masahiro tanakaNo, there is still no firm decision on whether 25-year-old right-handed Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka will be made available to MLB teams this offseason. While MLB and NPB have reportedly come to an agreement on a new posting system that would allow NPB teams to sell the rights to their players to the highest bidder, that agreement appears to be subject to a $20 million maximum price, and then the right of MLB teams who “tie” with a maximum bid to negotiate with the player. That low maximum price has rankled the Rakuten Golden Eagles, the NPB team that currently holds Tanaka’s rights for the next two years.

Jeff Passan polled executives yesterday at the Winter Meetings, and he felt like there was an even split in opinion on whether Tanaka will actually be posted this offseason. Throw in an article from Peter Gammons that included a quote from the Golden Eagles’ owner that he doesn’t intend to post Tanaka, and folks are on edge. I’d caution folks to take the Gammons piece with a grain of salt: were Gammons reporting that the Golden Eagles will not post Tanaka, it wouldn’t have come in the form of a buried quote (from last Wednesday) in the middle of a long-form, fluffy piece on the Boston Red Sox and the Golden Eagles.

In other words, we still don’t know what’s going to happen. The president of the Golden Eagles is expected to be at the Winter Meetings today, so we may get some clarity by the end of the day. It has been interesting to see how much the Tanaka uncertainty has not impacted the rest of the offseason for the vast majority of teams. In any case, Passan adds this morning that it’s clear that Tanaka wants to come to MLB, and it’s just a matter of whether his team will grant him that wish (in exchange for $20 million). The team’s president has previously indicated they would not stand in his way.

As for whether the Chicago Cubs will be involved on Tanaka, Cubs GM Jed Hoyer essentially said what he’s said all along: the Cubs are monitoring and will be involved, depending on how things shake out. Hoyer told the media (including Cubs.com) that, despite any reports to the contrary, there is no connection between the Cubs’ ability to sign Jeff Samardzija to an extension and its pursuit of Tanaka. In other words, it’s not an either/or proposition, and the Cubs’ decision on one hand will not impact the other.*

*(Although Hoyer was speaking directly to the idea that the Cubs won’t have the money for both, you could also take his comments as a reminder that there is nothing inconsistent, in terms of The Plan, with trading Samardzija for young talent while still signing the 25-year-old Tanaka to a long-term deal.)

Further, Hoyer bristled at the idea that outside sources truly know what the Cubs’ financial situation is or is not. Patrick Mooney captured Hoyer’s money quote:

“What people are speculating about our resources – they’re not based on any kinds of facts,” Hoyer said. “There’s very few people that know exactly what we have the resources to do and obviously we’ll keep that internal. I think one thing in this game is that you don’t get any points for having people out there know how much money you do or do not have to spend.”

Do the Cubs have enough to sign Tanaka to a $100 million+ contract? Well, I guess we don’t know. But we do know that, outwardly, Tanaka fits everything the Cubs have said they want to acquire: there is no free agency for young, prime talent, but this is as close as it gets. The Cubs need impact arms, and the Cubs have not spent extravagantly this offseason – or even replaced the dollars that have gone out the door over the past 15 months. There’s such a fit here, that, if we aren’t to believe that the Cubs don’t have the money to go after Tanaka, then I choose to take Hoyer at his word and presume that the Cubs will go after Tanaka with a reasonable sum of cash.

  • Greenroom

    After its all said and done, if we do get Tanaka. I am going to buy myself a Parabola or some other high end beer and drink as if I signed him myself. so let it be written. peace~

    • frank

      So let it be done . . .

  • Kyle

    Would like to see Passan attribute that to something, anything.

    I really hope we get some clarity on this very soon. It’s going to hold up the rest of the offseason, which is largely based on musical chairs with the remaining pitching. Most of the bats have already signed.

    • Eric

      Agreed. I’m weary of the Tanaka Tango already.

    • Cheese Chad

      Very true, it’s been a strange off-season. Choo is the only impact bat left via free agency.

  • Jorbert Solmora

    Onley saying Infante seeking $8M/ yr on a long term deal. Hard to believe Yankees would have the space to get Infante and Tanaka.

  • Blackhawks1963

    Brett, I really like your site…best Cubs blog out there by a long stretch. But for the love of God give this Tanaka Watch a r.e.s.t.

