mariners logoToday’s Logan Morrison rumor probably popped up as discussions reached the level needed to actually pull something off. But that something is a deal with the Mariners, not the Cubs.

At the same time they reportedly signed Corey Hart to a one-year deal, the Mariners picked up another power bat with questions about his ability to play a defensive position. Clark Spencer reports that the Marlins sent Morrison to the Mariners for 23-year-old righty Carter Capps.

Capps is already a big league arm, throwing 59 innings out of the Mariners’ pen last year. He was bit hard by the long-ball and a sky-high BABIP, and, if those things normalize, he could be a solid reliever. He struck out 24.4% of the guys he faced last year, while walking just 8.5%. This is a pretty solid return for the Marlins, suggesting the price on Morrison wasn’t a giveaway.

On to the next option.

  • Chuck24

    …And another day where the Cubs sit on their hands and do nothing to even make the ballclub even somewhat competitive this next season. Ricketts, Epstein and Hoyer are a whole lot of hot air. Corey Hart would have been nice for a two-year deal to give them a major league RH bat in their lineup while the kids develop. Morrison would have helped too. Michael Morse? Some pitching? Will the Cubs do anything besides talk to Scott Baker, who nobody else wants? Another 90-plus loss season…that’s BS. After 50 years as a Cubs’ fan I am about done with the bastards that now run this franchise (into the ground).

    • gocatsgo2003

      You’re right. Theo and Jed were probably sitting at the corner of the bar all day, laughing at us as they charge Jagerbombs to their official Cubs MasterCards.

      • YourResidentJag

        No they went to Splash Mountain, remember. :)

  • Blackhawks1963

    Did I miss something? Logan Morrison has been awful the past two seasons when healthy. And even in his rookie season there was nothing overly impressive with his offensive production. The hype and promise FAR outweigh the actual production. Plus he’s an asshat and a brutal defensive outfielder. We didn’t lose out on anything.

    Corey Hart? He’s broken down and is strictly limited to either 1st base or DH at this stage. No way he should ever play the outfield again.

  • jmc

    Come on let’s be clear. Forget the major league ball club. Most of the discussion from the FO and here is on teenagers. To be precise maybe in their early twenties. Let’s all go to Kane County but this time of year Daytona sounds better.( note sarcasm) Without dramatic move which may happen right now Wrigley looks dreary for the near and near term future.

    Ricketts won’t apparrently spend until cubs start making more money. They have said over and over that the baseball and is intertwined with the business end. So does that mean until the jumbotron is up no veterans of import? I don’t know I may be wrong I just posed the question

  • JL

    Look people just because the Mariners are making a lot of moves doesn’t mean that there good ones. The only one I like is the Hart signing. Trading a hard throwing pitcher for LoMo was a horrible move.

  • since52

    ah yes, ivy smokers, the plan becomes more and more clear. We will accept only top tier underpaid talent for our overpaid midlevel talent, meanwhile hiring a new manager to preside over another 150 losses whilst the talent he’s hired to develop toils in the minors. THEN AND ONLY THEN will be move the top tier developing talent for additional multi-level under and overpaid talent to create the new status quo in our team’s division. THIRD PLACE in the fifth year of our five year plan!!!!!

    Bonus: Convene with us at our new hotel or take a twenty buck tour of the new and improved Wrigley and learn more of our new five year plan for the next chump that hires us.

  • Cubby Mike

    How many of you people think, honestly think, a ballplayer is worth 20 to 30 million dollars a year? These are insane numbers. I would much rather pay 40 million for the first 7 years, than 140, or 200 million for the last 7 years. Tampa’s business plan looks far superior to Seattle’s, or the Angels, or the Yankees. I was already a big Cubs fan back in 65, a rebuilding year. It was tough to watch, but that team became very good. By this time next year, I truly believe everyone will see the sun coming up on a potential dynasty. I would much rather be watching 25 hustling. mistake making, but getting better every day, young ball players, than a bunch of over payed, lazy stiffs going through the motions.Most of you whiners should go back and look at what Pittsburgh has done in the last 3 years. They spent 2 years trying to break the 500 mark. They accomplished this past year. They are going to be the team we will have to jump over to be successful, not the Cardinals.

    • Jon

      Mike Trout is worth 60 million dollars a year.

    • cub2014

      the market determines there value, the owners
      assume the risk.

  • Mike

    I shudder to think what the plan is if Baez can’t cut down his k rate and turns into a bust, the injury problems become a trend for Almora, Soler doesn’t figure it out, Edwards turns into the bullpen pitcher most evaluators think he’ll be and Bryant is the only one to emerge at the big league level. I hope this does not happen. But what is the plan if it does? Still trying develop a core? The Cubs don’t have to sign everyone, but I would think Ricketts is smart enough to know they have to sell hope. The young guys are not going to come up and be instant all-stars. I would have done the Beltran contact only to have a positive veteran influence on the young guys. I’d look at Michael Young on a 1 or 2 year deal. I’d try to get Gardner for Barney + mid level prospect. I’d look at Sizemore on a short term deal and I would go after one of Santana, Garza or Jiminez while still looking to deal Shark. Based on the Cubs whiffing on Anibel last year I really think they are trying to do both things. Build through draft and add pieces that make sense on the short term or long term.

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