Rumor: Yankees May Engage Cubs About Darwin Barney

darwin barney smileWhen the Seattle Mariners signed Robinson Cano to the OMGLOL contract of the offseason, folks naturally speculated that the New York Yankees would be desperate to replace him at second base. Wishful thinkers in the Cubs fan online contingent immediately pointed to Darwin Barney, as though he was clearly the next level of option just behind Cano.

I joke, though there was a touch of logic to it, given that Barney’s long-term future in Chicago is in doubt beyond July or so, when Javier Baez and/or Arismendy Alcantara could theoretically push for time in the bigs. Further, Barney’s super-glove-lighter-bat approach could work well mixed with the Yankees’ glove-weak infield, and his bat could be hidden in their lineup a bit better than it has been with the Cubs.

Predictably, though, the Yankees gonna Yankee, and they turned their attention to a more attractive replacement for Cano, free agent second baseman Omar Infante. Unfortunately for the Yankees, Infante just inked a four-year, $30.25 million deal with the Royals, and the Yankees have to go digging again.

Enter Barney?

Yes, says Bruce Levine, who today reports that the Yankees’ interest in a trade for Barney could pick up again now that Infante has signed. Levine, who had previously suggested a Barney/Yankees connection, says that the two sides have indeed previously discussed the second baseman.

Barney, 28, is coming off an abysmal year at the plate (though his walk rate was up and his ISO was normal – the real problem was the .222 BABIP, which was more than 50 points lower than his career mark coming into the season), but his glove was as fantastic as ever. By the advanced metrics, Barney should have won his second consecutive Gold Glove. He’s eligible for arbitration for the first time this year, and he’s likely to make something between $2 and $3 million.

For the Yankees, Barney could platoon with Kelly Johnson at second, could be a full-time starter there, or could simply provide late-inning defensive help all over the infield. Given the low cost, he makes some sense in a variety of roles. That said, you wouldn’t be looking for Barney to net much in return. A Barney-plus-minor-league-piece for Brett Gardner deal would be interesting, given Gardner’s availability. He’s a free agent after this season, though, so his long-term value to the Cubs could be limited (then again, he could always be flipped at the deadline, or made a qualifying offer at the end of the year, depending on how well he performs). If a deal like that doesn’t work, you’re probably looking at Barney for a minor league arm without a ton of upside or with a bevy of flaws.

One thing worth noting is that the Yankees don’t have to pick up a second baseman. They’ve already signed Kelly Johnson, who could play there, as well as Brendan Ryan. Even if Alex Rodriguez is suspended, they’ll have the bodies to cover the infield. (And, let’s be honest: Darwin Barney doesn’t provide that much more than “cover”.) The Yankees could also elect to step up and try and grab Brandon Phillips, who is eminently available from the Reds. It has been reported that the Yankees rejected a Phillips-for-Gardner swap, however, partly because Phillips used his partial no-trade clause (the Yankees are a team to which Phillips can reject a deal) to ask for a re-worked contract. Given that he’s already set to be overpaid over the next four years, the Yankees balked.

Nevertheless, Barney and the Yankees is something to keep an eye on. If Barney were dealt, you’d likely see Luis Valbuena sliding over to second base in something close to a full-time role (he’s been playing second base full-time in Venezuela this Winter at the request of the Cubs), and/or would see Logan Watkins get a chance to click.

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227 responses to “Rumor: Yankees May Engage Cubs About Darwin Barney”

  1. JulioZuleta

    Barney and a C prospect for Ichiro. Use “playing with Ichiro” as a bonus to luring Tanaka. Ichiro was an idol in Japan. Tanaka being 15 years younger probably worshiped him growing up. Not a perfect match, but seems more interesting than Barney-for-some-prospect-that-will-never-see-an-MLB-field.

    1. Lance

      didnt julio zuleta have a cup of coffee with the cubs in like 1999? i could have swore he had at least one at bat.

      1. JulioZuleta

        Yeah, 80 games in 2000-2001. Showed some nice potential in 2000.

        1. Lance

          played first base? with a little power? i remember i lol’d when i read the name.

          1. JulioZuleta

            Yeah, had a little power. I believe he played in Japan for a while and did pretty well. Also, he now owns a batting cage in Florida.

