Scott Boras and Jed Hoyer Cast Doubt on Big Splashes, Rile Some of You Up (Probably)

angry-mob2If you were expecting a big splash this offseason, you haven’t been paying attention. The most any reasonable Chicago Cubs fan should be expecting for this offseason is a set of well-intentioned, short-term, low-cost moves, together with an effort to pursue Masahiro Tanaka, if he’s made available. Not get Tanaka, mind you. No team in baseball should be expecting that. Just expecting to pursue.

So, against that backdrop, I’m not sure why comments from Cubs GM Jed Hoyer and super-agent Scott Boras this afternoon at the Winter Meetings are getting so much play. Angry play.

From Hoyer, who was featured briefly on MLB Network:

Nothing there is a surprise or inconsistent with what the Cubs have said all along. There are too many holes on the big league roster and too few dollars available right now to do the kind of patching necessary to put a credible playoff contender on the field in 2014. You may rail against it. Gnash your teeth. Pound away at your keyboard in the comments. But this is our lot, and it is ours to accept.

The “Mariners” bit is getting a lot of attention, given that they’ve been in the news over the last week for being anything but a model organization. It appears, however, that Hoyer was merely referencing the fact that the Mariners are making big moves (Robinson Cano) and rumored to be in on every big name, after having built up a young core. As Theo Epstein and Hoyer have both said repeatedly, they hope that will be the Cubs soon. Whether “a couple years” means next offseason or the next, I don’t really read a whole lot into the literalness of colloquialisms. It just means not this year.

And then there was Boras, speaking simultaneously before a crowd of media, remarking that the Cubs’ rebuild is “an all-day sucker.” The reference, which was initially lost on many, meant that he sees the Cubs’ rebuild taking a very long time. He mentioned the Cubs’ market size and their refusal to spend commensurate with that market size during their rebuild.

Once again, none of this is new for Boras, whose job it is to get as much money for his clients as possible. Having a large market team like the Cubs sitting out the proceedings is bad for business, and Boras has sounded like a jilted lover for quite some time.

In the process, though, he threw the Cubs’ ownership under the bus:

I understand the frustration, both from Boras and from fans. At the same time, I accept the realities discussed above. I also accept that, other than a few, select players – Tanaka, maybe Shin-Soo Choo – the biggest name free agents this offseason simply don’t make sense for the Cubs. Unless you’re going to add an Ellsbury, AND a Cano, AND a Garza, AND a Nathan, there’s very little reason to add any one of those guys, whose most useful years will come when the Cubs aren’t competitive. I like Choo’s skill set to hold up long enough to be useful to the Cubs when they’re competitive (and they do need an outfielder), but that’s about it for the big guys not named Tanaka.

In other words: the Cubs aren’t going to do something just to do something, regardless of the financial situation. That’s the oft-referenced “syncing up” of the baseball and business plans. I’m sorry if it aggravates Boras or some of the fans.

(It’s not hard to imagine that Choo, represented by Boras, was specifically on Boras’s mind when he made the “all-day sucker” comment, and expressed frustration thereafter. My guess? The Cubs have been showing interest in Choo all along, but the baseball ops guys have explained to Boras that they can’t go to the ridiculous seven-year, $140 million level right now. Boras angry. Boras smash.)

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

260 responses to “Scott Boras and Jed Hoyer Cast Doubt on Big Splashes, Rile Some of You Up (Probably)”

  1. Jon

    Wait, I thought the Mariners were the organization we were all supposed to point and laugh at?

    1. MightyBear

      You will be soon idiot. The Mariners organization is a mess and they’re going to spend a boatload of money to finish 3rd or 4th and out of the playoffs again. Right there with the Cubs.

      1. Jon

        Yet your boy Hoyer, said he hopes the Cubs can be in the position of the Mariners two years from now.

        1. gocatsgo2003

          … in terms of when it makes sense to spend big and make multiple free agent moves at once.

        2. Jon

          The Cubs don’t even have the cash flow to offer a contract even 1/2 the size of Cano’s.

          I’d say the Mariners are in much better shape right now considering they can actually sustain a payroll.

          1. gocatsgo2003

            Didn’t you just make your own counterargument against yourself?

