rick renteria padresNo last minute snags, or changes, or confusion in the hiring of Rick Renteria as the Cubs’ new manager. It doesn’t look like there will be a press conference (I think Renteria may yet be unable to travel after his hip surgery), but there is an official press release:

CHICAGO – The Chicago Cubs today named Rick Renteria the 53rd manager in franchise history, agreeing to terms on a three-year contract with club options for the 2017 and 2018 campaigns. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The 51-year-old Renteria joins the Cubs with 30 years of professional baseball experience, including the last six years as the bench coach (2011-13) and first base coach (2008-10) with the San Diego Padres. Renteria also brings with him eight years of experience as a minor league manager in the Padres and Marlins farm systems after a 13-year professional playing career that included all or part of five major league campaigns with the Pirates (1986), Mariners (1987-88) and Marlins (1993-94).

Prior to the 2013 season, Renteria served as manager for Team Mexico that went 1-2 in the World Baseball Classic in Pool D competition against the United States, Canada and Italy.

Upon retiring as a player, Renteria began his professional managerial career in 1998 at Brevard County, the Single-A affiliate for the Marlins, before being named the 1999 Midwest League Manager of the Year after leading Single-A Kane County to a league-best 78-59 record. He spent his final two seasons in the Marlins chain with Double-A Portland before joining the Padres organization in 2003 as a coach with Single-A Lake Elsinore, where he would eventually manage for three seasons from 2004-06.

Renteria was promoted to manager of Triple-A Portland in 2007 before joining the Padres major league coaching staff in 2008, serving as first base coach before moving to bench coach in 2011.

Originally selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the first round of the 1980 draft, Renteria was a career .237 hitter with 20 doubles, four home runs and 41 RBI in 184 major league contests. Renteria primarily played second base and third base in the majors while also seeing some time at shortstop and left field.

Renteria is a native of Harbor City, Calif., and resides with his wife, Ilene, in Temecula, Calif. They have four children: sons Joseph, Michael and Anthony and daughter Alexandria.

I love saying Temecula.

Welcome to Renteria (to whom I may start referring as “RR,” because I like it), and best of luck in the continued positive progression of the Cubs organization. Most of the work falls on the front office in the near-term, but an uptick in wins in 2014 probably wouldn’t be a bad start.

Oh, and growing a totally boss mustache.

  • jayrig5

    Please don’t bunt a lot. Thanks in advance.

  • Fishin Phil

    Bienvenido Senor Renteria!

  • Edwin

    I’m starting to think the Cubs might go with Renteria as manager.

  • Ben

    And act like you’re glad to be here (unlike your too cool predecessor).

  • EQ76

    I grew up close to Temecula.. our rival school was in Temecula.. hated that town.

    • auggie55

      My best friend moved to Temecula from San Diego. After 2 years of fighting traffic, he moved back to San Diego.

  • Edwin

    A quick Bio of RR: RR is a guy. He’s done a lot of baseball things, most recently for the Padres. Now hopefully he can do good baseball things for the Cubs.

    I’m pretty sure that covers it.

  • Cubz99

    The Cubs hired the bench coach of a team that couldn’t go over .500 more than once over the last six year? I guess this means the Cubs plan to vie for more high draft picks for the next couple of year. This team is a mess.

    • Fishin Phil

      Then perhaps you should change your allegiance to St. Louis or Boston and go hang out on their boards.

    • Mr. Gonzo

      Your attitude and grammar are a mess. That’s why.

    • J.L.

      Your logic is impeccable.

    • another JP

      Like the bench coach is the reason why the Padres haven’t been over .500 the past six years. Great display of logic pal.

      • Cubz99

        Where did I say that he was the reason that the Padres haven’t been over .500? He was the bench coach. I’m just pointing out that the Cubs hired a manager with no major league managerial experience and no track record of any type of success. Add that to the fact that his team was pretty bad for the last several years, and the choice is disappointing.

        • C. Steadman

          5 of the 6 managers hired this offseason so far have no MLB managerial experience…Renteria, Ausmus, Sandberg, Williams, Price…and McClendon the only one with MLB experience had no record of success either, 01-05 Pirates manager

        • Koyie Hill Sucks

          Agreed, it was the same with Sveum. I do feel better about Renteria, but not by much. Hopefully he proves me wrong.

