agree, I welcome him to Chicago and hope for the best. The ownership and FO may not wan to, or care about winning in the near future, but you always embrace your own. And he’s part of the team now.

    • Hansman

      Comeon, it’s the Cubs way. Hate everything until you have no other choice but to double down on the hate.

      • Die hard

        Quoting Churchill now? Intellectual commentary always welcome

  • cking6178

    I would have preferred to get somebody in here that has been part of a winning culture, Martinez or Lovullo (such a shame the RS decided to be Delta Bravo’s about him), but I am reserving judgement until we get a solid sample size to see what kind of in game baseball decisions he makes.

  • Die hard

    He will be the highest paid nanny in Chicago hired to keep all the kiddies in line making sure eat their veggies and plenty of sleep- changing diapers not included

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  • Voice of Reason

    I don’t like the hire and feel it wasn’t necessary. Sveum would have been just fine as we keep working in developing the kids.
    Now, the kids have another new manager who will have different philosophies. You can say sveum wasn’t developing the kids, but the front office needs to bring consistency to the organization, too. This is not consistency. Three managers in three years.
    And, renteria will be shown the door when this team is ready to compete.
    So, why did they fire sveum? Cause they wanted girardi. Whoops!

    • Die hard

      But then would have nothing new to rant about– good for business

  • josh ruiter

    Despite the smear campaign from Greenberg, it appears to me, after minimal research that he took the Marlins minor league club from worst to first in three years. He did similar work with the Padres Minor league team winning the division in 05 after they had been bad before his arrival, and did a good enough job in one year at AAA to get a promotion to the big league bench.
    Further reasons to love Renteria:
    1. He shares a birthday with Jesus – God wants us to win now
    2. He is a sabr guy who fits the mold the FO wants to play into
    3. He has been able to develop and get the most out of a cast of characters that was subpar in San Diego
    4. His nickname is “the Secret Weapon”
    So what we have here is a secret weapon who is on God’s side that fits the mental makeup and approach to baseball that has proven to win recently with a knack for maximizing talent in his players. YAY! – rumor has it he also loves hot dogs, apple pie and chevrolet – hey, he’s a baseball guy!