jeff samardzija gatorade showerIf the Chicago Cubs were actually going to shop starter Jeff Samardzija – and, to date, we’re not certain that they will – you would hear about a great many teams beyond the Arizona Diamondbacks, the only team that has, thus far, been connected directly to Samardzija rumors.

And, hey, you might start hearing more about other teams even before it becomes crystal clear that the Cubs are shopping Samardzija. Say, for example, the Washington Nationals.

Last week, I wondered if the Nationals, who are known to be looking to add a top starting pitcher, could be a good fit for a Samardzija trade. Sure enough, Adam Kilgore reports today that the Nationals, in addition to big names like David Price and Max Scherzer, will discuss a possible trade for Jeff Samardzija. That doesn’t necessarily mean the Nats will discuss a trade this week with the Cubs, but it’s something Kilgore says they’ll at least discuss internally.

Kilgore writes at length about how Samardzija could be a better value and better choice for the Nats than David Price, both in terms of the price to acquire and the projected performance going forward (not that Samardzija will outperform Price, but there are some decline indicators with respect to Price that make you a little nervous). Scherzer, to the extent he enters into the conversation, offers just one year of control (compared to Samardzija’s and Price’s two), and will be extremely expensive to acquire.

The Nats could make an adequate trading partner for the Cubs, what with their top two prospects being pitchers Lucas Giolito and A.J. Cole. It remains to be seen whether Samardzija is actually made available – publicly, the Cubs insist they’d like to extend him beyond the two years of control they have left – but, if teams come asking, the Cubs will listen.

I remain of the mind that Samardzija is an elite pitcher, whose results will soon match the obvious stuff. The Cubs have him for two years, and there’s no reason to part with him this offseason short of a franchise-altering return (I’d think mid-2014 would be the first time to consider crossing that bridge). Consider how much the Cubs got for two months of Matt Garza. In order to trade Samardzija now, I’d think the Cubs should expect much, much more.

  • Eric

    Whats your gut tell you on that one, Brett?

    I’d say one top 10 prospect and two 15-20’s?

    • Brett

      Not nearly enough. I happen to be among the contingent of folks who think Samardzija is an ace, laboring with some bad luck and sequencing. I’d want a top 20 overall prospect (if team has it), another top 100, and another couple system top 10s. Consider what the Cubs got for two months of Garza. Shouldn’t the Cubs get far, far more for Samardzija?

      (For the record, though, my vote remains to extend him if at all possible, and don’t trade him this offseason short of a once-in-a-decade type offer.)

      • Eric

        Interesting. I’m with you though, I’d much rather lock him up.

      • On The Farm

        So, in your opinion, getting Cole, Giolito, and even another top ten system Purke wouldn’t really be enough for Samardzija? I.E. you would still want another top 15-20.

        That was the trade that I think would be a good starting point for the Nationals as a partner, with any name that gets added wouldn’t be as flashy as the first three names so I wouldn’t even try and speculate.

        • mdavis

          maybe add barney and take Espinosa? he’s fallen out of favor over there, and i know he struggled tremendously last season. but isnt this another year where we can check in on this guy, and if not, Baez is there anyways.

          • On The Farm

            A good thought, it would give them an opportunity to put Rendon in a everyday position and allow Barney to contribute as a good utility role. Worst case scenario Espinosa can be another bad player on a bad 2014 team, best case he can recover his value enough to be a deadline flip.

        • Good Captain

          If they’d have to pay w/ both their top pitching prospects for Shark, why not add a couple of more prospects for Price?

          • On The Farm

            Because the system is pretty weak as it stands and as Doc Bender posted elsewhere Friedman (Tampa’s GM) is the Boras of getting teams to bid against themselves in trades. I imagine if it would cost the top two SP prospects plus 2 more top 20 guys (for Shark), Price would command 3 top 5 farm guys, another top 10 and a top 20. Again the Washington system doesn’t appear to be strong so a quantity along with quality would be needed to net Price.

