rick renteria padresThe Chicago Cubs could finally have a new manager any day now …

  • It seems that anyone willing to do some prognosticating about the Cubs’ managerial gig at this point is predicting that San Diego Padres’ bench coach Rick Renteria will be getting the job in short order. Jon Heyman seems to think so, Mark Gonzalez suggests it, Bruce Levine guesses it, and I could go on. Are all inside sources actually saying the same things, or is this a kind of feedback loop? Probably a bit of both, but I tend not to bet against the tide.
  • We’ve yet to hear a bad word about Renteria, who is presumably merely caught up in an extremely thorough search and evaluation process (as opposed to being the subject of a great deal of hemming and hawing). It’s amazing to think about how relatively zippy the last search was.
  • Peter Gammons, who also names Renteria the favorite, reports that a decision will be made today and announced tomorrow. We shall see.
  • As for the Torey Lovullo stuff, it seems increasingly unlikely that the Cubs will get their shot at interviewing him. It’s probably got to be today or bust, and it’s going to take a change of heart from the Red Sox’s top brass. I’m not alone in ranting about the Red Sox’s twisted position on prohibiting Lovullo from interviewing. Jesse Rogers says the Red Sox are setting a very bad precedent, and Gordon Wittenmyer correctly points out that the entity the Red Sox are screwing more than any other is not the Cubs, it’s Lovullo. The Cubs have other good options – indeed, they may prefer Renteria over all others – but Lovullo might have only this one shot of convincing a team like the Cubs to hire him as manager. And the Red Sox are preventing that for questionable reasons.
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  • http://what? brygo

    Peter Gammons with the real story. Read it and weep saps.

    Thursday the Cubs will introduce their new manager, probably Rick Renteria, and be faced with this embarrassing scenario: the first question is “are you disappointed you didn’t get to interview Torey Lovullo.” And on Renteria’s day, the story becomes Lovullo.

    The three year window agreed upon by the Red Sox and Cubs when Theo Epstein went to Chicago remains in place. Now, had Epstein called Ben Cherington when he began his search for a manager and indicated Lovullo was one of his top choices, Cherington would have at least tried to see if the wounds between Red Sox ownership and their former general manager had abated enough to at least get a sympathetic ear.

    But the Cubs did not call. Cherington approached Lovullo, who indicated that he wasn’t certain what he wanted at this point in time; he also did not know the Cubs’ intentions. Cherington and Lovullo worked out a three year deal at a sizable raise, and that was that. But by the sixth and clinching game of the World Series, the Red Sox general manager was dealing with those questions, and now the chasm between ownership and its insecurities and Epstein has likely widened.

    Epstein made it clear Tuesday night that he wanted to move on, and so did Cherington Wednesday afternoon. “When relationships devolve there are issues that eventually have to be resolved,” says Cherington. “I hope somehow this works out, and that this is just a bump in the process.”

    • Stinky Pete

      Really? With the name calling? Ugh. How boorish…

    • BT

      Please explain to us again how you aren’t a troll. It’s endlessly entertaining.

  • http://what? brygo

    Nice deflection Pete. The bottom line, according to a Hall of Fame baseball writer is that the Cubs never called. Its that simple. And he is right, Renteria’s presser will be circus like with overtones of “whats it like to be second choice”

    • BT

      The bottom line is when the season starts, the Cubs will, in all likelihood end up with the guy they wanted. And you will still be a troll. And the Red Sox ownership will still be looked at by everyone on the planet (with the exception of fanboys like you) as insecure basket cases.

    • YourResidentJag

      Or Renteria’s presser will be they had time to be thorough and waited on Girardi’s decision while doing so….