happy thanksgiving catA very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. We’re hosting for the first time in our adult lives, so I’ll be at the stove most of the day (which isn’t much of a change from this time of year in terms of baseball coverage – hey-o). May your turkey be moist, your belly full, and your relatives calm.

  • Given the market shift and the relative abilities involved, I was certain that Ricky Nolasco would get more from the Twins than Edwin Jackson got from the Cubs. He did not, reportedly getting four years and $49 million ($12 million per year, plus a $1 million buyout on a $13 million 2018 option). Jackson was a couple years younger than Nolasco at the time of their deals, so that certainly factored into the price. Otherwise, it’s difficult to argue that Jackson is the clearly superior pitcher (four years, $52 million). There’s not a huge difference there, and I’m more surprised by the Nolasco deal than I am disappointed in the Jackson deal (which I still think will bear fruit over the next three years).
  • Jesse Rogers speaks with new Cubs bench coach Brandon Hyde, who was promoted from the Farm Director position he’d previously held in the organization. Noted in the interview: Hyde did interview with manager Rick Renteria, so the decision on Renteria’s bench coach wasn’t made entirely without his input.
  • Over the year, the Chicago Cubs gave back. A lot.
  • I was on the Midway Today podcast yesterday, talking Cubs and Cubs.
  • I want to get into bits of this more specifically later, but, if you’re looking for reading today, Vine Line has posted another couple chunks of its interview with Jed Hoyer here and here.
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    With Samardz all but traded but to whom, they happen to be talking to four clubs that have RHP’s ranked in that position as #’2, 3, 5 & 7, but only one club that has a LHP in the top 10 via the MLB ratings.

    Look to the desert, they have to keep up with the Dodgers.

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