masahiro tanakaRarely do you get rock solid confirmation that a particular team will be pursuing a particular player in a given offseason. Sure, you might know on the basis of sourced reports, deduction, and oblique comments. But it’s not typical for a front office to say, “Yeah, we’re going to be going after that guy.”

I wouldn’t say that Chicago Cubs GM Jed Hoyer exactly said that with respect to Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, but he came as close as anyone would.

Speaking with Dave Kaplan on his eponymous show yesterday, Hoyer was asked about Tanaka, who is expected to be posted (made available for a price) by his team in Japan this offseason. Hoyer’s response was candid.

“[Tanaka] is a guy that we’ve scouted heavily, [and] we’ve done our due diligence,” Hoyer said. “He’s been outstanding not only this year but for a really long time. He’ll help someone’s rotation if he comes over here, and obviously we’re going to be involved in the process.”

Well, how about that. Given Tanaka’s age (he’s about to turn 25), apparent ability, and the Cubs’ pitching needs, it was never a secret that a player like Tanaka would interest them greatly. But it’s refreshing to hear it so plainly confirmed.

That said, the language used was sufficiently flexible to fall short of a guarantee that the Cubs will be aggressive bidders for Tanaka. “Involved” is not quite as strong.

Involved, you’d expect, would at least include a bid – depending on how the posting system shakes out (we still don’t know what it will look like, or when it will open up; in theory, it could come any day) – but it’s hard to know at this point what kind of bid it’s going to take to actually land the rights to negotiate with Tanaka. As I’ve said before, given the rising free agent market prices, the posting price on Tanaka is likely to exceed that of Yu Darvish two years ago ($51.7 million), even if Darvish was probably the superior pitcher at the time of the post.

Even if the Cubs were set on aggressively pursuing Tanaka, they would find a significant rival in the Yankees. Given the Yankees’ surplus cash, pitching needs, and desire to get under the luxury tax cap (posting price does not count against the cap), an enormous bid on Tanaka makes sense. Indeed, sources tell Jeff Passan that the Yankees plan to be “bold” in their bid for Tanaka. Whether a ploy to scare other teams into a lower blind bid or into a ridiculous, crippling, over-the-top bid, we can’t be sure. But a huge bid exceeding the $75 million range (execs tell Passan they expect the winning bid to top that figure) is to be expected. And that’s to say nothing of some other surprising team stepping up with a huge bid. Oh, plus the Dodgers. Always the Dodgers.

So, if the Cubs are going to be “involved in the process” of trying to secure Tanaka’s rights, it’s clearly going to take a massive bid – and a massive commitment from ownership – to make that happen.

(A related aside: at the season ticket holder event yesterday, while explaining why the Cubs are approaching the rebuild as they are, Theo Epstein mentioned that there is no free agent market for young, impact players in their prime. Paraphrase: “If there were a market full of 25-year-old, impact talents, our job would be easy. We’d just target the ones we wanted, spend a whole lot of money, and get them all.” I immediately chuckled to myself, thinking about Tanaka.)

  • King Jeff

    I just don’t see the Cubs having 100 million dollars to post for Tanaka and I think it’s going to take close to that to land his rights. I’m hoping I am wrong, but it’s not looking good for the Cubs chances.

    • MichiganGoat

      That’s a ton of cheddar to give up as a finders fee essentially well prepare for a obsessive winter.

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  • praying the cubs get ready to win

    I would love the Cubs to get Tanaka but only if the team is about ready to go for it and begin the spending on more than just Tanaka and to do this they also have to be willing to bring up some of their minor league talent, I am just not sure they are. If they do and if they go after a couple of free agents they will show me they are ready to challenge. Then next year a couple more young players come up a couple of more free agents and maybe 2015 is the year they will be going for guess is this all wont happen and their real target will be 2016. They will add some low priced talent this year to fill in and see where they are at the trade deadline. Then maybe bring up some of their young talent and next year add some free agents and the following year in 2016 add some more young talent and then go for a few key missing free agents and the in Theo/Jed we trust maybe 2016 is our year. I am all in for trading 40% of the starting pitching, trade Shark to AZ for a package involving Bradley and trade AJAX to the Yankees where he will be a SP above 500.