    The Cubs are extreme longshots for Tanaka. There are far more productive things to engage in around here instead of going down the daily rathole of Tanaka to the Cubs.

    Respectfully submitted.

    • Eric

      Disagree entirely. This site is the first one I open up in the mornings only because it’s an all-things-Cubs type of site. From waiver wire pickups to high profile rumors, I can find it here. I don’t need a filter.

      • Blackhawks1963

        Why do we have to have multiple updates a day on Tanaka when the odds of him becoming a Cub are very long. It’s not my site and I obviously don’t drive the bus…Brett does, which I fully respect. But crikey does the Tanaka talk get old. And it leads to a lot of bad behavior and going down the rathole activity on this site.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

          It’s a valid story. You not liking it does not make it a valid story.

          If you don’t want it to encourage poor behavior, then stop complaining about every Tanaka story that comes out. If those articles disturb you, don’t read them.

          Problem solved.

          • Eternal Pessimist

            …and the article provides “new” information, so yeah, Cubs fans want to know.

            Also, the impact of a Tanaka signing far outweighs the impact of a scrub signing (generally), so it is at least as important to report on the nuanced hints out there as it is to mention the more probable signings of low impact guys.

        • Rebuilding

          You want less info and not more? We are by all accounts interested in the player. Would you rather discuss Eric Hinske’s tattoos?

          • Cheese Chad

            Yeah, jumping on the bus here, this site is available to provide information. You can choose to read that information or not read the information. It’s really up to you.

        • twins414

          Without getting too technical, seems to me the odds are only 30-1, probably more like 15-1.

      • Required

        Agreed. Tanaka on Cubs radar….we need to know what’s going on. This Tanaka stuff is big news. He basically handcuffing at least eight teams.

      • Nick

        Totally agree Eric. And there is plenty of other content if you simply want to not click on the Tanaka stories and spend your time elsewhere.

      • cubmig

        ^^^ My thoughts too. +++

        • cubmig

          my response was to Eric’s “Disagree entirely. …” post. (to clarify not the immediate above one)

    • WGNstatic

      I would be curious to know:

      a) what you consider to be a long shot (1 in 10, 1 in 100?)
      b) what you base that supposition on.

      I really don’t see why there would be any question that the Cubs have the $$ to bring in Tanaka. There have been a number of big salaries to come off the table in recent years, and after this season Soriano’s contract will be done as well, leaving only the relatively small contracts to guys like Castro and Rizzo as longterm commitments.

      Do the Cubs have the $$ to spend like the top spenders (Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox, etc.), no. But the Cubs are not all of a sudden the Royals either.

      Is the current TV contract small compared to other teams, yes, but that hasn’t stopped the notoriously tight fisted Jerry Reinsdorf from spending (they have basically the same contracts as far as I can tell).

      Furthermore, if there really was some sort of hard cap on the Cubs baseball spending based on the debt load taken on by the Ricketts family in the purchase, then I do not believe that such a purchase would ever have been approved by MLB. The last thing MLB wants is for one of its premier franchises to become a “small-market” team because of the terms of the purchase agreement.

      • Kyle

        “Furthermore, if there really was some sort of hard cap on the Cubs baseball spending based on the debt load taken on by the Ricketts family in the purchase, then I do not believe that such a purchase would ever have been approved by MLB. The last thing MLB wants is for one of its premier franchises to become a “small-market” team because of the terms of the purchase agreement.”

        MLB didn’t have a ton of choice. They certainly didn’t want Zell dismantling the team for cash parts, and Ricketts was the only interested buyer at Zell’s terms.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

          I really, really wish we had all the details of that agreement.

          That and the contract with the rooftops might be the biggest mysteries in Cubland right now.

          • hansman

            That rooftop agreement must be a damn good one if neither side wants the public to know what is in it.

            • Hee Seop Chode

              What is unknown about the rooftop contracts? It’s 17% of revenue from every rooftop to the Cubs, expiring in 2023.

              • hansman

                With that info, all we know is what the rooftops are giving as consideration for the Cubs not blocking their views.

                Now, what is the level of consideration the Cubs are giving the rooftops in not blocking their views?

