Lukewarm Stove: Yankees, Diamondbacks, Samardzija, Tanaka, Olt, Yoon, More

lukewarm stoveIt was a quiet day or two following the Winter Meetings, but things picked back up over the weekend and into yesterday and today. Mostly unfortunate news and rumors as far as the Cubs are concerned, even if not brutally so …

  • The Yankees have signed Brian Roberts (OMG Brian Roberts!) to a one-year deal for about $2 million, which might not take them out of the market for an impact second baseman or third baseman, but I could see it taking them out of the market for a Darwin Barney trade. Although Barney’s glove is better, he provides more defensive coverage, and his bat might not be that much worse than Roberts’ given his decline and inconsistency, it’s hard to see the Yankees adding yet another tweener to an infield mix that already includes Roberts, Kelly Johnson, Brendan Ryan, Dean Anna, and Eduardo Nunez. They’ve gotta be all set at this point, unless they prefer Barney so much to some of those options that the involved swap sends the Cubs Anna or Nunez. Even still, I don’t really see it at this point.
  • The Diamondbacks pulled off yet another trade, sending third base prospect Matt Davidson to the White Sox for closer Addison Reed. I don’t really love the deal for either side, which I guess maybe means it was a fair swap. Davidson isn’t likely to be a star at third base, assuming he can man the position in 2014 to begin with, and Reed is a pretty-good-but-not-great reliever. A quality every-day third baseman is worth a lot more than even a very good reliever, but it remains to be seen whether Davidson will be that. The upshot here is that it’s another arrow gone from the Diamondbacks’ trade quiver. No, the Cubs wouldn’t be targeting Davidson in a, say, Jeff Samardzija deal, but any reductions in the Diamondbacks’ overall asset pool make them more likely to find that last starter by way of free agency, not trade.
  • Patrick Mooney writes about the impending Masahiro Tanaka madness, and it reads like the bleakest take on the Cubs’ chances you’ll see. The opinions on the Cubs’ chances of getting Tanaka therein range from “no shot” all the way up to “long shot.” We’ll see how far the Cubs are able to stretch. The desire to land Tanaka has generally not been questioned – just the financial ability. I will be very disappointed if the baseball guys really want Tanaka (who fits, man, he just fits), but the money isn’t there.
  • Joe Frisaro writes, among other things, about the Marlins’ need at third base, and speculates that they could engage the Cubs in a deal for Mike Olt. That’s certainly interesting, given the organizational redundancy at third base for the Cubs and the quality pitching prospects for the Marlins, but it’s hard to see the Marlins giving up the kind of value the Cubs would need to part with Olt right now. Olt might be one of the toughest pieces to put a value on in all of baseball right now, given the eye issue. If his eye troubles are truly behind him, he’s once again a top 50ish prospect in all of baseball, and will get a shot to win the Cubs’ third base job in Spring Training. If the eye troubles are still present, how could the Marlins justify giving up anything of value for him? Indeed, why would the two sides even consummate a trade involving Olt unless everyone knew for sure where things stood? It seems to me that answers to those questions won’t be readily apparent until mid-season at the earliest.
  • According to Mark Bowman, the Braves have found the asking price on Jeff Samardzija to be too high for their liking, and have now moved on. David O’Brien doesn’t go quite that far, but concedes that making a move for Samardzija is much less likely now that the Braves have Gavin Floyd in the fold (even though Floyd isn’t a lock to be available before May or June). Floyd, who signed with the Braves for $4 million plus $4.5 million in incentives for 2014, reportedly turned down a two-year deal from the Orioles that could have reached $20 million after incentives (but who knows how much of that $20 million was in incentives, and how much was guaranteed). As for the Samardzija piece, we’d already heard it with respect to the Blue Jays, but the price is sky high. Given the two years of control, the value Samardzija provides the Cubs, and the possibility that Samardzija breaks out in the first half next year, that’s precisely where I’d want to see the price.
  • The Twins (SIGN ALL THE PITCHERS) have reportedly re-signed Mike Pelfrey to a two-year, $11 million deal. Even after adding Ricky Nolasco, Phil Hughes, and re-adding Pelfrey, the Twins may still look to add another starter (yeah, their rotation was bad last year). That could mean Korean righty Suk-Min Yoon, to whom the Cubs have been connected. It seems like he’s going to be a guy whose situation might not be sorted out until later in the offseason, after the big arms are sorted out, as well as questions on whether Kenta Maeda will be posted.

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277 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Yankees, Diamondbacks, Samardzija, Tanaka, Olt, Yoon, More”

  1. Michael

    Hahn did a great job this last year in acquiring cost controlled talent but they had assets to actually entice teams to give up that talent. The SOX also can’t afford to do a complete rebuild given they would probably lose whatever few fans actually still show up. The cubs also don’t have anybody they could really trade for decent players other than samardzija and even he is extremely overvalued as a pitcher. Theo did a decent job in the Garza trade getting back two middle of the rotation prospects but I don’t think he is really interested in mlb ready prospects seeing as we won’t be ready to contend for another 2 or 3 years. The Cubs are still in some financial trouble and will have to dig themselves out of debt before making big splashes in fee agency.