    • Louie

      I like what Theo is doing with the young talent and the rebuilding but we can sign some decent FA’s this year. Not that he said he wasn’t going to but sometimes it seems that way. On 2-3 year deals there is Arroyo and Kazmir for pitching. And on the hitting side there is Infante and Mclouth or Hart. Pick 2 of 3 of these hitters and we are instantly a better offensive ball club without giving up a draft pick. Plus it’ll make us feel a little better about our chances of being competitive in 2014. Because who wants to spend all that $ at Wrigley or struggle through another year without any hope

  • jmc


  • cubfanincardinalland

    Reading in the paper today, Crane Kenny praises the mayor and the city of Chicago for their help in advancing the Wrigley Field renovations. But then he says the holdup is “legislative”. Huh? Isn’t this kind of opposite what the Cubs have been saying the holdup is in press releases the last 3 months? Very strange comment.
    What was interesting was when he discussed how the Cubs start in a 40 million dollar hole every season. And he lists one of the liabilities as competition from rooftop owners. People need to grasp this. There is not going to be any extension of the deal. You don’t let people sell tickets and concessions for your product. You are giving money away.

    • Noah_I

      Oh, I have a feeling that once the contract is up the Cubs will not renegotiate with the rooftops. They’ll let the rooftops keep all of their money, but block their views to the organization’s heart’s content.

      • DarthHater

        I doubt that the Cubs’ first choice is to block the views. I think it’s more likely that they hope to use the threat of future blockage as a bargaining chip to get the RTOs to sell their facilities to the Cubs when the current contracts expire.

        • Noah_I

          That could be true as well, but I could imagine the Cubs would have to be good enough for long enough so that having the extra seats wouldn’t cut into their sales at Wrigley. How many extra seats do the rooftops add? That’s just a question I don’t know the answer to? Is it 1000? If it’s less than a couple thousand, I couldn’t imagine it would affect the bottom line very much. If they add 4000, which would be 10% of Wrigley, that might be a different story.

      • Funn Dave

        I don’t see how that would appease the rooftops. They won’t be making any money if their customers can’t see the game.

        • Noah_I

          Once the contract is up the Cubs won’t need to appease the rooftops, at least from a legal point of view. The current rooftop deal was made because the Cubs wanted a cut of what the rooftops were making. In return for getting a cut, the Cubs agreed not to block the rooftops’ views. I guess they could kick and scream with Tunney, which would probably work to an extent politically, but they’d have no legal recourse if the Cubs just let the contract expire.

          • Kyle

            Well, the Cubs didn’t exactly want to press the issue and risk a legal precedent clearly stating that the rooftops had the right to profit without Cubs’ agreement.

            • Noah_I

              The Cubs sued in 2002 for copyright infringement (saying the rooftops were pirating the Cubs’ games), which is how the initial contract came into being.

              Right now, I agree that if the Cubs blocked the rooftops’ views it would be a legal quagmire. But with no contract? Do you have a right to look into your neighbor’s yard? Now, your local zoning code might not allow your neighbor to build a 30 foot high fence, but you wouldn’t personally have legal recourse against him.

              Once the contract is up, it would be solely a political issue. Although I admit it would be one where Tunney, or whomever is the Alderman at that time, will likely be on the rooftops’ side.

              • Kyle

                And the settlement came about because the Cubs didn’t really want the copyright infringement case decision made by the court.

                I’m not saying the rooftops could sue the Cubs for blocking the views, I’m saying the Cubs probably don’t have any way of stopping the rooftops short of blocking the views, which is part of why they have the deal in place.

                • Noah_I

                  I would agree with that.

                  I’d just say the Cubs will do whatever makes them the most money. If, once the contract is done, the Cubs can make more money from expanding the video board and outfield advertising, they’ll do that. If they think they can make more money from the rooftops, they’ll figure out a way to do that. I just have a feeling that the money from the prior will be more than from the latter.

