jeff samardzija gatorade showerAfter straining to come up with a cohesive, non-bulleted way to share today’s bits on Jeff Samardzija … here are bullets on Samardzija …

  • Today’s big Diamondbacks/Angels/White Sox trade had me going back and forth on whether Arizona would now be more or less likely to make a move for Jeff Samardzija. On the one hand, adding a big bat in Mark Trumbo while subtracting Tyler Skaggs could make the Diamondbacks even more aggressive in pursuing a pitcher (especially one via trade, since they added Trumbo’s salary). On the other hand, with Skaggs and Adam Eaton gone, the Diamondbacks have lost two freely-tradable bullets that could have worked in a Samardzija deal.¬†(For the record, no, I don’t think Skaggs and Adam Eaton are enough for Jeff Samardzija. Would need a considerable third piece, at least.)
  • Consensus? Well, there isn’t one. Tim Brown thinks the Diamondbacks will make a run at Samardzija (or David Price) following the Trumbo deal. Bob Nightengale heard that they’ll probably go the free agent route.¬†Arizona GM Kevin Towers, himself, admitted it would be hard to make a trade for a starting pitcher now that they’ve dealt Skaggs, Eaton (and David Holmberg last week). I saw a pretty even mix of opinions on the question over the course of the afternoon. But I suppose the most important note came from Buster Olney, who reports that the Diamondbacks are still interested in picking up Samardzija (and are looking at other options, too). If the Diamondbacks want Samardzija, and are truly refusing to include Archie Bradley in a deal, then I have a hard time seeing a match without a third team involved. The D-Backs best other marketable pieces are infielders. The Cubs are good there.
  • Are the Blue Jays still in on Samardzija? Not sure on him specifically, but Alex Anthopoulos told Shi Davidi that free agent prices are too high for them right now, and they may still pursue a pitcher trade. The problem, however, is that teams keep asking about top pitching prospects Aaron Sanchez and Marcus Stroman. The Blue Jays’ system is so stacked with pitching that they could probably put together a passable package without one of those two involved, but it would be a lot of lower-level, high-ceiling quantity. Without one of Sanchez or Stroman, the Cubs may not feel sufficiently compelled to move Samardzija right now. (I always feel like underscoring that the Cubs needn’t make a move right now, even absent an extension.)
  • Sahadev Sharma hears that the Cubs met with several teams yesterday on Samardzija, but nothing is close. That squares with something Jed Hoyer said today, noting that everyone knows discussions about/with Samardzija are ongoing, but there are no deals pending for the Cubs right now. Only “groundwork laid.”
  • Blake

    Let’s not rule out that “mystery” team yet!

  • Die hard

    Since the Cubs are on a strict budget it would have to be a knock your socks off deal to give up the security of Sharks contract

  • papabear

    I think that with the trades – looks less likely cubs will make a Jeff Samardzja trade

  • CubCanada

    Seattle seems to be all in. How about a deal like this:

    S. Castro



    I know Hultzen is injured but he is a top talent and Paxton is rotation ready, cheap, and controllable. It’s tough to deal Castro, but Franklin can play 2nd/SS (better than Barney) and doesn’t block any of the prospects. Zunino is a future All star and Guerrero seems to have the same genes as uncle Vladdy.

    Too little a return? Asking too much? Thoughts?

    • praying the cubs get ready to win

      Like it.

    • Scotti

      What part of .271/.303/.358/.661 is Uncle Vladdy? I get that he was a 19-y/o in full season ball but that’s more Uncle Donald than Vlad. Yes, he tore up the DSL in his second go around but that WAS his second go round. He DID hit .298 from June 1st on last year but without any power or patience (his best monthly OPS was a mere .722).

    • bpaoni

      I’d have to pass on Hultzen as shoulder injuries are usually much worse than elbow injuries.

      • TOOT

        Yes. Shouder injuries are usually career ending. enter Mark Prior.

        • TOOT

          and not to get off the subject, but one could consider Derrick Rose done. Two big injuries to both knees at the age of 25, in his sport, spells goodbye.

          • wilbur

            yes and no. the second injury was a meniscus tear, cartilage not ligaments like the other, acl last year. The more intensive approach to treating the meniscus tear by repairing it instead of removing it, takes longer but results in a better return to prior capability. So, it is more like one big injury and serious but not career threatening second one. Doesn’t mean he wont get injured again or re injure something, but he should be back fully ready to go, as far as his knees. Just a tough thing to be out for so long and to get back after that long a time will be tough, but he should be physically ok to do it.

  • rockin’ dawg

    Hopefully, the lack of moves by the Cubs means one thing….Tanaka or bust!

  • cubfanincardinalland

    So nice to have a front office that knows what they are doing. Cubs have all the leverage. Teams like Arizona, Yankees, Braves etc. know that they have to find that extra win or two this winter. They can talk about getting a free agent pitcher, but not a good one for less than 13 million a year on a multi year deal. Guy like Shark can make all the difference.
    Theo and Jed have the discipline and patience to wait them out. Don’t want to trade Bradley? Ok, best of luck. They will get their haul, just wait boys.