    1. Rebuilding

      Well, there was a report that the Diamondbacks offered Eaton for Schierholtz, but the Cubs countered that they wanted an additional pitching prospect. I would be dumbfounded if that is true, so I choose to believe it is not. If the FO turned down Schierholtz for Eaton it would be one of their only moves I would find inexplicable

      1. Steele

        God I hope that isn’t true. Makes me want to throw my iPad at the wall. I’m choosing not to believe it either

  2. jptopdog

    The Garza return was phenominal for three months of Garza, and the Cubs have the money to spend. They just have to have the right players to spend the money on like Tanaka. Now if that money gets to ridiculous then they move on from that also. Money won’t stop them from spending (none of us need to know how much money they have-another asset), on select players!

  3. johnny chess Aka 2much2say

    Choo appears to be more gettable for the Cubs. With Rug and Schier splitting time, Sweeney off the bench and Lake slotted in left, CF Choo

  4. johnny chess Aka 2much2say

    If the Cubs project Attendance based on high priced additions they could make $1 for every dollar spent.

  5. jptopdog

    Choo, being a poor CF/ ave. corner OF, and 31 yrs. old is exactly the player the Cubs won’t find the money for. He cannot hit left handed pitching (.612 OPS), and cannot give him upwards of 100 mil. for a platoon player. That is exactly what we have in Schierholtz for about 3.5 million (and younger)!

  6. jptopdog

    Never heard the Schierholtz for Eaton rumor, but would make that trade.

  7. Mayhem

    Theo: Tanaka, we want you to sign with the Cubbies.
    Tanaka: Why should I? You have one of the worst team in MLB.
    Theo: Well, we have the fifth best farm system in the league.
    Tanaka: What do I care? I want to win now. Can you guarantee that will happen?
    Theo: Yes, I guarantee we will be in the playoffs every year for the next decade.
    Tanaka: (scratches head in confusion) How can you guarantee that? Your team sucks.
    Theo: Well as soon as we get our business side lined up with our development side, we will be a contender every year,
    Tanaka: Have you started getting your renovations done so the money will start rolling in?
    Theo: Not yet, the rooftops are threatening to sue us and we won’t invest until we are sure there will be no problems.
    Tanaka: Is this a joke, you have to be kidding me? Why should I choose you over all the Yankees and Dodgers history?
    Theo: We haven’t won in over a hundred years and we think it’s a big draw. Besides, you fit the profile we are looking for, on the right side of thirty with huge impact potential. We need more players like yourself on this team.
    Tanaka: Well, at least are you willing to match or exceed what the Yankees, Dodgers, Seattle, etc.. are willing to pay me?
    Theo: As long as the amount is reasonable and fits within our budget, We are not yet in a position to massively overpay for a free agent yet, but someday, when the business side lines up with the development side, we will be big spenders. I guarantee that the money will be there.
    Tanaka: Sayonara!

    1. MichiganGoat

      I’m not sure why everyone keeps ignoring the simple fact the largest contract will win his services. If the Cubs offer the best deal then he’s a Cub. He’s not taking a discount to go to a specific location he will sign the largest contract he’s offered.

      1. Rich

        I think many players have a team they would prefer to play for. If the Yankees were to offer 150 Million and the Cubs 175 million, I think if he wanted to be a Yankee, he would try and get some more money and be a Yankee..

        I dont think he becomes a Cub, unless management can sell him on Wrigley and a potential world series chances coming soon ( hopefully )

        1. MichiganGoat

          If he takes a lesser contract the union would not be happy not would future posted players. It’s one thing to take a discount on an extension but when you are a record contract setting player it is great for players and the union that he takes the max contract. This contract will help set the market and expectations for future posted players. He will not take a lesser contract if he wants the Yankees he will tell them they have to beat the Cubs contract. This becomes a chicken cost test until only one team is still playing.

      2. Jason P

        I completely agree. Money talks. Everything else is of secondary concern.

        1. Mayhem

          “All this talk about him not wanting Chicago for reasons A,B,C is silly the most expensive contract wins very simple.”

          “I completely agree. Money talks. Everything else is of secondary concern.”

          Besides the fantasy that the Cubs will be willing to match what one team will certainly be willing to massively overpay Tanaka for.

          Say hello to Sanchez to the Tigers last year, oh and Joe Girardi this year. Most likely the Cubs will be used to raise the price of his contract and Tanaka will end up on the team he targeted in the first place.

          1. MichiganGoat

            Yes you may be right there is a price they might not be as to match, but to think he won’t sign because of any other reason is foolish. The conversation you wrote out is the fantasy, the entire discussion will be about money and years.