          2. MightyBear

            Maybe Theo/Jed ought to bid against themselves on a FA like the Mariners did on Cano.

      2. Senor Cub

        You obviously don’t know the Mariners very well. They have tons of young pitching coming up. If they manage to hang on to them, it’s gonna be a very good team in a couple of years. Not sure about all the moves they are making for 2014 but perhaps they are building the team for 2015 and not 2014.

        1. Kyle

          The Mariners have quite a bit of young, interesting talent. A lot of people are going to assume that they have none because they are signing FAs, and you apparently can’t have both at the same time.

          That said, they are doing their best to throw all that away with some head-scratching moves. We’ll see how it turns out. An organization producing talent can paper over some dumb GMing for awhile.

  2. OJ

    Let the rage commence…

    1. FarmerTanColin

      Classic misdirection PR. Just keep the expectations low…really low so then if anything good happens they look like intelligent savvy FO heroes! They will be loved and we will sing and dance.

  3. Kyle

    Notice Hoyer said “couple years.”

    Most of us are already writing off 2015 too, but there are a few holdouts.

    1. BT

      Just change your name to Nostradamus and be done with it.

      1. Kyle

        I think at this point, my actual name carries a bit more gravitas in these circles. “Nostradamus? Oh, you mean Kyle, Wielder of the Crushing Fist of Logic.”

        1. ssckelley

          Is that how you sign autographs? I never did get a price……….

      2. Rebuilding

        Kyle also argued 2015 was the year for a long time. When I mentioned Rick Porcello didn’t make sense because he was a FA after 2015 we went round and round

        1. Kyle

          I’ll cop to overestimating the front office.

  4. North Side Irish

    I was really hoping you wouldn’t post about these, particularly the Boras ones. The comments are gonna get UGLY…

  5. Blackhawks1963

    Well, Jed’s comments should get the pitchfork crowd in full fury. I’m 100% behind Theo and Jed, no matter how painful this build is or how much I underestimated the task at hand. I don’t think it makes ANY sense to sign Choo when he’s going to cost $120 million plus. And we were never really in on Tanaka to begin with, because lets face it, there are multiple better options for him to consider given the low max bid system.

    Patience Grasshopper. I throw up a little bit when I hear we want to donate to the Scott Baker Charity Fund for another season and want to also invest in another dumpster find in Hammel, but I have to get over myself.

  6. Garrett F

    But, as discussed here many time before, you have to take advantage of a Shin-Soo Choo type on the market. He’s perfect for a young team to come in and help, and have his excellent patience rub off on young players that desperately need it. The Cubs need Choo. it makes them 10x better

    1. gocatsgo2003

      1) Would all of that be worth the $20+MM Choo is said to be asking for annually?
      2) He would probably be a great fit if our core were already in the Big Leagues and we were looking to fill some holes to become a championship/playoff contender. As it stands, he is a 31-year old corner outfielder who will likely be at least 33 when the Cubs are truly ready to compete (and would be making aforementioned $20+MM annually). Is that worth it?

  7. Jp3

    Nice Jed, I would’ve probably not said hey I hope we can be as good as the mariners in a couple years… So we suck before pitchers and catchers even report?

  8. Rebuilding

    No rage here. The only, and I mean only, player I wanted this offseason is Tanaka. They have repeatedly said they are in on him. Until I see him sign somewhere for what I think is an offer the Cubs could have matched I will hang on.

    1. Blackhawks1963

      You’re not getting it. Tanaka is going to be a free agent…and the chances are very strong that most teams will submit the $20 M max bid, meaning Tanaka can negotiate a contract with any of these teams.

      I seriously doubt that Tanaka’s decision will fully come down to which team offers the most contract dollars. Lets face it, if the Yankees for example offer him a $125 million contract but the Cubs are willing to offer $130 million, then he’s probably headed to New York. Simply offering Tanaka the most dollars isn’t going to get the job done versus the contenders who will be in play.

    2. cubmig

      The way things are going with the Tanaka thing, I think signing Choo would be a lot easier.

