kurt suzuki oakOne of the stranger rumors to pop up over the course of the offseason was the Chicago Cubs’ interest in catcher Kurt Suzuki. Well, I guess I mean it became strange, because it persisted even after the Cubs had picked up their backup catcher in George Kottaras.

Well, we can let it fall away, as today reports indicate Suzuki will be signing with the Minnesota Twins for $2.75 million plus incentives. As I wrote at the last turn of the rumor, getting Suzuki on a minor league deal would make sense for the Cubs, and would be a very nice snag. Clearly, Suzuki had plenty of a market to get a big league deal (and, indeed, maybe his agent floated a stale rumor about the Cubs’ interest in Suzuki to help push the Twins to add an incentive or two).

Paying nearly three million bucks for a third catcher wouldn’t have made much sense for the Cubs – and there are plenty of reasons to be nervous about Suzuki’s projected effectiveness, given his steep decline over the past two years.

In the end … whateves.

  • BenRoethig

    Can’t say its a big loss not having him as another backup. That being said, the Cubs seem to be rather unsuccessful of signing even lower level major league talent and the Twins seem like the big spenders of the kiddie pool this year.

  • Edwin


    At one point you had mentioned that you think the Cubs will be able to nab some nice deals later on in FA. Are there any potential FA still out there that you think the Cubs will go after (not named Choo or Tanaka)?

    If you don’t want to venture a guess, I understand. Got to keep that record of yours clean, right 😉

    • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

      How about lefties Maholm or Chen. Either would fit nicely as the 5th starter on this Cub pitching staff.

  • Cubbieblur

    They should claim Skipworth has a high ceiling. Low risk high reward.

    • Blake Z

      Why? He’s been awful in the minors. His career minor league .215/.277/.380 stat line is nothing to get excited over. Just because he was drafted high doesn’t mean he’s not a bust or worthy of a claim.

  • Spoda17

    I am fine with this, we aren’t even really sure how “interested” we really were. I think we did better anyway.

  • Rodrick

    Not a big loss for the team, of course. But it points again to the emasculation of the front office to even make minor signings that aren’t very helpful. We’re a team of eunuchs crying for a prosthesis.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      What points to what?

      • C. Steadman

        Brett, I think its yet another person who forgets that the Cubs have a triple AAA team that needs 25 guys also

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