                  • Eternal Pessimist

                    Amazing thing is the city was in on this quagmire from the beginning by allowing the bleachers to be built on the rooftops specifically for the purpose of stealing a product from the Cubs. They chose to allow this theft, and the Trib later had to legalize it as the city wouldn’t back them.

    • Brett

      It was an odd comment, and I’ll write about it soon. Listening to him live, it was hard to figure what exactly he meant. There are still legislative processes, though, so maybe there’s a glimmer of hope.

      • davidalanu

        You should have brought your Douchebagese to English translation book with you.

      • cubfanbob

        At the 4:30pm slot during Q&A a fan asked Crane why Wrigley expansion and constructions wasnt ready to all start moving when it seemed like everything was in place with the city. Crane said 80% of the city/state government work was completed with 20% to go and he thought by end of the year all municipal / legislature stuff should be completed. As a side note he mentioned how it took over ten years of working with the city and state to get the Soldier Field remodeling complete.

        Also of note he mentioned some work was beginning already. Mainly the beams and structure that support the upper deck is being reconstructed currently so when ready to redo the upper decks the foundation support, being worked on now, will be ready to go after 2014 and into 2015.

    • cavemencubbie

      I have no clue what Kenny makes. Whatever it is, he is vastly overpaid.

  • cubes

    I doubt 3 teams will post 100… I doubt 1 will. you just need to be in the top 3 I think 60-80 mill makes u top 3.

    • MichiganGoat

      We don’t know what the posting system will be the Top 3 thing is just an idea.

    • Noah_I

      Even at a $60-80 million posting fee, I’m not sure I want to give that for Tanaka. I haven’t seen anyone say Tanaka is a Yu Darvish, top of the rotation type. I’ve heard solid mid-rotation guy. Those guys have value, but even for one as a 25 year old I’d be reticient to give a deal that would in total be $100 to $120 million, including the tender.

  • Johnnie A

    I’m not sure how to pronounce it but “eponymous” was good word usage.

    • Brett

      One of my favorite random words that you almost never get to use. So I took the opportunity.

      • Funn Dave

        Become a music journalist and you can use it every time a band releases an ST!

        • DocPeterWimsey

          R.E.M. both did and did not ever release an eponymous album.

          • cubs2003

            Good one! Not a huge REM fan, but I’m glad I have that album. All the REM I need.

    • Funn Dave

      Hmmm…”involved in the process”…”due diligence”…not particularly encouraging tidbits….If anything, it sounds like they’re confirming that they’ll be making a token bid but won’t be aggressive enough to actually get him….

      • Funn Dave

        Hm that was not supposed to be a response….

      • cub2014

        Unfortunately sounds like Tanaka is not
        coming to Chicago. The rumor is the
        Yankees are going to bid around 77M and
        the Dodgers will try and beat it. At those
        numbers it doesnt make a lot of sense.

        • TOOT

          I don’t believe it. Where are your sounds coming from, please.

        • TOOT

          “The rumor is the
          Yankees are going to bid around 77M and
          the Dodgers will try and beat it”

          This is the part I’m asking about. Wow, wire taps seem to floating in offices again. Got to put a end to it. Next thing you know everybody knows what everyone is bidding. Pretty scary stuff.

    • Patrick W.

      Nobody knows how to pronounce it, seriously. When reading it on a teleprompter it’s pronounced “self titled”.

      • Funn Dave

        The “e” makes an “uh” sound, “pon” as in pond, “i” as in “inside,” “mus” as in “must.”

        • Patrick W.


          Damn I wish you would have posted this before my post. Then I would have posted: the “epon” makes an elf sound as in “self” and the “lupus” makes an idle sound as in “titled” and that would have been awesome

          • Internet Random


            If that’s not an autocorrect gaff, I haven’t been giving you enough credit for your comedic talents.

          • Patrick W.

            Dammit autocorrect! Why would you autocorrect something in quotes like “ymous” and give me lupus?

            I hate today

      • Brett

        I say ep-on-im-us.

      • Internet Random

        By the way, as shows don’t name themselves, “eponymous” is a better term than “self-titled”.

