chicago cubs logoChicago Cubs GM Jed Hoyer recently said that we could be hearing about the team’s coaching staff in the next week or so, and the announcement would come in one fell swoop. But word is trickling out on a few of the names the Cubs are considering.

We heard about the Cubs targeting Bill Mueller as their next hitting coach yesterday (and it was further confirmed by CSN, so you can pretty much book it that the Cubs have selected Mueller, and the contract particulars are merely being hashed out). The same CSN piece, from Patrick Mooney, indicates that the Cubs still plan to hire an assistant hitting coach, a position they started using last year with Rob Deer, who is not expected to return.

Right now, there is a tentative belief that pitching coach Chris Bosio, bullpen coach Lester Strode, and staff assistant Mike Borzello will be returning. That leaves, together with the hitting coach and assistant hitting coach, an opening for bench coach, first base coach, and third base coach on Rick Renteria’s staff.

Among the names being reported for those openings, there are Gary Jones and Bruce Fields from the Sun-Times. Jones is currently a defensive coordinator with the Padres, and Fields is a hitting instructor with the Tigers. Each has had a relationship with Renteria over the years.

Jon Heyman also hears Jones as a possibility, and adds Jose Castro. The latter has held a variety of positions in the Padres’ and Mariners’ systems over the last several years, mostly with the Mariners and mostly on the hitting side.

Finally, the CSN report on Bill Mueller also mentions Mariano Duncan as a coaching possibility, something we’ve discussed previously. This past year, Duncan was the hitting coach at High-A Daytona before spending the final month or so of the season with the big club.



  • Brian Peters

    Um, Heyman has possible prospects trade with Marlins. Check out his tweet. Then do some deep-breathing exercises.

    • EB

      There will probably be a mass extinction before they ever pull that move. Terrible idea from Heyman.

  • josh ruiter

    Defensive coordinator made me chuckle slightly. What more made me chuckle is our glaring need for an offensive coordinator!! Which of these guys would be likely to fill which positions? I still am high on Blanco being a bench coach type. Like the Mueller idea, like the Duncan thought. Coach from the Tigers, yes please. Coach from the Mariners, pass.

  • macpete22
  • OCCubFan

    When I first read “Castro” in the headline, I knew it couldn’t be Starlin, but thought it might be Fidel. He did play baseball and is out of a job. I wonder how he would get along with Jorge Soler.

    • Fishin Phil

      There may be a residency issue there.

      • OCCubFan

        That’s probably why he won’t get the job.

      • SH

        He’s going to flee and establish residency in Mexico…

  • Brian Peters
    • jj

      He’s suggesting the Cubs would trade Almora or Baez for one of the Marlins pitching prospects (or someone on the ML roster, it isn’t clear)? None of the Marlins pitching prospects he mentions are ranked as highly as the Almora or Baez. Unless the Cubs took multiple prospects in return for just the higher ranked hitter – and probably not then either.

  • jj

    Wasn’t one of the concerns about Starlin Castro that the Cubs had multiple people giving him (conflicting?) advice. What’s going to happen if the entire staff (sans Bosio) are all former hitting coaches – will they really speak with one voice to players?

    • Brian Peters

      Excellent point, JJ.

    • Nate Dawg

      I found this a little strange as well. I guess we have to hope they can hire two guys that can present a unified message to hitters. Maybe Deer and Rowson themselves were the problem, not the plan of having two hitting coaches. I still don’t really like it, though.

    • CubsFanSaxMan

      I thought the same thing. The old “too many chefs in the kitchen” routine again. Wasn’t that a perceived problem this past year?

      • Fishin Phil

        I am not a big fan of the multiple hitting coach approach either.

    • Professor Snarks

      Multiple hitting coaches is fine, due to the large number of hitting prospects coming up soon. It would give the Cubs the ability to give more players personnel development time. They just to be smart about. They need to:
      -Have one overreaching message. (The ‘Cubs Way’).
      – Each hitter is assigned one, and only 1 hitting coach.

      The Cubs do need a defensive ‘coordinator. It is quite possible a lot of our upcoming prospects, and some current Cubs, could be changing positions. Lake, Vitters, Bryant, and Baez are just a few of the guys that could be playing positions that are foreign to them.

  • Jim

    I had once heard Joey Cora mentioned as a possible bench coach or coach of some sort. No longer on the radar? I wonder what the Padres think if Renteria raids their organization further?

  • Johnnie A

    I happen to know Jose Cardenal was in town at the end of October. It’s not quite on the level of spotting Theo at Starbucks but could he be in consideration for a coaching job or even the radio gig?

  • TheRiot2

    Cardenal as a coach would surely be enough too bring back Brickhouse from the dead. He really loved Jose,lol.

    • Fishin Phil

      I think Jack was just fascinated by his hair back in the day.

  • Johnnie A

    Brickhouse liked to talk about Jose eating the ivy leaves. I recall him saying it’s okay to eat them just don’t smoke ’em.

  • Die hard

    Atlanta Braves to become Atlanta Corn Cobs?