chicago cubs logoThe final member of Rick Renteria’s coaching staff has been identified: Eric Hinske will be the first base coach.

Hinske, a former Cubs draftee, was a long-time big leaguer who has apparently just hung ’em up (he played for the Diamondbacks in 2013). For that reason, there isn’t much to pick apart when it comes to his coaching chops, since he doesn’t yet have any.

I actually like that Hinske is joining the Cubs’ staff fresh off of a player career, which could give him a slightly different perspective as he works with the Cubs’ players. Diversity of opinion/perspective/background can be a very good thing, so good on the Cubs in this one. Hinske spent a few years in Boston in the late-2000s, so this front office probably has a great deal of familiarity with him.

  • Eric

    Very intriguing addition.

  • D-Rock

    Of course, there had to be a Boston or San Diego connection!

    • Chef Brian

      It’s called networking. It’s common in big business. It’s great way to find talent.

    • cubmig

      I wonder if there’s anybody left of the Boston, DBack connections to lure….. [snark]

  • Smitty

    This has made me wonder what the rules are when it comes to player/coaches/managers? I understand that it never happens anymore, but didn’t it often occur in the past?

    I am assuming a coach/manager would have to be added to the 25 man roster to play in a game, but is that the rule?

  • Professor Snarks

    So, of all our new coaches, who is going to teach outfield defense?

    • cubzfan23

      Youtube videos?

      • Professor Snarks

        Of Don Young?

        • dumbledoresacubsfan

          No, no. Kent Murphy, of course. He’d have our outfield playing the best ball of their lives.

  • gary

    I like this hire as he might be good at relating to today’s players as he was just a player himself. Very fresh move

    • cub2014

      nearly the best 3rd baseman on the
      current roster.

      • Tony_S

        That is actually sad because of how close to true it is.

  • Eric

    I like taking a chance on an unproven guy, but man, McKay’s shoes are going to be hard to fill.

  • Ron

    “He was a key mentor for Longoria during his season with the Rays. And Hinske was credited with helping the Braves’ Jason Heyward when he broke into the lineup in 2010.

    “I enjoy working with young players. It’s a role I relish and I like to do,” he said. “After I’m done playing, I think I’m going to stay in the game (in a coaching or administrative capacity).””

    From an article a couple years ago.

    Souds like a good guy with an eye toward mentoring the youngsters.

    • Eric

      Nice find. It also helps that the guy has a ridiculously awesome first name.

  • Blackhawks1963

    I like the hire. That said, he’s only a 1st base coach for crying out loud. His primary job duty is to scratch himself while on the field and chip in where called upon (e.g., help somebody with an element of the game, shag fly balls, etc.)

    Heath Bell to Tampa Bay, with the Rays sending Arizona a “good” prospect in exhange for salary relief.

    • jh03

      “His primary job duty is to scratch himself while on the field…”

      Thanks for the quality insight.

      • Big Earl’s Truck Driving School and Storm Door Repair Company

        Humor lost. Oh well. I suppose you can amaze us with your wondrous inventory of knowledge on what a 1st base coach is in place to do.

        I like the hire, as already stated. Hinske is a class act and respected across baseball. So lighten up.

  • Jon

    I like this decision by Theo. He’s a good coach for Renteria.

  • Big Earl’s Truck Driving School and Storm Door Repair Company

    Attention Theo !! Attention Jed !! General Managers are already signing free agents and making trades !! There’s no rule you need to wait until next Sunday when the Winter Meetings start !! No, signing freaking George Kottaras does not count !!

  • Professor Snarks

    It sure seems like the Cubs are putting a lot, like huge amounts, of stock in guys who relate to young guys. Makes we wonder if that may have been a problem with last year’s staff.

    • Ron

      I think they relied on the players for it, Soriano, DeJesus. There is no veteran leadership there. Is Russel the longest tenured ball player?

      • cubzfan23

        Jeff s is

        • Ron

          Wow, 6years in MLB and 28 yrs old.

      • Professor Snarks

        Agreed. Another sign that a veteran free agent splash is not happening.

  • MightyBear

    Ellsbury talks are heating up faster than expected. Could be a deal soon. It could be the Cubbies.

    • JB88

      Is this from your friend in the Twins FO?

      • MightyBear

        No that’s not me. I don’t have a friend in any front office. That’s wishful thinking by me. Actually, the first part is true according to MLBTR. The second is me wishing the Cubbies part is true.

        • JB88

          Gosh, I could have sworn that someone with your avatar was dropping hints over the summer based on what the Cubs were going to do based on a friend that worked for the Twins organization. Sorry for mistaking you for someone else.

    • Jon

      Also seeing lot of rumors that Cano could be going to Seattle, this would obviously(assuming) take them out of the market for Ellsbury.

    • D-Rock


    • C. Steadman

      heyman says Yanks, Red Sox, Giants, or Mariners are the top four contenders…per an article on cbs boston website

    • woody

      At first I was against the Ellsbury deal, but know that I think about it there are circumstances that could make that a good move. And that is if we can swing the deal with the D-backs. If we move Samardzija then that is a significant amount of money that would be spent locking him up to be used to sign Ellsbury. We know that the D-backs are wanting help in the outfield. That’s why there has been talk of throwing Schierholtz into the deal. But to get Bradley and possibly Skaggs we need to sweeten the pot. Maybe a couple of top ten prospects could swing it. And no i’m not including Bryant or Baez.. Say Soler and Alcantara. Just a thought.

  • D-Rock

    Man, Billy Beane has been very active this week!

    Padres, A’s Swap Luke Gregerson For Seth Smith per MLBTR

  • Griff

    I sure wish we would make a move of significance. I’m sure they have a plan but I’m seeing players moving and wondering what our direction will be. If we are going to stand pat with what we have I’m really going to be disapointed. A Blockbuster isn’t needed but some upgrades would be nice. I’m not sure I’m seeing the plan. Thought I was but am getting anxious.

  • Die hard

    Theo needs to find personnel to establish The Cubs Way of doing things.. so far so good and now let’s hope they find their way out of this swamp

    • ColoCubFan

      Considering the Boston connection, I just hope the Cub’s Way doesn’t include chicken and beer when you’re not playing!

  • You got bats, we got Wood. Travis Wood.

    Brett how do you feel about the Dexter Fowler trade? Or any of the BN faithful?

  • Tony_S

    Really like this, and concur with Brett’s take.


  • Idaho Razorback

    Good for Hinske. He’s a former Razorback.

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