mariners logoToday’s Logan Morrison rumor probably popped up as discussions reached the level needed to actually pull something off. But that something is a deal with the Mariners, not the Cubs.

At the same time they reportedly signed Corey Hart to a one-year deal, the Mariners picked up another power bat with questions about his ability to play a defensive position. Clark Spencer reports that the Marlins sent Morrison to the Mariners for 23-year-old righty Carter Capps.


Capps is already a big league arm, throwing 59 innings out of the Mariners’ pen last year. He was bit hard by the long-ball and a sky-high BABIP, and, if those things normalize, he could be a solid reliever. He struck out 24.4% of the guys he faced last year, while walking just 8.5%. This is a pretty solid return for the Marlins, suggesting the price on Morrison wasn’t a giveaway.

On to the next option.

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