    2. JulioZuleta

      C-level, that is. Doesn’t make perfect sense, but it would add a little bit of excitement to the 2014 team.

      Off topic question: Would signing a Japanese star like Tanaka add value to a TV deal? If the companies knew that there would be a market for licensing games in Japan, would they be willing to pay more? I’m not sure how exactly that works, and I’m sure I just oversimplified, but it seems like it could be a significant thing to consider.

      1. cub2014

        ichiro for 2 years until almora or someone
        is ready to be the leadoff hitter might work.

        would rather bring in choo

    3. Serio

      I like it

  2. cub2014

    the prices are crazy: Infante for 4yr & 40mil
    to the Royals Also means the yankees are still
    looking for 2nd base.

  3. Michael

    Barney plus Brett Jackson or Vitters for Gardner?

    1. TulaneCubs

      I have to imagine the Yankees would hang up the phone immediately at that trade proposal.

      Gardner is pretty valuable, certainly much more so than DarBar and a prospect fallen from grace.

  4. Die hard

    Valbuena better fit for Yankees

  5. Frank

    By C prospect do you mean catcher or a c level?

    1. SenorGato

      Get both at the same time and ask for JR Murphy.

      To be fair, Murphy is better than a C grade prospect.

  6. cub2014

    valbuena would be a better fit, they will need help
    at 2b and 3rd base.

    1. woody

      Don’t know why anybody would want to get rid of Valbuena. The guy has given a ton of value to this team at little compensation.

      1. Jay

        That’s using the term “ton of value” rather loosely. He’s managed to run into a few fastballs and played good D at 3rd. He’s a career .220 hitter with peripherals to match.

  7. woody

    That would be good as it would give Watkins a chance to establish himself. I guess i would be a minor salary dump as I’m sure Valbuena is making chump change. Hey, every million counts when the team is strapped for cash. I don’t have any idea what level of prospect the Yankees would want if Gardner were to come our way in a deal. Hell, let’s give then Geraldo Concepcion lol. What ever happens I wish Barney a ton of luck. I’ve always liked him as a player. And it’s tough hitting in the 8 hole all the time. I know a lot of people get tired of hearing negative things about Sveum, but the fact is that three players, all of whom were at one time considered core pieces regressed to a very significant extent last year.

    1. JM

      Then just let Barney go to the Yankees for a little salary relief on the Sori deal…

  8. Michael

    Gavin Floyd is close to signing a one year deal with a team….any chance it’s the cubs?

    1. woody

      He could be this years version of of Feldman. Sign and flip.

      1. Michael

        agreed. I think it would be good low risk signing…one year…if he does poorly we cut our losses if he does well we flip him for something decent at the deadline.

    2. JulioZuleta

      Injured. Will miss most, if not all, of 2014.

      1. Michael

        sounds like the scott baker signing

    3. Rcleven

      Looks like the Braves will sigh him.

      MLB Trade Rumors ‏@mlbtraderumors 1h

      Braves Close To Deal With Gavin Floyd #mlb

      1. DarthHater

        I don’t know about the Braves, but I think their fans may do a lot of sighing next season.

  9. macpete22

    Barney for say Nik Turley, who says no?

    1. SenorGato

      Does this make it two people that know Nik Turley exists?

      1. macpete22

        Not including his family, probably.

  10. AnkenyHawk

    I’d like to see Barney as a late inning defensive replacement at 2nd/short on the Cubs long-term. Good guy to keep in the clubhouse who would net very little on a trade.

  11. Cubfan Budman

    How do I reply on chris’ s 12 days forum ??

    1. MichiganGoat

      Join the Message Board, it’s quite easy and the MB is where all the fun happens.

      1. Cubfan Budman

        I don’t seem to be able to figure out how exactly!!! Uggghhh

  12. AD

    Not sure why you move Barney. He’s cheap and great defensively. At worst he could be platooned with Valbuena and give Castro a rest at short. Our defense struggled last year without him on the diamond. I know he’s not first division, but we could do worse.

    1. Jay

      Because he takes up space on a 40-man roster that soon you’ll have to make decisions on. A bench player is really no good if you can’t pinch hit him.