  9. The Logos

    Honestly, sounds to me like Boras is angry because so many other teams have moved on. I was against signing Choo before, but I’ve come around- especially if the market is going to bring his price down. Getting Choo and Tanaka this offseason would work for me (and possibly another starter – Maeda, maybe?).

    1. MightyBear

      Scott Baker

  10. woody

    Bring on that #1 pick in 2015.

  11. cub2014

    Its pretty obvious the Cubs are negotiating
    with Boras on Choo I think Boras is worried
    that the Cubs 5 yr offer might be what they
    end up with.

    I know wishful thinking. maybe maybe not?

  12. Dustin S

    Boras has been making similar comments for the last couple years about the Cubs and bashing them for not spending more. Hopefully the FO remembers that when they have tv $ in a couple years. Last year at the Winter meetings it was Boras bashing the Cubs for not being in on Michael Bourn. Plenty of comments from him out there, here’s a reference to one round from him last year…

  13. gocatsgo2003

    Perfect choice of photo to accompany the story.

  14. beerhelps

    Any baseball writer: “Scott Boras said….”


  15. Norm

    “Couple years”.
    Man the comments in December of 2014 are going to be unbearable.

    1. cub2014

      I hope they go get some guys if they dont
      it will feel like we have 2 yrs left on a 5 yr
      baseball prison sentence.

  16. Jon

    Combine this blog entry with this interview from Tom Ricketts,0,2946032.story

    “There have been a lot of different ideas thrown out,” Ricketts said at the winter meetings. “I’m not sure where we’re at in terms of (being) closer or farther.”

    “It depends,” he said. “There are a lot of conversations. Nothing definitive.”

    But he declined to speculate on when the Cubs would become significant offseason players.

    “I’m not sure,” he said. “It’s about just making the team better.”

    What a cluster fuck this organization is. From a business plan and a baseball plan. The left doesn’t know what the right is doing. He should have never bought the team as clearly he’s in over his head. This isn’t an investment bank your daddy bought for you.

  17. Patrick W.

    this is going to be fun

    1. hansman

      Judge Judy was on and a woman was suing a family member because, while the family member was walking the dog, it somehow broke its leg.

      Can you say #AwkwardThanksgivingDinnerIsAwkward

  18. Senor Cub

    No one will sign Choo for $140M. Like Brett has said all along maybe he falls under $80M and then the Cubs might really be interested.

  19. Kyle

    Boras’ job is to try to get owners to spend money. Hoyer’s job is to defend the way his organization is run.

    Nothing to see here.

  20. Cubz99

    Is this the first time we have heard publicly that there is a split between the FO and the Ricketts?

    1. Rebuilding

      It really just sounds like Ricketts has no clue what they are doing lol. I don’t really think this is true, probably more like he isn’t as good at deflecting questions with gobbeldy-gook like they are.

  21. MightyBear

    Boras is an idiot and a self serving SOB. Unfortunately, Epstein/Hoyer aren’t going to say anything like that because at some point they’re going to have to deal with him. I wish all the Boras clients would go to Jay Z.

    1. gocatsgo2003

      So… he’s an agent?

      1. MightyBear

        I agree he’s an agent but are there any other agents bad mouthing Ricketts and the Cubs? Where’s the Jay Z quotes?

    2. Blackhawks1963

      Why is Boras an idiot? He actually is the most successful professional sports agent on the planet and has consistently won, and won big, for his impressive stable of clients.

      Boras has a vested interest in the Cubs acting like a big market team right now and spending money. This is how he generates interest and bidding wars for the services of his clients. If you were in his shoes and had his reputation for winning on behalf of your clients, you’d be doing the same damned thing.

      I despise the guy, but the guy also happens to be brilliant.

      1. cub2014

        Boras is a jerk not an idiot.

    3. C. Steadman

      and then have Jay Z demand 300 million?

    4. ssckelley

      I don’t blame Boras for being frustrated or attempting to bully the Cubs into spending. He is an agent who makes a living taking a cut off his clients contracts and Chicago is a team in the 3rd largest market that is not spending. One less team with a large revenue not driving up the price of free agents.

  22. Cub Lifer

    Fair to say the 2014 Cubs are staring at 95 wins before the season even starts. A lot of things would have to go right to have a more optimistic position than that. It will take until April 15th and the first 5 game losing streak for the Idiot Brigade to throw Rick Renteria under the bus and say that if we had hired Joe Girardi instead we would be undefeated on the season.

