71014_moneyhappiness_vl-verticalAll right, procrastinators. It’s go time. Make it happen.

The free one-day fantasy football contest is today, based on today’s (and tomorrow’s) NFL games. If you want to sign up and play, you’ve got until the 12pm CT (1pm ET) games kick off today to sign up and get your roster set. It only takes a few minutes, so get on it now and join the fun.

In short: you pick a roster of players based on today’s games, watch them rack up points, and try to beat the other BN’ers playing. There’s $1000 in cash prizes on the line, and signing up helps support BN, so you’ll get that good feeling for yourself, too. And I will, by extension, get your good feeling, too.

Here’s where you sign up and build your team.

Here are the full details on the contest.

  • http://bleachernation.com woody

    I guess I had better post before i become illegal. Just wondering about that Dackich thing that Shark has signed? I’m pretty sure that it was bogus, but saw other sites with a link to that story. It takes me to an ESPN page and says access denied.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      See the Bullets this morning – it’s bogus, and CSN deleted the story instead of just updating it, which caused the problem you’re having.

  • HCS

    I am destined to win. I picked my team based on numerology and astrology. With Jupiter aligning with the moon, and the significance of the numbers 3, 17, and 45, I predict that Jacksonville will have a hell of a game.

    • Idaho Razorback

      Great. I picked Jax for the first time in my pool this year. That means the Bills will win something like 38-0.

      • HCS

        Although if the final score totals 38, it bodes well for the return of Yog-Sothoth, highest of the Outer Gods, so, there’s that…