      1. Eternal pessemist

        Does the 40 man really matter now that the rule 5 draft is over…i mean, since 2014 is already lst?

        1. MichiganGoat

          You can’t remove players from the 40 man without consequences, if we want to add others we have to either cut a player or trade a player. Just because Rule 5 is over doesn’t mean you can just open up spots. And the next couple of years the 40 man will get very complicated.

          1. Eternal Pessimist

            I know what you mean, but aren’t the Cubs adding multiple, extremely marginal players to the 40 man that can easily be sent away without losing much. Guess I would need to look at an up to date list of who’ on it to give a fully informed opinion.

            1. macpete22

              Alberto Cabrera, Brett Jackson, Liam Hendriks, Donnie Murphy, (Maybe) Josh Vitters, and Barney are the guys that come to mind if we’d need to make a move. Cabrera is out of options isn’t he?

              1. Eternal pessemist

                Cabrera is out options. Hendricks, Murphy and Vitters need to stay. Maybe Ruggliano and Jackson are expendable.

  13. Phil Oddo

    Would not be surprised if the Cubs signed Gavin Floyd

  14. wvcubsfan

    So Barney has a terrible year and he needs to be given away. Castro and Rizzo have a terrible year and it’s the coaches or FO’s fault.

    I understand the upside of the latter two is far higher than Barney, but it always amazes me how a majority in this fan base find a player to hate on. When Darwin Barney is the biggest issue this team has I’ll be a very happy fan.

    1. Eric

      Rizzo didn’t have a bad year at all. Castro had a down year for him, but still pretty good compared to the average SS.

      1. Jason P

        No, Castro was absolutely horrible no matter who you’re comparing him to. He was arguably one of the worst 5 hitters in all of MLB.

        1. Jay

          Where are you getting your stats from???

        2. MichiganGoat

          Worst five in the entire MLB? Overreact much?

          1. Jason P
            1. MichiganGoat
          2. Jason P

            I should have qualified it as “one of the worst 5 hitting regulars in MLB”. Big difference, but still really, really bad.

            1. MichiganGoat

              Yeah a .280 wOBA (4th worst) is very bad and Barney’s .252 is even more pathetic (3rd worst).

        3. Clyder

          Jason, where do you get your information??? On the hitting aspect you are way off base, in fact not even in the ball park!!! Defensively, do you realize that he was the 4th best ss in the NL after the all-star break?

          1. MichiganGoat
            1. Clyder

              As Barneys stats below indicate, were all of you screaming as to how worthless Barney is when he hit .241, or .276 (2011), or .254 & won the GG in 2012?

              2010 24 CHC NL 30 85 79 12 19 4 0 0 2 0 0 6 12 .241 .294 .291 .585 57 23 0 0 0 0 0 64/5

              2011 25 CHC NL 143 571 529 66 146 23 6 2 43 9 2 22 67 .276 .313 .353 .666 83 187 14 8 7 4 2

              2012 26 CHC NL 156 588 548 73 139 26 4 7 44 6 1 33 58 .254 .299 .354 .653 76 194 11 3 3 1 1 *4/6 GG

              2013 27 CHC NL 141 555 501 49 104 25 1 7 41 4 2 36 64 .208 .266 .303 .569 56 152 22 6 4 6 5 *4

              1. MichiganGoat

                Are you not seeing the steady decline in offensive production, the league has figured him out and he has not adjusted. Even at his best years he was not a lock as a starter on many teams.

                1. Pat

                  Yeah, and 2011 was clearly an outlier year, based not only on his other major league seasons, but on his minor league stats (and how the usually correlate to MLB numbers) as well.

                2. DocPeterWimsey

                  I don’t think that we even need a “the league adjusted to him” explanation. Think of this as a dice rolling competition in which everyone has fair dice. For guys like Barney, we cull out the guys who don’t roll a 10 or better in their first year, and label them “reserve infielder” for life. For the one in six that do, we let them play for a couple of more years, “hoping” (despite miLB stats) that they’d actually rolled a 7 that first year and that the expectation. They regress to their means, and it looks like a downwards trend.

                  At any rate, a lot of us thought that Barney had probably rolled a 12 in 2011, and that he was not actually as good as that. I don’t know if we were screaming, but we were not silent, either.

