curtis granderson yankeesThere’s a lot to like about what outfielder Curtis Granderson brings to the table. Power from the left side. Good athleticism. Great leadership. Solid defense.

But when I read that the New York Mets have reportedly agreed to terms with Granderson, who was previously connected to the Cubs in rumors, I can focus only on the question marks. Granderson turns 33 in March, and played in just 61 games last year. His line the last two years is .231/.319/.469, each number well below his career averages. Previously an annual threat to steal 20 bases, Granderson hasn’t stolen 20 in the last two years combined. He had 43 homers in 2012, but his 7 homers in 61 games last year put him on pace to have his lowest output there in eight years. And he was doing that in one of the most power-friendly parks for lefties in the game.

I could see a two or three-year deal making some sense if the money was right. There could be some surplus value, and the good stuff might outweigh the bad, including the loss of a draft pick.

So when I see that Granderson reportedly is getting four years at $15 million per season, I can’t say I’m too upset that the Cubs weren’t involved. There might be some value there for the Mets, who, like the Cubs are at least a year or two away from coming out of the rebuilding phase. Might.

I’d still like to see the Cubs add a legitimate bat in the outfield this offseason, but the options are dwindling. Nelson Cruz would have been intriguing as a buy-low option, but it doesn’t sound like he’ll settle for low. Shin-Soo Choo would be great, but his price tag is probably going to rapidly outpace the Cubs’ desire to stick to value deals right now. Short of a trade, the Cubs may have to try and pick up a guy like Nate McClouth (eh) or take a chance on a guy like Mike Morse (defense eh).

Beyond that, we could be looking at an outfield rotation of Nate Schierholtz, Ryan Sweeney, Junior Lake and a couple more from the Casper Wells/Josh Vitters/Brian Bogusevic type contingent. At least until/unless guys like Jae-Hoon Ha, Matt Szczur or Brett Jackson show they can contribute. In other words … it’s not looking like a particularly compelling outfield.

  • Gardner Lane

    Soriano was a great option – too bad we were all in a hurry to trade him away.

    • Eric

      What’s the point of maybe another couple of wins at most? I’d rather take the chance that Corey Black can contribute down the line when we are competitive (hopefully).

      • Jason P

        He would have been a big help. Part of me thinks his leadership (which will be needed with prospects coming up) and his middle of the lineup production were worth more than a fringe prospect.

    • dAn

      When you realize that Soriano would never have played on a competitive/winning Cub team ever, it made sense to move him–even if the only benefit was to give playing time to Junior Lake–a guy who *might* one day play for a competitive/winning Cub team. Getting the Yanks to pay some of the salary, and getting Black in return, was just gravy IMO.

    • Josh

      Agreed. I always loved Soriano. Part of me is glad he is no longer wasting the end of his career here, but the other part misses him dearly.

      • TOOT

        WoW! You do love him.

  • ClevelandCubsFan

    If we snag Tanaka, does that make us more likely to get Choo?

    • Stinky Pete

      Why would those two be connected?

    • cub2014

      based on granderson deal, I would assume choo
      at the minimum will get 6yrish at 150mil. So I think
      that seals the deal he isnt coming to Chicago.

      We are going to see a lot of prospects in Chicago
      this coming year. I mean a lot.

      • cub2014

        Since we arent going to get any top FA.
        I would try and trade Jackson,Schierholtz and
        Shark from a position of strength. If we cant get
        what we want then we dont trade them.

        Then Barney & starting pitchers even Rizzo (if
        vogelbach has a great start to 2014) at the
        trade deadline. Ist base is one of the easiest
        positions to fill.

        • JMann

          How are we in a position of strength on Jackson,Schierholtz and
          Shark, two of our best three pitchers and our best OF’er.

          If the strategy is to blow it up again and try to acquire some near ML prospects, that’s one thing, but these trades wouldn’t be motivated because we’re in a position of strength, our only strength right now is on the Farm…Semantics maybe, but there is a difference between dealing from strength and sacrificing the present for longer assets…Someone’s got to throw the 400 innings Ejax and Shark would miss. It would be ugly without a real compelling return.

          • cub2014

            By position of strength I mean wait until
            teams realize they missed out on a starter
            and are desperate. Again trade only by
            getting what you want. As it stands now
            we will have neither Shark or Jackson in

            • JMann

              I think we have Jackson through 2016, but I get what you’re saying.