    The building program I can understand. The slow pace of the build is getting hard to stomach though. I place full blame for that at the feet of the Ricketts, because clearly they have imposed severe salary limits on Theo and Jed. And God save the Queen if this Wrigley renovation doesn’t finally get off the ground. This really is a perfect storm of ugliness, and the waves are going to be even higher by next summer.

  23. willis

    Boras is what Boras is. But I agree with one point he made-I thnk the FO would look to add and spend if they were give the green light to do so, but they work for someone who is not in a position (whether truly lacking in money or just not wanting to) to spend much on the big league team. He’s turned then cubs into a small to mid market team the last couple of years, and Boras is lighting him up, knowing that this FO has been willing to spend before, and that he needs to save the relationship he has with them.

    1. BlameHendry

      a small-market team that doesn’t get small-market compensation from MLB.

  24. FarmerTanColin

    I will look forward to successful (minor) league season. Go get’m Smokies!

  25. BlameHendry

    Jed Hoyer ONCE AGAIN encouraging me to NOT support his team in 2014 but NOT spending any money on tickets and NOT increase his TV revenue by not watching any of the games.

    You can talk all you want about value. In general, winning teams don’t get good value, but who gives a fuck about value when you win. If you wanna win, YOU GOTTA OVERPAY, there’s a reason the Yankees have 27 world series championships in the last 100 years and the Cubs have 0 in the last 100 years. The Yankees have probably the worst value on contracts in all of baseball, but they win. You know who gets good value on contracts? The losers.

    1. BT

      More caps, or I won’t get the point.

      1. TWC


    2. YourResidentJag

      Again, you really should change your name.

    3. Rich H

      The Cardinals, Reds, Tampa Bay, and Giants (until this offseason) say hello.

      1. Kyle

        Hi guys. Not sure what you are all doing hanging out together and responding to this conversation.

        Some of you have spent a lot of money and won a World Series. Some of you have spent little and not won any.

    4. cubbiehawkeye

      I hope those ankles hold up when you decide to jump back on the wagon.

    5. Randy

      Blame Hendy I am with you… You have every right to be mad and those that don’t agree with you that’s on them. I am sick of hearing we have a great farm system. You can rebuild and spend money at the same time. Ricketts is a cheap ass who shouldnt have bought the team.

    6. Jim L

      Babe Ruth…he’s more of a reason for the Yankees World Championships than overpaying.

      1. Hawkeye

        They bought Babe Ruth

  26. Adventurecizin' Justin

    Boras adds zero value to the game, yet makes millions from it. Players would still be making millions without him. I have zero respect for his opinion regarding running a team. He should buy a team so that he can show us how it is done and watch his money make agents rich! Jist my opinion.

    1. Blublud

      If there is anyone in sports that understand all side of any sport, it’s the agent. I don’t like Boras, but to suggest that he, or any agent, doesn’t add any value to the game is just stupid. They add just as much value as a GM, President, Owner or manager.

      1. Adventurecizin' Justin

        Yeah, and you are the CFO of the Cubs. I’m glad that I always disagree with your opinions…and am frightened on the rare occasion that I’m pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down. It is foolish to believe agents hold that much value to the game.

        1. Blublud

          to suggest that an agent adds no value shows you level of knowledge, and how the business of baseball work. like I said below, without agents, players would be getting anything close to their fair share. You think the players would be stupid enough to hire an agent if they knew they could get the same amount without them. Only sport you see players with no agents is basketball, and the only players that do it are the ones that already know they are max salary players.

    2. Blublud

      Better explanation. There are two owners in sports. The team owner(Owners) and the talent owners(players). The GM works for the owner to make sure they are not over paying for the talent and to acquire as many talented player as possible. The agent works for the player, to ensure they aren’t being underpaid, so the player can acquireas many dollar bill as possible. An agent is basicly a GM, but on the other side of the board. Without agents, player would be getting pennies on the dollar, compared to what they get now.

