You may recall that BN’er Oswego Chris (Neitzel) recently wrote a fantastic book on the real reasons the Chicago Cubs have gone so long without a championship. Since the predicate for the book was 104 reasons that it’s been 104 years, you had to know there was an update coming, since 2013 wasn’t The Year.

105 reasons beyond bartman

I wrote the foreword for the book, which I think is one of the best histories of the organization I’ve read. And, as you can see from the second edition cover, it’s getting some superlative reviews from the big timers.

You can get your own copy (holiday gift, perhaps?) over at Amazon (on sale right now), or you can contact Chris about getting an inscribed copy. Chris can be reached at or on Twitter @BBCG105Reasons. He’ll hook you up with an inscribed copy of 104 Reasons for just $10.75 (including shipping), or an inscribed copy of 105 Reasons for $15.75 (including shipping).

Once again, kudos to Chris for doing something incredible. You can read more about his efforts here.

  • Ron

    I loved the book and recomend it to all!!

  • MichiganGoat

    And absolute must read by the entire BN community. Great breakdown of every that has hampered the Cubs for so long. Great job Chris!

  • oswego chris

    thanks again to Brett and the whole BN community…

    • Soda Popinski

      No, thank you for your hard work! And congratulations on all the success. I hope it reaches far and wide.

    • Rich

      I just emailed you to get my copy!

    • Aaron

      ETA on the new Kindle edition?

      • oswego chris

        couple weeks

  • Rich

    Wait 5 bucks for an autograph, who do you think you are ? PETE ROSE?

    Thanks for the update, I will buy one!

  • Indy57

    Highly recommend it. Great read and very informative.

  • Rich

    Can I get the 109 reasons edition early?

    • oswego chris

      that’s great Rich…yeah, I think I am good for awhile….

  • jayrig5

    That’s awesome.

  • MichiganGoat

    I think I’m getting an editing credit on this version, the Goat forever in print.

  • NLIADad

    I thought his name was Chris Oswego!!! No wonder I couldn’t find him on Amazon.



    I just finished reading this book on my Nook. Very good read. Very interesting and informative. Also very entertaining. I hope the current F\O will give it a read. It may help to finally stop the drought. If they learn from history.