kris bryant cubsIf you destroy all comers in a league, you’re likely to land the MVP award. With apologies to Mike Trout, that is.

Today, Chicago Cubs third base prospect Kris Bryant was named the MVP of the Arizona Fall League. His six homers and 1.184 OPS paced the league (he was tops in slugging at .727, and fourth in OBP at .457).

Bryant’s Solar Sox are playing as I type in the AFL Championship Game, but, win or lose, it was a successful month in Arizona for virtually all of the Cubs’ prospects who participated. More on that in a bit. For now, suffice it to say that Bryant is the MVP, and his legend grows.

  • Teddy Ballgame

    Actually Mike F, I haven’t had a drink at all but thanks for assuming. It’s beyond irritating hearing continuous negative chatter from the same people. Like a person having a job they can’t stand, if you hate it so much just move on. If someone gets a kick out of pissing people off that’s even more pathetic. Feed the positive dog and once the Cubs reach their ultimate goal, this rough patch will make us appreciate it that much more. Especially when you can compete year in and year out…

  • cub2014

    Who do you guys think the Cubs are going
    to sign? here is what I think and hope.
    A backup catcher? yes (suzuki)
    A closer type? yes (benoit)
    Starting pitching? yes (Kazmir,tanaka)
    An OF’er or 2? we should (choo)
    (our prospects arent very deep in the OF)
    An infielder? NO
    Money or not someone like Cano isnt
    coming. Not this year. We have waves
    of 2B and 3B coming, here is my projected
    progression: (we have our backups this whole
    time: valbuena-murphy-barney)

    3B- olt 2B- watkins; if they fail,
    3B- baez 2B- alcantera; if they fail,
    3B- bryant 2B- villanueva; if they fail,
    3B- villanueva 2B- bruno or sanders; then
    3B- candelario 2B- amaya.

    We have 10 quality prospects to look at over the
    next few years, we need 2 to be stars. We have
    our ML fill-ins whenever it goes awry. As bad as
    the Cubs luck has been I think the chances are
    pretty good to find our guys out of this group.

    • Brains

      If they’re smart they’ll trade for Matt Kemp, but minus Tanaka, Kazmir, and Choo this list is probably accurate. We’ll sign a backup catcher and a few waiver lines. Last year will be similar to this year, but a bit worse, and Castro and Rizzo will both put up similar numbers to last year and lose trade value as well as crucial developmental time.

      • 70’scub

        Kemp played great in 20’s, to date he may be available because of his inability to stay baseball healthy. He comes with an expensive long term contract as he enters his 30’s. I hope the Cub FO has not tanked the last two years to build back with free agents who are in decline……….

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