Holy What: The Tigers and Rangers Have Reportedly Agreed to Swap Prince Fielder and Ian Kinsler

Surprised-BabyThis came from so very out of nowhere, and the details are spotty, but Jon Heyman is reporting that the Tigers and Rangers have agreed to a huge swap involving Prince Fielder and Ian Kinsler.

As of this moment (7:34pm CT), there are so many things to still be worked out/reported, as you can see in Heyman’s current version of the report – other players involved? How’s the money going to shake out? Will Fielder waive his no-trade clause?

If and when this deal goes down, the ramifications could be extremely far-reaching. I’ll need some time to digest and analyze. The immediate stuff is obvious, though: the Rangers would be opening up an infield spot for Jurickson Profar while simultaneously adding a huge bat. The Tigers would fill their empty second base hole, save some money (to be spent on Max Scherzer?), and open up first base for someone like Victor Martinez or Miguel Cabrera or a free agent.

UPDATE (7:40pm CT): Multiple other sources are confirming a one-for-one swap between the teams, with the money situation still unreported.

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  1. johnny chess Aka 2much2say

    In regards to RBI is this guy any good?
    Avg. HR RBI OBP
    .219 34 86 .320 .442

  2. johnny chess Aka 2much2say

    Guess who he is?

    1. pj


      1. hansman

        Looks closer to Pena but I don’t remember him batting .230 in a season.

        1. Luke
          1. johnny chess Aka 2much2say

            It’s Dunn and he isn’t too far off Fielder’s numbers. 15 mil
            per looks like a steal in comparison

          2. hansman

            At least I was right in Pena never batting .230

            1. hansman

              Where in the hell did I get a BA of .230?

  3. JUICED1

    the tigers could put Nick Castalanos back at third too. Not a bad trade.

  4. Cizzle

    One thing’s for sure, Prince Fielder just made a lot more money.

  5. macpete22

    Kinsler’s always been one of my favorite players. Hope he does well in Detroit even though I’m not a big fan of the Tigers

  6. macpete22

    This trade also means the Cardinals aren’t going to get Profar or Andrus

  7. Kyle

    This is one of those deals that seem to make so much sense that you’re surprised it actually happened. Perfect fit for both teams.

  8. cubfanincardinalland

    Tigers may regret this. Cabrera won two MVP’s with Prince hitting behind him. He may not see a fastball for a strike next season.

    1. mjhurdle

      He had great stats before Fielder got there, and i imagine he will continue to have great seasons regardless of who hits behind him, until age starts taking its toll.

    2. EuroCub

      Tigers can use Martinez as a hitter behind Cabrera. Yes, he ain’t Fielder, but he was their best player in this post season.

    3. bbmoney

      I have no idea why people are concerned about that for Cabrera. He was great before Fielder got there. He was great while Fielder was there. Unless age or injury gets him this year (which FIelder would have nothing to do with), he’ll be great again.

      2010 and 2011 (pre Fielder) he sported WRC+’s of 171 and 177. He then ‘only’ sported a WRC+ of 166 in his triple crown year where Fielder was hitting well. Then in the second year where Fielder mostly struggled he had a WRC+ of 192.

      He saw 59.6% Fastballs in 2011 the year before Fielder got there. He saw 59.2% and 58.7 % fastballs the last two years.

      He’ll be just fine.

  9. Crazyhorse

    Good Front Office and respectable team owners figuring a way to build a contender and not cheat its fans must be nice to be Ranger and Tiger fans.

    The Cubs signed a manager recovering from surgey to reflect its Disabled list last place chumpions . I wish the Cubs would get some talent – yes we all know about the rebuild- Its gonna be great meanwhile The Rickets family is laughing at Chicago and the the Cubs fan base and acussing the rooftops of stealing a Piece of shit product the Cubs front office put on the field.

    Well its good to see certain teams strive for excellence .

    1. YourResidentJag

      And members of the disabled community, thank you for your support. Like me :)

  10. Headscratchin

    Nice Baby Pic. Love that expression on his face. You’ll have to save that one for the next WTF (or as I prefer, Headscratchin) move the Cubs make

  11. YourResidentJag

    Richard Durrett ‏@espn_durrett 33m
    #Rangers Jon Daniels made it clear he still wants another bat. Trying to keep bolstering offense. #priorities

  12. Jono

    Scherzer’s price just went up…..kidding, kidding

  13. Brains

    ESPN predicting that Cano signs with Texas now.

    In related news, the Cubs signed a used bubble gum wrapper as third base coach, off the waiver line. Theo said “the Chicago Cubs should be well prepared to make some waves by 2013…and the Rosemont Woodfield Malls will be in playoff contention no later than 2019″.

    1. Chad

      What is Texas’ payroll now? I would guess they swapped contracts as well because that is the only way this really benefits Detroit. If they sign Cano then they can trade Profar for pitching. I don’t see that happening, but it’s a possibility.

      1. bbmoney

        Reportedly Detroit sent $30M along with Fielder (and his contract).

