Together, the family made a gingerbread house yesterday (which gives us too much credit, as it was mostly pre-built, and we just decorated), and The Little Girl couldn’t stop herself from eating the roof, no-hands-style. It was exactly as cute as it sounds.

  • Before he was named the Chicago Cubs’ new first base coach, Eric Hinske had retired from his playing days in 2013 and took a position with the New York Yankees. He was in the pro scouting department when the team was wooing recently-signed catcher Brian McCann, and GM Brian Cashman tells The Star-Ledger that, “[Hinske] was involved. He helped me with Brian McCann. And he’s gone. Because he played with Brian. So I appreciate Eric Hinske giving Brian McCann a lot of good advice about his experience here with the Yankees. He was a great resource for about 30 days.” Ha. That’s an enjoyable little bit. Maybe Hinske can turn on that salesmanship with a target or two of the Cubs’ in the coming years.
  • Best Hinske sales pitch? Massive tattoos:

  • That Star-Ledger piece, by the way, also notes that former Cubs manager Mike Quade has taken a position with the Yankees as a roving outfield and base-running instructor.
  • The best prospects in the Arizona Fall League? Well, you may have already known/hoped it was the Cubs’ contingent, but Jon Morosi gets you as much confirmation as someone can get. Speaking with a “number of scouts,” all seem to agree that the Cubs had the best set of prospects in the AFL this year.
  • Holy crap, Tim Souers. The illustrator extraordinaire’s latest over at TCR needs to be spread far and wide – it’s a take on just what executives will have to do this week at the Winter Meetings, given all the activity that preceded it.
  • In case the Bullets are your first stop checking in on a Monday, make sure you look at this morning’s recap of the weekend’s activity. There was a whole lot this weekend.
  • The Bears play a huge game tonight against the Cowboys, and Jay’s got your implications here, including the awesomeness of that snow game in Philadelphia yesterday.
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  • Atl Cubbie

    Can he influence the Cubs in trading for Bret Gardner. I think he would make a great leadoff man.

    • mdavis

      Gardner is 30 and has 1 year left of control before free agency. if the yanks give him away for cheap then sure, but i doubt that.

      • Jono

        Maybe they will, since he’s now their 4th outfielder. Or maybe they like him in that role.

        • terencemann

          I’m guessing he’ll go back to LF and with Ichiro playing most of RF and their surplus players rotating through the outfield and DH. Gardner is a fantastic fielder and gets on base enough to keep him in the lineup.

          • Eric

            I read somewhere that they’re shopping Ichiro.

            • terencemann

              I’m wondering if they’ll release Wells if they can find better options. He’s definitely the worst salaried outfielder on the team. Ichiro isn’t helping them much, either.

  • Jono

    Hopefully Hinske’s on-field decision making is a little better than his tatto decision making

  • johnny chess Aka 2much2say

    Trade Castro for Dodger OF’er and SS Dee

    • Patrick G

      if its not puig i say absolutely not

  • jmc

    that tattoo picture is disturbing

  • Steve Ontiveros’ Mustache

    If that tattoo somehow gets us wicked mustaches on board (Axford), then I’m for it.

  • ETS

    “Mike Quade has taken a position with the Yankees as a roving outfield and base-running instructor.”

    That doesn’t seem to match up with all of the Sori quotes about no one working with him in the outfield until Dave McKay.

    • Brett

      I had the same reaction.

    • Fishin Phil

      That was the part of today’s bullets that made me giggle. Almost as funny as having Ryan Theriot as your base-running instructor.

      • Ivy Walls

        That is the TOOTBLAN plan

  • Rich

    Nice to see an athlete in such “good” shape..
    those tattoos are really gross..

    thanks..for that morning shot..

  • Coldneck

    That tattoo is freaking ridiculous. And why stop at the elbows? Seems like he’s only half committed. And how does one sleep the first few nights after getting inked like that?

    • cubmig

      He has and will have a lot to look at in his aging / wrinkling years…………..GOOD LUCK with that!

  • ETS

    That TCR Gif was AMAZING (yes caps were needed)

  • Stinky Pete

    Thank you for the link to TCR. That was awesome.

  • SalukiHawk

    Is that a tattoo of Tanaka??

  • Eric

    I think that tattoo is awesome.

  • Ivy Walls

    Hinske is an interesting hire. It tells me that the Cubs are really going to go young very soon. He is a communicator and a pro’s pro.

    Renteria, communicator, bench coach-Hyde intimate knowledge of system, Jones (Mgr’s guy), Mueller, vet on how to be a professional, Brumley, tech expert,

    Finally Wittemeyer says Cubs are looking for mid level OF’er (not Shoo) short term contract, like Schierholtz


    Jason Kubel
    Delmon Young

    Rick Ankiel
    Grady Sizemore

    Nelson Cruz
    Jeff Francoeur
    Mike Morse

    Could Cruz drop to January or flinch and sign a two year deal? Is Morse a turnaround find or Sizemore something to consider, and how about Francoeur a possible platoon with Schierholtz?

    I like Cruz in LF and Lake/Sweeney in CF and RF Schierholtz/Francoeur in RF to start, Shoo is too expensive and too old, Cruz is expected to be 3yr $39M, bet the Cubs sit back and offer the following; 2 yr $28M with club option of $15M or $2M buyout.

    He would add real power to a lineup, esp RH power, with Lake/Sweeney in CF and Francouer could be had for probably $5M for one year.

    When Bryant is ready to come up they could trade Schierholtz or Cruz for value or both, then during waiver wire period trade Francouer if he has rebounded a bit.

    • CubsFanSaxMan

      Thanks for the info. Nice work, but if those are the choices I would rather see some of the “kids” play. It couldn’t be much worse. We are probably just as well off with who we already have.