joba chamberlainJoba Chamberlain didn’t excite too many of you as a reclamation project, and he looked increasingly likely that he was going to be paid like a reliable reliever. Combine those things, and I doubt too many folks will be disappointed to learn that Chamberlain is reportedly close to signing with the Detroit Tigers.

Chamberlain has had a rough go of it in the last couple years, both in terms of health and performance. I spent far too much time analyzing Chamberlain as a target, and here’s where I landed on a prospective deal:

The key to any deal with Chamberlain would be the cost (I guess that’s true more often than not). Unlike Axford, whom you’d be signing on the expectation that he can be a productive member of the bullpen in 2014, Chamberlain would be a flyer. He’s a virtual lock to get a Major League deal from someone, though I doubt he gets two years. One year and a couple million is probably the maximum someone will be willing to guarantee him. If he is willing to take a one-year-plus-team-option type deal, that could be a very nice signing.

I have a feeling he’s going to get a little more than that from the Tigers, and I’d rather see them taking that risk than the Cubs. John Axford still sounds better. Joaquin Benoit, even at his expected rate, sounds better still.

  • Edwin

    Shrug. He was no Phil Hughes.

  • ETS

    He was decent on the road last year and horrible at home. I bet joba benefits from the change of scenery. I also bet he comes into spring training “in the best shape of his life” and other various cliches (lasek!).

  • papabear

    Padres close on benoit

  • Eric

    Not the strongest relief class this year.

  • FarmerTanColin

    For an organization that can pump out starting pitching they seem to rely on FA for their bullpen. Glancing at their top prospects it has a lot of pitching. Waiting to see how much this cost before passing judgement.

  • Eric

    I’m still curious as to what we’re going to do about rotation depth.

    • EQ76

      probably not much. I’m starting to get this feeling that FA’s aren’t too keen on coming to the Cubs to either suck or just get traded.

      • Cheese Chad

        Seemed to work out pretty well for Scott Feldmen. If you get an opportunity for more at-bats/starts/saves you might take it. Especially if the offers aren’t there this offseason.

        • commander bob

          Yea Im sure a lot of guys look forward to signing with a team and then getting traded in a few months. The wives must really like that as well especially when the kids are sobbing because they get to move 2 times in 6 months.

    • Edwin


    • TK


      We’re going to be cheap and let Shark go.
      Oh, you meant to INCREASE the rotation depth . . . Hmmmmmm [??????]

  • papabear

    They say sometimes the best thing to do is nothing – and for that I salute the cubs.



  • rockin’ dawg

    Why aren’t we discussing Andrew Bailey?

    • C. Steadman

      i think he wont be ready until 2nd half of 2014

      • rockin’ dawg

        That’s ok, neither will the Cubs.

        • C. Steadman

          haha yeah, just stating a reason why we arent talking about him…but I agree itd be a nice signing…this actually forced me to read more into him and there are some projecting him to be ready mid to late May even. i want him

  • http://BleacherNation archie bunker

    Same old stuff different year-been a Cub fan for 54 years-nothing EVER CHANGES-except managers/gm

  • On The Farm

    Meh is right. The last time he was good, and gave you enough innings was 2008. I imagine people who post here would have been much louder with their distaste of the way the team is being run if they would have signed Joba.

  • http://BleacherNation archie bunker

    Why don’t we bring the young kids up and let them play-??
    Outfield lake -Alomar-Soler backups-Sweeney-Ruggs
    I would kiss Edith then

    • Cheese Chad

      That’s very “un-archie bunker” like.

    • TSB

      If you ever have supervised a group of employees where a majority or even less are new, you would realize that it is counterproductive. At one time I had a staff of 17, and ten of them were brand new, out of training. They didn’t get the individual attention they needed, and the entire business suffered.

      • Cheese Chad


  • Cheese Chad

    Interesting read on today about letting managers who coached steroid players into the hall. Always fun to watch Keith Olberman, too.

  • THEOlogical

    With the new CBA parameters, I felt that some of the lower or even middle tier players would be lining up to play with the Cubs (or other rebuilding clubs). It makes sense, seeing how Garza is probably overjoyed to not have a comp. pick tied to his name. If your not able to get the yrs or money your wanting, and want to have a “prove it” yr, what better team to play for than a non-contending club? You get ok money, play well and moved to a contending team, possibly making the playoffs, and in the off season can have no restraints as a FA. That should be our selling point from here on out, to whomever it may concern.

    • JeffR

      I was thinking about this too. Some guys probably just want as much guaranteed money as possible though and don’t really want to bet on themselves on a “prove it” type one year deal.

  • dAn

    Glad we dodged the Chamberlain bullet. Now that we’re finally free of Marmol, I’m not in a hurry to have another one.