            • X The Cubs Fan

              And its not like they have stacks of money to blow through either.

      • MightyBear

        I agree signing the Shark to a long term deal is the best path for the Cubs. However, I don’t believe the Shark is going to sign a long term deal. From what I’ve read, he wants to be a free agent. If the FO can’t sign him to a long term deal this winter, trade him.

      • Jimmy James

        I don’t buy shark ever putting up it all together and being an “ace.” That said, I still think they should extend him if his demands are reasonable. I don’t think he nets near what he is worth in a trade.

      • Kyle

        You are going to be really disappointed in what Samardzija actually ends up bringing back, I suspect.

        • YourResidentJag


        • Brett

          No, I won’t. Because they’re not going to trade him for a “disappointing” return. Nowhere have I said that I expect the Cubs could *get* what I’m saying they should take for him. Instead, that’s my way of saying I still don’t see the market bearing for Samardzija the value it would take to actually trade him right now.

          • Kyle

            Betcha they do.

            • ETS

              by that logic the cubs would have moved more people at the deadline last year. This front office had made it clear that they aren’t just going to move people because they have movable people.

          • YourResidentJag

            Actually for the Nationals, it may be better for them to keep SP Tanner Roark in the rotation than doing anything. Also, I do not know if what they think about Ross Detwiller’s future. So, a trade with the Cubs seems a lot less likely. I would not get your hopes up with the Nationals.

      • gocubs

        I’m with you on this Brett. And based on the returns for top starting pitching since 2011 (see below) I think that is what the Cubs will hold out for.

        1/11: Matt Garza to Chicago (NL) SP Chris Archer (1), SS Hak-Ju Lee (4), OF Brandon Guyer (10), C Robinson Chirinos (16), OF Sam Fuld
        7/11: Ubaldo Jimenez to Cleveland SP Alex White (2), SP Drew Pomeranz (4), SP Joe Gardner (9), C Matt McBride
        12/11: Mat Latos to Cincinnati 1B Yonder Alonso (3), C Yasmani Grandal (4), RP Brad Boxberger (10), SP Edinson Volquez
        12/11: Trevor Cahill to Arizona SP Jarrod Parker (4), OF Collin Cowgill (11), RP Ryan Cook (18)
        12/11: Gio Gonzalez to Washington SP Brad Peacock (3), SP A.J. Cole (4), C Derek Norris (9), SP Tommy Milone (13)
        7/12: Zack Greinke to Los Angeles (AL) SS Jean Segura (2), SP Johnny Hellweg (4), SP Ariel Pena (9)
        12/12: James Shields to Kansas City RF Wil Myers (1), SP Jake Odorizzi (5), SP Mike Montgomery (15), 3B Patrick Leonard (26)
        12/12: R.A. Dickey to Toronto C Travis d’Arnaud (1), SP Noah Syndergaard (3), OF Wuilmer Becerra (25), C John Buck
        7/13: Matt Garza to Texas 3B Mike Olt (2), SP Justin Grimm (5), SP C.J. Edward (14), SP Neil Ramirez (23)

        Baseball America

      • Ivy Walls

        The Nat’s could be an interesting trading partner where the Cubs could trade Samardzija and Castro (they are desperate and know the axiom that the window is only open so long) where they could trade Desmond (their current SS who had a .850 OPS) who is in his second arb year, plus the two pitching prospects and their number one LH OF hitting prospect and another MLB reliever.

        Cubs could then move Desmond when Baez arrives without fan fanfare and even use him in a trade or move to 2B. As Epstein would say he is trading 2 years of control (if they gain 2 top pitching prospects) for 12 years plus other usable parts.

        • mjhurdle

          but wouldn’t they be trading 9 years (Castro + Shark) for 2 years of Desmond + whatever years of control for the minor leaguers coming back?
          not seeing how that is 2 for 12

        • Blublud

          That trade makes no sense. Shark and Castro in a deal headlined by Desmond. Why would they trade Desmond for Castro? Shark would be good for them, but Castro and Desmond would have nothing to do with it.

