rick renteria padresNo last minute snags, or changes, or confusion in the hiring of Rick Renteria as the Cubs’ new manager. It doesn’t look like there will be a press conference (I think Renteria may yet be unable to travel after his hip surgery), but there is an official press release:

CHICAGO – The Chicago Cubs today named Rick Renteria the 53rd manager in franchise history, agreeing to terms on a three-year contract with club options for the 2017 and 2018 campaigns. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The 51-year-old Renteria joins the Cubs with 30 years of professional baseball experience, including the last six years as the bench coach (2011-13) and first base coach (2008-10) with the San Diego Padres. Renteria also brings with him eight years of experience as a minor league manager in the Padres and Marlins farm systems after a 13-year professional playing career that included all or part of five major league campaigns with the Pirates (1986), Mariners (1987-88) and Marlins (1993-94).

Prior to the 2013 season, Renteria served as manager for Team Mexico that went 1-2 in the World Baseball Classic in Pool D competition against the United States, Canada and Italy.

Upon retiring as a player, Renteria began his professional managerial career in 1998 at Brevard County, the Single-A affiliate for the Marlins, before being named the 1999 Midwest League Manager of the Year after leading Single-A Kane County to a league-best 78-59 record. He spent his final two seasons in the Marlins chain with Double-A Portland before joining the Padres organization in 2003 as a coach with Single-A Lake Elsinore, where he would eventually manage for three seasons from 2004-06.

Renteria was promoted to manager of Triple-A Portland in 2007 before joining the Padres major league coaching staff in 2008, serving as first base coach before moving to bench coach in 2011.

Originally selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the first round of the 1980 draft, Renteria was a career .237 hitter with 20 doubles, four home runs and 41 RBI in 184 major league contests. Renteria primarily played second base and third base in the majors while also seeing some time at shortstop and left field.

Renteria is a native of Harbor City, Calif., and resides with his wife, Ilene, in Temecula, Calif. They have four children: sons Joseph, Michael and Anthony and daughter Alexandria.

I love saying Temecula.

Welcome to Renteria (to whom I may start referring as “RR,” because I like it), and best of luck in the continued positive progression of the Cubs organization. Most of the work falls on the front office in the near-term, but an uptick in wins in 2014 probably wouldn’t be a bad start.

Oh, and growing a totally boss mustache.

  • jt

    I figure that TheoJed figure they can work with the guy. That is to say he understands what they want done and can contribute in a meaningful and articulate way as to what should be done. Further, I figure that they figure that he can get that across in a meaningful and respectfully authoritative way to the players.
    I figure that is their call and I respect that.

  • Tony_S

    So about the conference call (Muskat’s highlights):

    Basically, people first, players are people who happen to play baseball.
    – I REALLY like this mindset, I think you eliminate some of the “day game” and extraneous BS that drags a team down when you take this stance on things

    Very positive, any team can win any given day
    – I like his optimism, but I sure hope he still has that outlook in a few years. I can’t help but think (love them or hate them), how much older and more tired Baker, and even more so Piniella looked after they’d been in the Friendly Confines for a few years

    The fans appreciate the team going out and fighting every day
    – I appreciate this as a fan, I think that’s fairly remarkable insight from a new guy in the organization, and it doesn’t sound like pre-canned filler (unless maybe TheoJed told him to say it, but even if that were true, at least they’re getting the idea)

    Here’s the link: http://muskat.mlblogs.com/2013/11/07/117-renteria-we-have-a-chance-to-win/

    And I’m sure someone smarter than me (Brett……) is doing a real write-up now…

    • MichiganGoat

      Those are nice but quite cookie cutter responses that should be expected.

    • Kramden



      and Check!

      Well what the hell did you expect him to say??

      These are the same things said in a kinder and gentler way that all former Cub managers have said when they were introduced to the media.

      For once I’d love for a new manager to come out and say “I don’t know about the rest of you, but i’m freaking sick of all this losing already and if I have to bash some heads in order to get these guys to concentrate during a 3 hour stretch once a day to try to win some games for once, by golly that’s what I’m going to do!”

      • Tony_S

        Sure, but what I think is someone THAT invested in the players will take it personally when they inevitably screw up. Now, as long as he can harness that emotion/energy and direct and employ it as he sees fit, he can (figuratively) crack skulls when needed without being a raving lunatic.

        This is what I’m envisioning in my happy place… That, and results…

        • Kramden

          Okay Tony…..

          Time to take the needle out of your arm and face reality like the rest of us!

          As much as we like to believe Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy exist, I hate to be the one breaking it to you (especially on a Cub Blog in cyberspace no less)….. But they really don’t

      • http://www.hookersorcake.com hookersorcake

        Didn’t we already have a “by golly”?

  • GK

    What are the chances we also get Hinch?

    • Kramden

      I think we’ll all get mono before we get Hinch

      • Tony_S

        Totally disagree, I’d damn near call it a foregone conclusion, unless Towers (it’s still KT in San Diego, right?) balks

        • Kramden

          The way Epstein & Hoyer have been pillaging Boston and S.D., the only thing left to do would be to change the name from the Chicago Cubs to the Chicago Red Padres.

        • MichiganGoat

          Hasn’t been Towers in SD since 2009 he’s now in AZ.

          • Tony_S

            Yeah, Byrnes, that’s who I meant…

            …Shut up, Richard.

  • Cheese Chad

    Are you participating in Movember, sir?

  • cubfanincardinalland

    Nice commentary article by Evan Altman for Yahoo today on the hiring. In discussing the bilingual nature of Renteria, he says this about Sveum. “While his predecessor had only a tentative grasp of the English language, Renteria is bilingual”.

    • Kramden

      That WAS pretty rough.

      If someone wrote that about me I’d be forever crushed and never step outdoors again.

  • Brian Peters

    My God, this crowd is a hating crowd. Give the guy a freaking chance.

  • Tazman

    I just finished listening to Ricky Renteria’s radio Interview with Dave Kaplan on WGN’s website. Based totally on the interview RR seems to have the right ideas and plans, time will tell if his actions are as good as his words, also based on reading articles in various places, RR is well liked and knows what he is doing…. I think the Cubs will be better with him.

    Go Cubs

  • DCF

    I wish I could get excited about the new manager, but I just can’t stop myself from thinking that it doesn’t matter anyway. The big rebuild will continue in 2014 and it will be TheoJed calling the shots, for better or for worse. Except for some small talk with the players( and that even in spanish!), I fail to see what the “manager” can REALLY add to that.

    • Brian Peters

      Then choose to be jaded. Let’s all open ourselves to the scrutiny this man is facing. The ones who have been the harshest critics would fall away like dirt.

  • AnkenyHawk

    My only question since Dale was let go: will the new manager carry on with the “Third Annual Bunt Tournament” in Spring Training?

    • http://www.facebook.com/anotherspacesong Bret Epic

      He said if the players want to, he is willing to continue with the bunting contest. Kaplan asked him last night during his interview.

  • cking6178

    Since he’s a statistics/sabermetrics guy, I vote we dub him “r-squared”…

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

      Well played.