dominican flagDay Three of Daddy Duty begins. Thankfully, The Mother has arrived to assist. The Little Boy scoffs at sleep. Me tired.

  • A profile on Cubs third base prospect Jeimer Candelario, who is participating in the DWL this year despite being just 19 (he turns 20 tomorrow) – Candelario is already big on giving back in the Dominican Republic, which is great to see from such a young man (seriously, read the piece and tell me you don’t think he’s just an awesome dude).┬áCandelario didn’t quite have the breakout at low-A this year that many were projecting (.256/.346/.396), but he did have a very solid .343 wOBA and a 12% walk rate. All in all, very good numbers from a 19-year-old in the Midwest League. He could start the year as the everyday third baseman at High-A Daytona next year, where he’d figure to be one of the youngest players in the league (possibly with his teammate Albert Almora). Remember when third base was a serious organizational deficiency? That was so last year. Now there’s Kris Bryant, Mike Olt, Christian Villanueva, Jeimer Candelario …
  • Cubs prospects from the AFL speak with the Smokies Radio Network about their Winter plans.
  • Chris Cotillo reports that Cubs’ minor league free agent pitcher Yeiper Castillo is signing with the Angels. Castillo had some success late in the year at AA after starting the year fantastically at High-A, but control problems lingered. The Cubs, who had signed Castillo on a minor league deal the year before, apparently saw enough to let him give it a go with another organization. Castillo turned 25 in September.
  • It sounds like the Cubs won’t be doing the annual Cubs Caravan anymore, in which players and coaches had visited schools and other locations throughout the state in the offseason for a few days. Instead, the Cubs will focus on Chicago community projects, per the Peoria Journal Star.
  • Cubs fans really chipped in to help out victims of the tornados downstate over the weekend.
  • Alex Rodriguez’s arbitration case has wrapped, and a decision is expected after the holidays. That is significant because, if he’s suspended for the 2014 season, at least, the Yankees will have an additional $25 million to spend under the luxury tax cap. If you’re a big-time free agent with whom the Yankees have been speaking, aren’t you going to want to wait to see whether they’ve got the money to spend on you before inking with another team? I really wonder if we’re going to see a hold-up because of this, and the delayed Masahiro Tanaka posting. Remember the trickle down effect: Free Agent A is waiting on the ARod decision (because the Yankees are waiting), so Team X has to wait on Free Agent A’s decision. Meanwhile, Team Y would like to make a trade with Team X, but Team X is waiting on Free Agent A for that position. And Team Y might sign Free Agent B, but only if they can’t make that trade. So Team Z has to wait on a decision from Free Agent B, who thinks he might get more money from Team Y. And so on and so on.
  • Two more writers/scouts are leaving Baseball Prospectus for big league jobs.
  • Jon

    Until Candy starts hitting for more power, I can’t consider him a legit prospect. I hope he proves me wrong, great kid

    • Brett

      He’s got time to grow into the power a little bit, but I’m not sure it will ever be a huge part of his game. The hope is that he’s a .300/.400/.450 type (ceiling, I mean), which would obviously be fantastic if he could stick at third (which is up for debate).

      • cub2014

        I assume these foreign players only pay
        income tax to their home country if they
        arent US citizens? Good for them. It also
        means a Dominican players contract is worth
        around 20% more than an american citizens
        Candelario seems like a heck of a good kid.

        • bbmoney

          Why are there contracts worth more? They have to pay US income taxes if they make money In the US, citizens or not.

          • cub2014

            I dont know but companies that send money
            or income to foreign entities, those entities
            dont answer to the IRS. Maybe they are treated
            as employees and not self employed? I dont
            know actually.

            • ssckelley

              If you work here then you pay taxes here.

              • cub2014

                if you are an employee you do. Are MLB players
                employees? I suppose they are?

                • Benjamin

                  Both employees (W2) and contractors (1099) pay federal income tax. What are you talking about?

                  • cub2014

                    Benjamin, I wasnt sure so I looked it
                    up. First off there is no tax withholding
                    on a 1099 (not on mine anyway). So it
                    is up to the contractor to pay his taxes.

                    If you are a non US citizen and the duties
                    or activities are performed inside the US
                    then you do have to pay Federal Income

                    Here is what I wasnt aware of, if you are
                    a non US citizen and the duties and
                    activities are performed outside the US
                    (even if you receive a 1099) you do not own
                    Federal Income tax.

                    I.E. if you do sales on commission basis and
                    are a non citizen and make your calls outside
                    the US for a US company you dont owe Federal
                    Income tax even if you receive a 1099

        • 1060Ivy

          It comes down to a number of factors including: agreements between home country and country where individual is employed; contract language between player and team on how and where players is paid; and let’s not forget about players account and tax lawyer / advisors.

          • Pat

            Not really. If you work here, you pay taxes here (federal and state).

            • cub2014

              Not if you are a foreign corporation you dont
              pay taxes here. You can do business here though.

    • Norm

      He was 19 and had 11 homers (27th in league) and 35 doubles (T3 in league).
      He is most certainly a “legit” prospect and likely not that far off from Top 100 consideration.

      • Rebuilding

        That’s right. For guys playing young to their league it’s all about doubles. Those eventually start going over the fence

        • Rebuilding

          Candelario is exactly the kind of prospects we need in the 2nd wave. Get Bryant established at 3rd and then have these kind of guys start moving up the prospect lists at a position of scarcity. Then we can flip prospects for pitching or other needs.