            1. Mayhem

              You are right goat, the conversation was intentionally over the top. However, Asian ball players are readily worshipped by their countries hometown fans, When they are pitching, every television set is tuned to watch their games. They are treated as heroes and a source of national pride. I feel Tanaka will want to play where there is a history of winning and a team where he will be able to showcase his talents to all of Japan in a playoff atmosphere. There is certainly has to be a certain level of pride to play for the Yankees in Japan (see Ichiro) as opposed to the stigma of playing for the worst team in sports history. Ouch, that hurt typing that.

              I will agree that marginal players need to get the most bang for their buck whenever possible. But Tanaka is going to get life-changing generations of money wherever he chooses to play. It will be a stretch of my imagination to believe that he wants to play for the worst franchise in the history of sports on track to be the worst team in baseball for at least the next few years. In my mind, the only way money is a factor in Tanaka going to the Cubs is to pull a Cano and overpay the next highest bidder contractually by a least $50M.

              With this FO and ownership, it is not going to happen.

              1. MichiganGoat

                Pride is easily bought, he will take the biggest contract he’s offered.

              2. TK

                You seem certain, also, that he’s going to NY, and you cite Ichiro to support your stance . . .
                1. They are Japanese, not martians. NY is cool, but its not such a magnominous American wonder that it will erase the man’s personality, turning him into a mindless zombie, drooling and stumbling over the opportunity to be the underdog who gets to wear pinstripes.
                2. Ichiro became a national hero playing for SEATTLE. Nobody watches him much anymore — not anything like before at least. And do you really think Ichiro feels terribly great of the present state of his career as it is RIGHT NOW? If they cant dump him on someone else, he’s very possibly going to end up an albatross of a 4th OF . . . but hey, he’s Japanese and its THE YANKEES!!!!!!!!!

                1. Brian Peters

                  Right on, TK!

      3. Eternal pessemist

        I think you were ignoring that the largest contract will win when you argued how the posting amount affected the cubs chances…probably the biggest contract wins, though cachet (yanks?) might give them a chance to get a discount.

    2. TK

      Its rather humorous how so many CLOWNS cant even pronounce the man’s name, yet they have personal, factual, concrete knowledge of his personality, character, and values such that they can assure the world that the decision of where he plays is essentially completely in the hands of the strangers who comprise the FO’s of the 30 teams that form MLB.

      Players often choose to play in certain areas, and for certain teams, based on factors such as weather, family, culture, and even quality of surf. In fact, I recall a couple of very recent matters of Cubs players refusing trades BASED ON LOCATION AND FAMILY FACTORS. Anyone recall Soriano and Dempster????? Much of their respective decisions were based on personal factors, like family. They chose to remain on a crappy team, regardless of money. Yet fools guarantee Tanaka will simply leave his fait to whichever GM decides he can pay the most. Why couldnt Tanaka exercise similar values? Why does his decision have to be based solely on $$$$? Because he’s Japanese? What other reason do y’all have for making such assertions? Either idiots think he is less mentally and socially capable, as in he’s too stupid to possibly consider his (or his family’s) interests and happiness; or they think his personality is so ridiculously incapable of caring about anything but money.

      Wow! How highly y’all think of this young man whom you’ve never met! Or is that just the way y’all know all “Japs” to be? Simple, greedy picture mongers, right? Please, explain — all of you who are so sure he’s going to simply sign for the highest offer, regardless of any other factors — exactly how do you know this? Where does your info come from? Who is your source? Or is it just a stereotype that you believe in, which makes you so certain of your guarantees? And if you’re correct, why would he have even bothered to hire an agent? I mean if all he sees are $$$, why would he give any of it to an agent? Surely his eyes, even as different as they are from yours, dont prevent him from visually identifying the greatest number . . . so, then why would he need an agent? Please educate me.

  8. Mattm

    Yes goat you are right the biggest contract will win, but since the Cubs have said repeatedly they have no money! How can they give the biggest contract?

    1. MichiganGoat

      They might be as to but as has been mentioned the Cubs have spent no money this offseason and have additional TV coming locally and nationally- maybe this is all being saved to win the Tanaka sweepstakes. All this talk about him not wanting Chicgo for reasons A,B,C is silly the most expensive contract wins very simple.

      1. Patrick G

        Your correct about them not spending money this offseason. MLBN had teams with the least amount of MLB contracts spent this offseason, cubs were at $0(by the million)

        1. cms0101

          That was before they signed Wesley Wright officially.

      2. MattM

        I’m pretty sure that when your GM comes out and says “we will be able to spend when our baseball side and business side match up,” is pretty much saying that they have no money period!

        1. SenorGato


        2. MichiganGoat

          And that is your reading of a Theo quote but I’m not concerned about them not willing to offer a great contract to Tanaka but there are other teams that might offer an outlandish contract the Cubs won’t meet.