  • Steve

    Id want both Giolito and Cole in a Samardizja deal. Is that possible?

    • cavemencubbie

      I agree Steve. The old adage. ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ (leagues) is probably true when it comes to prospects. Personally, I believe the number should be four, given how pitchers flame out.

    • MightyBear


  • Jim

    I actually posted on MLB Trade Rumors, and stated that it would cost the Nationals Lucas Giolito and A.J. Cole at least. Nat fans don’t think it would cost that much. Oh they are so naive …

    • When the Music’s Over

      To be fair, the vast majority of each fan base is naive with their prospects when it comes to trades.

      • When the Music’s Over

        *Sorry, their team’s prospects

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Indeed, every time any team trades prospects for an established player, there is always a core of their fan base that screams “(insert GM’s name here) is mortgaging the future and giving up absolute studs!” Four years later, and most of them cannot even name the putative future studs.

        • Kyle

          Screw that. I still want to kick Ed Lynch in the balls for Noel and Garland for Heredia and Karchner (two separate deals).

    • David

      You’re the one coming across as naïve. They aren’t getting both Cole and Giolito, anyone who thinks they are is being a homer.

  • mdavis

    I would prefer a couple top pitching prospects closer to the bigs….that being said, I would not be upset with a haul of prospects starting with those two.

  • On The Farm

    I wonder if the Shields trade with KC is a good comparison to what Samardzija should net in a trade. I know Wade Davis was involved in the KC trade, but just as a comparison.

    • macpete22

      Maybe throw in Villanueva. I’ve heard the Cubs would be interested in Brian Goodwin

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Probably not: Friedman is the GM equivalent of Scott Boras when it comes to getting teams to overpay for players. Nobody else seems to be able to get teams bidding against themselves the way that either of them do.

  • Professor Snarks

    Unless they get blown away by an offer, they should roll the dice and wait until the trade deadline. If he has a good start to the season, someone could really overpay in July.

    • Voice of Reason

      But, what if he starts the season like he ended 2013? What if he ends up getting injured at the start of the year?

      I say you sit down Shark and try to iron out an extension. If he wants to dabble in free agency, then I’m of the mind set that you move him. Some team that is a #3 starter away will still be willing to pay a pretty penny for a starter like Shark who is at a great price. Plus, the team that trades for him gets him from Opening Day!

      Let’s be aggressive.

      • Professor Snarks

        All true.
        That’s the reason for the gambling reference.
        Obviously, if you get an offer you can’t refuse, well, don’t refuse it. But if you only get inferior offers, and you can’t re-up him, take the gamble. teams that are on the edge of playoff contention sometimes do really stupid things. (Rick Sutcliff for Joe Carter comes to mind) (okay, that wasn’t stupid, Sutcliff did bring the first playoff appearance of my lifetime).

  • Chef Brian

    I agree with Brett on this one. Barring a mind blowing offer, we should hold on to Shark.

    • YourResidentJag


  • jt

    Shark is going to cost $13M over the next 2 years.
    He will cost at least $100M over the 5 years after that.
    I’m not sure how the particulars of a trade would work but if it reaped a couple of outstanding pitching prospects and the money saved was used to land Tanaka of Garza then I would go for it.
    Perhaps other teams have more to offer.

  • Big Daddy

    What about Giolito, Cole, Tyler Moore, Espinosa, and Tyler Clippard for Shark and Barney?

    • On The Farm

      Wasn’t Clippard their closer? I doubt a team trying to get back into the playoffs will want to deal their bullpen ace for Shark and Barney (Storen is not the RP he used to be). But if you threw in Russell in the deal I feel like a Shark and Russell deal would be very comparable to Shields-Davis in the Tampa to KC deal.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Storen’s 2013 numbers were not out-of-whack with his prior numbers. He’s just another example of how the same base performance can look so much better or worse over the tiny sample size of a year of relief pitching.

