mariners logoSee? Ridiculous, immediate, and completely contradictory things are reported involving teams other than the Cubs.

Not a few hours after reports circulated that Robinson Cano and agent Jay-Z had blown things with the Seattle Mariners in a visit last night, Enrique Rojas is reporting that the two sides have actually agreed to a monster 10-year, $240 million contract. Multiple other reports say a deal is close.

I dug into the implications of such a large contract with the Mariners earlier this morning, but the short version is: the Mariners will regret the deal in terms of baseball value, but they must be hoping it will pay off-the-field dividends. Further, it’s the kind of signing you don’t make unless you’re planning to add additional significant pieces, because, alone, Cano does not make the Mariners a competitive team.

You can look now for the Mariners to even more aggressively pursue David Price in trade, or maybe even someone like Jeff Samardzija. They could instead look to add a free agent arm – or Masahiro Tanaka, assuming he’s posted – and/or a free agent bat in the outfield. If the Mariners get in heavily on Tanaka, this was a double-whammy, because we now know that the Yankees will have plenty of money for him if they want.

Given that everyone in baseball seemed to be assuming that Cano would eventually return to the Yankees, this signing has the potential to complete disrupt the rest of the market (including by way of the Yankees’ subsequent moves). The impact might take several days to sort out. I guess next week’s Winter Meetings are well-timed after all.

  • YourResidentJag

    Dylan Hernandez ‏@dylanohernandez 40m
    Tweet from owner of Rakuten Golden Eagles: “Japanese professional baseball isn’t a development system or farm for the big leagues.” #Tanaka

    • Rebuilding

      As I’ve said before – I think Tanaka’s people will just have to give him a little more taste of the action

      • YourResidentJag

        They certainly seem to be stout in their position, though.

    • ssckelley

      So exactly what are they and why are they selling posting their players to profit off MLB?

      I love how the owner used the words “big leagues” to describe MLB.

    • Jason Powers

      Seems tanaka is no going to usa without a fight from their owner. 😉

  • Cheese Chad

    Has anyone brought up the no-trade clause. My cousin’s response was “is Hendry now GM of the mariners”. No kidding a ten year no-trade clause is absurd.

    • Edwin

      Unless the Mariners plan on trading him in the first 5 years, it wouldn’t matter. He’d get 10/5 rights anyways.

      • Eternal Pessimist

        Oh yeah, I forgot about that…just one more reason for teams to hang onto their prospects and for Theo to stick to the plan.

  • ramy16

    The Marlins are shopping LoMo! Would love to see the Cubs do something via trade! Young and a lot of upside can play outfield and first base

    • Noah_I

      LoMo is terrible defensively in the outfield, has had a ton of injuries, and is about to enter arbitration. Aside from 62 games in 2010, he’s never been any better offensively than Rizzo was last season (most years his offensive numbers haven’t even been as good as Rizzo’s were in 2013), and he’s two years older than Rizzo. So I wouldn’t trade anything of value for him, and I wouldn’t take any playing time away from Rizzo to play LoMo.

  • Anthony Martini

    Is Girardi regretting that 4 year deal now ?

    • BWA

      No, He’s a rich man

  • YourResidentJag

    So Ryan Braun and Matt LeCroy to Mariners, now? Jack Z drafted both I believe.

    • Jackson

      Is Milwaukee fielding offers for Braun?

  • bobk

    Are Yankees now in the market for a defensive 2nd Basemen? Flip Darwin Barney. Open up that spot for Baez/Alcantara/Villanueva. Barney not gonna be part of the future and as much as I would like to see him rebound and become a better trade asset down the line. He could also regress further offensively and diminish his value.

    • Voice of Reason

      The Yankees are in the market for a major league 2nd baseman!

      That excludes Barney.

  • Blublud

    Yo MJ Hurdle, Jay-Z sure was stupid asking for 10 years for his client. He sure did fumble these negotiations. What a clown that guy is. He should stop trying to be an agent.

    He did better for Cano then Boras did for Fielder. Next time, don’t pre judge a “true Hustler.”

  • Die hard

    Mariners probably paid $5 million premium to insure his contract too in event of disability