new-york-yankees-logoThe New York Yankees are set to re-sign starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda to a one-year deal for $16 million, plus incentives, per Joel Sherman.

With another $16 million in luxury tax cap space used up on Kuroda, the Yankees’ ability to land Masahiro Tanaka while still retaining Robinson Cano is questionable.¬†This all plays out against the backdrop of Cano’s will-he-won’t-he love story with the Mariners (at last check, despite this morning’s hubbub, Jon Heyman said a deal remained close with the Mariners). There’s also the matter of Alex Rodriguez’s suspension appeal – which could net the Yankees another $25 million in luxury tax cap space – still lingering out there, likely until after the holidays. In other words, there’s a lot of dust to be settled before the full implications from a single signing like Kuroda can be fully understood.

Speaking of dust to settle? We still don’t have word from Masahiro Tanaka’s team in Japan that he’ll¬†actually definitely¬†be posted this offseason.

What we do know is that the Yankees are likely to be interested in Tanaka, and likely to have a fair bit of money to play with if he’s made available. They reportedly still want another starting pitcher, even after re-signing Kuroda, so they’re still in the market either way.

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