              This is a business and it’s all about nominal moves that improves the team, so when the market presents advantageous conditions you have to jump on them. again patience is the key!

      • hansman

        Wow, so Choo gets more AAV than Ellsbury?

        Maybe 6/$125 but that is a stretch.

  • Aaron

    2014 looks to be another “lost” season in terms of being a competitive team. However, hopefully Castro and Rizzo will have a better season, which I believe both of them will. It will be a season of learning who will play what specific part in the Cubs long-term plan of being a highly competitive team. Many young players to evaluate this next season. Patience required.

  • JL

    If any team is going to try to sign a free agent they will always overpay. So these signings just don’t shock me anymore.

  • Fastball

    I can’t see us being in on Choo. His price point will higher than Granderson’s. Based on the current strategy it doesn’t really make sense to get worked up about possibilities of signing any significant free agent this off season. I would venture that the Cubs will not even be significant in the Tanaka sweepstakes. Too many other organizations with $$ to make a deal are in on this. The Cubs will submit a bid and it won’t be close to being on the short list. It’s reality. Even if all things were equal and multiple teams put up $20MM to get the right to negotiate with Tanaka why would he sign with the Cubs. It would be the longest of long shots for him to look at the Cubs and then other organizations even if it was a apples to apples process we would lose. It won’t be so no reason to hope for that. Nobody in their right mind would sign with the Cubs with a roster like ours. Any sane person is going to think to himself. Do I want to be on a loser for 2 years before any of these prospects they have actually show up and top notch at the ML level. I take equal $$ and want to play on a winner. He probably isn’t a Die Hard Cub Fan from Japan. So we don’t have that going for us. I hope Theo just goes about his business trying to forge a rotation like he has done that past couple off seasons. The starting rotation hasn’t necessarily been our worst area of performance. The BP and no real hitters and the ones we do have were too young and not developed enough to carry the load. When you are constantly still trying to craft your 2 best players and screwing them up you don’t have much left to work with. Shore up the BP as best you can and look for a trade or signing of a McClouth or Morse on the cheap as Brett suggests. That is about all you can expect from this off season. Lastly try to find a couple more starters off the lost and found bin.

    • JMann

      That’s a pretty somber outlook, but I agree with a lot of it…I do disagree about Tanaka or other potential FA signings. For the most part I think the guys that may be interested in the Cubs are the same guys the Cubs are interested in. By that I mean Granderson, Ellsbery, Cano, even lesser FA’s like Byrd, and Salty aren’t really compelling to the Cubs because it’s unlikely that we’ll get peak performance years when the timing is right for us. Would you put your money on the 2016 version of Granderson, or the 2016 Almora?

      As far as Tanaka goes…there’s a much better chance his 2016 season will be better or as good as his 2014 season (age and figuring out the league/culture etc.) than say Garza/Nolesco etc. So yes I think the Cubs would go hard after Tanaka, and who knows what that kid is thinking, but it’s not unreasonable to think that he’d buy the Cubs story.

  • Mike F

    Might as well face it the Cubs are going to be the worst team in baseball in 2014. They are tanking in hopes of the ultimate rebuild. Jeff looks to me to be gone and they are highly likely to trade either Castro or Baez. Bryant won’t be up this season and if Baez is the winner at SS he will only be up late this season. They are going all in for the total rebuild it is obvious and that will push back competitive until 2016 and a run until 2017 depending if Kenney is ever fired and the business and baseball plan ever sync up. We can all bitch about it or accept it. And bluntly given the obvious, without pointing fingers at anyone in the organization there is no way in hell the Cubs will be in on Tanaka. It is all a gross over-read of comments and hints from Theo and the media. It is obvious the Cubs will completely tank and have a practice and get better session/grow in 2014 while attempting to secure the # 1 pick in the 2015 draft.

    • cms0101

      They went out of their way to hire a guy that essentially will be the best manager for Starlin Castro. He’s not going anywhere and Baez will move to 3rd. Alcantara will play 2nd. Bryant will move to the OF.

      • Mike F

        You’re not paying attention. Theo says Bryant stays at 3rd and Castro is a SS. Gammons says he’s been told they believe Baez is a SS. why is so many of you believe Theo only when it is convent.

        Oh if they hired Rick to coach Castro, then they are idiots. Castro is not the sum of the parts…… and hiring a guy for a single player would be a very bad tip-off as to where this all headed. If anything he was hired for players not here …..