    • Kramden

      Sounds like he’s got a lot of minor league managing experience.

      Were any of his teams winners?

      Scares me when they mention that stuff but curiously ignore stating his results.

      In all honesty, I’m not on board with this selection.

      Hope he can win me over though.

      • Fishin Phil

        1999 Kane County – Best record in the league, and Coach of The Year. Haven’t looked up the rest of the results yet.

    • Cub Style

      Obviously, they should have hired you.

  • Cubz99


  • MightyBear

    Rent is going up at Wrigley!

  • Die hard

    Just show up

  • Ron

    I wish there were more articles about his coaching / managing style then there are. I would like to know how he plans on implimenting advanced stats, does he use exstensive spray charts and lots of defensive shifts. His thoughts on a desgnated closer. That kind of stuff. It seemed like we knew more about Svuem last time. There just is not a lot of info out there on him past a wikipedia page.

    • Ron

      Btw, I dont think there is anything wrong with the guy, I just don’t know anything to support or dislike the hire.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      The lack of public interviews as part of the process was a real inhibitor to us knowing much about the candidates (who hadn’t managed before).

    • Koyie Hill Sucks

      Why would you need those type of facts? He is a great guy and he speaks spanish!

      You would think they would at least hire someone with success at lower levels but from what I have read this is his best coaching achievement: 1999 Kane County – Best record in the league, and Coach of The Year.
      It seems they are doing the same thing as they did with Sveum, someone with no managerial experience being thrown into a tough situation, I can’t imagine the results will be very different.

  • itzscott

    If it seems like the Cubs go thru this new manager thing pretty often…. THEY DO!

    Renteria is the 53rd Cub manager in the 142 years since the Cubs were founded.

    That comes out to a new manager on average about every 2.7 years….. which pretty much mirrors their their proclivity of handing out 3 year deals to their new managers.

    Kind of wonder if any other team comes close to being the manager meat-grinder that the Cubs are.

    • oswego chris

      actually…I know a VERY good book that had a whole section on the instability of the Cubs’ managers…in the NL they have had far and away the most…

      • Fishin Phil

        Sounds like a book that would make an excellent Christmas present. Where would one find such a book Chris?

        • D-Rock

          This made me laugh out loud and I don’t know why. I guess I just thought about giving or getting this book for Christmas and can’t stop laughing…Ha

  • Diggs

    I think there’s going to be a phone press conference at 4:30. So should be more coming out after that.

  • OlderStyle

    This hire is like getting a package of socks for Christmas. They might be very nice, durable socks, but socks, just the same.
    You say “Thank you, Aunt Gretchen” and you go and shake other boxes hoping there’s a Millineum Falcon in one of them (but you know there isn’t because we’re signing minor league deals). ho hum

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I take umbrage at your use of Gretchen as the lame, old aunt name of choice.

      • waittilthisyear

        Aunt Sharon

      • OlderStyle

        Oops, I’m guessing you have a relative named Gretchen. No umbraging intended. How about Aunt Grizelda. (that’s from a Monkees song)

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

          Haha, just joking – The Wife’s given name is Gretchen.

    • Koyie Hill Sucks

      Completely agree, tough times for cubs fans. Let’s just hope at least 2 out of the big 4 pan out. Add Edwards and/or Johnson and things could pan out…

      • OlderStyle

        Yeah, The Hope abides…
        We could signTanaka, Olt could turn it around, land a Johnson or Kazmir, rebounding Castro/Rizzo… Valubuena/Murphy platoon for Barney a veteran bp arm and we could halfway decent.

  • itzscott

    Why would there be a need for a press conference?

    All they would need to do would be to replay the previous press conference intros of previous Cub managers…. the questions are all the same and the stock answers are all the same. Unfortunately, all their results are about the same. The shock would be if it ever isn’t!

    So why bother with it?

  • Blackhawks1963

    The onus isn’t on Theo and Jed. Nor is it really on Renteria. Rather the heat is on the Ricketts family. Time to put up or shut up. Get the Wrigley renovation project underway, negotiate a billion dollar TV deal, unlock new marketing revenues and start acting like a big market ownership group. We are entering year 5 of their ownership. It can no longer be acceptable that they can’t get the Wrigley project underway and can’t find the dollars to support Theo’s building strategy with a payroll level that is fair.