        This is why you will see language sticklers avoid the phrase “self-addressed, stamped envelope” in favor of a phrase like “pre-addressed, stamped envelope”. Envelopes cannot put addresses on themselves (yet).

        • Patrick W.

          But, it’s still a difficult word to say, out loud.

  • Tony_S

    So, there’s a relatively widespread axiom that “Pitching wins championships.” Regardless whether you agree with this or not, it should be relatively easy to argue that you need at least 2 stud or semi-stud pitchers at the top of your rotation to go far in the playoffs.

    I’m curious why there is such a huge movement to deal Samardzija (whatever, I guessed at the spelling, sue me)?

    Skill and results -wise, I think he’s come a long way and shown flashes of brilliance. Now, I’m not saying he’s the next Ace of the world, BUT I do see him as a very serviceable #2 long term, and definitely a guy who could/should be a part of the longer outlook.

    Now, I know there have been talks, and my gut tells me he seems intent on testing FA and getting Paid. And if there’s really NO chance to extend him at least a tiny bit cheaper than you would have to on the open market, then sure, maybe you deal him and get what you can.

    But, pitcher extensions seem to run higher compared to position player extensions, when compared to what that player would get on the open market. Cole Hamels is the first that springs to mind, and LA’s negotiations with Kershaw. Hamels got a ridiculous extension from the team he was already on to keep him, and while Shark obviously isn’t getting Hamels money from anyone, I think the team has to value him appropriately in order to get him to stay, and that’s something I think they absolutely should do to keep him as part of the long plan in the rotation, vice flipping him for whatever.

    I’m surprised at the number of “Trade Shark” comments, here and elsewhere, and am curious whether people just don’t think he’s good, (or good enough to keep), or he’s not staying anyway so get what we can. I do think he’s good, I do NOT think we’ve seen his ceiling yet, and think we need to pay him appropriately to extend him.


    • cubbiehawkeye

      I don’t get the trade Castro talk. I wish I could “internet slap” those people.

      • Funn Dave

        I’ll get started on an app.

    • Frank

      Shark doesn’t want an extension, he wants a big payday, which is his right. He’s got two more years of arbitration left and maybe you don’t want to pay him what he wants as a FA, so why not see what you can get for him?

      • Eternal Pessimist

        Exactly…no one is saying we don’t want Shark. Shark wants a huge extension and wants to earn it. He hasn’t done enough to prove he is a #1 or even a #2 yet and the Cubs can’t just let his value run out until he hits FA in 2 years. They MUST trade him or overpay him.

  • Blackhawks1963

    Let’s face it. Tanaka is going to the Yankees. If not the Yankees then the Dodgers. Hoyer is digging himself a hole.

    • Funn Dave

      The digging himself into a hole part is a good point; there are going to be some angry Cubs fans when we don’t land Tanaka….I mean, whom are you going to have more respect for: the woman who leads you on but ultimately lets you down, or the woman who tells you honestly right away that nothing’s gonna happen?

      • Tony_S

        Wow, what a great analogy, well done.

    • mjhurdle

      well crap. Did you let the other MLB teams know as well?

  • Anonymous-ly

    “He’ll help someone’s rotation if he comes over here, and obviously we’re going to be involved in the process.”

    Translation – He’ll help the Dodgers or Yankees and we will be involved in the process by admiring him as he passes by.


  • Frank

    I would be totally shocked if we got tanaka. One because the Yankees and dodgers are in. Under the old posting system we would have to outbid them. Under the proposed top 3,he would have to choose the cubs over the other two teams. Our only hope is another posting system.

    • TOOT

      I don’t think the Yanks and Dogers are going to be that much in. I see the Rangers pulling this off again in a bid for Tanaka.

  • JasonGoch

    Theo is inept #Tebow

  • DarthHater

    Somebody call the marketing department – we’ve got our new slogan:

    “Cubs 2014: We’re Involved in the Process!”

    • cubes


    • Funn Dave

      Yes, if anything the quotes seem to confirm that they won’t be heavily involved….Ah, false hopes, every Cubs fan’s demons….