          1. YourResidentJag

            His reading? Your delusional if you think this. Theo has stated this in multiple media outlets. Why would bother then stating it? I thought the element in Theo that everyone is praising is his transparency.

            1. YourResidentJag


            2. MichiganGoat

              Find me one quote where he says we have “zero” money to spend, I’ll wait.

              1. YourResidentJag

                Ah yes the zero money statement. No money to spend on big FAs or no money to spend on guys like Veras. My reading on MattM’s statement is that we don’t have the money to spend on top tier FAs. But I guess I’ll let MattM clarify but I continue. If this is what he’s saying, you bet I’ll find you that quote. Hell, I’ll find you a whole conversation.

                1. YourResidentJag


                2. MichiganGoat

                  And just to be clear here is MattM’s statement:

                  “[the FO office] flat out admitted that they have NO money to work with. NONE! Zip! Zilch! Not with this player or that player JUST NO MONEY!”

                  And know you are reading and interrupting his comment to find your beliefs, so we have two bad examples of comprehending facts.

                  1. YourResidentJag

                    Or just bad comprehension of the statement on your part. So, show me where there in on big FAs this offseason. You know, offers they’ve made. Your turn.

                    1. mjhurdle

                      “Or just bad comprehension of the statement on your part. So, show me where there in on big FAs this offseason. You know, offers they’ve made. Your turn.”

                      Once you leave the world of facts and enter the world of assumptions, you lose the ability to say things like the front office “flat out admitted” they have no money.
                      Instead, you should try something like “The front office may not have said this, but I feel the lack of big money offers indicates that they have no money to work with”

                    2. MichiganGoat

                      Exactly mjhurdle but how dare I expect people to make valid statements.

                    3. MichiganGoat

                      Not sure how else to comprehend “NONE ZIP or ZILCH” I believe it means ZERO, absence of anything, nil, but if there is another meeting please enlighten me professor.

                    4. YourResidentJag

                      @mjhurdle Well, I didn’t say that–so I don’t know quite frankly what who you’re responding to…me or MattM? Actually what I said was exactly the last part and to Goat so….

                    5. MichiganGoat

                      Lou you said “Theo has stated this in multiple media outlets” in relation to what MattM said. And I challenged you to find a quote from the front office that supports Matt’s ZERO statement. Since then you’ve been deflecting and ignoring supporting what you said. Find me one quote from the “multiple media outlets” that flatly says we have no money.

                      I’m not going to wait because you won’t find one or will deflect the question again.

                    6. YourResidentJag

                      No, because it’s your interpretation.

                    7. mjhurdle

                      There is little interpretation available on definitive statements. That is somewhat the point behind a definitive statement.

                      If I say “Weather might be ugly tomorrow”, that is open to interpretation. What did i mean by ‘might’ or ‘ugly’?
                      If i say “We will have 3 inches of snow tomorrow” there is not much to interrupt.

                      That is the problem that Goat, and myself, have with statements like MattM’s. I respect differing views, that is not the problem. It is the deliberate attempt to make an opinion a fact without any basis for it.
                      I have no clue what the Cubs finances actually are. But i wouldn’t say “The Cubs flat out said they have money for Tanaka” because that is not true. Maybe they have the money, maybe they don’t, but im not going to mislead people simply because i want my argument to sound better.

                    8. MichiganGoat

                      Well said mjhurdle yet people keep doing it and get upset when we ask them to source their definitive statement. This is what we teach kids as early as the fourth grade in writing yet here it appears nobody had a class on how to write.

              2. SenorGato

                IIRC Epstein’s thing was that they couldn’t sign MULTIPLE impact FAs. They absolutely need to pony up for Tanaka.

            3. MichiganGoat

              And thank you for telling me that expecting people to report accurate facts is delusion.

              1. YourResidentJag

                It’s your interpretation of his statement. Therefore, it could be.

                1. MichiganGoat

                  Way to deflect there Lou, seriously find me one quote where according to Matt Theo “flat out admitted that they have NO money to work with. NONE! Zip! Zilch! Not with this player or that player JUST NO MONEY!”

                  Again I’ll wait.

                  1. YourResidentJag

                    We’re responding to our interpretations of the OP MattM. Want would like me to do? So you’re saying that have the $$$ for the ridiculous salaries of top tier FAs. Ummmm….oh yeah….I’ll wait…for your response cuz I KNOW I’ll be getting one shortly.

                    1. MichiganGoat

                      Deflect deflect deflect, Matt made a clear statement that nobody can find a quote from the FO that according to Matt “flat out admitted that they have NO money to work with. NONE! Zip! Zilch! Not with this player or that player JUST NO MONEY!” And you believe this but can’t find a white to support it and your mad at me? Oh Lou you are a rare gem.

