Obsessive New Manager Watch: More Indications That It’s Renteria

rick renteria padresA couple more data points on the Chicago Cubs’ managerial search this afternoon …

Ken Rosenthal reports, in support of Peter Gammons’ earlier report, that “all signs point to [Rick] Renteria” getting the Cubs’ job tomorrow. The Score’s Matt Abbatacola gets more specific, saying that he’s heard now from a couple sources on the Padres’ side that Renteria is getting the Cubs’ job. Abbatacola goes on to say that the primary reason for the delay in hiring Renteria, who has long been seen as the favorite, was his hip surgery. That put him out of commission for a while, and I suppose I could see why the Cubs would want to wait until they could bring Renteria to Chicago for a formal introduction.

… that said, if it were always, definitely Renteria all along, and the wait was just about his surgery, why the Torey Lovullo dance?

I suspect the Cubs have been keen on Renteria for a while, and maybe the surgery did complicate things. But with Joe Girardi returning to New York, and maybe a sense that Renteria’s preference was to come to the Cubs, too, the front office could take its time and be very deliberate with their choice. I expect that they did just that, taking their time fully vetting every candidate, and coming back time and time again to Renteria. That doesn’t make him a fall-back option. It makes him a very carefully, deliberately-selected option.

We’ll see if that’s the case tomorrow, when it’s expected that Renteria will be named the new Cubs manager.

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94 responses to “Obsessive New Manager Watch: More Indications That It’s Renteria”

  1. Fishin Phil

    “… that said, if it were always, definitely Renteria all along, and the wait was just about his surgery, why the Torey Lovullo dance?”

    Theo just wanted to screw with brygo.

    1. Funn Dave


    2. MichiganGoat

      And give Blackhawks the time to say the same thing 10,000 times

  2. Eric

    That could be why Renteria wasn’t hired by anyone else, if he was already told by the Cubs that it’s his job.

    The Lovullo dance was never actually confirmed by the Cubs or Sox.

    1. YourResidentJag

      There are reports that the Cubs waited out Renteria’s hip surgery so that he could be available for the presser. Meanwhile, the Girardi thing did come into play, complicating things.

      1. YourResidentJag

        Which is what I see above…if only I would stop and read.

  3. mdavis

    I was on the Lovullo bandwago, but Renteria (it seems) is the guy. Here’s go hoping all those qualities people have praised him on brings a lot of success!

  4. Terry

    The Red Sox are totally classless for not letting the Cubs talk to Lovullo. If I were him I would tell them I quit.

  5. OregonCubsFan


  6. Satch Dobrey

    I am underwhelmed. Would prefer a manager who looks like he’s in shape. Not Sveum and not RR. Remember, this is the guy you want to lead this team to a World Series. Fat chance.

    1. Fishin Phil

      Why? Is he going to pinch run or something?

    2. YourResidentJag

      Heh? How do you know the hip problem has anything to do with weight? Please cites some sources here?

    3. Voice of Reason

      A manager who is in shape?

      Is that because the pitching staff sucks and it will speed up the game if the manager can run to the.mound for all those visits each game?

      1. Voice of Reason

        Quite frankly I’d like a manager who has a full head of hair.

        1. jt

          Quite frankly…. a hairy fat guy?
          Bring back Herman Franks

    4. Eric


    5. DarthHater

      Santa Claus hates you.

      1. kscubfan

        This one made me laugh, needed it thanks.

      2. Turn Two

        this was pretty funny

    6. TWC

      “…prefer a manager who looks like he’s in shape.”

      “Looks like” he’s in shape. Who cares if he’s actually in shape, but as long as he looks that way.

      What a prick.

      1. MichiganGoat

        Going to be a long winter.

        1. Eric

          And now you know why I only add one or two comments a day here.

          1. MichiganGoat

            I’m almost there but goats have a history of making trolls look stupid.

        2. Soda Popinski

          You said it, Goat.

    7. Funn Dave

      Just as long as his wife is in shape….

      TOTALLY kidding. Of course nobody’s weight should play any part in a managerial hiring process.

      1. MichiganGoat

        Thankfully we have laws in place that prevent asshats like this from discriminating because of looks, gender, race, or disabilities. I’m guessing I shouldn’t have my job since I have MS and need a cane sometimes… a cane I’d gladly smack an idiot with.

        1. Pat

          I’m fairly certain that looks are not covered by EEOC guidelines.