        • Rebuilding

          Bruce Levine reported last night that Baez is going to try different positions in ST and 2b might be his by June

          • Rebuilding

            Levine is pretty much a direct conduit from the FO so I assume that they really are planning on moving him to 2b instead of 3b. Makes sense – Bryant is a lot more valuable at 3b than the OF. Those of you that have given up on Castro are in for a rude surprise this year – there’s a reason that more than a dozen clubs have called the Cubs about him. At 23 he’s far from done

            • willis

              I very much like the idea of Baez at 2B rather than 3B. Big pop at 2B is an awesome thing.

            • JB88

              I love the idea of Baez at 2B, but I don’t know if I buy into the idea that Levine is the FO’s mouthpiece. That was certainly the case when Hendry was the GM, but I always got the sense that Levine was frozen out when Theo came on board and that always chapped his arse. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve never gotten the sense that Levine had some special access to the FO.

              If anyone seems to have that relationship it is Kaplan or Mooney.

          • Jeff

            All SS play 2B at some point, so they can understand the feed and pivot the second baseman needs, I don’t ready anything into that. Baez and Bryant significantly lose value if the are moved to 2B or the outfield. Let them develop and then trade whoever is blocking their path to the majors.

            • Rebuilding

              Uhhh….what? I agree that most all 2b have played SS (although you could say that about 3b a well). I do not agree that all SS have played 2b at some point. As a matter of fact I can’t think of any

              • Jeff

                Well, Castro barely played enough games in the minors but he did play 20 games at 2b in 2008.

                Let’s see how this plays out and how many games Baez actually plays at 2B

              • THEOlogical


          • JB88

            Also, I’ll add that Levine seems like a windsock on this topic. I heard him on the radio on the Score on Wednesday night and he was saying that Baez was a SS and that the team wasn’t moving him off that position.

        • Eric

          You don’t have any more idea where this is headed than we do. Baez will stay at SS until he proves he is ready for the majors and then a decision will be made at that point. They are not going to sell low on Castro.

  • cubfanbob

    lets have the Cubs at least play some games in ’14 before we bury them already.

    • cub2014

      cfbob, I agree lets see what happens with these kids.
      But FO please dont bring in any FA mediocre hitters
      lets see what these kids have.

      That being said we need to add 1 or 2 average starting
      pitchers or we will get trounced in 2014.

    • Jeff

      They will bury themselves, we are not helping them in the least

  • cub2014

    Man if I am a Cubs prospect and I am going to
    be in AAA or AA I have to be pretty excited for
    this coming season.

  • jmc

    what about at the major league level?

  • arta

    Soriano? ha, ha.

  • woody

    I would bet that in professional sports that physical ability is pretty uniform across the board. I think that the mental part is what separates winners from losers. Renteria strikes me as the type of man that may put these guys on a higher plane from a mental aspect. Let’s face it Dale wasn’t the touchy feely type of guy. Especially these young Latin players who are adjusting to a world that is terribly different from what they have known. To have a manager who can motivate a player like Castro or Castillo and make them feel like they are part of a family is of great importance. Dare i say to feel ‘loved”? I am from Indiana and we have always rooted for the under dog as our former one class basketball tournament used be one of the best in the nation. People love the Davis v.s. Goliath concept. I watched Plymouth high school win a state championship with Scott Skyles and they didn’t have a guy over 6’2″ on the team. If I remember right Gary Roosevelt had 6’8″ guys on the front line. I realize that baseball is a 162 games over a long season and that Gary might have beaten Plymouth nine out of ten games if they had played that many. But don’t underestimate the mental aspect of the game. We see it year after year when the spoiler role presents it’s self. Let’s wait and see.

  • Cheryl

    The cubs will probably trade the Shark, Schierholtz and Castro this year IMO. Castro will make room for Baez and Barney will probably be gone by this time next year. Doesn’t look good to get Tanaka so they’ll start gearing toward pitching and catching in next year’s draft. If Rizzo is the same as this year he may be gone after the 2014 season. A makeshift club in 2015 but some of the prospects will start to appear. If Vogelbach keeps improving he may be the cubs 1B in 2016, that is if he isn’t traded. The OF will probably be set by 2016.and consist primarily of rookies. To me the biggest question mark revolves around pitching.

