St_Louis_CardinalsThe Winter Meetings begin on Monday, but this past week may as well have been the protracted start. There was far more activity this past week than at the Winter Meetings last year – or in any week I can remember, really – and I’d expect there to be plenty more next week at the meetings. In any event, the point here is that there will be plenty to discuss this weekend, and you’re going to see a great deal more written today than on a usual Saturday. If you’re holed up from a snowstorm, settle in, grab a cup, and be ready.

  • jmc

    just to appreciate the quality of comment here read The Tribune this morninghas an article it says shark eater stays or goes. Imagine that

    • fresno cub fan

      Brett — You might want to correct the reference to the “Bears Bullets”…they play in the Monday Night game, not tomorrow.

  • Cubs fan

    Best Tim McCarver quote ever. If I remember correctly it was a day game with the Cubs playing the Pirates at home. Sori slides hard into second base, the ball hits the glove, Sori’s chest, and then bounces away… Que Tim “Alfonso Soriono has a body harder than high school algebra.”

    • Greenroom

      Now that is funny. hilarious

  • tom t

    Tim McCarver the best announcer? Maybe if you are from
    another planet and never saw a baseball game before. He is
    astute at the obvious and obnoxiously boring. I applauded his
    retirement from broadcasting, a long overdue necessity.

    • Jay

      Totally agree. In last year’s world series, he actually said something as stupid as “The team that wins the next game has the edge in the series.” REALLY?? Thanks Tim!

  • Brains

    yeah, why are the cubs so good at dissing their own pitchers? theo doesn’t know how to respect his players and he treats them like bitcoin.

  • Frank

    Thanks for the posts Brett. I love talking baseball when your freezing your butt off. As a baseball fan this week has been very exciting. As a cub fan very disappointing. I know opening day is not tomorrow but it’s closer then it was a week a go. I’m not suggesting spending crazy(if there is anyone left) I just want to see moves to improve at MLB level while continuing to build at the minor league level.

  • Frank

    McCarver is the biggest jerk on this planet. I was so glad when he announced that he was retiring from Faux sports and now he’s back.

  • matthew
  • Greenroom

    Funny, I thought McCarver already worked for the Cardinals. Brett, stop messing with us.

  • baldtaxguy

    The dream pairing would be McCarver and Hawk. Hawk is “the topper” – he cannot let any partner statement go without it being “topped”:

    Stone: “He is a very good fielding third baseman….”

    Hawk: “He’s the best fielding third baseman in the last 25 years…..”

    Then with McCarver’s “Captain Obvious” broadcasting…it would be “gold, Jerry….gold:”

    McCarver: “If they win on Sunday, they will have swept the series….”

    Hawk: “If they win on Sunday, it will be a 3-game winning streak…”

  • Revery

    “you’re going to see a great deal more written today than on a usual Saturday. If you’re holed up from a snowstorm, settle in, grab a cup, and be ready.”

    Yay- because this is day three of 14 inches of weekend snow and I think I am starting to annoy the guys in my dynasty league…

  • Mick

    How freakin cool is the Red Sox clubhouse!?! From MLBTR’s bullets:

    “Several members of the Red Sox roster urged the front office to up its offer to Napoli from two years/$30MM,’s Rob Bradford reports. The players were responding to a rumor that the Rangers had made an offer “too good for Napoli to refuse,” and the Sox indeed upped their offer to $32MM. The raise and the support from his teammates was enough to sway Napoli, who was already preferring to stay in Boston anyway.”

    I can’t wait until our clubhouse fights for each other even in the offseason and the front office responds to retain our favorite players. GO CUBS!

    • Tony S.

      Awesomeness, agree

  • notcubbiewubbie

    best announcer ???????? phffffffff what are you smoking???tim mc carver BRUTAL!!!!!!

  • waittilthisyear

    only because there have been 2 incredulous “best announcer???” comments, i feel the need to address this before Brett feels the need to; brett was laying down some prety serious sarcasm there

    • Tony S.

      RIGHT?!? #sarcasmfont

  • MichaelD

    I think the Cardinals had the 29th ranked tv announcing team according to Fangraphs last year (I can’t seem to find the rankings). How could they possibly catch number 30 with Hawk? They could go with the top national free agent of bad announcing.

  • cubfanincardinalland

    My uncle was in the national guard with mccarver. Said if they had passed out grenades the entire platoon would have fracked him. One of the all time jerks, made for the cardinals.

  • Headscratchin

    I thought McCarver and Joe Buck WERE the Cardinals announcers from any game they announced that I ever heard. I didn’t realize they ever LEFT the Cardinals employ.

    • Jay

      Why do good play-by-play men get stuck with these crap color men? Jon Miller/Joe Morgan also come to mind.

    • Cubsleeram

      Al Hrabosky (butchered, I know) and Dan McLaughlin are the announcers for the Cards. It’s awful. I live in Stl, so I see their dumb faces more than I’d care to share.

      • cubfanincardinalland

        They really are startling bad. Mcclaghlin makes every routine play sound like the 7th game of the world series. And hrbosky is just an arrogant shill. Constantly criticizes the other teams, and talks non stop about how great he was 40 years ago.
        It is like an infomercial, nothing but positive about every player, no objectivity. Mccarver will fit right in.

        • Cubsleeram

          It’s like 2 John Gruden clones announcing baseball.

  • Tony S.

    Random comment on announcers: if you’ve never listened to Vin Scully do a Dodgers game on the radio, please do. The man is a national treasure. I also thoroughly enjoy Charley Steiner, who spells him in the middle.

    • Rebuilding

      I couldn’t agree more. I lived in SoCal for awhile and even though I hate the Dodgers I listened just for VIn. He truly is his own color commentator and weaves stories in and out of the action like no other

    • The Cleanup Poster

      Personally, I can’t stand listening to Vin Scully. The guy makes me want to pour cement into my ears.

  • Tony S.

    Also, read somewhere (here?) that Hollandsworth was the fave for the Cubs radio job. Which really made me think…. Doesn’t Pat Hughes just make whoever sits with him automatically better??

  • Die hard

    Brett likes to bait me on Cuba defectors- now they defect to Cuba? Before they defect from Cuba? As Obama promised- if you like your defector then you can keep your defector

    • Patrick W.

      Frame this. Delightful.