          2. Jason P

            All the games count. And Castro’s dWAR last year was -0.2, below replacement level.

            As a hitter, he was abysmal. I’m not saying there’s no hope for the future, but last year was rock bottom. Hopefully he can rebound.

            “As Barneys stats below indicate, were all of you screaming as to how worthless Barney is when he hit .241, or .276 (2011), or .254 & won the GG in 2012?”

            No, and no one’s saying he’s worthless now. He’s still worth a roster spot for his defense alone. But competitive teams don’t start players with .569 OPS’s (the Cardinals gave Pete Kozma roughly 400 AB’s, but they were competitive in spite of him, not because of him).

            I still wouldn’t mind keeping Barney around as a veteran role player with a great attitude and mentality. But he’s simply not good enough to count on to be your starter long term.

            1. Eternal Pessimist

              “great attitude and mentality”

              I think a lot of players that aren’t really very good at baseball deliver the great attitude…maybe the coaches will respect the attitude and keep an inferior player around a little longer because of that. Not saying there isn’t enough to him to hang onto him, but I think marginal players tend to be less full of themselves because they aren’t as good.

              As for the “mentality”, I don’t think he has the mentality (at least offensively) as he seems unable to make the adjustments at home plate need to make him successful…or it might be that he is mentally very strong, but doesn’t have enough muscle to adjust to the ball the way some physically superior players with less “mentality” can.

          3. MichiganGoat

            This whole discussion shows how we all needs to quantify the measurements we are using when saying player XYZ is good or bad. I’m sure a few stats show Castro looking better but wOBA is a great measurement and when using wOBA Castro & Barney were horrible. What stats are you looking at?

        4. SenorGato

          It’s depressing how disastrous Castro’s 2013 was offensively.

    2. Lukas

      The irrational hate for some players comes from the other half of the fanbase giving those crappy players irrational love.

      Some people don’t like players when all they are good for is “playing the game the right way”. Whatever that means.

      1. DocPeterWimsey

        Yeah, the “whatever that means” is the big thing: what a certain school of fans *think* is the “right way” and what small things like W-L records or playoff appearances indicate are the “right way” often are two different things.

        But look at it this way: some fans go on and on about “fundamentals” like bunting, hitting cutoff men, covering first base properly, etc. How many minor leaguers are promoted a level or to the majors for doing those things well? How many MLBers are sent to the minors for not doing those things well?

        In any profession, if something is not relevant to whether people want to employ you, then it’s hard to call it a “fundamental.” Yet many fans do!

      2. MichiganGoat

        Scrappy Love is very real and very powerful within a fanbase. Quiet, great defense players will always be loved for being a underdog and being guy that “does it the right way.” It’s in all sports and really clouds the judgement of fans, if Barney gets traded we will see a group of people posting any success he has and lamenting that we gave him away.

        1. wvcubsfan

          Just to be quite clear, I have no “scrappy love” for Barney. When and if someone is ready to take over for him at second base that is an UPGRADE, whether by trade or one of the kids on the farm force their way, I’ll be right there saying it’s been nice knowing you Darwin. I just don’t think that there’s an upgrade available right now.

          1. SenorGato

            Exactly…Barney is what so many hope someone like Logan Watkins is – a cheap, meh starter with a real ML skill. When someone who clearly can net more runs than him shows up then by all means get him the fuck out of here.

      3. Pat

        There’s two different awards we can give here, and I think they are getting confused in this discussion. There’s the irrational love award, which goes to players such as Barney, Sam Fuld, Jake Fox, Tony Campana, etc., where the few good things they do are over magnified when looking at the whole.

        The irrational hate award usually goes to one of the best players on the team and is based on their few faults, despite the fact that the whole picture shows that they are still, regardless of if said faults have merit, one of the best players on the team. Recent recipients would include Soriano, Aramis Ramirez, Zambrano, etc. This is the award Castro or Rizzo might get (although Castro was terrible last year, if he reverts to his 2012 numbers – ok, but not great- he will still be under fire for not being a perennial all star).

    3. Jason P

      You answered your own question. If Barney had posted 3 straight .750 OPS seasons prior to last year like Castro did, he would be valued a whole lot differently.

