cactusHey, something fun and positive to discuss and look forward to. The Chicago Cubs will christen their new park in Mesa, Arizona at Spring Training 2014, which will open on Thursday, February 27 against the Diamondbacks. Make your plans post-haste. (To that end, season tickets for the Spring are on sale now, and group tickets go on sale November 22. Single game tickets go on sale January 11.)

The full schedule:

February 27 – ARIZ
Febrary 28 – LAA
March 1 – SF (ss), ARIZ (ss)
March 2 – KC
March 3 – MIL
March 4 – OAK
March 5 – COL
March 6 – CLE
March 7 – CLE (ss), LAA (ss)
March 8 – CIN
March 9 – MIL
March 10 – SF
March 11 – COL
March 12 – SEA
March 13 – OFF
March 14 – LAD
March 15 – KC (ss), NYM (ss) (Las Vegas)
March 16 – CLE (ss), NYM (ss) (Las Vegas)
March 17 – LAA (ss), OAK (ss)
March 18 – TEX
March 19 – COL
March 20 – SEA
March 21 – CHW
March 22 – CIN
March 23 – OAK
March 24 – SD
March 25 – LAA (ss), SD (ss)
March 26 – ARIZ
March 27 – CHW
March 28 – ARIZ (Chase Field)
March 29 – ARIZ (Chase Field)

  • Brains

    just for the record, brains will always be a cubs fan, even after the ricketts destroy the team, theo leaves for greener pastures, and they get sold to a lead-filled baby food conglomeration from china.

    • SH

      Is the conglomeration lead-filled, or the baby food

      • Brains


  • Edwin

    I hope the Cubs haven’t pushed back their time table on winning the Cactus league as well.

    • YourResidentJag

      Made me laugh.

      • terencemann

        They might have a decent spring training roster but I’m not sure how they’re going to fill-in for the ultimate destroyer of spring training fastballs: Alfonso Soriano.

  • Ron Swanson

    Which games are home games?

  • Edwin

    I think, just looking at the schedule, that the Cubs have a decent shot at competing in the Cactus league this year.

    • terencemann

      Our 30th to 40th best players are better than other teams 30th-40th best players, maybe?

      • Edwin

        This is the spring!!!

  • King Jeff

    I wish I lived in the area. Looking forward to Spriggs figuring out how to upload photos for us.

    • Spriggs

      Ha! Got my season tickets last week and I’m really happy with them, though they are on the first base side. The Cubs moved to the third base side in the new stadium (they had 1B side at Hohokam).

  • Blackhawks1963

    And Tim Hudson is now a San Francisco Giant… I like that move for them. If he can overcome the ugly ankle injury then he remains a serious quality starting pitcher. Cain, Baumgarner, Lincecum, Hudson…not bad.

  • Jason P

    Is there any indication which of these games will be televised?

  • N.J. Riv

    Spring Training should not contain this many games.

    • Spriggs


    • cubbiesOHcubbies

      But you need this many games if your truly going to figure out who your number 8 and 9 pitchers are going to be……….