job searchAh, it was a nice day off(ish). Although the Masahiro Tanaka posting news forced me from my long winter’s nap, it was early enough in the morning that it didn’t interfere with any Santa-related fun. We had a very nice time yesterday, and true to cliche: (1) The Little Girl wanted to play only with The Little Boy’s gifts, (2) The Little Boy wanted to play only with boxes and wrapping paper, and (3) The Wife and I struggled the night before to assemble a stupid-idiot-trampoline-thing-with-stupid-idiot-directions-that-were-impossible-to-follow-and-I-swear-to-God-those-holes-are-not-in-the-right-place …

  • The Cubs put together an interesting video highlighting the folks who work with the team and at Wrigley Field, and it’s a mechanism to let folks know how to apply to work for the team. It’s a sweet little piece, if nothing else … but I guess the Cubs are hiring:

  • HCS

    Hope that you and yours enjoyed your holidays!

  • John (ibcnu2222)

    Just a comment on the video.. Don’t believe that it is a great place to work. I worked there in 2008 and part of 2009. It was pretty awful and that is when the team was good. The management was awful. They barely pay above minimum wage and they also take out union dues. Most of the people they hire are trash. One guy threatened to beat me up because I asked to leave early, and then I was suspended because I defended myself. I don’t think that it has changed much either because I have a friend that still works there, and he has told me that it is basically the same.

  • half_full_beer_mug

    The holes are never in the right place; or the screws/bolts really aren’t long enough.

    • DarthHater

      I had a Chinese-made video cart once with assembly instructions that told me to get on top of the cart when it was half assembled. I decided not to follow that guidance. 😛

  • Satch Dobrey
  • Frank

    I totally agree with your take on the bust list. Rizzo may not have had the year we or he exspected but it wasn’t a bust. His power numbers were respectable. He showed a willingness to take a walk and his glove was outstanding. There is room for improvement but hardly a bust for his first full season.

  • Beth

    Applied for one of the “Corporate Partnerships” jobs (I’m in sales currently) a few weeks ago but nary a callback. Anyone know Crane Kenney’s cell phone #? (Tho seriously, if anyone has any connections to Cubs management, I’d appreciate it – looking for any way to get my resume to the top of the pile.)

  • Patrick W.

    Good luck Beth! (Want to move to Seattle? I’m hiring!)

  • beerhelps

    As an X-ray tech, I always appreciate when people buy trampolines. Great job security!