    • Jason Powers

      “Involved in the Process” could mean we will be at O’Hare Airport when Tanaka has to deplane before his final hop to New York. As a NYC favor, we will buy a few rounds of sakki (we are paying for Soriano all ready, right?), and then speak wisely about love of America…

      Tanaka: just hard to imagine they would more than double the amount they spent on Jackson (at $104M+), with much of that upfront in posting as we presume it stays nearly identical to the current process. Just after talking about “getting ahead of ourselves.” On Jackson.

      Who was racing you? Who decided you were ahead of anything?

      If Kenney is talking 40M in the hole before a season starts, he is referencing the debt obligations from Ricketts’ purchase (around 30M+ and the lost rooftop revs).

      I guess will see the war chest contents if they do ‘stay in the process’ on Tanaka.

    • Frank

      DarthHater. I’d like to something to the slogan.

      “Cubs 2014: We’re Involved in the Process even though we don’t have any money and our attendance is like a turd being flushed down the toilet!”

  • Kyle

    Awww, that’s cute. And the secretary of the chess club intends to get involved with the head cheerleader’s prom date selection process.

    • DarthHater


  • Frank

    We’re involved and it’s complicated!

  • Chicagox77

    This team needs hitters. Why invest 50 million dollars in a pitcher when you will lose the games he pitch 1-0. 2-1 or 3-1.

    Theo and his group have done nothing to improve this team. As a Cubs fan, I am suppose to accept losing until 2014 and beyond. At least Jim Hendry, Dallas Green and Jim Frey attempted to put a team that could be competitive on the field.

    False hope is better than no hope.

  • Blackmaskreplica

    Obviously you do not read Camus.

  • Frank

    The song is going through my head”can’t go on thinking nothing’s wrong. Whose going to drive you home tonite” drive by The car should be the theme song for the cubs because of their woefull performance with runners in scoring position.

    • Tony_S


  • Mike

    If the Yankees and/or Dodgers are going to be involved in the bidding process the Cubs have a 0% chance of landing this guy. That being said I would rather more sign and flip at the deadline type pitchers instead of spending that money on Tanaka. I mean spending more than 70 mil just to have the rights to talk to the guy is ridiculous.

    • Frank

      Maybe the rooftops will chip in.

  • Eric

    Hoyer could have said they, “will aggressively big and ultimately win” on Tanaka and the same people would still nay and say.

    I guess I should face it. It’s hipster to be negative about everything the Cubs do.

    • Kyle

      So basically, nothing Hoyer could say would make people happy. He can only make fans happy by *doing* good things, regardless of what he says?

      I consider that a good thing.

      • Eric

        What you mean to say is that Hoyer has to make fans happy by *doing* only the things that the fans want.

        Hoyer has *done* plenty and undoubtedly be *doing* more. But he gets criticized because he says they will be in on Tanaka, but just didn’t say it the right way.

        • Kyle

          He’s done plenty to keep the team from being anything but terrible, yes.

          • Eric

            Hipster comment.

            • Kyle

              So apparently you’ve decided that “hipster” is a magic word that makes you not have to face the reality of arguments you may not want to face. Pretty powerful stuff.

              Honestly, I’m not sure where are all these people are that are criticizing Hoyer for what he said today. I’m skimming through the comments again and not seeing them.

              • DarthHater
              • Eric

                Look, you’ve decided that you’re the cool kid who will always take the contrarian view. I’m just a passenger or your VW Vanagon.

                • Eric


                • MichiganGoat

                  Well his blog is called the Contrarian Cub or something like that and previously called Fire Theo Epstein.

                  • Kyle

                    If you go back far enough, there was one called the Daria Fan Fiction Website.

                    This is the first conversation in my life in which I have *ever* been accused of being cool. I could get used to it.

                    • Eric

                      I just read back through my comments and no such thing was implied, inferred, or otherwise stated.

                      Good job making this work for you.

                    • Kyle

                      I’ve been mentally editing your half of the conversation to make it more worthwhile for me. It’s a sort of commentary charity program I’ve undertaken.

                      You’re welcome.

                  • Eric

                    I knew it!

