bn-footballIf you noticed that Help Wanted posting some weeks ago, or if you’ve been following the frequent teases on Twitter the past couple weeks, then you know what’s coming:

Bleacher Nation has entered the football space, and is now offering BN-like coverage of the Chicago Bears.

That new page comes courtesy of an exhaustive search for the right person to lead the coverage at the new Bears page, which landed on Jay Rigdon, who introduces himself here.

You can check out Jay’s first substantive piece here – what could he possibly discuss after yesterday’s completely boring, and not at all enraging game against the hapless Vikings? – and you should make the BN Bears page a part of your regular Bears consumption process. I’m very excited to have Jay on board, and I can’t wait to see what he does with the place. Although it won’t be precisely the same as the Cubs coverage here, I think you’ll really enjoy it.

For you Cubs-only types, you won’t really notice any changes here at “,” proper. It’s still all Cubs, all me (and Luke and occasional guest contributors), all the time. The Bears posts will be on the Bears page, and the Cubs posts will be here on the Cubs page. No need to freak out.

But for the many of you who love the Bears like you love the Cubs, check out the BN Bears page, and make sure to follow Jay on Twitter.

  • dumbledoresacubsfan

    ….. Go Pack Go…..


  • Funn Dave

    Go Pack Go!

  • Coldneck

    Since I’m a Lions fan I’ll just smile and be quiet… No, that wouldn’t be near as fun as rubbing it in a few Bears fans faces since the opportunity happens so infrequently. :)

  • Brett

    Color me shocked that we’ve got quite a few hooligans around here. :)

  • Diamondrock

    Okay, maybe now I can finally figure out how to get into football. I’ve tried many times, but it never seems to stick. But I need something to help keep me sane during the long, cold winter.

    • Brett

      You and me both. Go Bears. I’m in now.

      • jh03

        Brett, I’ve decided that you’re the one to blame for the Bears’ struggles lately.

        You make BleacherNation and the Cubs haven’t won anything since. You decide to have a Bears section of the site and they crumble and are probably out of the playoffs.

        All signs point to it being your fault.

        *Injuries and poor performances don’t apply* :)

      • Frank

        Brett, I was reading about the history of the Bears and it was mentioned that George Halas wanted to first name his team the Cubs, but the name was already taken. Is that a scary thought or what?

        • Brett

          That would be really weird.

    • miggy80

      College Basket Ball is what gets me though the winter.

      • Edwin

        I’ve tried hockey, and I really love it when I get to see the Blackhawks on TV, but since I’m in Milwaukee the only games I can watch are the games on NBC or NBC sports.

        • miggy80

          That’s a bummer because the horizon league is a pretty competitive league. NBC sports had the battle for Atlantis over the long weekend. The Iowa Hawkeyes finished 2nd. That Villanova Team is going to be tuff this year.

          • ssckelley

            Thanks for bringing that up, that sick feeling just returned. I still have images of Villanova burying three pointer after three pointer.

            • miggy80

              I know right! I think McCaffery didn’t make a change quick enough when Villanova went small. Although it didn’t lose the game for us the officiating was sub par at best.

              • ssckelley

                But at least the officiating was bad both ways. But I bet the officials were there to call a foul on McCabe at the airport when he checked his bags.

                I was even missing Hightower and Valentine. Weird part is these officials were NBA officials were they normally let them play.

                • miggy80

                  “I bet the officials were there to call a foul on McCabe at the airport when he checked his bags.”

                  That was a good one. The 5th foul he got in OT was just ridiculous.

  • Idaho Razorback

    Good, no changes to bleachernation since I’m a Steeler fan.

  • cavemencubbie

    Wait till next year. can’t even beat the Vikes, Yikes!

  • Luke

    How ’bout those Colts, eh?

    • Myles

      Boo this man.

  • Blake I the only Cubs fan on this site that loves the Bears, too?

    Nice work, Brett.

    • Jono




  • waittilthisyear

    yesterday’s game was about as frustrating as they come. i like to keep my shitty chicago sports separate. too much heartbreak on one site if i follow the bears blog. good luck.

  • Jono

    5 reasons why I’m a bigger Cubs fan than Bears fan:

    1- I watch more Cubs games than Bears games (162 vs 16, so duh)

    2- Baseball trade rumours

    3- The farm system

    4- There are less Cubs fans in Chicago than Bears fans. Most of my friends are white sox fans. So in my day to day life, the Cubs are like “my thing”.

    5- I understand baseball more than football (even though I admit I’m a novice compared to most hardcore baseball fans)

  • clark addison

    I was a rabid Bears and Blackhawks fan when I lived in Chicago, but since moving to California I’ve stopped following all sports except Cubs baseball. There’s just too many other things to do year round out here.

    Keep the Cubs news coming. It’s a long time until pitchers and catchers report.

    • TWC

      “There’s just too many other things to do year round out here.”


  • Curt

    Go Vikings no bears but happy for those who do like the bears I’d rather have a blackhawks site than a bears one though just sayin .

  • DarthHater

    Better name for the Bears blog would be: HiberNation. 😛

    • Funn Dave

      That would be pretty great.

  • Die hard

    Bears coach forgot how exhausting it is for father of newborn too as RG had no leg left in OT which should’ve been obvious especially after giving it all on 66 yarder .. Coach is in the NFL not arena football and should have tried to gain 20 more yards

  • FootballSucks

    Booooooring! Boo NFL! I’m not coming here anymore!

    • TWC


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