    • JMann

      I just don’t see trading Castro unless we get blown away with #1 type starter plus high ceiling prospects, and coming off a year like 2013 I just can’t see a lot of teams valuing Castro where the Cubs value him…same thing for Rizzo. Vogelbach is compelling, but to think he will be as good or better than Rizzo is a big stretch. It’s easy to fall in love with prospects, I do it all the time (look at Rizzo in AAA for example) but there is value in getting a good idea about what a kid can don in the big leagues.

  • North Side Irish

    McClouth to the Nationals to be their 4th OFer…two year deal. Cross that one of the list

  • Cub Lifer

    2014 is going to be really rough for the Cubs. Obviously we weren’t in on any of rhe frontline free agents. Cubs are also not going to trade good prospects away either. The only big thing that is a possibility to trade is Samardzija, but if the Cubs do that for prospects then it causes even further major league pain in 2014. I guess the rest of the offseason gets devoted to finding bargains or dumpster finds to fill in the blanks for 2014.

    I’m a Theo fan. I’m also a realist. The 2014 Cubs are going to be bad. 95 plus losses again seems to be a guarantee.

    • Mike F

      You are jumping the gun on trading prospects. I believe they will trade either Castro or Baez. There have been dissuasions with Miami on a prospect trade for pitching. That by definition would likely be Baex, Almora or Soler with the likely most desirable being either Baez or Almora. We’ll have to see how it all plays out, but looks more and more like a very prolonged rebuild.

      • JMann

        I think I remember Brett saying that Miami didn’t really have the top shelf pitching prospects to match up with Baez, Almora, Soler (not to mention Soler’s contract doesn’t really mesh with what Miami is looking for). Maybe Alcantera or Vougelbach though?

        • Jeff

          How about a Castro for Jacob Turner whenever Baez is ready at short?

          • JMann

            are you being serious? I admittedly don’t know other teams prospects as well as I should, but I thought Turner kind of fell on his face last year?

            The point is we don’t have to do anything until Baez and Castro are really stepping on each other’s toes, and that isn’t happening for a while.

            • Jeff

              He’s only 22 and his ERA and whip was better than Edwin Jackson

          • JB88

            That would be a terrible trade.

            • Jeff


              • JB88

                Because 23 year old, 2x AS SS are exceptionally rare and worth substantially more than Jacob Turner.

            • Jeff

              Kind of like trying to get Skaggs from Arizona, you have to buy these guys while their stock is low before they figure things out and their stock rises.

              Project out three years, your telling me you wouldn’t want a Skaggs and Turner in your line up?

              Your only looking at the performance of a 22 year old pitcher, not their future potential.

              Max Scherzer was good but he never truly busted out till this year.

      • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

        We will not trade Baez to Miami for pitching. They have nothing they would in some cases, or could (our case) give to make anything happen.

      • JMann

        also, I just don’t see trading Baez or Castro just because they both play SS. if they were both LFers, then maybe…I’m not saying you don’t trade one of them, you trade one if you are blown away with the package of young all-star type of return…it’s going to be tough to get offered a package like that on Castro because his stock is down right now, and it’s going to be harder to get a package that provides that kind of value for Baez because his ceiling is sky high right now, but if a couple future #1 pitchers are offered, than you have to look at it.

  • bobk

    I guess we play the scrubs and hope for a midseason flip. Honestly, Lake is the only one out of that group I could see hanging around for a while. I like the kid and his energy, plus friends with Starlin and keeping Castro happy might have a lot to do with success. he is clearly affected emotionally/mentally as a player. Schierholtz should be midseason trade bait. Sweeney should be too. I’m wondering if that team friendly deal was to increase his trade value if he performs. Matt Szczur, Josh Vitters, Brett Jackson all seem like real long shots. Although they could easily make the team competing against these other scrubs. They are athletic well rounded guys that can’t put it all together. Change of scenery seems like the best option maybe in some sort of prospect swap almost MLB ready OF’s for long shot pitchers. This outfield looks absolutely horrible. (Almora, Soler, Bryant) cant come soon enough.

  • Mike F

    Bryant is a 3B, not an OF. Theo has been clear he is not in the plans for the MLB club in 2014 and has things to work on. Almora won’t be here until mid 2015 at the earliest and Soler has a lot of work to do.

    Why do so many people insist Bryant is an OF when Theo says he is a 3B?