                Are there out clauses in the contract?
                What happens if the Cubs do block their views?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Respectfully disagreed, for all the reasons explained. There were 700 new, applicable words to write on one of the biggest offseason targets in all of baseball, and the Cubs are an interested team. So I wrote those words, and will continue to do so as long as they remain relevant and/or interesting. In the future, Tanaka posts are very easy to discern without clicking on. Just don’t click on them (and avoid the most important offseason storyline going on right now in the process).

    • v23

      Booo to that. Keep the updates coming.

      Ya, why would acquiring a #1/#2 be news?????

    • hansman

      “But for the love of God give this Tanaka Watch a r.e.s.t. ”

      In all sincerety, you may want to stop obsessively checking and commenting on this site. If you don’t like obsessive watches, BN and you just may not be a good fit.

      Brett is a master of the obsessive watches. Not only does he cover everything that happens in the Cubs Universe but, on the big stories, he obesessively covers and publishes any credible information.

      If you are not going to filter yourself from viewing the discussion, can you PLEASE, at least, filter your whining about the coverage of news stories and/or the discussion of the news stories.

      • mjhurdle

        In fairness, maybe Blackhawks didn’t know this story would be about Tanaka?
        Maybe Brett’s vague headline drew him in un-aware.
        I mean, when I read “Everyone’s Still Waiting on Masahiro Tanaka, Including the Chicago Cubs” I was expecting a breakdown of Bubby Riley, the LF the Cubs selected with their 40th pick in 2013.

        • hansman

          No, who cares about him. All Brett needs to do is report significant signings when they happen and pass out the box score.

          You know, like Cubs.com

      • Sandberg

        It’s tough when you have to obsessively reply to every obsessive Tanaka post with paragraphs definitively stating that the Cubs won’t get him and the Yankees will. That’s obsessive squared! I can see why he wants a break.

  • JB88

    The question is still, though, what constitutes a reasonable sum of cash. Would you pay Tanaka $100 million over six years (so basically $120MM when you factor in the posting fee)? Would you tack on another two club option years at $20MM a pop to control years his years when he is 32 and 33? I think I would certainly do the former and would probably try to lock up as much of his peak years as I could. I’d be even more thrilled if that number dropped a bit. What I don’t know is what the years and dollars will look like at the end of the day.

    If the Dodgers, Yankees, and Rangers are truly out, what does the competition look like and will the Mariners out bid themselves again? This is fascinating on so many levels, even beyond the Cubs. A paucity of starting pitching and a lot of teams needing frontline starters should lead to a very interesting bidding war.

    • Kyle

      Well, you *always* take team options if they are there for nothing. What’s the harm?

      It depends on how much money we have, but I don’t see much problem going to $150m on total Tanaka spending. That’s what the money’s there for: To pick up talent without having to give up prospects.

      • Rebuilding

        I f you think we have the money and you would be willing to go to $150 mil why aren’t you above .01%. I already called Tanaka to the Cubs so you should at least be at .02%

        • Kyle

          I don’t think we have the money. If we did, I wouldn’t have a problem going that high, but I really doubt we do.

          • JB88

            It’s hard to know what money they have and what money they don’t have. They essentailly gave Edwin Jackson $19 million last year, paid the Yankees $15 million to take Soriano, a number of high priced contracts came off the books. All in all, they paid huge cash outlays last/this year. So it certainly seems as though they aren’t really cash strapped. What I don’t know is how much the loss of ticket sales and concession revenue is driving the Cubs’ baseball decisions this year or whether there are other cash constraints that may impact their ability to add talent.

            Because the concept of acquiring a player like Tanaka screams this front office.

      • Cheese Chad

        “What people are speculating about our resources – they’re not based on any kinds of facts,” Hoyer said.

        “I don’t think we have the money. If we did, I wouldn’t have a problem going that high, but I really doubt we do.” Kyle said.

        Show me your facts, Kyle. Welcome to the BN court of law.

        • Brains

          yes but we either don’t have the money or this is a case of negligence. that’s where the conversation goes back and forth. saying we don’t have the money is a generous observation supporting the FO, in spite of the owners. saying that the FO chooses not to spend it means that they’re not fully competent to rebuild and manage a professional team at the same time. i tend to fall into the first camp too. why would theo want the worst 4 year record in the history of baseball? cause that’s what he’s projected for.

    • CubFan Paul

      “should lead to a very interesting bidding war”

      Yea, it’s looking like Tanaka is going to get way over paid, like more than the $13M-$16M AAV that he should receive.

