burning stoveAnother week, another busy weekend. At least this one was to be expected, what with the Winter Meetings kicking off today. The activity started in earnest on Tuesday, and simply didn’t stop …

Friday (and technically some of this was Saturday, but it blends a bit)



Whew. And I’m ready for more, starting today …

  • Chad

    Take a nap Brett, you earned it.

  • Dave

    I’m ready for a de facto Winter Meeting Blogathon.

  • Ron

    Just an obsrvation, the comments section when discussing the Choo signing was overwhelmingly positive and felt like the inaugural Epstein season. It was nice.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Wait ’til he signs with the Rangers.

      • mdavis

        torches and pitchforks.

        • CubsFanSaxMan

          Along with a little tar and feathers.

    • hansman

      It was interesting how a rumor that the Cubs are interested in Choo dramatically changed the commenting landscape.

  • mdavis

    i’m curious to start hearing who some of the targets are going to be. aside from Choo. And of course the Shark rumors should be interesting to follow.

  • Brains

    just for the record, if the cubs sign choo i’ll be delighted that he joined the team. but if we’re already trading shark, i think a shark/kemp + prospects is a much better choice for the immediate and future.

  • Craig

    I don’t understand why we want to sign struggling relievers like Axford or Chamberlain. At the end of last season Strop, Grimm, Parker and Rondon were doing a great job. Then we have a couple of lefties in Russell and the new guy they signed last week. That leaves one spot for Villenueva, Rusin, Cabrera or Vizciano. I could see if they sign a solid reliever but Axford or Chamberlain are no upgrades over what we have.

  • Shawn

    Any chance we can hypnotize the Yankees into trading Brett Gardner for Edwin Jackson…heck, they can have Barney too

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I would much rather have Jackson on his current contract (three years, $33 million) than Gardner for one year.