    • Rebuilding

      Mike F why are you so indignant with people about paying attention when you obviously missed that the Cubs have floated the idea that Baez is moving to 2b

      • mdavis

        what if Olt starts, is a better defedner and hits the ball well? Then yeah, yeah, maybe Bryant is in the OF. you just never know, its good for these kids to be versatile.

      • Mike F

        Depends on what day and how cryptic they are but they consistently float contradictions . So many of you choose to put words in his mouth based on what you think has been floated through Levine and others. What is clearly from his mouth and from Gammos who he is known close to again is Baez is a SS and will stay a SS. But skip along to Oz as you please. And for the record as Kyle has said he is paid not be honest.

    • Kyle

      Theo’s job is not to be honest. Theo’s job is to keep the value of his players up.

      Nobody knows for certain whether Bryant is a 3b or OF long-term right now. Both seem pretty plausible.

      • Mike F

        So there you go, we should not pay attention to Theo. I understand Kyle glad you stated, but as you see above, some only see Theo as their mouth piece. I don’t know what to believe as you know I was one of the worst Theo apologist. I never expected we wouldn’t get the guy that left Boston, but there you go. I still think he is bright, but sure isn’t nearly as competitive and clearly as you say his job isn’t to be honest.

  • cub2014

    Bryant could play OF so we will
    see how it all shakes out.

    • woody

      Bryant has already stated that he will play wherever the team puts him. And is looking forward to making a contribution.

  • Cub Lifer

    The outfield as it stands right now is brutally weak. At this point I think they are simply waiting for Baez or Bryant to become one of the corner outfield options eventually. The closest outfield prospect otherwise we have to the majors is Szczur. But he looks to be marginal major league material to be honest. Almora and Soler are probably 2 years off.

    Not good.

    • cubmig

      “The outfield as it stands right now is brutally weak. ”

      Signing Choo would take care of that.

      I don’t get it. Cubs sign a lot of reclamation projects and have no fear of what their future outcome might be, or pouring money into them to risk finding out…….yet, a sure thing like Choo becomes available and every plus he offers is not worth the risk or the cost. Balance is needed on our team; proven vets + our upcoming prospects. Choo adds to the vet part of that equation. It’s the only way (imho) to give hope the life blood it needs.

  • James Gillmeister

    Brett, the Lake bandwagon is starting to roll and you should be jumping on. I believe he will be the 2014 breakout player in the Cubs system, at any level. remember – you heard it from me 1st

    • woody

      I am with you on that one.

  • Jeff

    okay, I’ll throw this out there…see others take on this.

    What do you think about Clayton Richard. Free agent, no compensation, from Indy, local boy, left handed.

    I know he’s coming off of an injury but if we can get him on a buy low contract.

    Rotation of Jackson, Richard, Samardzija, Wood and Arrieta with Rusin, Grimm in the wings.

    Maybe Baker back but he should give us a discount for say 2M after taking us for 5.5M last year.

    What do you think of Richard?

    • rockin’ dawg

      The most hittable SP in the NL….and that’s playing half his games in San Diego. At Wrigley, he would be absolute toast.

  • Gabe Athouse

    The appeal of Ellsbury and Granderson was that they each gave us something that we desperately need. Ellsbury gave us a leadoff hitter and basestealer – something we have not had in quite a while. Granderson gave us the potential for lefty power (which Rizzo will hopefully fulfill). Where are we going to get these things in the future?

  • EQ76

    Man this is awesome watching how the cubs are very stealthily sitting back, waiting to pounce on all the great no named FA’s and waiver wire pickups. Great thinking FO! Who needs a good tea, in Chicago anyways?

  • dAn

    NYM is going to regret this contract. I question whether Granderson will make good on the first year of the contract, let alone the fourth. His K numbers have had a sharp uptick in recent seasons, and when that happens to a guy in his early or mid-thirties, it’s the first sign that his reaction time is slowing and he’s headed for the downslope of his career, foot to the floor.

    Thank God that he “got away” from the Cubs. But I highly doubt that he was ever a target of the Cubs’ executives. They just have too much sense to sign a guy like Granderson.

  • Blackhawks1963

    So obviously in very painful terms 2014 is going to be a very ugly season once again. The 25 man roster is again looking like bottom 5 material in all of MLB. So for me it continues to be following and rooting for Bryant, Baez, Alcantara, Edwards, Johnson, Almora.