    2. Brains

      I continuously kid about the Cubs because comedy is less depressing than tragedy, and they’re both of the same ilk, but I wonder if Detroit is considering Cano in this case? Everyone is pointing to Texas, but both teams could transition Cano to DH later in his career.

      1. bbmoney

        Possibly, although I think it’s more likely they use the money they saved (reportedly ~70M guaranteed over the life of the contracts) to help them make a run at extending Scherzer or maybe even Cabrera.

        Obviously both would cost a lot more than that, but it’s a lot of money they just saved over the next 7 years to help.

    3. terencemann

      I think Andrus is now their second baseman of the future. They basically had a player as valuable as Kinsler in waiting. Maybe they’ll go after Beltran?

      1. YourResidentJag

        or Choo.

  14. Stu

    “But, But…..they are not doing it the right way..” says Theo/Jed as more season ticket holders (bagholders) walk out the door at the latest press conference.

    1. roz

      This doesn’t even make sense you dolt.

  15. Stu

    I was trying to point out that other teams get creative to put a winning team out there instead of just “waiting” for the prospects.

    1. Jono

      Trading Cashner for Rizzo? To a lesser extent, Marshall for Wood?

  16. Stu

    And I do think season ticket holders are getting scammed for 2 more years with the 3rd highest ticket prices.

    1. MichiganGoat

      Ohhh something something supply and demand and Econ 101, if people weren’t willing g to buy the tickets at these prices they would go down but that’s not happening. Boycott the team if you want to change the prices but otherwise stop complaining.

  17. Norm

    So, somehow a swap of two bad contracts leads to more anti-ThePlan talk.
    ah, Cub fans….

  18. Stu

    I don’t care if anyone calls me a dolt. Brett, there is still an assumption that you can’t do both build for the future AND field a competitive team.

    The only downside for waiting until the Cubs are competitive before becoming a season ticket holder is that there will be a waiting list at that point. That is a tough sell with 2016 being the closest to a contending team.

    1. Chad

      Every situation is different and since we know about 0.0000001% of the stuff that is happening in the cub’s organization it’s hard to say that it’s easy to field a competitive team and build the farm. We don’t know the financials or the basics of the plan. We have no idea even if we think we do.

  19. Chris Lattier

    I wonder if we will have any interest in Omar Infante…

    He’s not a superstar but is still a good player….a good hitter…he does a lot of things well. He’s versatile on defense…any thoughts? Could be a good influence on younger players…

  20. ray

    Though not connected to this trade, I think people are upset because the Cubs could easily support adding almost $100 million in payroll, and they could be competitive while we wait for the development to happen. We could try to trade out of some contracts when prospects force ageing veterans out in 2 years. But, the Cubs have chose instead to milk every dollar out of the Cubs cash cow while they rebuild. I’m excited to see the fruits of the rebuild, but I sure as hell wouldn’t complain if they did a little of both.

    1. On The Farm

      “the Cubs could easily support adding almost $100 million in payroll”

      Well now, how about we slow your roll. Adding that much money really doesn’t seem like it would be that feasible unless the renovations and cable deal were already done. That is a lot of money to add and I am not trying to make excuses for the team, I just think that $100 million is way out of proportion.

      1. ray

        They should easily be one of the top 5 in payroll. Current payroll is around $50 million I believe. $150 is about where the cubs should be, and that is actually still thinking responsibly imo. They should push to $170+ really. I think they owe it to us, but nonetheless. They are one of the most (if not the most) profitable teams in MLB. Why doesn’t payroll reflect that? Yes, they are saving money and lining their pockets like good businessmen. I get it. Doesn’t mean I have to like it as a fan. So, I don’t go….season ticket holder, and I sell every game rather than support their pathetic product.

        1. bbmoney

          The Cubs payroll is only at 50M if you don’t consider any of the per-arb or arb eligible players and the amounts the Cubs will have to pay them if they tender them contracts.

          Which doesn’t change your point, because that probably only adds ~20M to that. You can be upset about it. But buying season tickets sure still supports their product.

  21. Cubfan Budman

    I’m thinking the Tigers now trade Porcello for Trumbo !!!

    1. MichiganGoat

      Why would they trade for him? They just got rid of a 1B to stop the logjam and now you are saying they should add another 1B/DH type.

    2. mjhurdle

      Dombrowski himself said that the plan was to move Cabrera to 1B. He said maybe not next year, but in the next couple years Cabrera was moving to 1B.
      Not sure what trading for Trumbo gets the Tigers at this point.

  22. Senor Cub

    That’s awesome, it takes guts to pull this kind of trade. Fielder is still quite young and has lot’s of pop. Tigers and Texas have been bold for quite some time. Can we trade our FO for their FO. I lived in Texas when their new guy was 25/26yrs old and everyone was doubting him, all he has done since then is put up a great product on the field. I’m happy for both teams.

  23. CM

    I think the person who got stiffed in this deal was Cano. I had a feeling Detroit was going to sweep in and sign him to a big deal the way the did with Prince.

  24. nkiacc13

    I would guess its mostly just cash but does anyone know if all the cubs minor trades last year have been settled?

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