      • Mick

        $13m-$16m per season would put Tanaka at 2.17-2.67 WAR. Tanaka’s best MLB comp is Hiroki Kuroda who’s averaged a 3.18 WAR over his MLB career. Kuroda started his MLB career when he was 33 years old, Tanaka will be 25. Just using Kuroda has his comp and considering Tanaka’s about to enter his prime for the next 5 years, we could estimate AT LEAST a 3 WAR for each of those seasons which would pay him $18m per season. Now, there’s still value to be had because a 3 WAR is conservative and we’re not factoring inflation over the life of his contract. Tanaka’s going to get PAID and $18m might be the opening bid.

  • Blackhawks1963

    There is rumor posted that Philadelphia is open to trade discussions on Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee. They will not eat any salary and would expect a substantial package in return for either pitcher. It doesn’s say Philly WILL trade either, merely that they are entertaining inquiries.

    • Rebuilding

      The Phillies have some great pieces to do an on the fly rebuild. Just don’t think Ruben Amaro will do it

      • Blackhawks1963

        Smart of Philadelphia to listen to inquiries on Lee and Hamels. They don’t have to trade either, but with a number of contenders having major need for a quality starter it seems like the absolute smart thing to do.

    • Eric

      I don’t understand the Phillies this off-season at all.

      • CubFan Paul

        Those contracts have come back to bite them in the ass & they’re trying to free up cash.

        • Eric

          I get that, but I don’t see the point in it. Those horses still have a lot of good miles left in them.

    • SenorGato

      If Hamels is legit available for trade then yes, please. That guy’s an awesome pitcher.

      • When the Music’s Over

        His age (gasp, he’s 30 in December) and contract, according to so many people, should preclude the cubs from even considering entertaining his presence on their team.

        • SenorGato

          It sucks that stuff like talent and skill take a backseat to age and salary so consistently for this franchise’s fanbase in recent times.

  • http://bleachernation.com woody

    Brett, I read somewhere this morning that the golden eagles owner would be arriving today from Japan at the winter meetings. I wish I could remember where I read it. If true, whats up with that?

  • Eric

    There are 2 rules to success:

    1. Don’t tell everything you know.

    • Cheese Chad


  • Hookers or Cake

    I’d prefer the Cubs pursue an outfield bat like Kemp over high dollar long term pitching. Assuming Choo goes for $100 plus, suddenly paying 21 mil per for years 29-34 on a GG CFer like Kemp seems like a no brainer.
    Who would you guys rather have? CHoo will cost 20 mil for years 31-35 minimum and cost a second rounder. Tanakawa if he comes has a lot of questions. Will he be a #2 or 3? will he break down? or have initial success followed by a lot of scuffling like so many Japanese players.
    Pick one.
    Kemp 21mil for 6 years and a 10-20 prospect like C. Villenueva or Candelerio
    Choo 20 for 5 and a second rounder
    Tanakawa 20 for 6 (including the post fee of 20)

    • Blackhawks1963

      I see this morning that the Dodgers have cooled significantly to the idea of trading Matt Kemp. Their preference is to move Andre Eithier, but they are not hopeful of doing that until probably sometime in January or even February.

      Raj Davis is signing with the Tigers, which suggests they are out on Sin Sho Choo. Meaning the Rangers and Diamondbacks remain standing in the running for Choo.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

      I’d want more information Kemp’s medical situation first.

    • Eric

      I tend to agree, but I think we can do both. Kemp intrigues me but I hope he’s not made out of glass. I like Tanaka and hope he ends up in Cubbie Blue.

    • Mick

      I think you’re way off in your prediction that it would only take a 10-20 ranked prospect to acquire Kemp. More than likely, trading for Kemp would require a package comparable to David Price. In that case, I’m reluctant to trade any of our top prospects for a $20 mil player with a host of injury and attitude concerns. Also, that whole timing thing of adding just one player but not being ready to compete in the NL Central.

      • CubFan Paul

        “trading for Kemp would require a package comparable to David Price”

        Huh? What?

        • Mick

          Trading for Kemp is going to require including your franchise’s best prospects like it would if you were trading for David Price.