    There really isn’t anything else to do other than hunker down and stay patient while tuning out the idiots who say Theo is an imcompetent hack. And if we are going to really suck again then I hope we trade Samardzija now and get some more prospects.

    • Mike F

      I agree with most of it, including he isn’t an incompetent hack. It simply isn’t true that he is in anyway a hack. I think though to be fair, he certainly isn’t the dynamic guy that left Boston, whether of his own choosing or his own philosophical bend he is giving up a chunk a real chunk of years of competing on a risky theory and trust in Ricketts. My fear in this is their core is much weaker than most think and Ricketts could be building the ultimate flip. For what is worth I don’t think Ricketts is hack or evil either. What I do fear is that this whether of his or his father’s choosing could easily end up the ultimate flip.

    • dAn

      I don’t think that’s necessarily the case, BB. If the Cubs shore up the bullpen they won’t be terrible. If their RISP numbers go back to normal, that will net them an extra run, and if they shore up the pen, the results will be a lot closer to their run differential than it was last year. Just those two things could make the Cubs a .500 team. And that doesn’t really require adding significant pieces to the roster.

      The offense is pretty bad, but the defense is good and the starting pitching is pretty good, too. If the pen isn’t giving away games they could win some close, low-scoring games this year a la the Pirates.

  • Die hard

    Replay- move Castro to center to make OF compelling as he is excellent on balls above his head…. Would also allow him to get head out of his ass and not worry about balls below his waist … also allowing him to focus on hitting and comeback player of year IMO

    • MichiganGoat

      When at first you don’t succeed try try agains… you’ve been beating this horse for 3 years and it’s still as silly as ever.

    • DarthHater

      Great. Die hard makes remarks about having one’s head up one’s ass and I can’t comment because Brett had to start enforcing the Terms of Use. 😛

  • Ivy Walls

    Patiently getting healthy is hard. I can see now that the team decided they screwed up a good thing in Castro trying to make him a great thing. He is staying unless someone offers the Cubs something stupid. Discussing any player over the age of 27 is also stupid whether they are a FA or a trade. This regime is not going to bite at least for now.

    Epstein really boasted the players who have come through or were at Daytona this year, with the exception of Alcantara who preceded them. Those plus Rizzo and those who follow are the core that will be the new Cubs.

    One thing is that they all better be tough. I think Epstein has figured out what puts this team over the top, yes talent, of course, yes playing the game right organizationally, yes that means having power which goes back to talent, (I think he sees that speed in the cost of power is not a good for the Cubs, and that I also includes fielding as well) but TOUGH is the intangible, FA’s are not tough.

    So next year will be a year yearning for the team to begin the process of ascent, I personally want to see the Cubs develop Lake into a super-duper utility/platoon player, playing 5-6 days a week but in a different defensive position each day. I would love to see Vizcaino and Rosscup fully solidify a bullpen that emerges as one of the best in the NL, joining Strop and Grimm. I want to see Baez and Bryant force the issue and be brought up before the financial plan. And eventually I want to see Alcantara push the body at 2B, where the final pieces are pushing through West Tenn and eyeing IA and Spring Training in 2015.

    In the winter of 2015 then you might be looking at some FA but only one that fits a puzzle that is missing, either the true ACE or the big closer.

  • rockin’ dawg

    That all sounds just about right. Things start to get interesting in 2015.

  • Chuck24

    Did anyone really believe that the Cubs would even take a shot at Granderson? It was NEVER going to happen. Nelson Cruz?…Nope, forget it. Tanaka?…Well his team in Japan isn’t even sure now if it will post him. We need a righthanded stick…and the best possible options right now might be Mike Morse or Corey Hart, because they’ll come cheap. Get real, the Cubs are going to do nothing in the off-season of any note and are going to stink again in 2014. What was that you were saying Theo, “Every season is sacred”? Or was it “every season will be sacrificed”? You’d better hope these prospects of yours pan out buddy or you need to be run out of town on a rail.

  • http://BN Sacko

    Some interesting news on Vitters and Jackson; might benefit from a change of scenery. Can’t be much of a return there.

    • kscubfan

      Did you read something? Or post a link?

  • TOOT

    But, but, but how do the Yanks keep pulling this kind of crap off? Really unbelievable. It looks like they will be the team to beat.