                    2. MichiganGoat

                      And I’ll wait for nothing because that is all you will give.

                    3. DarthHater

                      “can’t find a white to support it”

                      Uh-oh. Goat’s a racist. :-P

                    4. YourResidentJag

                      It’s open to interpretation. So be it. I’m mad now….really. Overexaggeration of my anger like the overexaggeration of the quote. Well, you certainly show a pattern here.

                    5. MichiganGoat

                      And no I did not say they have the money only that Matt’s statement is completely untrue… sorry I will no longer expect people to be truthful.

                      Good night this worthless debate is useless to continue.

                    6. MichiganGoat

                      Ah Darth nice one white = quote not sure why that happened.

                    7. MichiganGoat

                      “Well, you certainly show a pattern here.”

                      Yes a desire for people to actually report truth, damn my expectations- how silly of me.

                    8. YourResidentJag

                      So, there in on big FAs. Facts, offers. (Not that I blame them for not doing it) but I challenge you find them so far. Oh, that’s right….you can’t. BTW, you’re trying to get me mad with the statement “Lou, you’re a rare breed.” Nice try. I’ll award you a “A” for style points.

                    9. YourResidentJag

                      You have a problem with ambiguity, Goat? Everything with you….so literal. :)

                    10. YourResidentJag

                      @DarthHater Heh???

                    11. DarthHater

                      You have a chance to become my second follower, Lou!

                    12. mjhurdle

                      “So, there ('re ) in on big FAs. Facts, offers. (Not that I blame them for not doing it) but I challenge you find them so far.”

                      According to that logic, the Cardinals, Pirates, and Reds are all also out of money, because none of them have sign a big FA (unless somehow Peralta counts). Not too mention the other teams that also have failed at signing big FAs.
                      There are multiple variables that can determine whether a team signs a big FA or not (one of the most important being that there are not that many big FAs each year) so to use that as your source of proof that they have no money is flimsy.

                    13. YourResidentJag

                      @mjhurdle Yep. All true. Still don’t feel that have the $$ to spend on FAs with the increasingly inflated prices. That may also be true of the teams you’ve listed here. Though, I don’t follow them…so I wouldn’t know. Sorry, Brett doesn’t have an edit button. Shrugs shoulders.

                    14. MichiganGoat

                      Well Lou I’m sorry that I’m “so literal” and expect facts supported evidence… why would anybody do that?

                    15. YourResidentJag

                      I agree pointless to debate without clarification from the original poster. Hint: you take things too literal to a fault. Sorry, can’t help ya there. :(

                  2. MattM

                    This is where you just come across as flat out dumb Michigan Goat. I QUOTED HIM SAYING THAT, “we will be able to spend when our baseball side and business side match up,”


                    Now I have to capitalize that because you CHOOSE dumb stuff out of statements to pick on. NOW FIND THE BUSINESS SIDE QUOTE! IT’S THERE!

                    You are deflecting! He definitely said on MORE THAN ONE occasion about ONLY SPENDING when both line UP.

                    NOW do you think they have lined up? NOOOOOO!!!!

                    They haven’t even started with the renovation so clearly they haven’t lined up!

                    On top of that look at Theo’s statements the first couple of years. He says nothing of money but then now this year he is. The reason for that OBVIOUSLY is that they did not tell him he would have no money to spend. Now he knows and now you get statements like you do about the business side and baseball side lining up!

                    1. MattM

                      Mjhurdle, wow you are hilarious! So you name three teams that HAVE GOOD PLAYERS!!!!!! And somehow compare them to the Cubs. Sometimes you guys make no sense and are just flat out illogical with your arguments.

                      So one team makes the World Series and the other two are in it till the end. Where were we this year and last year and the year before that? Oh btw Cincy and St. Louis have some BIG MONEY players…

                    2. MattM

                      BTW Michigan Goat how is my statement untrue? I gave you an ACTUAL QUOTE and my interpretation then OBVIOUSLY THAT IS ALL BACKED UP BY FACTS!

                      How am I untruthful?

                    3. MichiganGoat

                      So here is your quote (and the caps are yours):

                      “they literally have come out in the last month or two and flat out admitted that they have NO money to work with. NONE! Zip! Zilch! Not with this player or that player JUST NO MONEY!”

                      And all I’ve asked is that you find a quote of the FO saying “literally” and “flat out admitted” to have “NO money” “Zip, Zilch” and yes I saw your other statement and know that the front office said that but this one is complete fabrication and I’m the bad guy for asking for actual facts and evidence.

                      It’s so tiresome to see people say something that is total bullshit and then get all sad and angry when that bullshit is called bullshit. Don’t take everything so flipping personally, report what was actually said and I’ll leave you alone but make up statements and I’ll call you or anybody else out. I wasn’t asking to get into a shouting match just asking for factual evidence but if you want to scream and ignore what you said, then good night.

