changes next exitI’ve always been a strong proponent of allowing guests – i.e., folks not “registered” for a site – to comment on posts here. Requiring registration is a barrier to entry, however minimal, that some people will simply never cross. And I’d always wanted to encourage as much free, open communication as possible. I also wanted to get as much feedback as possible, and it tends to be the case that some of the most critical feedback will come from folks who feel that slight, additional security blanket of anonymity. I wanted the critical feedback.

Alas, as we’ve all seen over the past couple of years, and increasingly over the past few months, the comments have deteriorated into something short of a net positive experience. It is with tremendous regret that I’m thinking that the only way to get things back on track is to close comments to guests, and require registration for commenting. I imagine that there’s probably a reason that essentially every large site in the world requires registration for comments, and I think what we’ve been experiencing here is a pretty good example of why. So, the current plan is start requiring registration to comment on January 1. It’ll just be a simple name/email kind of thing, but I think we’ll find the overall quality of the comments will increase dramatically. This is your heads up.

  • A profile in the Tribune on new WGN Radio color man Ron Coomer. The man who will sit next to Pat Hughes in the booth next year grew up a Cubs fan, and is also friends with fellow noted Cubs fan, Eddie Vedder. Given that Vedder’s other famous baseball friend – Theo Epstein – also came to Chicago to be part of the Cubs’ organization, I think it’s pretty clear what’s going on here. Someone get Vedder Masahiro Tanaka’s phone number and set up a play date.
  • For those who saw Jorge Soler in the AFL, and/or for the scouts who seemed to suggest he was dogging it, Sahadev Sharma reports that Soler was indeed asked by the Cubs to take it easy on grounders when he was running out of the box. What looked like loafing was actually Soler being extra careful not to re-injure the stress-fractured leg, which cost him more than half of the 2013 season. Hopefully he’ll be 100% in the Spring.
  • Yesterday, CSN Chicago created quite a stir when an article went up, noting that Dan Dakich had claimed, during a college basketball game, that the Cubs signed Jeff Samardzija to a five-year, $55 million extension. The Twitters were on fire (and I was sitting in the pews at a wedding, thinking, “Please don’t let this be true – at least not for another hour or so”). The general consensus, however, was the Dakich was merely saying Samardzija should accept the reported extension offer, not that he had already. My night of dancing was saved. Nothing to see. (Pet peeve: the CSN article now no longer exists, and the original tweet has been deleted. I’ve always thought, in these situations, the better course is to leave the article up, but clearly edit it at the top to note the error – otherwise, the story lives on in the minds of folks who can’t seem to find it, but swear they saw that Samardzija had been extended. I know that no publication wants to have inaccurate information on its portal, so I understand the deletion, I just think that approach might actually make things worse.)
  • Jay gets you Bears fans ready for a huge game day with his morning Bullets.
  • waffle

    let the spam begin!


    I am certain this will help to improve things. It had gotten a little silly around here of late.

  • Curt

    Good grief one more thing to register for, understandable though , should just give 1 warning and if yr still posting inflammatory stuff kick them out and as soon as s few get the boot tht crap will stop.

  • Spoda17

    uhm… where is the register tab..?

    • DarthHater

      In the “Meta” box next to the Archives box, lower right part of page.

  • http://bleachernation ferris

    Barney for ichiro…….

  • Isaac

    Good move, Brett. It’s become ridiculous.

  • hansman

    I am now thoroughly convinced that Brett could just show a picture of the world’s cutest kitten and half of BN would find something to bitch about it.

    • DarthHater

      Kittenz are stoopid.

      • hansman1982

        Even stoopider?

        Sith Kittenz

        • DarthHater


          • DarthHater

            The sad thing is that there actually is a site called

            • Stinky Pete

              Today is the day you changed my life, Darth.

            • Eric

              Don’t forgot catsthatlooklikehitler (thanks Graham Norton!)

  • DAN

    See and I thought I was already registering by putting my name and email on here…Oh well

  • Stu

    It it OK to say that the Cubs should have a larger payroll for the ticket prices they charge?

    Just checking.

    • Jason P

      No. Bad. BAN.