        The Nats also are not looking to upgrade at 2nd necessarily: Rendon played pretty well there last year, and the plan seems to be to keep him there until LaRoche’s contract is done and Zimmerman gets moved to 1st.

        What the Nats probably should do is dump Span and move Harper back to CF, and then get somebody with some pop to stand in LF for them. (I’m half expecting them to pony up for Granderson: the Nats do seem to think that they are one piece away right now; however, they might settle for Beltran or Murphy.)

        Another SP always would be good, of course: their big 3 (Strasburg, Zimmerman and Gonzalez) is good, but injury prone. So, adding Shark to that would be nice. I’m not sure what they have to offer: you definitely do NOT want a bunch of relievers!

        • On The Farm

          True, I guess I didn’t really look into Storen’s numbers, just remembered he was struggling last season, but looking at his numbers now he wasn’t too bad. I still don’t think the would want to part ways with Storen, especially when you see how important Rosenthal and Koji were in the playoffs.

          I posted down below that I think the Nationals feel they need to win within their window right now so I think getting Samardjiza would be a much better get for them rather than completely gut the system for Price or Scherzer. I was thinking with the Espinosa angle they would be able to unload him for a cheaper 2B utility guy in Barney. I would highly doubt they would want Barney starting everyday over Rendon.

  • Sect208row15

    On Kaplans show last week Shark made it clear to me anyway that he wants to be on a winner as much or more than he wants money. He said the standard bullshit that the team has enough to win now. I like Shark but we all know he’s not the big gun the team needs.

  • cubfanincardinalland

    He pitched like crap the last two months of the season, he obviously looks like wants to get to free agency. His value is still high right now, more than likely as high as it is going to get. It’s a no brainer if he doesn’t sign an extension by December.

  • jeff1969

    I don’t think Shark measures up quite yet to Shields. Look at the WAR. Most people think KC overpaid for him as well. KC was desperate for proven starters. The Nats might think they don’t need a guy like Price or Scherzer because they have a pretty excellent top 3 in Gonzalez, Strasburg & Zimmerman, and I’m not sure they have the top type of prospects to get either one of those two. Giolito & Cole are very good, but Price & Scherzer deals would need much more that the Nats would probably balk at or honestly just don’t have. Shark & Russell (they need a lefty badly) for those two plus a couple of lower level lottery tickets (Sammy Solis a lefty starter & that young catcher Severino) might work.

  • anonymous-ly

    Lucas Giolito and A.J. Cole is a pipedream for someone that has been performing like a #3 starter. Potential at age 29 does not equal performance. If Samardzia was still young that would be a different story. I would be happy with Giolito and a couple of decent pieces. Lucas Giolito and A.J. Cole would be a starting point for Price or Stanton. LOL Cub fans.

    Trade for Lucas Giolito and sign Josh Johnson and Kazmir. Together with Vizcaino, the Cubs will have cornered the market on injured post rehab fireballers.

    • On The Farm

      “Potential at age 29 does not equal performance. If Samardzia was still young that would be a different story.”

      I think this is where you are wrong. The Nationals need to capitalize on their window to win and if they think Samardjiza is the piece that will put them over the top then him being 29 means absolutely nothing. I agree it costs too much to get Scherzer or Price, so Shark might be the “cheapest” SP on the trade market.

    • jeff1969

      I agree that Cole & Giolito would be the “starting point” for guys like Price & Scherzer and that’s the key. Washington isn’t stacked in the minors. They have some nice pitching, most of it has been injured recently though, including Giolito, Purke, Solis, and others in their top 30 or so, but outside of Goodwin, there’s not a whole lot of top talent that is going to be needed to land those top two guys or a Stanton. They have no one nearly as highly rated as Baez, Bryant, Soler or Almora. To get an ace like Price or Scherzer they would have to trade a foundational piece and I don’t see them doing that. Their window is now & over the next 3 years or so barring major injury. Shark & Russell fit them well. Cole is getting close to the majors but Giolito, while highly thought of, has been injured & is at least 3 years from the majors and quite a lottery ticket himself. This is fun isn’t it? I love the warming of the hot stove!