  27. LER

    Thanks for providing the usual context, Brett. My willingness to care about what Boras thinks is strained. It’s one thing for him to seek money for his clients and himself; it’s another thing for him to pretend that he speaks to the best interests of either baseball or the Cubs. Although I really, really wish that the Cubs’ managers would have done something both short-run encouraging and long-run useful to the creation of a consistently strong team (as in getting Cole Hamel), I’m not prepared to believe that the management team (or Ricketts) is misleading fans in cold blood. Keep up the solid work.

  28. North Side Irish

    Mark Feinsand ‏@FeinsandNYDN 42s
    Sandy Alderson says MLB rules committee has decide to eliminate collisions at home plate.

    Big time change to the rules…

    1. FarmerTanColin

      Good it’s ridiculous that was left around for so long.

  29. Blublud

    I have supported the FO and the ownership from day one. This was the year for them to start making some moves. To suggest they have no money is plum stupid. There is one of three things going on here. (1) The FO really have no money to spend. If this is true, I have lost all respect for Ricketts, and would hope the muney hungry family would sell the Cubs. 2) They have pent of money, but they have built any enviroment where players don’t want to come and play(very unlikely). 3) They have plenty of money, and don’t want to spend it right now. I would be ok with that if they were being honest about it. But to suggest they are spending every dollar they have to spend, then pull of a stunt like this, would make me lose all respect for them. If no 1 is true, Ricketts is moving into Loria territory.

    1. Blackhawks1963

      I think it honestly comes down to Tom Ricketts telling Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer that he can’t give them any more salary dollars until the Wrigley renovation project gets underway and they are able to unlock more revenue dollars (Jumbotron, signage, sponsorship, etc) and negotiate a new TV deal in a year .

      At some point Theo has to be unhappy. I don’t think this is exactly what he signed up for. Ricketts grossly underestimated how difficult it would be to renovate Wrigley.

    2. Adventurecizin' Justin

      How do you know their financial situation? Are you the CFO?

      1. Blublud

        The Cubs are one of the top money making teams in b aseball with the reno, TV deal and all the other “stuff” that will be added. With all that stuff, they will be back up into the top 2 or 3. They are making money. You can’t serioely think the Cubs only make enough money to support a 70 million dollar payroll.

        1. Adventurecizin' Justin

          Maybe you haven’t heard…they are paying for all of the renovations after paying a pretty penny for the team. Do you own a business? And, I don’t mean Avon or Scentsy.

          1. Blublud

            dude, are you part of the ownership group. Why take my opinion so personal. You believe they are broke, fine. I don’t believe it, that’s my opinion. Most people around baseball don’t believe it either. and neither does forbes.

            1. Adventurecizin' Justin

              No, dude, you just keep speaking like you’re in the know. And, while it may be your opinion, you still don’t know their funancial situation. As close to the cuff as they keep things, it is likely Forbes don’t know squat, either.

              Seriously, I’m just addressing your broken record. Why not find another ownership that operates their revenues & expenses to your liking?

              1. Blublud

                Dude, you don’t know me. This is the first time I have ever even seen your name. What broken record. Every single person on this websie as a broken record. None of us are in the know. We are all assuming. But people who are closer to being in the know then we are are wondering why the Cubs are not spending money. I’m not really all that upset that they aren’t.

                1. Blublud

                  I actually have a better outlook on next season then most. I think we are a mid 80 lost team. I only had interest in two FA this offseason, Choo and Tanaka. Anyone else, I could careless if we sign them or not. The fact that I think we actually havea decent outlook for next year is why I’m confused why the Cubs will not spend. I think Choo, along with Tanaka, while keeping Shark would put us easily over .500.

  30. When the Music's Over

    I’m beginning to be at the point where I really don’t care how long the rebuild takes, however, I am blown away by how many people are totally cool with how much damage (lost revenue, awful teams, very negative public sentiment, etc) it’s causing in the short run, for what is in essence still a very risky long term payoff. Combine that with the stadium rebuild circus and other inconsistencies, such as messaging differences between the front office and ownership and the uncovered debt covenants further handcuffing the team, and the Cubs must look like a very poorly, dysfunctionally run organization.

    1. Jon

      The rebuild is essentially crossing their fingers that all of the top 5 prospects hit and become star players.