    Its the Ricketts who need a kick in the keester. I’m 100% behind Theo and I will get fully behind Mr. Renteria our new manager. But come on Joe Ricketts and children…time to step it up and get some things done.

    • Eric

      Completely agree.

    • MLB is Fine

      Or sell the team. Preferably not to Mark Cuban, who is an ass.

      • Koyie Hill Sucks

        But an ass who cares about winning. Look at what he did with the Mavericks.

      • itzscott

        Ricketts delegates….

        The guy that’s supposed to get the non-baseball stuff done is…..

        None other than Crane Kenney

        Epstein is the baseball stuff…..

        and he’s been shaking & baking since he got here

    • Funn Dave


  • The Logos

    Guess that means he won’t be at the On Deck 2014 event this weekend.

  • http://Cubs.com Ronnie

    Now get some friggin players

  • caryatid62

    Nothing at all wrong with this hire, given what we know about the candidates. Managers are such an unquantifiable commodity at this point that it’s hard to get excited or mad about the hire of any one of them (Dusty excluded). The front office knew a heck of a lot more about these guys than we do, and I’m still fairly trusting of their judgement, so this works for me.

    • Fishin Phil

      This approach is way too logical.

  • Ed

    Thank god it’s not Aj Hinch… I wonder if he will be in the staff in some capacity.

    • macpete22

      Heard he might be

  • Dustin Smith

    Dempster and Rizzo putting in a good word for Renteria eased some of my concerns in the search process. It will probably just take a few months through ST and early next season to get a feel for his game strategy. It’s hard to go off of what he did in the minors and with different teams.

    The Red Sox are officially on my lump of coal list too. I’d be disappointed in my employer if I were Lovullo.

    • itzscott

      If Lovullo was so mad at his employer, why would he sign a 3 year contract knowing the way the Red Sox operate and how that would likely preclude him from being a manager elsewhere for the next 3 years???

      • Brian Peters

        As much as I hate to admit it, itzscott, you have a point about Lovullo. But, he could have gotten out of that contract.

        • Eternal Pessimist

          Maybe he has a strong out clause on the new contract.

    • Fidel Castro

      Game strategy doesn’t mean squat if you don’t have horses. It’s going to be a new manager, Sveum results unless the talent level on this club is significantly upgraded. Which I’m not holding out much hope for. Until some of these prospects arrive it will be same old, same old. Sveum was handed a glorified Triple A roster to try and win games with. Other than maybe 10 guys the rest of the roster was crap. Lets be honest here.

      P.S. I have Cuban players for sale ! My commission is 50% on all sales – no returns. I put them in a leaky 12 foot raft, point to Key West and wish the bastards good luck with the current !! Ha-ha !!

    • Fidel Castro

      Lovullo was just taken care of by Boston with a nice contract. Also, he wasn’t granted permission for an interview. That’s it. He wasn’t simply going to be handed the Cub manager job moron.

  • MichiganGoat

    Man this place has become just like

    • MichiganGoat


      • MichiganGoat

        Okay screw it, I hate every comment on here

        • Fishin Phil

          Someone needs a good oatmeal stout.

          • MichiganGoat

            Good idea and I do still have a Double Daisy Cutter to enjoy.

            • Spider

              Alcohol is for drinking!

  • B_Scwared

    I think his handle should be R_Scwared.

  • Satch Dobrey

    And the winner is…the Pillsbury Dough Boy…

  • Tom

    Well, Golly.

  • North Side Irish

    Cubs Facebook ‏@FacebookCubs 3m
    Theo go join my Mayor of Toronto and Smoke some crack. Of ALL the managers…they settle for this?

    Oh how I’ve missed you FacebookCubs…

  • Cardfan

    A fu Manchu is worth at least 3 wins over the course of a season.

    …and, native of California, lives in Temecula, coached the Mexican national team, etc. You should start a collection and send him an official Bleacher Nation Snow Shovel. Guaranteed he doesn’t own one.