  • CubChymyst

    I don’t know if this has been brought up, but fangraphs has the most unhittable pitches for the years. Samardzija splitter was the 3rd most unhittable pitch of any starter with only a 50.5% contact rate on it. Samardzjia clearly has the stuff to be an ace, it is the consistency that has not been found yet. Considering he started pitching late and there is still 2 years of control left. I would be look for a big return on him.

    Personally I’m hoping for an extension.

  • Featherstone

    Fangraphs has an article today about Most unhittable pitches in 2013. Shark’s splitter came in 3rd overall for Starters.

    Strop’s Slider came in 1st overall for relievers.

  • LER

    The Shark should focus away from wondering how he (and his agent) can go from being rich to being very rich and toward wondering how he can go from being a pitcher with promise to one who delivers consistently. Without being able to guess where he is in that process, the Cubs’ front office would do well to get Giolito, Cole and a couple of decent pieces (a good phrase). So how realistic is the Shark about his skill level, current and potential?

  • anonymous-ly

    You heard it here first, next year will be the year some of the shine on Cubs prospects will start to wear off. Baez will continue to strikeout rate at an alarmingly high rate. Bryant will continue to smash minor league pitching in Rizzo like fashion but will falter in his first season, in Rizzo like fashion. Soler will continue to show flashes of potential and flashes of being average. Almora will continue hitting like a champ, but without much power.

    • King Jeff

      Wow, you’re really going out on a limb on some these.

    • someday…2015?

      Haha you’re going to be eating those words when Baez wins ROY next year.

    • Rich

      Well good thing we heard it here first…that some of the Cubs prospects may need to continue to work and improve.
      by “anonymous-ly”

    • GoCubs

      It is natural to have ups and downs. No one predict the future so rest is just speculation.

  • Diamond Don

    Shark for Cargo and a lower prospect.

    • Voice of Reason

      That’s a great idea! Let’s trade Shark for an outfielder who has never played an entire season because he can’t stay healthy. And, he will make $20 million dollars in the final year of his deal. And, his numbers are bloated because of the Colorado thin air.

      Maybe after we trade for Cargo we could add Hamilton and Price?

  • Rich

    Yea you heard it here first..Brett, may write more articles about the Cubs…

  • cubfanincardinalland

    As the Cubs continue to sit in limbo land with the current crumbling revenue limited stadium they play in(president of the team said Friday they start in a 40 million dollar hole each season they play in Wrigley Field), a significant development this morning which should be a huge wake up call for many. Especially the “the Cubs will never leave Wrigley or downtown” finger waggers.
    The Atlanta Braves have announced they are leaving downtown Atlanta for a new stadium out in the suburbs of Cobb County. The new revenue enhancing stadium will be built in “partnership” with Cobb County supplying much of the funding for the new park.
    The Cubs have a pot of gold waiting for them out there, when will Tom wake up and see it.

    • Kevin

      That’s great news………………. now can we start talking about the burbs?

    • Voice of Reason

      Please don’t start with the Cubs should leave Wrigley Field talk again.
      It’s silly.

      • cubfanincardinalland

        Actually, the Braves and Cubs stadium situation is quite similar. Both take huge amounts of money to maintain, and are limited in fan experience, and revenue producing. So I guess the Braves are silly?

        • bbmoney

          Besides the fact that it appears the braves were leasing the stadium and don’t own it I agree with this 100%.

        • Voice of Reason


          I just don’t know where to start with your post!