      The business plan is in shambles. Hoyer thinks it will be solved in 2 years, Rickett’s has no idea. He’s stumbling. He’s in a contract that he’s realizing he can’t get out of. Any attempt at putting up signs will be slapped with an injunction.,

      1. gocatsgo2003

        It’s crossing your fingers and hoping that two of the top five turn into impact players, which would be enough to allow you to fill in with a couple of free agents and role players.

        And how would you have any clue as to the actual business plan?

        1. BT

          This. This is why I don’t get so upset. I assume the front office with the business degrees from Ivy league colleges and access to actual data might know more about the business plan than I do. I obviously could be wrong, but I feel the percentages are with me.

          1. Kyle

            They are in a competitive environment with other front offices with the same credentials, and they are getting their butts kicked.

            1. terencemann

              I would like to see any GM in baseball who could build the Cubs into an 85 win team on paper by now without screwing up the future of the franchise.

              No way.

              1. Kyle

                Easy peasy.

                As long as there are some values of “screwing up the future of the franchise” that don’t mean “not diverting every imaginable resource to the acquisition of prospects.”

              2. commander bob

                You have no idea what he future is going to be. Nobody does.

                Intelligent people will factor in downturns in their business models yet nobody factors in that the majority of the minor league guys are likely to bust.

                That’s just silly.

            2. When the Music's Over

              People so often just view the Cubs organization in a vacuum, and fail to take a reasonable view at other organizations.

          2. Jon

            The front office has been very transparent with their business plan, which is that signage will fund renovations which will open up revenue to fund baseball operations.

            They have also publicly admitted they have no idea when they can actually begin said plan because they are in a legal battle.

      2. JB88

        I love your hyperbolic statements. If you knew half as much as your statements suggest you know, you’d be a very, very smart man.

    2. Blackhawks1963

      It’s very fair to criticize the Ricketts. But I think it is very, very unfair to criticize Theo and Jed. They are doing the absolute best with the cards they have been dealt. Lets face it, they have made major transformation of the farm system in two years. What else can they really do beyond acquiring filler types, flip candidates and dumpster dives in the interim until the farm system bears fruit?!? They have essentially been told NO, you cannot add big salary.

      1. willis

        I agree with this. I love Theo as an executive and think he is a very good baseball mind. He just happens to be playing with way less than a full deck right now and is completely handcuffed.

        Ricketts on the other hand, I despise. He has torn this organization to shit.

        1. terencemann

          It’s not Tom Ricketts fault that the former owners signed 2 terrible media deals and loaded the team up with debt. We should be really thankful we got Ricketts and not a Loria, McCourt, Wilpon, or Yamauchi.

          1. Jon

            We should have had Cuban, and would have, if not for Selig.

            1. Kyle

              Cuban had no interesting in buying under Zell’s terms. Zell was looking for a sucker and he found one.

              1. Serious Cubs Fan

                agreed. The cubs will be highly lucrative once they pass this phase of debt issues, but until then rickets dug his own grave in terms of debt issue

              2. cub2014

                ricketts isnt a sucker, what he is is a fan.
                so people that get on here and say he
                (spent all this money and risked everything)
                doesnt want the cubs to win longterm are
                really full of shit!

              3. Reality Check

                ZERO sympathy for how PK Ricketts bought this team. He was a fool. Eventually, the bankruptcy courts and MLB would of forced Zell to sell the team; it had been almost 3 yrs for the sale to be finalized and the new owner could of just bought it w/o the 5% ownership stake for Zell; which the IRS is now investigating.

                Anyone who thinks Ricketts is a smart business man; is nuts.

                Who negotiated the rooftops deal; Crane and he;s still employed.

                This owner is a joke. 40 yrs watching this team and I’ve never been more depressed over the business side and team on the field.
                We are basically the Chicago Rays with a stupid owner, Chicago politics and an asinine contract allowing non-owners to control the teams finances; i.e. Rooftops.

                1. terencemann

                  The sellers of a team retaining a tiny minority ownership stake in the team is very normal. The guy Cuban bought the Mavs from has a 5% stake in the Mavs, for example.

          2. Kyle

            The media deals weren’t terrible at the time.