          Do you think Kemp’s contract is that outrageous or his skills have depleted so much that the Dodgers are looking to dump him? He won an MVP 2-years ago (I’m stripping Braun of the MVP) and he’s supposedly healthy. It’s a moot point though because according to Rosenthal, the Dodgers aren’t looking to trade Kemp right now because they don’t feel they’d achieve maximum value which leads me to think a 10-20 prospect wouldn’t get it done.

          • CubFan Paul

            “..so much that the Dodgers are looking to dump him?”

            They have too many OFs so yes they are/were clearly looking to dump him

            “the Dodgers aren’t looking to trade Kemp right now because they don’t feel they’d achieve maximum value”

            Because they’re probably asking for a ‘package comparable to David Price’ and teams are balking like I did above.

            • Hookers or Cake

              Also remember that Kemp is costing the Dodgers 30 million this year because of the luxury tax. Also the new ownership has only experienced an injured Kemp. Not the MVP who played 399 consecutive games. So there might be an incentive to deal him. And the Cubs 10-20 is better than most.

  • Andy

    My 3 team trade idea:
    Samardjia to yanks
    Gardner to Giants
    Gary Sanchez (NYY catcher) and Edwin Escobar (SF LH starter) to Cubs

    Who says no?

    • Blackhawks1963

      Cubs say no to that. Giants also say no. Gardner is only under contract for one more season and the Giants want a run producer added to their outfield mix. They already have top of the order options in Pagan and Scutaro.

    • TulaneCubs

      Cubs say no. It seems like Gary Sanchez has fallen a lot from where he was previously. Most don’t seem to think he’ll stay at catcher, in which case the Cubs already have a guy in the system that hits and can only play 1B (Vogelbach).

      I would love if the Cubs got the Giants involved in a deal for Shark in some way, shape or form. They have a lot of interesting pitching prospects.

      • Rebuilding

        Sanchez had a pretty Meh year last year. Still good for a catcher, but there are rising doubts about whether he can stay there

      • SenorGato

        Iunno where you guys are getting your stuff on Sanchez from (2011?) but he’s one of the most highly thought of prospects in the game still. His defense supposedly got better last year, and the ceiling offensively is still considered elite.

  • itzscott

    How do we know if Tanaka’s “impact arm” will translate as a #1 in the major leagues?

    • Blackhawks1963

      Don’t sweat it. Seriously. He ain’t coming to the Cubs when he has multiple contenders interested in his services and also teams that play in cities with big Japanese American populations. Tanaka is going to the Big Apple or Hollywood. That means the Yankees, Dodgers or Angels (in that order) if I were to guess. With the Mariners the darkhorse.

  • TulaneCubs

    I’ll go on record saying I think the Cubs are going to throw the kitchen sink at Tanaka, offer him the most money and eventually land him.

    I think they’re much more likely to overpay for a guy in his prime like Tanaka if they see him as a #2 then invest anywhere else on the market.

    I also think all of these other pitching options on the trade market that have come up in the last few days (Masterson, Lee, Hamels) don’t get traded and that Shark and Price are the best two pitchers dealt this offseason.

    • Rebuilding

      ^^^Hey, I agree with all of that

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

      I hope Masterson hits free agency next winter. I’d wouldn’t mind the Cubs swooping in to sign him.

      • TulaneCubs


        This is how I see the Cubs’ offseasons the next few years:

        This year: Sign Tanaka
        Next year: Sign a top of the rotation arm
        Following year: Fill in position holes where prospects haven’t panned out.

        It’ll be interesting to see what the Cubs do with Arrieta/Wood/EJax. I think EJax bounces back and gets dealt either at the deadline or next offseason. Wood is a FA after 2016 and Arrieta after 2017. Obviously Arrieta has to establish himself, but I wonder if the Cubs will look to deal those guys before free agency.

    • SenorGato

      Masterson and Hamels have hit the trade market?

  • Required

    Raji Davis to Tigers on a 2/10.

  • Stogie

    Tanaka is just another guy for us to get hopeful about, then some other team signs him. It happens every year. Japanese pitchers don’t really have a good track record here anyway, overall. Tanaka will be a Yankee. If you don’t know that by now, you haven’t paid attention for the last 15 yrs.

    • WGNstatic

      Yeah, there is no question that Tanaka will be a Yankee, just like Darvish, Daisuke, Ichiro, and all of the other Japanese players who have come to the states in the last 15 years.

