new-york-yankees-logoThe New York Yankees are set to re-sign starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda to a one-year deal for $16 million, plus incentives, per Joel Sherman.

With another $16 million in luxury tax cap space used up on Kuroda, the Yankees’ ability to land Masahiro Tanaka while still retaining Robinson Cano is questionable. This all plays out against the backdrop of Cano’s will-he-won’t-he love story with the Mariners (at last check, despite this morning’s hubbub, Jon Heyman said a deal remained close with the Mariners). There’s also the matter of Alex Rodriguez’s suspension appeal – which could net the Yankees another $25 million in luxury tax cap space – still lingering out there, likely until after the holidays. In other words, there’s a lot of dust to be settled before the full implications from a single signing like Kuroda can be fully understood.

Speaking of dust to settle? We still don’t have word from Masahiro Tanaka’s team in Japan that he’ll actually definitely be posted this offseason.

What we do know is that the Yankees are likely to be interested in Tanaka, and likely to have a fair bit of money to play with if he’s made available. They reportedly still want another starting pitcher, even after re-signing Kuroda, so they’re still in the market either way.

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  • Jeff

    None, other than I doubt Tanaka gets posted now based on the latest report.

    Let’s be honest, is Tanaka not worth more to his current team playing for them since they are not getting the windfall they were originally hoping for.

    Take the 20M or keep him and keep our fans coming in and merchandise up.

  • Rebuilding

    If Cano goes to the Mariners and Kuroda resigns with the Yankees – things are looking better and better for Tanaka

    @Jeff – Tanaka will get posted if he truly wants to come to the US. From pressure by the Japanese league to the fact that he could just sit out they will post him

    • mdavis

      then again if he doesn’t get posted, the price tag for shark would go up a bit, no?

  • Blackhawks1963

    Yankees get Tanaka? I place the odds very high. 20 teams plus are likely to submit the max bid. Then it becomes a free for all. But the Yankees won’t let salary or the luxury tax get in the way. And I bet Tanaka is likely to sacrifice some salary dollars to play for the contender or team he really wants to play for.

    Yankee tradition, Kurodo and Ichiro as personal recruiters, the bright lites of NY, lots of money, lots of 5th Ave endorsement deals.

  • When the Music’s Over

    Cano to Mariners. The Yankees still have gobs of money to spend.

    • When the Music’s Over

      Especially if Arod remains suspended.

  • BD

    With the posting changes, it’s just going to come down to where he wants to play. He’s clearly going to be offered more than Darvish; but I’m sure several teams will be willing (including the Cubs) because of his age.

    • Blackhawks1963

      Even if it is only about the biggest contract for Tanaka (which I doubt) does anybody see the Yankees of all teams getting outbid? They NEED another frontline starter too.

      • Rebuilding

        We have the money to offer just as much as the Yankees, Mariners or Dodgers if we want to. Whether we would have to pay a premium to lure him away from LA or NY no one knows

  • Rebuilding

    With Cano going to the Mariners it possibly makes Nick Franklin available in a Shark trade. Although now I bet Franklin ends up in Tampa along with Walker

    • Blackhawks1963

      Seattle guy Bob Dutton says the Mariners are talking to the Rays about Price and the Royals about Butler. And that they want Tanaka and will be on the full court press.

      • Norm

        10/$240 for Cano
        Franklin for Butler
        T.Walker for Price

        This is what the Cub fans against The Plan would want….right?

        • Rebuilding

          I think you are pretty much spot on. The Royals have long needed a 2b so I could definitely see them interested in Franklin or Ackley. However, I think it will take Walker, Paxton and either Franklin or Ackley to get Price – that’s just how the Rays do it

  • woody

    Realistically what chance does Rodriguez have to get his suspension over turned? Photos of MLB’s star witness with alleged bags of cocaine on the table don’t seem like enough. But what really kills me is that he (Rodriguez) still maintains that he has never used PED’s. In light of the severity of the Braun suspension I do believe that Selig had it out for him. Personally I’m glad Selig is leaving. I am an advocate for reinstatement of Pete Rose. With all of the drug allegations over the last decade and the home run records of Sosa and McGwire and now this biogenesis thing, I think Rose has been punished enough. All these other guys are still associated with baseball. As for Cano I can only say that he probably should have been with Boras.

    • OregonCubsFan

      I disagree. They cheated. They compromised the integrity of the game. They altered the outcome of contests artificially. I’m not sure the punishments are severe enough.
      And I think the case against Pete Rose could be even worse. Not only is betting on the sport your involved in compromising the integrity of the game, but it compromises the faith of your teammates and organizations. Betting could encourage you to throw games. At least with PEDs you are cheating to give yourself and your team an advantage.

      • Rebuilding

        The excuse people will give is that Rose only bet on his team to win. The counter to that is that if you bet on your team today, but not tomorrow, it may affect your bullpen or lineup moves. Mybe you bring in a guy from the pen you normally wouldn,t because you’ve got 5 grand riding on things

        • Patrick W.

          Not only that, isn’t not betting on your team to win defacto betting on your team to lose?

          • Cizzle

            Only if it’s a straight up bet (which Vegas rarely does). If he didn’t bet on his team to win by 4 runs, is he betting that his team will lose, or just not win by 4 runs?

            • Rebuilding

              Most baseball betting is done on the line. Not on +/-. So the odds are about them winning today, not by how much, like it is in football.

  • Drew


    Why maybe you’ve touched on this, if not. Why couldn’t the Japanese posting system have the Hard Cap to see who wants to get in on the bidding but then tie a percentage to the players first say, 5 years salary, in MLB. Say a 10% surcharge on his first 5 years in addition to the posting fee. NOT to be held against the MLB teams salary amount.

    I suppose this would still prevent many teams from being able to sign a player of Tanaka’s caliber.

    • Rebuilding

      It seems MLBs only goal was to get the posting fees down for the big fish. Your suggestion makes sense but the major market clubs would be against it so it won’t happen. They gave on the posting fee itself because it also benefits them, but taxing them more does not

  • boomtown

    If I’m Tanaka, y would I want to go N.Y.? There roster is aging, most of their rosters best yrs of production is on the way down and he would be just another guy. The advantage the Cubs have (if $ is comparable), is he can be our #1 pitcher, he can be the man here in the third largest market and he can be part of a large influx of youth that is knocking on the door? I hope all these other teams keep spending foolishly. By the time Tanaka is posted many teams are going to have spent themselves out of contention.

  • jmc

    Pete Rose was not the only one betting on baseball. Pretty sure Leo Durocherwhile he was manager manipulated games for gambling purposes. reinstate rose

    • Spriggs

      I’ve never heard of any evidence that Durocher manipulated baseball games for betting purposes. He was suspsended for his association with known gamblers (something he never tried to hide). He was accused of winning a lot of money in dice and card games that were fixed – and letting those gambling people congregate in the clubhouse. Supposedly he won large amounts of cash from a certain player in these fixed games, but there were a lot of accusations from people who didn’t like Leo. I could be dead wrong, but I don’t remember any accusations of him betting on baseball games. I would be interested to learn otherwise.

  • jacob w

    If Tanaka isn’t posted then sharks value goes up and Tanzania will be a free agent his age 27 season when the cubs are ready to compete and they can sign him to an outrageous contract then

  • jacob w

    Dang auto correct obviously meant tanaka not tanzania

    • Spriggs

      I was wondering if that was his nickname or something…

  • jmc

    Illinois Athletic Club. Tap room. Bookmakers name was sam glickman had a bookie at Maxwell and Halsted

  • jmc

    do not care about durocher one way or the other

  • jmc

    do they still play the blues in Chicago?