  • ssckelley

    I listened to Boers and Bernstein earlier and they discussed the time line of Renteria’s hiring. Girardi obviously was the first choice, and that came from even above Theo. Once Girardi was not an option Renteria were Hoyer’s and McLeod’s choice from the beginning and that it was Theo who wanted to wait to see if he could get an interview with Lovullo, which never happened so Renteria was the guy. Not once did they report that him being a Latin American had anything to do with the hire and they mentioned him being bilingual once and it was mainly an after thought. Hoyer and McLeod wanted wanted Renteria because they felt he was the best man for the job and it was based on what they seen of Renteria while they were at San Diego.

    I think Gammons and Rogers are way off, while Renteria being bilingual and latin american may be nice those were not major factors in why he got the job.

    • cubfanbob

      Phil Rogers had some great points on the score this morning. 1st time I heard that Sveum brought the great understanding of metrics and defensive shifts but was failing with the personalty needed to manage younger players. The front office assume communication and personalty / ability needed to get the most out of this younger core would have been suffice with Sveum but it wasnt there and now the front office places an equal amount of worth on managerial communication skills. On par with understanding the metric / defensive shift stuff.

      Whereas Renteria is excellent as a teacher, communicator, and observer of the little things young players need.

      Dont be surprised if the bench coach is a huge metric – defensive shift kind of guy…

      Anywho any place we can stream the press conference at 4:30pm ?

      • Mike F

        I think Renteria was a good choice all things considered. I do though continue to take exception to this continual simplistic theory people have that Sveum was fired for the lack of progress in Rizzo and Castro. It is a huge assumption to continue Rizzo and Castro have nothing to do with that. In fact it is just as plausible that neither are flat out good enough to be what the FO assumed they were. And this should scare people more than it does. There is too much emphasis on Starlin especially be the face of the organization and too good to tail. Fail he did and at some point we have to come to grips someone was asking for more metric thinking hitter both in 2012 and 2013. Theo doesn’t strike me as the kind who lets his Mgr do that fiddling without him being behind it. In the end, Renteria will rise and fall on the talent and deals he is given. He will not be making chicken salad out of chicken shit and no one should be selling him as that. Castro is responsible for Castro.

        • TWC

          “I do though continue to take exception to this continual simplistic theory people have that Sveum was fired for the lack of progress in Rizzo and Castro.”

          I suppose it’s probably fair to allow people to think that, considering that Theo stated in the press release relating to Sveum’s firing that the lack of development from the team’s young players was a significant reason for his dismissal, eh?

    • hansman

      So you are saying we wasted the last 24 hours of our lives?

      Well shit, just another day I suppose.

      • TWC

        Where would we all be w/o BN?!

      • Tony_S

        I LOL’d inordinately loudly at this

      • ssckelley

        I doubt this crap ends for awhile.

  • Die hard

    In all fairness to the FO they did get a Spanish speaking mgr which can only improve communication with current and future players. So we should give it at least to All Star game before criticizing decision. Moreover if near .500 by then maybe FO will speed up promotion of the rising stars and that would be fun to watch.

    • MichiganGoat

      Wow in a day of ridiculous commenting Die hard offers a rationale comment.


      • waittilthisyear

        yad etisoppo eb tsum (to be read backwards)

        • MichiganGoat

          Bravo take a bow

          • Eternal Pessimist

            “We have no response…that was perfect”

            “Now that’s the way you debate!”

            *insert Will Ferrell picture here*

  • Kramden

    I just hope that when Renteria takes his picture in a Cub uniform, he doesn’t have that same “sitting on the can taking a crap” look on his face as he does in the picture we’ve been shown over & over & over….

    • MichiganGoat

      Love how 99% of the comment so far about Renteria have been about his heritage, his language, his hip, and his looks. Doesn’t he also like coach baseball?

      • Tony_S

        Get outta town, really?!


      • Brian Peters

        Of course not, Goat…I think he teaches Irish history in Dublin.

      • Kramden

        Curiously they never mention that when they write about him.

        Constantly writing about how good he is with young prospects gives the impression he could be the Jerry Sandusky of baseball, but knows nothing about baseball.

        • MichiganGoat

          Never miss a chance to make a child molestation joke hmmmm