  • Chad

    This is a bit of an off-topic comment, but I read earlier on Muskat’s blog that Rick Renteria would like to see Castro lead off. Personally I do not like the idea of Castro leading off necessarily. I have always advocated for Castro batting second as it seems he was most successful in that spot. My real frustration however is how the rest of the lineup is going to shake out. I would really like to see the Cubs add at least a little bit of offense this off-season or it’s going to be another long season. Obviously, I would be ecstatic over a guy like Choo who the Cubs can plug right into that leadoff spot, but the middle of the order is also suspect. Who’s going to provide protection for Rizzo? Schierholtz was very good last year but can we expect those numbers again? I like Lake too, but not sure where he should bat?

  • Isaac

    It would really seem there is more chance he will move at the deadline, as teams like AZ, TOR and ATL will have a better idea whether they are going to compete. My guess would be he will move to Toronto in a package including Stroman, but not Sanchez.

  • HateDemp

    Very well said. Good haul in past deals that weren’t messed up by NTC or 10/5s. Not expecting to be good for a year or 2 has its benefits.

  • Rebuilding

    I’m sure Brett probably linked this before, but here was Sickels end of the year Top 75 prospects. It’s got a little blurb on each and I thought it might be helpful to some since these names get tossed around every day. He’s got Baez at 8, Bryant at 19, Almora at 22, Soler at 27, Edwards at 41 and Alcantara at 70.

  • cubfanincardinalland

    I hear they are really trying to move James Russell. Another great example of how they move assets in and out based on value. Smart. He is basically a loogy at this point, right handers just crushed him last year. Due to get 2 million this year, and 3 next, then a free agent. Move him now and get value back, got 25 year old Rosscup ready to roll, he was pitching better at the end of the season anyway.

    • Kramden

      You don’t suppose all the other GM’s from all the other teams, don’t know the same thing?

      • DarthHater


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  • Blackhawks1963

    Samardzija is absolutely going to be traded. Wood and Jackson have two rotation spots locked up. Arrieta is a good bet for a third spot. Rusin and Grimm would be in competition for two final slots. And we learn today that the Cubs are dumpster diving once again and looking at Baker and Hammel. So that’s 7 names in the mix for the rotation, plus Hendricks sitting at Triple A.

    So TheoJed are trading Spellcheck for prospects and clearly not going to sweat having another win challenged season. I’m behind these guys fully, but damn this is getting depressing.

    • Assman22

      ^This is pretty close to reality…Cubs met with several teams yesterday to discuss Shark+ offers…Dbacks, Blue Jays, Pirates, O’s, Rockies, Royals, Indians…BJ’s did indeed try to sweeten the pot with Rasmus but Cubs were not interested…Shark likely won’t leave town alone…

      • Rebuilding

        If we are insisting on a TOR, near MLB ready arm these are the only teams realistically in the running:

        Seattle – Walker and maybe Hultzen (injured)
        Arizona – Bradley
        Baltimore – Gausman and Bundy (injured)
        NY Mets – Syndergaard and maybe Montero
        Pittsburgh – Taillion and maybe Glasnow
        St. Louis – C. Martinez and (arms at MLB level)
        Kansas City – Zimmer and Ventura
        Cleveland – Bauer
        Washington – Giolito and AJ Cole
        Miami – Heaney
        SF – maybe Crick
        Boston – maybe Owens and maybe Renaudo
        Toronto – Sanchez and maybe Stroman
        Atlanta – Sims
        Philly – Biddle

        • CubFan Paul

          Maybe Stroman?

          • Rebuilding

            Not a huge fan of 5’11 SP who many are already saying needs to go to the pen

            • Rebuilding

              Stroman may only be 5’9″ – so either he’s Pedro Martinez or a reliever

              • Rebuilding

                Stroman also gave up 13 HRs in 111 IP. Edwards has only given up 1 in 183 IP

                • Scotti

                  Edwards, by that benchmark, is better than Maddux (12 HR through AA) and Pedro Martinez (9 HR through AA) to name just two and Edwards doesn’t have to worry about being either HOF pitcher.

                  As impressive as CJ Edwards has been, Stroman has walked fewer /9 and has a better BB:K. Both are quality guys with very good stuff but neither have ideal bodies.

            • Scotti

              Then you’d be fine with Stroman–BR has him listed at 5’9″… FWIW, I think his stuff plays plenty as a SP and he’s got a stockier, Tom “Flash” Gordon look to him for me.

        • YourResidentJag

          Baltimore–Eduardo Rodriguez.

  • praying the cubs get ready to win

    Shark, Sheirholz and Barney for Sanchez, Strohman and a low level minor leaguer with high upside or a low level catcher with high upside.