      • Stogie

        The Yankees usually get the guy if they really want him. The Yankees weren’t in on all those guys.

        • WGNstatic

          Go back and look at the rumors from before those guys signed. The Yankees were absolutely connected to Daisuke when he went to Boston and to a lesser extent Darvish.


          • Stogie

            I said all those guys like Ichiro, etc. If they Yankees don’t get a guy, it’s because they are lukewarm. Can you really envision the Cubs outspending the Yankees? The Cubs have been shedding payroll, not adding. Theo openly states the resources aren’t there right now for big spending. Why would they suddenly be for Tanaka?

  • Required

    I definitely think Tanaka will get waaaaay overpaid. To the point I don’t think we can afford him. Theo is probably factoring in fair market value for him so ya were in to a point. However we will get sticker shock and walk away. It would be nice to land him though.

  • Murky Waters

    How can you possibly state what Tanaka wants from a team as fact ? There’s not even the slightest bit of information out there that would tell you he would choose the dodgers or the Yankees over the Cubs.. To even speculate on it is ludicrous . Small market , big market, large Japanese populations, contender, non-contender, we have no idea ! But what we do know in life is money talks. So hopefully the Cubs can contend with LA and NY money wise. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll understand being in a foreign country that maybe a year on the lowly Cubs will help him get acclimated, Instead of being under the microscope immediately in LA and NY . Just my opinion

  • You got bats, we got Wood. Travis Wood.

    I think if we had a large budget we would know about that. You can say being quiet about your financials all you want is good for your team, but everything that Jed/Theo say screams “low budget.” I blame that mainly on ownership for obvious reasons but I would appreciate some more honesty. I just don’t see the Cubs landing Tanaka. We didn’t go after Cespedes, Puig, Darvish, or any other more expensive international free agents so I don’t see it happening with Tanaka either.

    • WGNstatic

      “We didn’t go after Cespedes, Puig, Darvish, or any other more expensive international free agents so I don’t see it happening with Tanaka either.”

      That is simply not true. The Cubs did land Jorge Soler and Concepcion. According to most reports the Cubs were absolutely in on Puig, Cespedes, and Darvish.

      By most accounts the 5 biggest international free agents (including Darvish who was posted) have been Puig, Cespedes, Darvish, Soler, and Jose Abreu. Of those 5, no two have signed with the same team and the Cubs signed one of the 5.

  • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

    And now we have word that the second best Japanese pitcher, Kenta Maeda, may be posted.


    He projects more as a back of the rotation guy, but he throws strikes, avoids walks, and doesn’t give up many long balls. I’d take a flyer on him.


    • DarthHater

      He weighs less than C.J. Edwards. Therefore, he cannot be a MLB starter. 😛

    • SenorGato

      I’m not sure I’m even kinda sorta interested unless they trade Villanueva. Doesn’t have the fastball. Tanaka or bust as far as Japanese posted pitchers go…

    • Eric

      Sign all the Japanese pitchers!

      Seriously though, what could it hurt? It’s not like we’re bursting at the seams with available legit pitching prospects right now.

  • cubbiehawkeye

    I don’t know how many times I’ve heard Theo say something along the lines of young guys aren’t available via free agency so we have to develop talent etc.. Tanaka is young and a free agent, if posted. You’re crazy if you don’t think the Cubs will be one of the top teams in terms of offering money. I believe Theo and Hoyer toss a lot of money his way.

  • http://BN Sacko

    Interesting news that Hoyer says we are pursuing Tanaka; Im wondering with all the teams involved why Tanaka would sign with the Cubs?

    • DarthHater

      I hear he’s a big fan of Al Capone. 😛

      • http://BN Sacko

        Good one, he’s all ours.

      • cubmig

        Maybe it’s the : “I’m gonna’ make him a deal he can’t refuse.” that nails him……..

  • DarthHater

    Hey, Tanaka has a Twitter account! @t_masahiro18

  • Barroof

    The Cubs NEED to sign Tanaka. I don’t buy that they don’t have the money. The Cubs fans are out there but they need a reason to come back and spend their money. Besides it’ll be an 8 year deal and within 4 years the Cubs will have nothing but money. This FO needs to show the fans some players at Clark and Addison and not just stories of minor league heroes.

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