                    The problem I have with contrarians is that they’re lazy. It takes virtually no thought or effort to see a position and automatically take the opposing view. Hell, I’d wager that’s an evolutionary trait. It’s a way to tell yourself while you’re watching the lions eat your buddy, that they’ll probably eat you too.

                    But to pass it off as intellectual or deep, well that’s just silly.

                    • Kyle

                      The irony here is amazing.

                      You realize that what you are doing is just slapping a mental label on people that you disagree with, allowing you to kick in your cognitive dissonance and not have to engage them on any sort of intellectual level.

                      There are a lot of really interesting conversations to be had about the good and bad of the state of the Chicago Cubs organization. Going on about “hipsters” and “contrarians” is a lazy way of avoiding it.

                    • Eric

                      Oh come on. Stop pretending you’re engaging in some sort of brain exercise. You’re merely waiting for something to be posted, then coming up with some dreary quip as to why it’s wrong and everyone is wrong who disagrees. I know it makes you anxious when someone questions the charade, but I can’t help that.

                    • Kyle

                      My quips are pretty awesome, but they are hardly the entirety of my awesomeness.

                    • Eric

                      Agreed. I’m sure you look just fine in your skinny jeans and sweater vests.

    • Luke

      So long as the process is a single blind bid, no team can guarantee anything. Not even the Yankees and Dodgers could tell their fans “We’re dropping ten thousand bajillion dollars for his rights and we guarantee we get him” because Texas could quietly drop ten thousand bajillion dollars and one and get the exclusive rights.

      My biggest gripe with the Tanaka process isn’t that I think the Cubs will or won’t spend enough, it is that the process is stacked so that all anyone can do is blindly throw money into a pit and hope for the best. It is a terrible, stupid way to structure the system.

      I don’t think any team in baseball can promise any more than that they will be involved.

      • Brett

        “My biggest gripe with the Tanaka process isn’t that I think the Cubs will or won’t spend enough, it is that the process is stacked so that all anyone can do is blindly throw money into a pit and hope for the best. It is a terrible, stupid way to structure the system.”

        Not if you’re the pit.

        • MichiganGoat

          Don’t ever mess with the pit

        • Luke

          For high ticket players, I agree. The pit is loving it.

          But what about the lower level guys. I seem to remember a few non-star players come over with posting numbers that came in quite a bit lower than expected. In those cases the pit might well have preferred to hang up a scoreboard so a bidding war could get underway.

          But at this point we’re in the realm of baseless speculation.

          • YourResidentJag

            Like Seattle’s Iwakuma?

  • Rizzomaniac

    I say the cubs bid 71 million for him, and if that doesn’t land him so be it.

  • javi b (not that one):

    To be honest id be fine with the cubs not geting tanaka if its gona cost 130+ million to sign him. For that much money they could probably sign two of either Garza, Jimenez, Santana, or choo. Its not like the cubs are that close to the salary cap that it makes sense to pay tanaka 10 million a year but the total cost still comes out to 20+ mill with posting fee. All iv read on him (not that much) suggests he’s a high #2 in a good rotation not a verlander type pitcher

  • Rich H

    If the reports of 50 mil plus pay out for each team from MLB media are correct than spending 75 mil to get to negotiate with Tanaka is not really that much. It is only 25 mil off the bottom line.

    That being said is this the posting that some team over bids to stop a competitor from getting Tanaka? I could definitely see the Rays, A’s or Giants putting in a huge bid on a pitching talent like this just to block the Yanks, Rangers or Dodgers from increasing their talent base.

  • another JP

    More carefully worded comments coming from Hoyer letting us- and all other teams- know that the Cubs will be bidding. Although I expect the Yankees or Dodgers to post a bid out of the budget for what the Cubs want to spend, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the contract demands of Kershaw and Cano will have some impact on what they post. If one assumes a 6yr/65M contract to sign Tanaka, you’re looking at ~$140M for his services, or $23.3M/yr. The dude would have to put up about 4.2 WAR annually to make that worthwhile, which is a huge risk for someone that has yet to pitch stateside. If a team believes they can get Yu Darvish production out of him then you could post $75M, but anything past that is totally insane. I don’t see the Cubs posting any more than $65M for his services and being easily outbid- which isn’t a bad development IMO.