          1. MichiganGoat

            Well by looks I meant obscenity and according to EEOC obscenity is a disability http://www.diversityinc.com/diversity-and-inclusion/obesity-is-a-disability-says-eeoc/

            1. Pat

              I stand corrected. I work with EEOC compliance indirectly and I hadn’t seen that one. My guess is since obesity is subjective in nature (you don’t weigh someone at a job interview), it becomes far more difficult to assess disparate impact.

              1. MichiganGoat

                Which is why I think it becomes more about looks, I’m sure it tough to prove but at least we have laws in place to help ensure we are hired for our skills.

        2. Brian Peters

          May I borrow it from time to time, Goat?

          1. MichiganGoat

            I’ve got three one is a yours buddy ;)

          2. MichiganGoat

            And all I want is one with a sword build ino

            1. Brian Peters

              LOL!!! I know some ex-cons…I’m sure they could put something together for you! JUST KIDDING!!!!

              1. MichiganGoat

                Well I am interview for a job at a state prison to teach GED and Life Skill classes so I’m sure I can figure something out.

    8. ari gold

      It’s gotta be sarcasm. Unfortunately it’s a good bet it’s not

  7. EQ76

    doesn’t really matter who the new skipper is as long as he’s managing a AAAA team.. maybe we can get some MLB caliber talent to go along with a new manager.

  8. Satch Dobrey

    Just look at the guy. Maybe that’s an old picture and he’s lost weight. I still say, fat chance.

    1. YourResidentJag

      Right because needing a hip replacement totally has to be weight related. It has nothing to with say…having a disabling condition that causes hip dysplasia where one needs a replacement for better mobility. Now, I’m not at all saying RR has this condition, but it certainly doesn’t correlate with directly with weigh. So, just keep up the silly comments there, Satchie boy.

      1. Fishin Phil

        I have no idea what either mobility or weight has to do with managerial ability.

        1. YourResidentJag

          It doesn’t. Neither does accusing someone of having a problem that impedes performance because of the misconception they’re overweight.

          1. YourResidentJag

            Also it would be nice if he could move around the dugout without possible pain??? I know this doesn’t affect his managerial abilities but….

        2. DarthHater

          Suppose he hasn’t got enough hip mobility to kick dirt on the umpire! Then what are we gonna do?

          1. YourResidentJag

            Well, if he’s too fat to get out there in the first place, I would guess this precludes his ability to kick dirt. :)

      2. Funn Dave

        I’m not agreeing with Satch at all, but I’m not seeing anywhere where he made a link between the hip and weight issues….

        1. MichiganGoat

          True but I’m sure he thinks his bad hip will hinder his ability to manager… unless he’s had an “other Berry” bionic hip replacement.

          1. YourResidentJag

            So you’re saying there’s an implied connection.

            1. MichiganGoat

              Possibility or I’ve just come to believe haters going hate.

        2. YourResidentJag


          1. Funn Dave

            Yes really. He said: I am underwhelmed. Would prefer a manager who looks like he’s in shape. Not Sveum and not RR. Remember, this is the guy you want to lead this team to a World Series. Fat chance.

            You said: Heh? How do you know the hip problem has anything to do with weight? Please cites some sources here?

            Unless he made an earlier comment that I missed, you’re the one who made the connection.

            1. YourResidentJag

              So, coming off hip surgery with some condescension that his weight is an issue…and I’m not supposed to make the connection? And how do you that he doesn’t know about Renteria’s hip problem?

            2. hansman

              “Would prefer a manager who looks like he’s in shape. Not Sveum”

              Sveum looked like he was rather svelte

    2. Eric

      Your comments are worthless.

    3. DarthHater


    4. cavemencubbie

      Prince Fielder for manager!

    5. Stogie

      Let’s see: Bobby Cox was hardly a stick figure, and he is on the all time wins list.

  9. Brian Peters

    A limited few on here are the kinds of people Cards fans refer to when they say Cubs fans are stupid.

  10. Frank

    Lasorta was fat and he did ok. I like almost everything I’ve heard about rick. He seems like what this team needs.

  11. Webb

    Quick! Most successful Rick’s in history??

    I’ll kick it off with a baseball name (REAL baseball)

    Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn

    1. Greenroom

      Ricky Henderson~

    2. DarthHater


    3. Cleanup Poster

      Rick Astley

    4. mjhurdle

      Rick JAMES!

