chris bosioIn case you were concerned about the status of pitching coach Chris Bosio – a reasonable position following the departure of relatively beloved coach Dave McKay – never fear. Bruce Levine reports that Bosio will indeed be returning next year with a fresh, two-year contract.

It’s always hard to pin down, precisely, the contributions of a particular coach, and we’ve got a limited view as fans, it has looked from the outside like Bosio has been a wild success. Whether it was Jeff Samardzija’s successful conversion to the rotation or Travis Wood’s emergence as a legitimate mid-rotation candidate or Scott Feldman’s breakout last year, pitchers seem to have blossomed under Bosio. You’ll never get 100% success, obviously, but even with a “failure” like Edwin Jackson, I see a whole lot in the peripherals that tell me he was being schooled as the year went on. (I think we’re going to see a great year in 2014 from Jackson, and I think it’s going to be largely a credit to Bosio and his emphasis on getting groundballs.)

Although I’m pleased to see Bosio returning, there is an interesting dynamic at work here. When Dale Sveum took over as manager under this front office, he was able to identify most of his own staff. The most notable holdover from the previous coaching staff, of course, was hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo. You’ll recall that Jaramillo was a big money signing (as far as coaches go) from the Rangers, and was well-liked at the time Sveum was hired. By June, Jaramillo was fired.

Am I saying that’s what will happen to Bosio? Of course not. In fact, I tend to think the disconnect with Jaramillo had less to do with him not being selected by Sveum, and more to do with him not being selected by the front office. In Bosio’s case, they were around when he was hired. I just think it’s interesting when you have coaching staff decisions that are made, ostensibly, separately from the managerial decision. Hopefully Bosio and Renteria are familiar with each other and can work together well.

  • ETS

    Bosio has been a success. As was Rothschild. I guess we have been able to have really good pitching coaches more years than not.

    • MightyBear

      I think Rothschild was terrible.

  • Fishin Phil

    Happy to Bosio stick around.

  • Jon

    Firing Jaramilo was a mistake.

    • ETS

      Hiring Jaramilo was a mistake.

      You were off by a letter.

      • Jon

        Was it Jarmilo that ruined Castro? No, that was the two flunkies that hired afterwards that got in his head.

        • ETS

          I find it hard to justify any hitting coach making what he made and would have to see some pretty telling analysis that he improved the team that much before I say that was a good hire. He wasn’t around in 08 when we led the NL in just about all offensive categories.

          • Jon

            At worst he (Jarmillo)was a decent, middle of the road hitting coach.

            Rowsen and Deer suck. There is a direct correlation to their presence and Castro’s downfall, and the front office even admitted tinkering with his approach screwed him up.

  • hansman

    I think it was less that the FO was comfortable with him and more that Renteria was comfortable with him. Not sure if they have ever worked together before but I am sure Rick saw the same things we are seeing and Bosio got a recommendation from the FO.

    • Fishin Phil

      This is my guess as well.

      • Ron

        I would think that would have been a question in the interview.

  • macpete22

    Curious to see who else joins the coaching staff. Heard Dave Roberts, Cora and Blanco as possibilities

    • Hookers or Cake

      I’d love to see Blanco. He looked to be a good mentor and teacher to Soto during his ROY

      • macpete22

        Me too. Could really help Castillo too

  • papabear

    I was looking at how much the cubs have to spend on FA the winter – Dejesus getting his contract picked up saves the Cubs 1.5 mil ( i think). So the cubs will have an estimated 72.5 mil in contracts for 2014. I have read the estimate in 74mil before the Dejesus contract being picked up from 4 or 5 articals. Last year the cubs spent 107 mil on payroll.

    Is anyone hearing anything else – estimated spending for rest of the roster would be 25 – 35 mil if payroll stays the same.

    • Jim

      Does this include an estimate on what arbitration eligible players will get? If the payroll sits around $100 million then that really allows for one high impact player and maybe a couple of smaller pieces. Some trades could change those amounts.

      • Kyle

        Yes. We’re in the low $70s after arbitration estimates. Although you have to think there’ll be at least one or two non-tenders to lower than a bit.

        • MightyBear

          I think the payroll should go up due to the mlb tv contract money. If it doesn’t, Im with Kyle. Ricketts is lying to us that all the money is going into the baseball organization. Nowhere else to spend it.

    • Zogie

      Its between 70-75M right now. All depends on the new league minimum and arbitration cases. So the Cubs will be somewhat active in Free agents. Maybe one big sign like last year and a few soft signs. But acquiring talent through trade looks like a greater possibility.

    • Kyle

      Two big problems with that

      1) We don’t know that the payroll is staying the same. There’s been at least one report of it going down a bit, and that’s not a bad bet considering it’s been going down steadily for awhile now.

      2) We actually spent around $95m in payroll last season. The $107m is often listed, but that’s not including the money we saved by trading players mideseason.

  • Tony_S

    I’m hoping this was discussed previously, and now that the mgr hire is complete, they can say “Ok, he said he was good with Bosio, so now we can extend him”

  • Kramden

    Bosio was the one coach whose success was apparent and pretty dramatic.

    Very happy that he’s been rewarded.

  • YourResidentJag

    Well, this is a solid move.

  • mdavis

    I think Cora (either of them) would be a nice pick, Blanco as a bullpen coach, and I’d like to see a guy with manager experience on the bench with Renteria. Wedge? Acta? Riggleman? Idk, just throwing some names. Or maybe even a guy like Alomar…since he was made 1st base coach in Cleveland, bench coach in Chicago is a promotion, isnt it?

  • YourResidentJag
  • Blackhawks1963

    Good to see Bosio back. He seems to be a good pitching coach who can work effectively with both established veterans and young pitchers. He’s got his hands full with the Cubs.

  • Idaho Razorback

    Bosio will be the most important signing this off season.

  • Cubfan Budman

    Okay I know he just left but what about McKay as bench coach… a lateral move

  • Funn Dave

    YES! This to me seems like bigger news than the end of the manager search, somehow. Bosio did great work and I’m heartened to know that our FO knows when to keep ’em and when to let ’em go.

  • Dan

    Look for Dave Winfield to be a member of the staff

    • MichiganGoat

      Isn’t he a special assistant, VP, or such with the Padres? Not sure he wants to coach.

  • N8theGr8

    The Boz man returneth!

  • Canadian Cubs Fan

    Brett, did you really say you’re expecting a great year from Jackson in 2014? If you had said “serviceable” or “slightly better than shitty”, I might have agreed.

    Glad they kept Bosio!!

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  • Anthony Martini

    Hitting coaches never get credit or paid for what they do well. Many of you state that Jarmilo shouldn’t have gotten paid that much. Probably the same people who wouldn’t have paid the greatest hitting coach of all time, Charlie Lau ! They never look good or are valued when you have them, it’s after they leave that they are given the respect they deserve. Pitching coaches too !

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