      And I don’t think the fan base hates on Barney. I actually think he’s kind of a fan favorite.

      1. jt

        Barney has a life 0.694 OPS vs LHP and 0.706 when facing LHP as a starter. He actually was better than that in 2013.
        A Valbuena/Barney platoon would be better than a Valbuena/Watkins platoon.

    4. woody

      Nobody is hating on him. It’s a matter of that at best he would be a placeholder using up a spot on the 40 man roster. Also gives Watkins a chance to see if he can earn a place as a future bench player. I don’t think anybody in Chicago thinks ill of Barney. It’s just business. He’ll do just fine where
      ever he goes.

      1. wvcubsfan

        This is funny, I’m quite sure the reason Watkins hasn’t taken Barney’s place is that the FO and coaches do not feel he’s an upgrade.

        1. woody

          My point with Watkins was that maybe he could establish himself as a utility man. If he never gets to play how is anyone able to make that evaluation?

          1. SenorGato

            Who is anyone?

            1. woody

              I think you are being silly Gato. But for the sake of relevance anybody would be the FO.

              1. MichiganGoat

                Because they’ve seen him in practice, workouts, and MiLB games it doesn’t take MLB games to evaluate a player.

          2. wvcubsfan

            So your saying that he will be better at the MLB level than at AAA? Because he sure didn’t show all that much at Iowa.

        2. dAn

          Agree about Watkins. Everyone is aware that he struggled a bit in AAA, but a lot of fans don’t know that his 2B defense is also pretty weak, and that’s something that the FO values a lot. I don’t see them rolling out the red carpet for Watkins anytime soon. He’s more likely to be a guy who repeats AAA 2-3 times and tries to latch on somewhere as a platoon player or “super-utility” guy around age 26-28. He’s not really ready for a full time or even platoon role at 2B yet–neither offensively nor defensively.

  15. YourResidentJag

    Ben Finfer ‏@BenFinfer 32m
    ICYMI: @MLBBruceLevine and I interviewed Jason McLeod from the #Cubs this morning. Here’s the link:

  16. Dustin S

    Barney (and to a lesser degree Samardzija) would seem like selling low to me. Not that Barney in the best of hitting streaks would net a haul, but his value right now is about as low as could be. But there might be more benefit in just opening 2B for Valbuena than whatever the return is.

    1. Clyder

      Why is everyone overlooking Logan Watkins, the Cubs 2012 minor league player f the year??? Do you realize that his glove is rated as equal to Barney’s? Yet all of you seem to forget that our future 2b man is Alcantara. Cubs have Castro, Baez, Alcantara & Candelario as young infielders. This is assuming Bryant is our RF and we have not seen enough of Amaya at 2b yet. Barney & Watkins will get traded to make room for the future when the time is right.

      1. SenorGato

        Watkins gets overlooked because he’s not that big a prospect. He’s not as good as Barney defensively, probably not particularly close even.

        Baez is the best 2B prospect in the organization. I don’t think it’s closer either.

        1. Luke

          Watkins is not as good with the glove as Barney, but that is no insult. Barney is very, very good.

          Watkins is just very good.

          Baez could be good to very good at second, I think, but he won’t match Barney either.

          1. SenorGato

            Baez doesn’t have to match Barney if he hits like Baez.

            Not sold on very good for Watkins either.

      2. DarthHater

        “Do you realize that his glove is rated as equal to Barney’s?”

        Rated as equal by whom?

        1. Jason P

          I was just about to ask that.

      3. dAn

        Watkins is a below average defender at 2B at this point.

    2. DocPeterWimsey

      Again, modern FO’s are too savvy for that. Everybody knows that Barney is a great-fielder and weak hitter. Any “hot streak” by Barney is going to reflect unsustainably high BABiP: and FO’s know about that now.

      It’s no different than Kevin Gregg last year. Despite his “hot streak,” none of the other 28 FOs were fooled. (I exclude Baltimore, because they had just released him themselves.) Our FO tried to peddle tapes showing that Gregg had changed his pitch selections, and tried to plant the seed that maybe, just maybe, this was real. No dice.

      It’s the same for Barney by now.