          You are going to compare where the Cubs play with where the Braves play and say the Cubs should take a lead from the Braves and move because they are?

          When the Ricketts bought the Cubs they insisted that Wrigley Field be part of the purchase. Why do you think that was? The Ricketts hired a professional company to determine what value Wrigley Field had to the franchise. After that study was complete, what do you think the findings were?

          Why do you think the Ricketts are going through all the politics and dealing with roof top owners? Do you think that the Ricketts have weighed in the cost to maintain Wrigley Field? I mean these are people worth LOTS of money! They didn’t get there by saying, “Hey, the Braves are moving so let’s move, too”.

          They are doing all these things because Wrigley Field means a ton of money to the franchcise (which they own).

          • cubfanincardinalland

            The president of business operations of the team, just told you that Wrigley Field was a liability. He even put a dollar figure on it.
            The whole point of rebuilding the stadium is to try and remove these liabilities. The Braves looked into doing the same thing, estimated it would take 200 million to do it at Turner Field. Still have parking problems, and limited revenue situation. They made the smart, but easy decision.
            And the Cubs are still cranking out pretty drawings a year later. Bizzaro world.

            • Voice of Reason

              You’ve answered your own question!

              The Cubs are going to remove the liabilities with the improvements/changes.

              The Ricketts knew what they were up against for approval. Again, they are business people. This isn’t their first rodeo. They are playing their cards PERFECTLY!

              They are not going public and putting down the city or the roof top owners as they don’t want to be seen as the Goliath and the city or roof top owners as David.

              I don’t know how old you are, cubfanincardinalland, but in your lifetime the Cubs will never leave Wrigley Field. It just means too much to the franchise.

              To compare Wrigley Field to another ball park is comparing apples to oranges (though I prefer apples).

              • Voice of Reason

                All that said, however, I wish they would move. I’m over Wrigley Field. I just want to win a World Series.

                Building a new park with parking right across the street and plenty of bathrooms, etc. would be great to me.

                But, it’s all about the money, baby! And, Wrigley Field is m-o-n-e-y to the Ricketts.

      • cavemencubbie

        Not silly, rational.

    • Eric

      If you were at one of the season ticket holder events over the weekend you wouldn’t waste your time on posts that the Cubs should move. They are NOT going anywhere. Nor do I think the comparison to what the Braves are doing has any validity.

      • YourResidentJag

        Because the response to the OP’s post is that the certain situation is unsustainable. That’s why.

  • jeff1969

    Here’s a thought, is 2014 the year Hak Ju Lee & Chris Archer really make Cub fans wince? It might be full on seizure time soon.

    • dw8

      Archer maybe. Lee is still blocked by Escobar. Don’t think Tampa risks rushing him to the majors after ACL. Also, Lee needs to prove it with the bat still. The bar is relatively low as he’ll be at least average at SS, but he still needs to show he can clear it.

      Also, who won the Garza trade anyway?!!! Someone needs to write about that.

      • Jim

        The Rangers are the clear losers on Garza. Between the Cubs and Rays I guess it comes down to Archer > Edwards? and Lee > Olt? Might take a couple of years for this all to be determined still.

        • Bwa

          Don’t forget that we still got 3 years of garza. Not all healthy but pretty productive none the less. That has to weigh into the equation.

  • Aaron

    The Nationals are looking to acquire a top-of-the-line starting pitcher.

    Shark for both Cole & Giolito looks very interesting.

    Giolito had Tommy John surgery at the end of August so he won’t be pitching in 2013. High-ceiling, hard-throwing high schooler from the 2010 draft Cole is looking solid. Other possible pitching prospects to consider taking from the Nats: Robbie Ray or Nathan Karns.

    Neither of these players will help the Nationals over the next 2 seasons win big league games and compete for a championship. But adding Shark to their starting rotation could. Time to set up a meeting with Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo this week!

    • jeff1969

      Giolito pitched a little bit at the end of this season. Like 8 games. Good numbers. A-ball.

