bn shirtA heads up for those wanting to finally get some BN apparel at a swell price, or maybe doing some holiday shopping: today and tomorrow represent the best “deal” the BN shop will have going on for a while (or so I’m told – I don’t actually control these things).

If you use the code “EARLY20” today or tomorrow at the BN shop, you’ll save 20% off of your order – no matter how small or large.

I offer this not to push you to buy, but, since it’s a deal, I figured you’d want to know. Go forth and consume.

  • Austin

    Any headway on the Bears writer? Was hoping you would fine someone good for it.

    • Brett

      The process is ongoing. We’ll find someone great.

  • Kirbs414

    Hey Brett, as a guy kinda stuck in between a medium and a large, do these shirts typically run a little bigger or smaller, or pretty standard?

  • chrisfchi

    Are hats in the plans? Wouldn’t mind a BN hat for the collection.

  • Ed