    5. Luke

      Branch Rickey

    6. MichiganGoat

      Seriously how can any of you ignore the obvious answer:

    7. Eric

      Rick Reuschel
      Rick Ferrell

    8. Eric

      Rick Ankiel
      Rick Monday

  12. Voice of Reason

    Rickey Henderson

    Best offensive player in baseball history.

  13. Joker


    Great playing career. First pinch hit in Marlins’ history. I’m down.

    (No seriously, why not? Seems like he can do the job)

    1. ari gold

      Renteria only hit 4 homers in his career? With the amount of power hitters we have coming up, I think we need someone that can relate to the better :)

      1. ssckelley

        I think Rob Deer is still available as a hitting coach.

        1. YourResidentJag

          I wonder– how fat is he?

      2. cubfanincardinalland

        Tony LaGenius had 35 hits and a career .199 batting average. He won 2,728 games as a manager.
        Ted Williams had a career .344 average and a career 1.116 OPS(how is that freaking possible?) As a manager he had a career .429 winning percentage, including a 54-100 record his last season with Texas. Go figure?

  14. Jon

    If he’s got a bad hip the Cubs should get discount on the contract.

  15. Senor Cub

    The new coach whoever it is will not be here when the Cubs begin to seriously compete in 2017 so it doesn’t really matter who it is. Just another front person to keep the seat warm. C’mon I’m not blind, I can see what’s going on here.

    1. YourResidentJag

      So, when did Theo tell you this? Please share. :)

  16. Spoda17

    At least the media took the charge of the Red Sox are jerkoffs by refusing to let the Cubs interview Lovullo…

  17. The Dude Abides

    Brett, sounds like it’s Renteria after a long, deliberate and exhaustive search. It sounds like you vetted out the candidates and predicted correctly. What’s his style, who’s he remind you of that is out there today managing? What do we have to look forward to? Thanks

  18. Funn Dave

    Okay, we know Rosenthal thinks it’ll be Renteria…but what does Blackhawk think?

    1. MichiganGoat

      Just hire him already, Renteria will be the next manager.

  19. Crazyhorse

    Translator seems to be his best quality. It is what it is a hire. I am not upset nor thrilled. I am sure he is a hard worker and a talented communicator. I doubt he will embarrass the team and will do what is asked to Obey and follow directions.

    1. YourResidentJag

      In other words, he’ll be a dutiful Mexican. Sheesh.

      1. Crazyhorse

        Actually his race never came into question – My last name is Morales

        1. YourResidentJag

          Well, that’s a start.

    2. college_of_coaches

      Great, maybe he can translate this post into intelligible English.

      1. MichiganGoat

        Nicely done, take a bow.

  20. J.L.

    I just saw an interview with Renteria on YouTube. He mentioned Cubs first baseman Mike Rizzo.

    Other than that, he seems smart.

    1. J.L.

      Apparently I can’t do italics…

      1. Danny Ballgame

        At least it wasn’t Frank Rizzo from the Jerky Boys.

  21. North Side Irish

    Peter Gammons ‏@pgammo 46s
    When Rick Renteria is f9rmally the Cubs manager Thursday, believe this:once Joe Grirardi was out, he was going to be the guy. Period.

    Doesn’t mean what it used to when Gammons reports something…but at least it’s got (mostly) full words instead of just random letters.

  22. Eric

    I’m excited for Renteria. He seems like a 1st Class guy and I’m anxious to see who he picks for his coaches.

  23. Ivy Walls

    November 6, 2013
    Rick Renteria to be named Cubs manager
    Rick Renteria, who served the last two seasons as bench coach for the San Diego Padres, will be named Thursday to succeed the fired Dale Sveum as Chicago Cubs manager, the Tribune confirmed.

  24. Mr. Gonzo

    While I’m late for the party, i think it’s still worth mentioning a thought I had about the drawn out process, and lovullo dance. With portions of the fan base getting restless with the rebuild, it is important that the Cubs can control the story lines of the offseason in the media as much as they possibly can. Drawing out the managerial search steered the media and kept the main conversation on the search. Rather than saying Renteria is the guy on Monday, and then let the media, forums and fan base stew on the lack of FA action and winning this year for a week leading up to the meetings next Monday. Friday’s storyline will be the press conference and then everyone will turn to football this weekend. Pro PR move. I’m not saying this is WHY they did it, but it was probably mentioned by their PR department at some point. Obviously this conversation has been over for hours now. I’ll just talk to my drink.

    1. Mr. Gonzo

      *thursday’s press conference. Damn i wish tomorrow was Friday.

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