          3. Serious Cubs Fan

            Umm actually Ricketts agreed to purchase the team under the debt agreement that put limitations on the team. thats why they bought team on cheap for less then a billion (financial crisis of 2008 also played a role). I totally agree the last ownership screwed the long term health of the organization with the bad tv deals and the rooftop deal

          4. aaronb

            How is Ricketts better than McCourt?

            They have almost identical business plans.

            1. terencemann

              McCourt whose only asset was a parking lot? McCourt who made his whole career by screwing over other people to the point where they were forced to sue him except he he knew he could beat just about anybody in court or settle for a low enough cost that it would be worth it? McCourt whose idea of building a team was paying a Russian psychic to send good vibes to the Dodgers while watching them on TV?

              Totally the same. I see your point.

      2. commander bob

        If Theo and Jed don’t like the way Ricketts is treating them then if they were act like real businessmen and resign today and move on.

        I dont see them doing that, do you?

    3. willis

      The disconnect and the circus that is the rebuild bothers me as much as intentionally blowing ass. The whole thing is so ugly at this point. Having faith in the Ricketts as owners is blind faith at best.

    4. Adventurecizin' Justin

      So, sticking with a plan is dysfunctional? They have a top 5 system minimum… The 4th pick in the draft…and they feel like it is unwise to sink ridiculous dollars in FAs at this point…they continue to invest in the park and development…how is that dysfunctional?

      They know that every fan who gives up now will be back when the plan has ‘em competing perenially. They are more genius than dysfunctional, imo.

      1. Jon

        It maybe that they simply don’t have the capital to invest in major FA’s at this point.

        Invest in the park? They can’t even do that know. In that article I posted, Ricketts just shrugged his shoulders, he has no idea when they can start construction.

        He’s in a binding contract he can’t get out of.

      2. When the Music's Over

        “…and they feel like it is unwise to sink ridiculous dollars in FAs at this point”

        I didn’t address FA in any way.

        “they continue to invest in the park and development…how is that dysfunctional?”

        They continue to TRY to invest. The issue is they’ve handled the situation so poorly that they are now 2 years behind.

        “They know that every fan who gives up now will be back when the plan has ‘em competing perenially. They are more genius than dysfunctional, imo.”

        This type of sentiment, if true, is a huge problem. Even if you know the fans will come back, you don’t purposely abuse their loyalty. It’s an extremely low brow move, especially as you continue to ask fans to spend a lot of money in the interim to see a purposely shitty product. In my world, that is the furthest thing from genius. It’s lazy, uncreative, abusive and and a total asshole move. It’s like me being an asshole, without actually crossing the line, to my parents or wife because I know they more or less have to love me.

      3. Kyle

        Their job performance is not measured by how well their feelings and actions correlate.

      4. Randy

        Justin- you are correct, this is just your opinion. Trust me some will never come back. We on here are just crazy Cubs fans that are never going anywhere. Love Theo and Jed. Think they being a holed by Ricketts

    5. terencemann

      The only dysfunctional part of the rebuild is all the issues surrounding Wrigley’s renovation. Everything else is on a tread-mill of sorts. We just don’t know how long it will take the players they want to build around to reach the majors.

      The Cubs are still a team with a tremendous potential for future revenue – that part hasn’t changed. The part they can’t change is that the former owners screwed the team with a below-market media deal that lasts through 2014 and another one that lasts through 2019 (unless they can find a way to travel to the future and then Looper some money back to themselves in 2013). Do people really think fans will buy 300,000 more tickets because the Cubs win 75 games vs. 65 games?

      1. Randy

        That is horse crap Mann.

      2. commander bob

        attendance is down 500k in the last couple years. Those fans aren’t coming back. This year attendance will be under 2m. Out of towers have stopped going to WF. With WGN almost gone the out of town contact will lessen quite a bit.

        The idea that people will come running back to the cubs is crazy. attendance in baseball is trending down.

        It’s over, people.

        1. terencemann

          Major renovations or building a new stadium = ticket sales. It always has. If the team is competitive after that, the fans will come back. The team drooped in ticket sales in after the ’98 season as well, but it came back and blew up after they started winning.

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