                    4. MichiganGoat

                      Oh Matty the statement I’m calling you out on is the first statement the one about sides lining up came latter. Admitt that your statement was false, hyperbole, sarcasm whatever but don’t act like this statement was “literally” said by the front office.

                    5. MattM

                      This is where you come across as ignorant Michigan Goat. I am referring to my previous post and saying that that post tells me that they are saying they are not spending.

                      You know that too, but instead you try to just take that one post by itself and get me out of context which is what you did. Good job pal!

                      Now AGAIN tell me this…..If they say that they are not spending WHICH THEY DID until the baseball side and business side are in alignment what does that mean to you?

                      Come on now come on. I know you can try to just pick apart one paragraph there! You can’t answer that question any other way than what I have answered it! If you did then you are being untruthful!

                      The facts are that they SAID they wouldn’t have money until the renovation begins! Then they say they will not spend until business and baseball align! The renovation has not begun and thus they have no money and thus business and baseball have not aligned I.E. they have no money and cannot spend a lot!

                    6. MichiganGoat

                      My humblest apologies dear Matty you did say the both sides quote first but then you said the bullshit “literally” statement later without ever saying this was your interpretation. Using words like “literally” and “flat out” means that what you wrote was what they actually said and that is just horrible false and you know it. But I believe you need to feel like you are right… So I bow down to your statements now don’t forget to do your homework mkay ;)

                    7. MichiganGoat

                      Matty you are right now good night and get plenty of sleep, I’m the fool and you won the internet tonight good job there pal.

                    8. MattM

                      For once MichiganGoat you are correct congratulations! I am right. You cannot argue with the logic because the logic has been completely spelled out in the media.

                      This is just a matter of connecting the dots which I have done and so I say again and again that THEY HAVE LITERALLY SAID THEY HAVE NO MONEY AND CANNOT SPEND ON ANYTHING!!!!

                      And again you know I AM NOT WRONG!

                      That said I hope they prove me wrong and sign Tanaka, but they have said continuously that they have no money! OF course they are interested but interest does not mean they have the money to sign him.

                    9. DarthHater


                    10. MattM

                      How about you do that Darth! When a longtime member on this site calls another member a liar they better back that crap up that they are spouting.

                      Michigan Goat knows he was wrong because he actually looked at the posts and he now knows what I was saying. And again you can’t use the comments that Theo has made over the last two months and tell me what I am saying is wrong. Because I am not.

                      He has not once blathered that nonsense about every season being sacred blah blah. He knows that is not true because he doesn’t have the money to show that every season is sacred like he said last year and two years ago.

                      He’s also not talking about making the minors and majors better together and not at the expense of one another like he used to say.

                    11. MichiganGoat

                      Goodnight Matty just please look up the definition of literally because you dong know the meaning of the word.

                    12. DarthHater

                      “you dong know the meaning of the word.”

                      Goat wins today’s Best Freudian Typo award.

                    13. mjhurdle

                      i DONT know what WE ARE yelling ABOUT !!!!!!!

                      so there, i win the random capitalization and extra punctuation game!!!!1!!!!11!!!!!!

                      GAME OVER!!

                    14. MattM

                      The reason we are “yelling,” is that Michigan Goat likes to take out pieces of posts he can argue with instead of actually looking at the whole point and trying to debate that. Also when you call someone a liar you should expect to get yelled at.

                      BTW they SAID they would NOT SPEND MONEY until the baseball and business side lined up! SO THEY LITERALLY SAID THEY WOULDN’T SPEND MONEY GOAT!!!

                      They also said they NEEDED the renovation to make money. THEY DID NOT GET IT, I.E. they LITERALLY said they have no money! LITERALLY!

                      I think you need to look up the definition of the word Goat because you obviously to not know it.

        3. cub2014

          MattM, I think if the players situation fits
          what they want to do, they will sign that
          player this year.

          Why? Because 500,000 no shows = $25-35
          mil in lost revenue.

          1. MattM

            Cub2014 if you look at Theo’s comments last year and the year before you are absolutely correct they would have. Look at his comments this year for a second.

            They are saying they won’t be competitive this year or next and the whole sides bs. I’m telling you Theo has come to the realization that he cannot spend money.

            I look for their payroll to be no more than 85m this year and next…

  9. Lou Brock

    With the Yankees reported to have signed Brian Roberts and Matt Thornton today their roster is at 42. I’m thinking the Cubs should offer something in their minor league system, not on their 40 man roster, to pry 2B Dean Anna away from the Yanks. Maybe we could even offer to take Vernon Wells ( but not his salary) to platoon with Schierholtz in RF.

    1. aaronb

      Don’t think the Yankees are paying much of Wells’ salary.

  10. Lou Brock

    I’ rather have Anna than Watkins on my 40 man roster.