      • macpete22

        Brian Goodwin could be discussed in trade talks with the Nats as well

  • Jono

    Is it likely / logical, assuming the cubs decide to keep baez at SS and he rips up AAA, to trade castro next off season for a quality lefty bat and a top rotation type pitcher? Also assuming castro rebounds in 2014, he’d yield an enormous return, right?

  • amskustoms

    I never see shark as an ace. He is what he is a guy with great days and horrible days. He is by Theo’s own words past his peak age. Trade him for good prospects while his value is at a premium. He is a good 3 but dont see him as an ace. Dont want to see the guy gone but by the time the young guys get to Chicago he will be 30 or 31

  • Aaron

    Cubs sign Max Scherzer as a free agent next off-season. Sign Masahiro Tanaka this off-season. Potential #1 and #2 starting pitchers for the 2015 season. Trade Shark this off-season for high-ceiling pitching prospects.

    • Jono

      Like! Then trade a rebounded castro for a middle of the order lefty bat and another top rotation guy to give their rotation world series caliber 1-2-3

      Ok, so the whole trade castro thing is a little tongue and cheek. But we’re in off season-moves mode, right?

  • Die hard

    Cubs would not consider trading him if they had a true dominant 1 and 2 cause he’s a solid 3 or 4….appears they have a rotation of solid 3 and 4 throwers … So they need to find a 1 or 2 FA or in their minors… FA is too costly and so minors is it..

  • Blackhawks1963

    If / when Spellcheck is traded it will be for a top of rotation pitching prospect. Think Archie Bradley return. If that’s not in the cards then Samardzija won’t be going anywhere.

    • ssckelley

      Bradley would be the starting point.

  • North Side Irish

    John Arguello ‏@CubsDen 27m
    Sounds like Nats interest in Samardzija is legit. One source believes they will make an offer that Cubs will not be able to turn down.

    John usually has pretty good sources…

  • Joycedaddy

    Shark has “ace” stuff, unfortunately he plays on the opposite of an “ace” team. No question his numbers are much better with batters who can score runs and a bullpen that can hold a game. Considering control and “future potential” I would agree that in theory that Shark should command a kings’ ransom. However, he’s a Cub, which somehow tends to mean that his value isn’t as high so although I agree with Brett for what he should get, what we’d actually net in return would probably be less. I also think trading for David Price would be stupid, he has some serious arm issues that scare me and he’s on the wrong side of 30. I’d prefer to hang onto Shark, I hope that’s what happens. I don’t think there’s an “ace” arm available on the trade market or in the farm (or available through a Shark trade) that makes more sense than our current situation with Shark. If we can’t cough up a few extra million to Shark then I wouldn’t get too excited about bringing in any major free agents, I think we’re going about the nickel and dime route until more revenue comes in. Between Ricketts-Epstein-Hoyer I believe there is a serious “nickel and dime” situation taking place that will continue for the foreseeable future.

  • Matt Zeeman

    Giolito and Cole are definitely not worth getting in return for Samardzija. Yes I am a cubs fan so many nationals fan will disagree, but if you look at Cole he is at best a 4 or 5 starter and giolito is coming back from a big injury and you don’t know if he will even make the big leagues and is a big risk. Add Goodwin, giolito, cole and Matt purke. Samardzija has a good fastball averaging 94.5 mph, top 10 in all of baseball and a wipeout slider and splitter, if he changes teams he could win a lot of games and have a winning record, as he gets known run support from the cubs and gets rattled from behind. Personally, I think the cubs keep him and sign him to a long deal or go to a team with better prospects.

    • CubChymyst

      The problem is if Samardzija and the FO can not come to terms of an extension. If he won’t be extended you take the best offer you can get and trade him rather than lose him for nothing or an extra pick to free agency. Personally I’d like to see an extension because Samardzija is better than half of the pitchers in the league and has potential to improve.