  17. waffle

    I also don’t think Barney is a .200 hitter. Last year was just a mess all around. Hopefully this will be better across the board for our youth guys and Barney can kick it up a bit.

    1. Jay

      The bottom line is Barney is not a starter on any team that plans on winning more than 70 games unless the other 8 guys in the lineup are mashers. That doesn’t describe the Cubs so it really doesn’t matter if he’s here or not.

  18. calicubsfan007

    I would really dig it if Watkins is given the first shot to replace Barney.

    1. wvcubsfan

      I’d really dig it too if Logan Watkins wasn’t projected to be worse than Darwin Barney.

      1. Luke

        I doubt he’d be worse. He may not make any more contact, but he has more power, draws more walks, and is faster than Barney.

        That doesn’t mean he’ll be a major league regular, but I think he can outhit Barney.

        1. wvcubsfan

          You’re the expert, but just looking at the stats and the two games I saw him play I just don’t think he’s that much of an upgrade offensively and for sure a downgrade defensively.

  19. jmc

    I kind of like Barney. He’s fun to watch on defense.sure he can’t hit who can in this club?

  20. Die hard

    Barney to Phillies for Brown helps both teams if Brown can platoon at 1B

    1. cub2014


      1. MichiganGoat

        It’s best not to ask questions, just sit back and enjoy the show.

        1. X The Cubs Fan

          If they take it, sure why not.

  21. diamonddon

    I would trade Valbueno and keep Barney as the backup infielder after Baez and the others arrive.

    1. dAn

      They’re going to hold onto Valbuena because he’s LH, plays good defense, and posts a 700+ OPS against RHP.

      Right now, the Cubs have three guys with roughly the same skill set: Barney, Murphy and Roberts. They’re all infielders who hit LHP but can’t hit RHP. A few slight differences (Murphy and Roberts have a little pop, Barney a bit better defensively). They don’t need all three of those guys; they just need two. Roberts can play the OF, which gives him an advantage over the other two. Barney has more trade value than Murphy, and is the most likely one to be cut loose.

      The same thing happened in the OF–they had three LH OFers who are all best suited to be 4th OF/platoon types: Schierholtz, Sweeney and Bogusevic. The Cubs dealt one of them.

  22. Lou Brock

    Barney to Yanks for RF platoon man Vernon Wells and 2B Dean Anna.

  23. FarmerTanColin

    The Cubs aren’t in the market to just give players away so maybe a Barney + Russell for a legit prospect. I can’t see Barney alone bringing in more than a flyer type which at this point in the farm system it’s getting difficult to find roster space.

    I definitely don’t see a Shark trade here. Getting Gardner in a return would be nice but he’s relatively youthful to these Yankees and is only a year away till free agency so I don’t see that.

  24. Lou Brock

    Sign Kurt Suzuki and have him learn how to play RF and 2B as well as catch. Then you could have 3 catchers, a guy to play RF in platoon with Schierholtz, and a nice trade chip.

  25. LER

    Watkins topped out in AA; Valbuena has only a little more bat–and a little less glove than Barney; no one in the minors is ready to be force-fed into the majors at second base; and inflield defense is one of the few Cubs assets. Reducing defensive quality is like reducing acceptable pitching by 200+ innings (by dealing the Shark before signing Tanaka), and expecting the rotation to improve or at least stay the same. The Yankees should want Barney because their infield defense is terrible and headed for worse, but he saves us about a run every three games, and our relief pitchers are at enough of a disadvantage already. If Barney’s approach to hitting is screwed up (making contact regularly with balls outside the zone; thinking he’s a pull power hitter; not working the count but jumping on the first pitch he sees) then fix him for the short run. How hard is it to produce a .250 hitter?

    1. woody

      But aren’t we going for the #1 pick in 2015?

  26. Funn Dave

    Fu.k yes. Get him out of here.

  27. Chicagox77

    Barney at times is a tough out. He fights off pitches well and he works the count. He consistently always has long at bats. He sometimes will swing at the first or second pitch and will ground out or fly out, but he works a pitcher over.

    I would bet that he is considered a hard out by a lot of pitchers because he will sometimes get eight to ten pitches in an at bat.

    I hope the Cubs don’t give up on him just yet!

    1. Lukas

      No offense intented, but I don’t think anything you just said is true.