          • ssckelley

            Exactly, if he can stick at third base he becomes a valuable commodity when the Cubs are looking to contend.

          • cub2014

            ya, the latest signings (jiminez & torres)
            along with these lower tier stars speak
            well for the “waves and waves” philosophy.
            You need an abundance of prospects because
            a micro percentage actually make it big.

      • Jason P

        Pretty nice how “fringe top-100” prospect now equivocates to 10th best prospect in the Cubs system.

    • ssckelley

      I think many were surprised at the lack of home runs he had last year, I know I was. Scouting reports have said that Jeimer has a lot of power. The encouraging sign of that is the amount of doubles he is hitting, he already has 65 doubles in 1027 at bats with 22 home runs. Many are very high on Jeimer, most have him ranked in the Cubs top 10. So we will see, we need to keep in mind he is just turning 20 tomorrow, plenty of time to develop.

    • BABIP (MichCubFan)

      I think he needs to start the year in Kane County and play against some competition that is closer to his age….i want to see more offense out of him before he gets called up to high-A.

      • ssckelley

        I have been thinking the same thing, if he struggles in the midwest league the pitching gets tougher at Daytona.

  • macpete22

    Cubs released Dave Sappelt

    • ssckelley

      No surprise there. I forget, was he on the 40 man?

      • MichiganGoat

        I had just assumed he had already been released.

        • toby

          Even with Sappelt and Torreyes gone, the Sean Marshall trade still ended up being a good one for the Cubs.

          • Die hard

            Jury is still out on that trade

            • MichiganGoat

              No it is not that was a good if not great trade for the Cubs.

            • Eric

              Wood had almost 20 quality starts for the Cubs last year and the jury is still out? Really?

              • ssckelley

                Gotta win the Cy Young before we can call that trade a win!

            • DocPeterWimsey

              The jury already had a 1 year reunion on that trade.

            • JulioZuleta

              Nope guys, jury is still out. Bad trade unless Wood wins the next three Cy Youngs. I think you’re underrating the value of 1 injured season of a lefty reliever.

      • macpete22


  • Die hard

    Yankees deserve to lose arbitration and be made to pay interest and attorneys fees and whatever else is within arbitrators power given the pervasive use with full knowledge and acceptance by MLB of enhancing substances. If Yankees win then the arbitrator may still have power to force them to give up all profits attributable to the performance of ARod.. Otherwise the Yankees benefit from the illegal activity.. Can’t have cake and eat it too

  • Kris

    I saw Jeimer play a lot this year at Kane County. I didn’t think he had the arm for 3rd. He seemed to make an error every game I went to as well. I’m not writing him off by any means, but I’m surprised no one else has mentioned his defense.

  • Frank

    Hoyer continues to talk about adding young power arms this offseason. You aren’t going to find that in free agency (except tanaka). You could possibly get it through international signings but more then likely it would have to
    Be through trades. The only players I see netting that kind of return is shark and Castro (outside of top prospects) any thoughts?

    • Jason P

      I know they want to acquire power arms in general, but I’m not so sure there’s been extensive talk about getting them through free agency or trade this offseason (except for Tanaka, of course). Just digging through the CSN Chicago archives, I can’t really find any specific instances where Hoyer or Epstein talk about that directly.

      As for what we’d have to give up, it depends wholly on the quality of the power arm (obviously Henry Rodriguez didn’t cost anything).

    • Adventurecizin’ Justin

      I’m with Brett on considering Phil Hughes. He’s young & has the power arm. I’m aware if his flyball tendencies, but still would prefer him slightly over Scott Baker.

      • SenorGato

        Not even slight for me, Hughes has a way better arm than Baker at this point, I would guess.

  • Jason

    “It wasn’t a difficult decision,” he said. “I like the Cubs. We’re going to win the World Series there.”


    “Promise,” he said.

    Love that part. It’s an attitude like that which could easily work it’s way through the clubhouse. We need some of that.

    • SenorGato

      I like the part where he says the Cubs are my life.

  • baldtaxguy

    Nice story on Candelario. Hope he succeeds.

  • mlbfan

    Stealing articles again are we? #plagiarism

    • MichiganGoat

      Alright Mr Sullivan

      • mlbfan

        I remember that….he was right

    • Jason P

      Reminder: Don’t feed the troll.

    • Brett

      Yes. Telling tens of thousands of folks to go read that article is stealing.

      Wait, what’s that thing that’s the opposite of stealing?

      • hansman

        Nice to see that Pualie has taken up a new hobby that is close to his old job. Clearly he was born to be a Cubs troll

        • Patrick W.

          If anybody thinks Paul Sullivan is a fan of MLB….SAY! That’s a brilliant disguise!

        • DarthHater

          Hey, you try carrying the Ring of Power around for a whole year and see what it does to you!

  • SenorGato

    Candelario is a potential stud. He’s easily the only prospect in the system outside of the main four that I really get on the wagon for becoming a standout star.

    I’m seeing some parrallels to one of my favorite players growing up – Bernie Williams. There’s the switch hitting and tremendous approach, but both are high character guys with lots of ambition…It’s nonsense that doesn’t matter, but yeah point is that Candelario is one of my favorites. It’s going to suck when he is traded and/or busts.