  11. Mr. Gonzo

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a winning bid for Tanaka lands around 6 yrs/$190M + option year.. maybe even 6 yrs/$200M. It’s could get scary high, like a rogue hot air balloon with Charlie Sheen at the wheel.. but I am in the camp that believes the Cubs have all the $$ they need to outbid everyone on Tanaka, as they’ve been saving $$ in the margins, and it vibes with The Plan. The message I’ve been hearing from the FO is they don’t have the $$ for certain FA signings that don’t make long-term strategic sense. Tanaka does. I also believe that if the Cubs land Tanaka, Shark might be more willing to negotiate because it helps clarifies the competitive window. Then again, if the Cubs land Tanaka and somehow get Bradley for Shark straight-up, I think we’d all pie in our pants.

    1. MattM

      Actually, what you are saying does not jive with actual events. Sure last year they were saying this sort of thing, but they literally have come out in the last month or two and flat out admitted that they have NO money to work with. NONE! Zip! Zilch! Not with this player or that player JUST NO MONEY!

      Also, any GM knows that you CANNOT depend on prospects alone to develop your plan. All that needs to happen is a major injury to Baez or Bryant and their now 5 year plan turns into 10 years. Even worse than that is if Baez and Bryant come up and tank the Cubs are sunk for a LONG time because they will be forced to have to stay with those players….

      1. mjhurdle

        “they literally have come out in the last month or two and flat out admitted that they have NO money to work with. NONE! Zip! Zilch! Not with this player or that player JUST NO MONEY!”

        Can you reference these quotes? Not asking in a ‘stir the pot’ way, just wondering because the last quotes i saw were not that black and white about exactly how much money they would have available to sign players that fit what they are looking for.
        If they have come out more definitively stating that they have no money to sign anyone, i missed it and would appreciate reading about it.

        1. MichiganGoat

          I was about to ask the same question, Matt how you are interpreting the statements from the from office is different than them saying they f”lat out admitted that they have NO money to work with. NONE! Zip! Zilch! Not with this player or that player JUST NO MONEY!”

          There is a big difference here don’t you think?

          1. MattM

            Answered above and you both are wrong.

    2. Bluz Cluz

      6yrs/200 mil. This is so Damn stupid. Anyone who thinks this guy is getting 33 mil a year is puffing on something that needs to be shared with us all. :) Kershaw would not be able to fetch that on the open Market. He’ll struggle to get 20 mil, which is entirely to much. There is absolutely no way he gets more than 25 mil. 25 mil will move him into most ridiculous contract ever category. If he cost a penny on 20 mil a year, and this is including his posting fee, I hope the Cubs don’t do it.

      1. MichiganGoat

        Did you think that Cano would get 240M? Baseball contract continue to surprise everyone.

        1. Bluz Cluz

          That is about what I expected Cano to get.

          1. MichiganGoat

            Then 200M for a pitcher (that is somewhere between a heathy Dice-K and Yu) shouldn’t surprise you.

            1. Bluz Cluz

              No pitcher is worth top hitter money. I hate WAR with a passion, but even so, Cano is a 7+ win guy who plays everyday. Even if Tanaka is a 4 win pitcher, which is pushing it, he only plays in 20% of the games. How does that equate as equal pay or even more pay.

      2. MichiganGoat

        He could be a 4 WAR pitcher which equals 24M a year.

  12. Stevie B

    How about Anna Kornakova at 2nd?


    1. woody

      How about we sign the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders?

  13. Cubs123
    1. SenorGato

      Not bad

      1. commander bob

        Knew you would like that signing. Right up your alley.

  14. WestNebCubbyFan

    so according to the Talking Chop SB Nation page it has MLB’s Mark Bowman reporting that the Cubs asked for a package that would have included either Jason Heyward or Justin Upton for Shark.

    1. SenorGato

      Great to hear them looking for ML talent.

    2. YourResidentJag

      Would really like Heyward.

  15. Mayhem

    Who needs Tanaka when we got Jose Veras?

    On a side note, what the heck are we paying a pitcher $4M next year when we are not going to be competitive. What’s the difference between 40 wins and 40.25 wins? Stick to the plan and stop investing in pieces that are not long-term. Geez.

    1. Chaz

      Pretty simple answer. Deadline trade for a team that needs a closer.

  16. Greenroom

    Hmmm. Because he is good short term fit and could be used for a few years to help out the bullpen. Yep, that about covers it.

  17. Mrs. Howell

    To, too, and two. There, their, and they’re. Then vs. than. Really guys, this is second grade stuff. I am tired of having to re-read posts because of the poor grammar. No surprise, the more arrogant, defiant posts have the most mistakes. This makes most readers greatly discount the point being made in the post.

