cacti mesaApropos of USA Today naming Wrigley Field the top park in baseball, the Chicago Cubs now have a name for the beautiful new ballpark they built in Mesa, Arizona for Spring Training (and minor league games, offseason training, etc.). It’s been colloquially called things like “the new ballpark,” “Cubs Spring Training Park,” and “Cubs Park” for a while now. So, it is without surprise and without excitement that the AP reports the name for the park is … “Cubs Park.”

Ta da.

The Cubs control the naming rights to their new park, so I’d expect that “Cubs Park” will probably live as long as it takes for the Cubs to find a naming sponsor willing to pony up the appropriate amount of cash. So, “Cubs Park” might be around for the 2014 Spring, only.

As long as the name isn’t obnoxious, I’m kind of looking forward to having a named stadium. There’s nothing wrong with “Cubs Park,” but it certainly has a considerably sterile feel to it. I can see the sign out front now: “Cubs Park. This is a baseball stadium where baseball games are played on some days.”

I think we’ve played this game before, but it’s always fun: care to take a crack at naming the new park, when it actually has a sponsored name?

  • BT

    In-N-Out Ballfield

  • Cubbie Blues

    Club Med.

  • Polar Bear

    Ray-Ban “The Future Is So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades” Field.

  • Leo L


  • Hookers or Cake

    “It’s a dry heat” Park

  • Jeff

    We Still Have Hope Park

    cause it all leaves once we head north????

  • Aaron

    Wait ‘Til Next Year Park

  • Rich

    I have the not so fresh feeling ballpark by Masingil

  • Ballgame

    Wrigley Field Southwest

  • Ross Wallace

    Would not be surprised if its Starwood Field. Seems like these two are already in bed with eachother.

  • Frank

    Billy Goat Field
    Unfulfilled Dreams Park
    Really? You Still Have Hope Park
    66 To 1 Park
    Club Meh

  • itzscott

    Come out and beat the dry heat….

    K-Y Jelly Stadium

  • Patrick W.

    With their expansion in the area, Portillo’s Field at Cubs Park is a no-brainer.

  • HCS

    Dr. James R. Andrews Field?

    • ClevelandCubsFan

      Rare moments for which I want a +1 button…

  • Aaron

    5 Outs Away Ballpark

  • Aaron

    Field of Unfulfilled Dreams

  • OCCubFan

    Field of Dreams

  • Jeff

    Build it and the Suckers will come Field

  • Frank

    We’re in on it field
    Brokeback field
    What’s another 100 years field

  • Edwin

    Bowfront Aquarium Field – You’ll love our Tanks!

  • Edwin

    Calvin Klein Field – Between love and madness lies obsession.

  • Edwin

    Snicker’s Field – Long wait?

  • md8232

    Found this comic today.
    No matter what, we are Cubs fans.

    • Frank

      What if all those UFO sitings have been aliens that are Cub fans and they just show up once in a while to see how the Cubs are doing? That would mean if the Cubs do win the WS, the alien invasion might not be an invasion, but a galactic party.

  • Edwin

    Hershey Chocolate Field – Lots of things have changed, but the Cubs’ record hasn’t

  • Frank

    HeartBreak Field South

  • cubzfan23

    World Series Way

  • Curt


  • Funn Dave

    “Cubs Park. This is a baseball stadium where baseball games are played on some days.”


  • ncsujuri

    Ernie Banks Field at TD Ameritrade Park

  • Funn Dave

    Love Me Tenders Field.

    Do those things still exist? They used to sell them at Wrigley and Woodman’s used to carry them, but I haven’t been able to find them recently. Tasty tenders.

    Also acceptable:
    King Theo’s Palace
    Rich Boy Ricketts’ Republican Rah-Rah Ballpark