  • Die hard

    Not an alarmist but while watching NSA piece on 60 minutes wonder if dots connect to reregistering on BN?

    • ClevelandCubsFan

      It’s OK to say it. As long as they accept the consequences though I’m not sure it matters.

    • DarthHater

      That would explain why Brett is so insistent that you register, Die hard. 😛

    • Pat

      My posting here guarantees extra NSA surveillance. The IRS and the Shriners as well.

      • wilbur

        watch out for the shriners, I was at a parade once and a gang of them showed up and rode their motorbikes right through the middle of the parade. Just awful.

        On the birght side, this means we all have until january 1 to be rude, intolerant, agressive jerks to one another…Happy holidays!!!

        On a serious note, I tried to register on the forum here once and it seemed like a lot of trouble. Is there any way you couldshorten the form?.

  • Frank

    Brett is a plant. The NSA is the real owner and they’re looking at you right now, so both hands in clear view.

    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      That is Die Hard’s thing. Leave well enough alone…

      • Professional High A

        Pretty sure Die hard would say it is Cuba that is keeping an eye on MLB and their fans.

  • frank

    It keeps telling me to submit the form again.

    • Brett

      Are you correctly answering the captcha? I’m assuming that’s the issue.

      • frank

        Hmmm–I’m not getting a captcha–might be a problem on my end though–this computer has–issues. Thanks–I’ll look into it.

        • Brett

          Ah. Yeah – there should be a captcha thingy below the name/email form.

  • Blublud

    This is designed to get rid of the asshoes? Damon I don’t like being singled out.

  • Reality Check

    Is anyone getting a response? Password……….

  • jmc

    geez, that kid who writes the bears site really can write

  • cubbiehawkeye

    Pretty easy process.

  • jptopdog

    All registered, and was painless, don’t comment much but read everything. Thanks Brett for all you do, if I do violate just slap me!

  • VP of Lending

    Go cubs fans Go.

  • spearman

    Brett, thanks for site. I enjoy reading it. I may not like the moves that get made or not made. And sometimes let it be known a little sarcastically, but I think I like the direction we are going. It’s just hard to trust when you can’t see the results yet. Anyways you can always identify me by my email, and get a laugh. So I don’t mind and am used to being registered on other sites. Thumbs up!

  • rockin’ dawg

    Axford to Cleveland it appears. I still think we should sign Andrew Bailey. He’s better & younger than Axford and he’s only out until May supposedly. Who cares about 2014 anyway? This is all about competing in 2015!

  • regimezefelerski

    Someone please help! How do you put a picture on this site? I am a computer dunce apparently.

    • MichiganGoat

      See my post below

  • MichiganGoat

    Go to and set up an account using the same email you use here, it takes a few minutes after you set it up but it’s very easy

  • Die hard

    This makes Obamacare website issues look miniscule in comparison

    • MichiganGoat

      Oh die hard does this mean next year we won’t be hearing from you anymore?

    • regimezefelerski

      Thank you, I deeply appreciate it.

      • MichiganGoat

        No problem don’t worth if it takes a few post before it shows up.

        • regimezefelerski

          Alright, I got one on it. Whew! Difficult stuff for computer illiterate. Thanks again

          • MichiganGoat

            Looks good, nice car

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    Anyone think Jesse Crain would be a good value signing? 1yr deal to up his value and prove he’s durable to other teams. Then flip at the deadline

    • TOOT

      Yes. Not sure what the situation is with his contract though.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    I think suk min yoon or Paul Mahlon on 2yr deal at about $10-12mil and then Jesse Crain on 1yr deal would provide great value that could be flipped at the deadline for solid prospects. And of course Tanaka Would be the only one I’d be will to overpay for this offseason

  • ramy16

    Chicago tribune reports Cubs interested in Jonanthan Sanchez..please I hope not..he hasn’t been since he was with the Giants

  • 1ski

    Do we have to re-register?

  • Big Daddy

    Hey, Brett. Do I have to re-enter my gravitar now?

  • Big Daddy

    Never mind. It showed up.

  • Hebner The Gravedigger

    Just an FYI….your new password might automatically get sent to your Junk folder if you use hotmail.

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