  • Senor Cub

    How about Tanaka for Shark. Have Shark spend two years in Japan. He would be a good draw there. Throw in $25mil or so. Done deal!

  • SenorGato

    This should be enough to placate, I think. Now all that’s left is saying that the Cubs totally came in second along with everyone else.

  • Deacon

    I can’t believe you’re wasting virtual ink on this guy. Theo said to the season ticket holders this week, “…if there’s an opportunity to acquire an asset at a fair price, we also have to be aggressive and pick our spots.’’

    There are 4 key words in that sentence — “at a fair price.”

    That’s all we need to know about the Cubs being non-serious bidders on this one and putting down a bid that would only be successful if Cashman and Colletti lost Internet access and were blocked from bidding!

    • Kyle

      I’m really curious as to how the actual bidding process works. I wish we got more of the true process stuff described in reporting or books.

      IIRC, MLB roster moves are now done over computer, but I’m guessing a bid like that would be done via certified letter.

  • Reality Check

    so hoyer thinks the cubs will be in on tanaka; why does that sound so familiar from the 1970’s when it was always the cubs were thisssssssss close to signing someone or making the big trade. always 2nd was the cubs mantra up to 1984.(and then it continued really up to 2007 when the team was for sale; never overspending till for sale.

    let’s be real; tanaka will cost at least 75M for posting (poor obsolete system that uncle Bud allows) plus 60M in actual money;total cost of 135M.

    cubs could of had cespedes, puig, ryu for 114M combined. (or signed sanchez plus ryu for 116M).

    theo has had chances; they were not aggressive. NOW they will be aggressive??

    the posting system is supposed to be tweaked before tanaka is posted; maybe allowing top 3 teams to sign; maybe then the cubs have a shot; but if you are tanaka and can win now with the yanks or dodgers; why come to Chicago and lose 2 more years at least?

    you reap what you sow; cubs are sowing lots of losing. big time FA don’t want to lose unless you overpay huge. rickets has no balls to overspend despite top 4 or 5 revenues(Bloomberg or Forbes info).

    thus hoyer should be quiet. don’t talk about guys you won’t be getting. keep it focused on another high pick, that castro, Rizzo and smardz rebound, and that the MiLB players stay healthy and get promoted so by 2016 there is a real team at clark and Addison.

    • Tommy

      You off your meds again, Realitycheck?

  • caryatid62

    Being this public about their interest in Tanaka reeks of PR. Getting ahead of the story. When they inevitably lose the bid, they can point to this quote and say “see, we were in it until the very end.”

    • DarthHater

      Yea, stupid PR-spewing FO, always going around getting interviewed and then answering questions asked by reporters. How contrived!

      • caryatid62

        Certainly, because a GM has NEVER equivocated, “no-commented” or flat our brushed off a question from a reporter before.

        Don’t be purposefully obtuse.

      • Kyle

        He didn’t say it was a bad thing.

    • Brett

      Maybe sometimes, but it’s hard to see on this one – if you listen to the interview, it was a question from the guest host thrown in at the end after Kap was trying to transition to a new guest. I guess Jed was just crossing his fingers that they would ask about Tanaka? I’m not sure about that.

      • caryatid62

        No, but it could easily be the case that they already have a pre-determined response to any Tanaka questions in the time leading up to the bid. For as diligent and media savvy as many believe Epstein to be, this wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.

    • hansman

      It could be that the Cubs realy want Tanaka but dont have the same amount of cash to bid on him as the Dodgers and Yankees.

      • caryatid62

        I wouldn’t doubt that at all. My guess is that this isn’t the first time that has happened in the last two years.

  • Die hard

    Cubs will be involved indirectly by doing cash + player deal with team that gets Tanaka to help that team afford price– Cubs to get one of that teams mid priced starters and Cubs will pay some cash and player… Helps Cubs with Rotation for a fraction of what Tanaka costs say Yankees for example