  18. CubsFaninAZ

    I’d bet on the Cubs offering around 5 yrs 120 mil.. with options and bonus’s per cy young voting and MVP votes. Then if Shark finishes 2014 with the Cubs and breaks out, they’ll offer the same contract. I think Shark is waiting for what types of dollars the Cubs are going to eventually spend before he signs anything, he doesnt want to be the top guy getting paid less than than the #2 for years. All in all im willing to bet the Cubs ceiling for Tanaka to be around 150 mil counting the 20 mil posting fee. If it goes beyond that, I think they’ll be out.

    1. CubsFaninAZ

      keep in mind the rangers posted 52 mil and a 6 yr 60 mil = 110 mil, for Yu Darvish, so its not unlikely that that Tanaka goes for more actual dollars spent by a team. I would prefer the Cubs to land him on a 6 yr 90 mil dollar deal after posting the 20 mil, at that price he would be earning 5 mil more annually than Yu, but in total dollars spent by the team would be the same 110 mil. But this bid could skyrocket into the 20 mil per yr range, due to the lack of dominate starters on the market, which is why it might get into Cliff Lee type numbers 5 yr 120 mil.

      1. Tyler

        You can’t really compare Tanaka’s situation to Darvish’s. Darvish had little negotiating power with Texas because there were no competing offers. Many, many teams will be bidding for Tanaka’s services, which will drive the price up just as the lack of dominant starters will (I agree with you on that).

        1. CubsFaninAZ

          I just compared Yu’s contract total 110 mil, to what to expect the total will be for Tanaka, somewhere in the 100-130 range. Of course the difference will be the posting fee will only cost 20 mil, instead of 52 mil. But the Total amount spent to get Tanaka will be comparable to Darvish. Hell get anywhere in the 15-20 mil, unlike Yu who gets 10 mil. Thats the difference with all sorts of teams involved. Basicly Teams posting 20 mil to make him a Free Agent. I think the Cubs are going all in, basicly they’ve said he’s the only one worth spending big bucks on. They felt age of all the other big names and the length of their demands to high to go after and I agree with them on that approach. The Cubs FO isn’t the only ones who are thinking this way, Yankees President Randy Levine got in trouble for saying only one worth 10 year mega contract is Mike Trout given how young he is. I think all the big market teams have all been bitten in the butt to many times by offering over 30 yr olds big, lengthy deals. Mariners were the only ones bidding for Cano in the end. Theyll regret it 4 years down the road. The Cubs meanwhile will post the 20 million, make an offer, then lay low till the last minute and blow everyone elses offer away. This is their guy, always has been. Just think about the international spending. They went way over the limit to get all the guys they felt were worth it. They’ve got some money, they are just gonna get what they want, and at the timeline they need. This is why Tanaka is their man. This is why players like Bryant, Baez, Olt , etc have 2 years to make it or be in line to be traded for the Big Fish to bring home a title. This FO is smart, scary smart. Just wait a bit.

          1. CubFan Paul

            “..players like Bryant, Baez, Olt , etc have 2 years to make it”

            Theo’s contract is up in three years…

  19. Stogie

    How stupid are the Cubs brass anyway. Why would we deal Olt. Valbuena, to me, is unacceptable. He plays good enough D, but Olt is good too. He has power.

  20. Voice of Reason

    Stogie, what in the hell are you trying to say?

  21. Blackhawks1963

    If Tanaka is offered $150 mil by the Yankees and the Cubs are willing to pay $155 mil then Tanaka is playing for NY, period. The ONLY was Tanaka even remotely considers the Cubs is if Ricketts enables Theo to BLOW AWAY the other financial offers on the table. Disagree 100% with Goat on this. As for example Seattle blew the doors off what NY was offering Cano.

    1. CubsFaninAZ

      Yankees wont go over 20 mil a year (maybe not even over 15) if they plan on sticking below the 189 mil luxury tax.They are currently sitting at 174 mil not including their arbitration players. Unless they make deals to clear out money, they aren’t strapped with cash, unless they’re certain A-Rod will come off the books and his current suspension upheld.

    2. ClevelandCubsFan

      Players are human, so they’re unpredictable. Every year we’re surprised by some FA going somewhere. Money. Family. Perks. Terms. City. Personalities. A million things factor in. Anyone who’s ever been in salea knows that the best price doesn’t always win. And you suggest as much. You think it’s the win that’s the win. But I duuno. Next 6 years… I could see the Cubs making more playoff appearances than the Yankees and I suspect many baseball people think the same thing. So we’ll see.

  22. ferris

    If signing choo helps get him here yes you over pay a lil….but choo is a very good rf.avg cf. Struggles some against lefties but hardly a platoon player….. i think the cubs are planning on 2015.. i hope im wrong but see thm actually wanting to come in second on big fa so they can say qe tried.

  23. Assman22

    Tanaka will be seeking a 6 year deal…Cubs preparing initial offer…Tanaka is not likely to land $20 mil AAV…

    1. Rich

      Anything else in the works for the Cubs Assman22?

    2. Isaac

      6 years, 17m per, 102m total. Done.

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