Yesterday’s launch of Bears coverage here at Bleacher Nation prompts me to remind you of a few things …

  • First, make sure you check out the new Bears page! Jay Rigdon will be covering the team there, and he’s already dug into whether it ever makes sense to attempt a field goal before fourth down, and whether refs got a 10-second runoff call right on Sunday. Hopefully the non-Bears fans among you will excuse the indulgence, while I try to rally your Bears fan brethren to jump into the new coverage, both feet first. Tell your Bears fan friends, too. It’s swell!
  • I’d say we’re heading into the rumor-y-est/transaction-y-est time of the year, but we’ve been thick in the middle of it for a couple weeks. For that reason, you’ll want to make sure to follow Bleacher Nation on Twitter, because that tends to be the first place where things break. I also say witty things about the Cubs or baseball there. It’s swell!
  • For the same reason, you’ll probably want to “like” Bleacher Nation on Facebook. If you’re not the kind to feverishly visit BN throughout the day, hitting F5, you can just do your normal Facebook thing, and periodically have BN posts shouted at you between baby pictures and celebrity surveys. It’s swell!
  • There’s also the good ‘ole Message Board, for those of you who prefer more intimate conversations (in size, not content), or who prefer to start your own conversations in the message-board-style. It’s swell!
  • And don’t forget the BN Podcast. You guessed it: it’s swell!
  • DarthHater

    Gee whiz! This all sounds really swell!!!

  • TWC

    “There’s also the good ‘ole Message Board, for those of you who prefer more intimate conversations (in size, not content)”


    It’s all good, either way.

    • DarthHater

      It’s size that counts, anyway…

  • Funn Dave

    “For that reason, you’ll want to make sure to follow Bleacher Nation on Twitter, because that tends to be the first place where things break.”

    It’s the offseason. Early in the offseason. How urgently do we need to know that such-and-such analyst thinks such-and-such player might be a good fit with such-and-such team? Accuracy > timeliness, IMO.

    • Brett

      You must have slept through today. :)

      • Funn Dave

        Yes, perhaps today was not the greatest day for my Twitter rant. To be continued (i.e., get pumped for some more unsolicited [and likely unwanted (hey, look–brackets!)] Twitter criticisms).

        • Jay

          You take those brackets elsewhere.

  • cub2014

    dexter fowler traded for a 27 yr old outfielder
    (dave sappelt?) and a 23 yr old starter
    with a career 5.37 era (brooks raley?)
    he would have been a good acquisition
    while we wait on a potential Almora
    arrival in 2016

    I am hoping this means the Cubs are thinking
    something big in CF, doesnt hurt to dream.

  • johnny chess Aka 2much2say

    Golly Gee Neato the Cubs are being super cool during this awesome day of swell trades.

  • D-Rock

    Jim Bowden of ESPN and SiriusXM is hearing from sources that the Reds will trade Brandon Phillips by the end of next week’s Winter Meetings in Orlando.

    He’d be an upgrade over Barney…

    • Jon

      I hope he gets traded to the AL. He’ll never win the GG over Pedoria and poor tHom Breennham can cry about it every year.

  • Next Year Come Faster

    Hey I do not know if you are big into hockey but have you ever thought of a Blackhawks bleachernation page, then maybe we could actual read about a winning team.

    • Brett

      Maybe someday.

      For now, only misery.

    • Luke

      The Daytona Cubs won the FSL this year and you did read about that winning team here.

      Just sayin’…

  • isuquinndog

    There’s always good old RSS feeds as well. That’s what I use!

    • Brett

      Definitely true – though, beware: it seems to be a dying technology (right or wrong). At some point, the readers and technology behind the feeds will just break, and folks won’t bother to fix it.