      1. BABIP (MichCubFan)

        No offense intented? Kinda like when they put Barney in the lineup last year?

        1. Funn Dave


      2. Funn Dave

        Idk; he does seem to know how to stretch an at-bat, even though they don’t always end well.

        1. SenorGato

          He was 9th in P/PA for 2B, and 6th on the Cubs with more than 250 PAs. I’ve always thought he had a good approach at the plate too, even without high walks. He’s competent, just not explosive enough.

    2. DarthHater

      In his career Barney has seen an average of 3.72 pitches per plate appearance. The average for all of MLB is 3.82. So Barney is below average in this regard.

      1. MichiganGoat

        Ah proof how it changes everything.

        1. cubmig

          ……numbers, numbers, numbers……..where would we be without them?….Barney is doomed. He should retire.

          1. MichiganGoat

            Yeah facts are sooo annoying

            1. Funn Dave

              Not as annoying as these posts.

          2. DarthHater

            It was asserted that Barney “consistently always has long at bats.” The “numbers, numbers, numbers” that you mock are hard facts that conclusively prove that the assertion is false and that Barney actually has shorter than average at bats.

      2. Funn Dave

        Oh. Well there ya have it.

  28. TSB

    If Barney goes, who will be the new player at the top of the BN posters’ shit list? I mean for a long time it was 1) Koyie Hill 2) Tony Compana 3) Darwin Barney. When the first two got traded/released (for mosty good reasons), Barney was bumped up to number one. Who takes over the top spot? I fear for any rookies that play in 2014, while they might not start at number one, they can be at number two or three with a bullet!

    1. MichiganGoat

      The goal is we don’t have players where fans have to look for scrappy love to like a player. Hopefully we have a team where the scrappy players are not the fans favorite players are are rightfully doing thier job as bench players. However if Logan Watkins is still on the team he’d be candidate number one.

    2. macpete22

      E-Jax or Castro would be my guess

      1. MichiganGoat

        No way neither of them are underdogs they’ve been successful, we need that player that flashes a dose of brilliance and then everyone grasps those moments and dreams that those moments are the reality of the player and the team doesn’t give them a chance. Junior Lake could be the next player, he was turned into a hero and some have lofty expectations. If he struggles or get benched then look for the complaints the the FO is not giving him enough time.

        1. wvcubsfan

          BS, CPatt was at the top of that list a few years back and he’s so far from scrappy you need a rocket ship to get there.

          1. MichiganGoat

            I never remember anyone call Corey Patterson scrappy, but we might have very different definitions of what that word means.

            1. wvcubsfan

              Think you’ve had too much Founders tonight, I wasn’t saying he was scrappy; only that he was at the top of the shit list a few years back.

              1. MichiganGoat

                Okay this whole discussion had two different tracks: 1-those on the shit list for not performing well and 2-those players who everyone thinks is not getting enough chances regardless of how much they suck = Scrappy. Barney is kind of both.

                1. wvcubsfan

                  I agree only I think 1 should read “Those on the shit list for not performing up to expectations of the fans”.

    3. woody

      Castro and Rizzo are prime candidates. If they don’t rebound that would be egg in the face for the FO. But I take Rizzo out of that mix for the simple fact that he wasn’t really that bad. He just didn’t live up to the hype. The fact that Castro fared little better than Barney with the bat is alarming. But I predict he too will rebound. I would say that Castro will have the bulls eye on his jersey this year.

    4. TSB

      My guess would be Valbuena or Olt; if either of them don’t rake to begin the season, the long knives will be out, i.e., “trade him for a rosin bag” or “the FO is so dumb, they should have gotten Cano or traded for (insert all-star here) to play third base…”

      1. woody

        Yeah whats a quarter of a billion dollars to the Ricketts LOL

  29. Rebuilding

    Barney was terrible last year, no doubt about it. But let’s not forget he had one of the best seasons ever defensively in 2012 and put up a 4.8 WAR. I think dWAR has flaws and doubt he was that valuable. But I think with a rebound in his BABIP he’s 2.5 WAR player. Not bad value for $2-3 million

  30. Ferris

    Paplbon,brown and cash…..for barney,vitters,russell.

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